Daddy and his princess #2


Coming home late one night I notice all of the lights in the front of the apartment are off. So I assume my princess has fallen asleep waiting for me to get home. As I make my way into our apartment I can hear a light buzzing sound. I can already tell what the sound is. I walk in the room to catch my princess totally naked squeezing one of her tits while holding her vibrator on her clit. As soon as she notices me she stops and sits up. Knowing I am disappointed yet turned on she put her head down waiting for her scolding. I cross my arms and look at her “Princess what did I tell you about masturbating?” Her head still down she says in a small voice “You said not to masturbate unless I have permission…” I am still looking at her as I say in a demanding tone “What was that princess? Look up at me and speak up”. She looks up and repeats her answer.   I smirk and uncross my arms “Now if you can remember my rule how come I caught you masturbating tonight?” “I’m so sorry Daddy you got home late and I am just so horny and my little pussy was dripping and hot… I needed to cum” She explains quickly. I sit down on the edge of the bed “come here princess and don’t put your panties back on” I say as I kick my shoes off. She comes to me with her head down, I bend her over my knees.

I draw my hand back and spank her ass once, she whimpers and says “One”.   I draw back and spank her ass again “Two” she says with a louder whimper. This continues for 3 more spankings, once I stop my princess’ ass is a bright red color and you can see a perfect print of my large hand on her ass cheek. She gets up and I have her sit on my lap.

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   I lift up her chin and look her in the eyes and say “Princess I hate punishing you but if I let you get away with things without punishment you will never learn. ” I kiss her and say “I love you” She smiles a little and says “I know Daddy… I love you too”. I lay her down in bed and tell her “Since you want to cum so bad Daddy wants to have some fun”.   I restrain her arms and legs and I pull out her vibrator, we make eye contact and I tell her “I don’t want her to cum until I give her permission, no amount of begging will make me let you cum. ” She can tell I am going to make her suffer for masturbating even though she didn’t have permission. I turn the vibrator on and run it from her belly button down to her pretty pink pussy. She lets out a little moan when the vibrator hits her swollen clit. The whole time I am holding it there I start to count slowly to five. Once I hit five I pull the vibrator off her clit, she groans and looks directly into my eyes. I smirk and put the vibrator back onto her clit, as she starts to get into it I start to run the vibrator up and down her wet pussy. She moans louder and starts to biter her lip, I can tell she is getting ready to cum because she does that every time she’s about to cum. I lean in and whisper in her ear “You better not cum yet, Daddy hasn’t given you permission yet”. She says yes in the middle of a moan, which turns me on even more. I pull the vibrator away and grab her favorite dildo. I push it deep in her pussy and turn it on high.

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   Her legs start to shake as I lick her clit as I slide her dildo in and out of her pussy. As I speed up my tongue up I start to fuck her with the dildo faster, getting her closer to orgasm. She starts whimper and say “Daddy, I don’t know if I can hold back any more. I need to cum I was already so close and you have me right on the edge. ” I ignore her as I keep going licking faster as I slide the dildo deeper in her pussy.   She continues to beg me to let her cum, I keep ignoring her. As I lick her pussy I can feel her struggling and she starts to beg more and more.   I grab her ball gag and strap it on her. She keeps moaning and mumbling and I can tell she is dying to cum. I pull her dildo out and I start to slap her pussy. I can tell this is turning her on too, because with every slap she starts to shiver. I start to just eat her pussy. I start to suck her clit and pussy lips, as I do this I slide two fingers in her pussy, just deep enough to hit her g-spot. As I work her G-spot I start to lick her clit slow at first just to tease her. Her toes start to curl the faster I move my tongue and fingers.

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   She starts moaning louder and arching her back more and more. I take my free hand and push her hard back into the bed so she can’t arch her back. I can tell she loves this. She keeps moaning louder and louder, even with her ball gag in I can hear her saying “Please… Let me… Cum…” I am having too much fun so I ignore it. I start to work her gspot faster I can feel her pussy gripping my fingers. I tell her she can cum as I start to suck her clit. She starts to moan and her legs start to shake and jerk in the restraints. She starts to squirt, soaking the bed, my face and filling my mouth. I lick her pussy clean and sit next to her in the bed. I take off her ball gag and slowly remove the restraints. She curls up next to me and says “Thank you Daddy for the punishment and letting me cum. I won’t do that again Daddy. “ 


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