Daddy Dearest - Chapter 2


After dropping my luggage off into my pale green room, I grabbed some fresh clothing and headed down the hall looking for the bathroom. I opened two doors before I finally found a bathroom that would make my apartment bathroom look like a stall. The tub was gigantic, which tempted me to want to take a long soak. I thought better of it not knowing when Daddy would return home and knowing I still had other tasks to complete.
I took a quick shower, stepping out and wrapping a towel around me. I wiped the mirror clear of steam and stood there staring at my reflection. The person looking back did not look like the Sara I once knew. This redhead looked content, something had definitely changed in her and this change had to be Daddy.
I quickly dried off and changed into some comfortable yet sexy clothing and headed back to my room. I unpacked my luggage as fast as I could, setting my laptop on the desk in the corner and putting my stuffy on my bed. When the room seemed to have enough of my personal touch, I turned off the light and headed downstairs to the kitchen.
I felt the wall for the light switch and flicked it on. I turned to face the enormous kitchen and suddenly felt over whelmed. I had no idea where anything in this kitchen was and its size made it seem like it was going to take forever to get situated let alone start a meal. I looked around in the cupboards and drawers and got myself familiarized. I then opened the refrigerator and the freezer, I sighed, there had to be enough food there to feed a small country.

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   I decided I was going to make a chicken stir fry, something simple, light, and delicious. It also helped that it was something I actually knew how to make.
By the time I had the chicken cut up in bite sized pieces frying in the pan it was 7:30pm. Three and a half hours had passed since Daddy had gone to work I was expecting him to walk through the door at any moment. I set the table with some vanilla smelling candles. I set two wine glasses at opposite side of the table and filled them with a bottle of wine, I didn't really like wine but I thought it completed the setting. I went back to the kitchen and stirred in the vegetables when I heard the door slam.
I jumped, still not used to having company. A few moments later He appeared in the kitchen looking a little more tired than when he left. I turned back around and turned off the stove and carried the pan to the dining room table. Daddy was already sitting down and took a swig of his wine. I scooped his food onto his plate and walked over to my plate and placed a small amount onto it. I then walked back into the kitchen, took off my apron and
placed the pan in the sink and filled it with water. I walked back into the dining room and noticed Daddy hadn't started eating.
“Is there something wrong?” I asked.

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He didn't respond to my question and signalled that I come to him. I walked toward him and he reached his hands around my waist, and sat me on his lap.
“Did you get to look around?” he questioned.
“I got to know the kitchen pretty well, but I never got to the rest of the house. The kitchen took me an hour alone. ” I replied.
“Well we can get to that later, I hope you have completed the other things I asked you. ” He stated. “By the lovely smell of your hair, I can tell you have taken a shower. To bad though 'cause things are going to get a bit dirty for you dear. ”
He backed up his chair, smiling, and lowered me to the ground at his feet. I instinctively wrapped my arms around his leg and rested my head on his lap. He placed his hands on my arms and lifted my head, he shifted his chair back in, making me back up under the table. I felt so overcome with emotion at this point, feeling mixtures of content and overflowing happiness. I was where I was supposed to be, finally at my Masters feet.

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   I could have sat there all night.
He than reached down, undid his belt and slid his pants and briefs down to the floor. This was the first time I had ever seen his cock. As much time as I spent showing him my body on camera, he had never shown me anything, and it was never my place to ask. I felt overcome with waves of pleasure, I just wanted to feel him slide into me and ride me until I was weak. However, it was clear that he had other plans for me.
I moved closer to him, wrapped my hand around his shaft, and slid my wet mouth over the head of his penis. He then placed his hand on the back of my head pushing my mouth onto him deeper. This in turn made me remove my hand, I placed both hands on each one of his legs, and sucked hard, deep, and fast. It felt so good to finally have Him in my mouth.
I could hear that he was eating his meal as the fork clanked the side of the plate. At the odd times he seemed to let out a soft moan but never spoke a word to me. After about ten minutes, when tears were streaming down my face from his hard cock being pushed down my throat guided by his hand on the back of my head, he stood up. He pulled up his pants and redid his belt. He than reached down, grabbed my hand, and pulled me out from under the table.

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“Now that I am finished my dinner, you can begin eating yours. ” he stated.
“I am going to have a shower, I will be down in about twenty minutes. Iwould like you to clean these dishes, then go upstairs and wait for me. ”

“Yes, Daddy” I replied.

He turned and left me to my dinner. My emotions were so heightened that I no longer felt hungry. I blew out the candles and brought the dishes into the kitchen. I cleaned up quickly, not sure how much time had actually passed.
I turned off all of the lights and made my way to the top of the stairs, and walked to the end of the hall. I could still hear the shower running so I turned and entered my room. I walked over to my bed and sat up near the top. I was so full of thoughts, my brain felt like it was on overload. I grabbed my stuffy and held it close to my chest.
Part of me wanted to cry, my body felt so full of sexual frustration.

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   The other part of me wanted to crawl into a hole. Did I do enough? Did I please him? I hope he thought dinner was okay. . . What if he regrets having me here. . .
Lost in thought once again, I laid my head down and brought my knees to my chest. Tears were finally overtaking all other emotions. I cried softly, I didn't want Daddy to hear me, I didn't think I would be able to explain my current emotions to him. I was facing the wall, tears streaming down my face, when I felt weight shift at the back of me. His hand was stroking my hair, which only made me cry harder.
“This is a lot to take in, I know” He said in a soft voice.
“You are doing wonderful Darling, everything I have asked of you, you have done with conviction. I am very pleased with you.

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   So why are you crying?” He asked.
“I-I-I Don't know, its just so overwhelming, I want to be perfect for you and I keep second guessing myself. I just don't feel good enough to have you in my life. I am so scared I am going to disappoint you. . . ” I replied between sobs.
“You are doing fine, this just all feels new to you right now, but soon hunny, I promise everything will come so naturally to you I won't even have to ask. You are a very good pet, and I plan on keeping you forever. ”

He smiled at me, pulled me up, and wrapped his arms around me in a warm embrace. For the first time since I arrived, I felt at peace. I reached up and wiped my eyes and took a deep breath. We sat side by side on my bed, and I began to wonder what he was thinking. He then turned to me and spoke,
“You ready for some fun?”
“Sure” I replied. “What did you have in mind?”

He stood up and reached for my hand, I placed mine in his and he lifted me to my feet.

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   He started walking out the door and down hall to the staircase, I followed close behind. We walked down the stairs, through the living room and down into the basement. The basement was just as amazing as the rest of the house, there was a pool table in the far side and in the main area, a television with surround sound system and beautiful leather coaches. We continued to walk past what appeared to be the laundry room to a door hidden around the corner from the rest of the basement.
Daddy reached up to his neck for the chain with the keys on it, he pulled it off and used the second key to open the door. When the door swung open my heart began to race. Part of me wanted to run and hide and the other part was jumping with excitement. The room was my dungeon.

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