Double Dip for Daddy


Chapter One

Double Dip For Daddy

I'm a single father of two daughters, Kim 14 and Sammy age 12. Their mother walked out when Kim was 5, motherhood never suited her and I was more than glad to see the back of her. However Kim was devastated but found strength in her best friend Rachel whom she has known since she was 3. Their friendship was sealed when they found out they shared the same birthday and only lived a couple of miutes apart, it became an accepted norm for them to spend weekends at one or the other home, and it was the same with birthdays alternating between each home each year. This year was their 14th birthday and my turn to host the birthday party. About 9 o'clock Sammy was looking somewhat shattered by the events of the day so I decided to put her to bed. I got up and turned to Rachel and Kim and asked "What are you ladies going to do?"
"We thought we would get into our p. j;s and watch a DVD. " said Kim
"Okay, well I going to put Sammy to bed and I guess I'll see you in the morning. "
"Ohh Dad can you stay up and watch the movie with us, I think you'll like this movie. "
"Great, what fun " I said "a teeny-bop girlie movie, shall I bring a box of tissues?"
"You may need a box of something else. " responded Kim
"What?" I said
"Nothing, just a joke. " said Kim with a mischevious look.
After putting Sammy to bed I came back to the lounge, neither Kim nor Rachel were there and I wondered what was taking them so long as I sat down. They both came in shortly after and my jaw almost hit the floor. I had seen the girls in togs and very short shorts and even naked but what stood before me left me short of breath.

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   Both girls were wearing very short satin nighties that accentuated every inch of their pubescent bodies and stopped about two inches below there crotch showing of their fantastic legs. I've never had sexual thoughts about these girls before but seeing them there like that all sorts of thoughts raced through my mind.
Kim came over "Move over. " she said.
"No I'm comfortable. " I said.
"Move over. " she repeated.
"My house, my couch. "
"Pleeease. " giving me her best little girl sad face.
So much for the alpha male I thought, as I relinquished my seat and moved over allowing her to sit beside me. She sat down and put her head on my chest and her hand on my lap. Rachel went to the T. V.

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   and went down on her hands and knees causing her nightie to rise up over her bare buttocks exposing the tightest, sweetest little arse I had ever seen, Rachel bent down even further and moved her legs slightly apart revealing her sweet little honeypot. I had seen it often enough as she was growing up but that was the vagina of a child, but what I now saw was the vagina of a woman, her inner lips had grown and I could see some dark pubic hair around her lips. She must know she's exposing herself I thought trying to look elsewhere, but my eyes kept coming back to her little pussy and my cock betrayed my thoughts. I looked down at Kim to see her reaction but couldn't see her face, but as I looked at the rest of her I saw that her nightie had also ridden up barely covering her young twat, she also appeared to be wearing no knickers, my cock gave another twitch at the thought and got a little harder.
Rachel finished putting the DVD in, and came over and sat beside me mirroring Kim, head on my chest and hand on my lap. With their hands on my lap I hoped niether of them would notice the turmoil in my pants. The movie started, and within about fifteen minutes of the movie starting I realised this wasn't your typical girlie sob story. There were lots of teenagers all wanting sex and already there had been two soft core sex scenes and. now a guy was quite obviously getting a blow job without actually showing the act. I wondered how the girls got this movie and if they knew what it was about before they put it on. Watching these very nubile young girls showing their tits and having sex was really starting to get me horny and I kept having very naughty thoughts about the girls on either side of me and my cock got even harder.
I felt a hand move on my lap down towards my cock, I looked down as Rachel's hand found my cock and gave it a squeeze. Trying to be as descreet and casual as possible I took my hand of her waist and moved her hand back up my lap and then put my hand back on her waist. Her hand seemed to have a mind of it's own as it moved down my lap and onto my cock again, decisive action was needed I thought as I took her hand and moved it above Kim's, this time I kept my hand on hers to keep it from wandering. What I had not anticipated was a second hand finding it's way onto my cock.

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   The shock of the situation hit me and it took all my self control not to jump up, this was a real dilemma, I had Rachel's hand under control, but now my daughter was fondling my cock, trying to be casual again I took Kim's hand and moved it onto Rachel's hand, then put my hand back onto Rachel's waist.
Hoping the girls hands were under control I relaxed a little, but not for long. I felt movement on my lap again and this time Rachel seemed to be trying to undo the button of my jeans. I couldn't keep quiet any longer.
"Rachel"I said
"Don't be mean Dad" said Kim recognising the tone of my voice.
"I'm not being mean, Rachel know's what I'm asking. "
"Maybe Rachel doesn't want to stop, maybe she's horny and wants to play with you. "
"Kim!" totally shocked by what I had just heard, I tried to gain my composure "I think that's something you shouldn't say to your father and I know I've told you when you were 11 what you can do to relieve those feelings. "
"Yeah, that talk was bit late Dad, me and Rachel have been playing with ourselves since we were about 6, then we found out how nice it was to play with each other when we were 11. "
The image and thoughts of Kim and Rachel going down on each other sent a new surge of blood to my cock, it was becoming more uncomfortable with my cock straining against my jeans and the bulge was becomig more pronounced.
"Well" I said trying to keep my voice under control "as I said I'm sure a game of solitaire will fulfil Rachel's needs. "
"Yep, solitaires nice" said Rachel, and having suceeded in getting the button undone slipped her hand into my jeans and groped my engorged cock " but we want to play golf, maybe you could get a hole in one. . . or two.

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"Girls this has to stop" trying desparately to gain control and put aside the overwhelming urge to stick my cock in Rachel's mouth and cunt "Kim your my daughter, and Rachel is your best friend and very much a daughter to me, this is something that shouldn't be even contemplated, little alone talked about or even acted upon. "
"Why not?" said Kim "We both love you more than anything and me and Rachel both want our first time with someone we truly love and know won't hurt us and make it really amazing. "
"Well that's not going to happen, not yet, and especially not with me, all I can suggest is you be like the yellow pages and let your fingers do the walking, wait till your 16 and your old enough to make that decision, get a boyfriend I approve of and you can have all the sex you want. "
"Is that what you want for me, for Rachel, our first time to be something to forget or to lie about how amazing it was, our first time to be incredibly painful, some boy ripping and tearing our virgin bodies apart in his lust, then it's over in couple of minutes and you end up being nothing but a receptacle for some horny teen boy's come after he's finished wanking himself inside you, thinking our screams of pain are cries of pleasure, then rolling of you and asking you if that was as good for you as was for him,and most seem to lose interest once they've torn your hymen. We have found the man we want to make love to, a man who will be gentle and tender with us and consider our wants and needs, and why wait till we're 16 when we're ready to make that decision now. " replied Kim
"This is so wrong on so many levels" I said trying to ignore Rachel's soft hand stroking my cock, "Firstly your my daughter which makes it incest and secondly your underage which means you can't give consent and therefore it's rape. "
"That consent thing is so stupid. " Kim replied "In some countries having sex with girls under 18 is rape. and in other countries girls can have sex at 13; and I know I'm your daughter and the idea having sex with your father is supposed to be really disgustig and yucky but I don't feel that way, in fact the thought of it gets me really horny. You told us when we turned 14 we would be young adults and able to make adult decisions. well we've talked about it, we're comfortable with our decision and we willingly and freely offer ourselves to you, and for tonight and every night me and Rachel want to be your lover's, is that not consent or an adult decision. "
"What about you Rachel, what would your father, one off mt best mates, what would he say if he found out I'm raping his underage daughter. "
"Firstly I'll make sure he never finds out, what do you think I'm going to do, run home screaming 'Daddy, Daddy I've lost my virginity to Steve in a night of wild sex' how stupid do you think I am; secondly it wont be rape, I'm giving you my consent. I want to make love to you as much as Kim does, I love you and I want this night to be special and to share this night with the two people I love more than anything, I already share my love with Kim, now I want more than anything to share that love with you.
Kim was not making this easy, her argument was logical and the way she put it certainly seemed to make an ass of the consent law, and she didn't seem put of by the fact she wanted to fuck her father, but that argument was moot because it would still be incestuous sex with two underage girls, and Rachel, were these two really having sex and how far had their love play gone, she had offered her consent and was adamant about it, but was this the impetuous decision of a hormonal teen, would the morning bring regret, disgust and guilt, would she be consumed by the shame and feel need to purge her soul, however Rachel's handjob and the thought and sight of Rachel's sweet little pussy, and the movie playing in my mind of these two girls fucking each other was eroding my resolve.

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"I think your Dad's horny too, he's cock is really big. " said Rachel
"Don't be greedy Rachel, I want to play with it too. "
Rachel pulled her hand out and unzipped my jeans freeing my cock from its prison. Kim put her hand around my knob and Rachel gripped the shaft, in unison they started stroking it. I should be stopping this but I could offer no further protest as the pleasure of the their hands coursed through my body. God I wanted to fuck these two little nymphs so badly. Fuck it I thought, this was obviously a well planned seduction on their part, they both want it, I'm not forcing them. Tonight lust can make the rules; tomorrow is time enough for regret and recrimination, I can get over the fact for now that one of them is my daughter and the other is her best friend and they're both underage.
"Fine" I said "Now that you've got it out what are you going to do with it. " I said pulling my jeans down.
"Well I going to do something I've wanted to do for ages. " said Kim as she bent down and gave the head of my cock a kiss before starting to lick it with her tongue, she stopped licking, opened her mouth and then closed her lips around my cock, I could feel her tongue playing with the head as she started to take it deeper into her virgin mouth, I looked down and could not believe my daughter had my cock in her mouth giving me one of the best blowjobs I had ever had. I was torn between the urge to ram my cock deep into her throat and trying to keep my throbbing cock under control so I would't hurt her or put her off giving blowjobs.
I was lost in the pleasure of her mouth "Oh fuck Kim, don't ever stop. " I groaned as her mouth sucked harder.

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   I reached across her and lifted her nightie and saw her womanhood for the first time since she was about 10, her mons was covered with a blond peach fuzz, I rubbed my hand through the soft hair working my way down to between her legs and started fingering her wet slit. As I fingered Kim I asked Rachel if she wanted me to finger her too.
"Mmm yes please. " she said. I reached down and moved her nightie "Rub my clit, finger me and fuck me, make me come. " she pleaded. Rachel and Kim started pushing their cunts harder against my hands lost in the pleasure of their bodies Kim took my cock out her mouth
"Your turn Rachel. "
Rachel had no hesitation as she bent down and took my cock in her mouth. She slid my manhood in and out of her mouth, harder and deeper creating such an incredible suction. I slid my hands further down their slits searching for the openings to their virgin bodies, Kim seemed to suck my finger deep into her and Rachel gave little jerk as my finger violated her tight cunt. Their hips started to rock as they found their own rhythym, faster and harder they rubbed their pussies against my hands taking my fingers deeper into their bodies. Kim started panting and moaning as she rocked herself to orgasm.
Rachel took my cock out her mouth "God I love your hand, I love your finger, and I love your cock, and I want that cock in my pussy. " she said as she stood up and turned to face me then sat down stradling my hips. I took her nightie off exposing her tits, I was enraptured by sight of them, perfert round breasts with small aeoroles and tiny erect nipples.

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   I kissed her, then opened my lips and pressed my tongue against her lips, her lips parted and greedily took my tongue in to her mouth, I left her perfect lips and mouth to kiss her face, her neck and shoulders and slowly down to her perfect breasts, flicking my tongue across her nipples, I opened my mouth took the nipple in and started to suck and toy with it with my tongue, I took her other tit in my hand and started squeezing her nipple between my fingers, I was surprised at the feel off it, I thought a young girl's tits were firm but her breast felt soft and pliant in my hand. Rachel moaned in pleasure and started sliding her wet slit against my cock. She closed her eyes, lost in her own pleasure, and started rocking harder and faster on my cock,
"Oh, Oh, god I going to come, I going to come. " she cried out, she fell forward onto me and her body shuddered with the orgasm.
"I want your cock in me. " she whispered in my ear. She turned to Kim " Hold his cock and guide it into me. " She lifted her hips up and Kim took my cock and stood it at attention, Rachel lowered herself down untill my cock pressed against lips, Kim moved my cock back and forth across Rachel's pussy. Rachel took Kim's hand and guided it towards her virgin hole. Rachel pushed down and I could feel my cock part her lips, she pushed down harder then sprang up
"Ow" she cried.
I took her in my arms and gave her a cuddle " Not so easy uh, the first time always hurts. " I said.
"I know, but I hoped that if I had an orgasm and got really wet it would be easier. "
"If it hurts to much or you don't want to do it, you don't have to. "
"I know, but I want to do it and I going to do it.

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   I know the pain won't last long and the pleasure I'll have when I start making love to you will be worth it. "
"Okay Kim, are you ready because I am. " She gave me a kiss and hugged me tighter. She lowered herself down until my cock touched her pussy again. She pushed down, and the head of cock started to spread her lips, she pushed harder, more of my cock entered her and virgin muscles resisted in protest. Rachel clenched her eyes shut and bit her bottom lip and gave a sudden hard thrust.
"Uggh. " she cried as my cock split her virgin muscle and tore her hymen, she kept pushing until she had about half my cock inside her. Her cunt muscle clamped around my cock trying to stop any further violation of virgin hole.
" I think that's enough for the moment. " she said in a voice tremulous with pain, I could only imagine the pain she must be feeling, but all I could feel was the tightest pussy I had ever fucked clamping tightly around my cock like wet fist.
She gave me another hug and kissed me deeply and passionately, as she did so her pussy began to relax and gently, slowly she pushed my cock deeper into herself until she rested sitting on my lap.
"I did it," she said excitedly "I got your cock in me, fuck it feels big and long, it feels like it goes all the way up to my tummy. "
"So my clever girl what do you do now?"
"I going to fuck you senseless. "
"Your a dirty little girl aren't you?"
"And your a dirty old pervert with your cock in a poor innocent little girl.

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"Well my poor innocent little girl show me how you fuck a dirty old pervert like me. "
"Like this. " she said as she began to move here arse up and down slowly, tentatively with short little strokes. Her strokes became longer and more confident as she became more accustomed to my cock in her cunt. I could feel an orgasm rising in my body and I desparately fought to control it.
After few minutes Rachel began to pound my cock harder and faster, breathing in short little gasps, lost in her own little world of cock fucking pleasure.
"Oh. " she moaned " I had no idea your cock would feel like this. "
"Stop for a moment and turn around. " I said, hoping the pause would allow my urge to come to subside.
Rachel stopped and eased my cock out of her cunt, her pussy was dripping with her juices and I could see a little bit of her virgin blood on my cock. She stood up, turned around and sat on my lap again. She grabbed my cock and slowly guided it back into herself. I put my legs between hers and spread them wideapart, I reached around and started tickling her clit.
"Come on Kim, you said you like fucking Rachel, well come on, get between her legs and lick her little pussy.

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  " I said
Kim showed no revulsion or disgust at what I was asking her to do, in fact she almost leapt of the couch in her excitement to get between Rachel's legs. She stood and slowly and provocatively lifted her nightie in a slow striptease revealing the body of a goddess, she had a slender hourglass figure with beautiful small breasts She knelt between our legs and leant forward and started passionately kissing Rachel and pushed my hand aside to get to Rachel's cunt. She seemed to know what Rachel wanted as she kissed her face and around to ear. nibbling her lobe.
"Do you like my Daddy's cock?" she asked
"Mm mmm. "
"Do you want me to suck your tits"
"Yes," she moaned "yes please"
"Do want me to lick your clit. "
"Stop teasing me, lick me, eat me, just fuck me!" she pleaded
Kim moved down, kissing Rachel's neck and then down to her tit, Kim took most of it into her mouth and sucked hard on it before releasing it and teased her nipple flicking her tongue across it, slowly she moved down further kissing her stomach and down towards her twat, licking and teasing her mons, down she went to Rachel's dripping wet cunt, flicking her tongue across Rachel's open lips and then to her erect clitoris. Rachel almost screamed at the long expected pleasure.
When Kim started kissing Rachel, Rachel started moving her hips, taking my cock in and out of tight twat, moaning softly. As Kim got closer to Rachel's cunt, her hips started moving faster. I couldn't take it any longer and started thrusting my cock into her, we started to gain a rhythm and as my cock slid into her, she pushed down forcing my cock deeper into her. Kim hit the jackpot and I could feel Rachel body shudder as Kim licked her clit.
The sight of what I seeing was to much me, here I was fucking my daughter's best friend and my daughter was licking her cunt, Rachel's moans become louder and her breath was coming in short pants. The sight was to erotic and I could no longer control the need to come. I grabbed Rachel's hip's and pulled her hard down on to me and slammed my cock deep into her and exploded in orgasmic release.


"Oh fuck. " I cried, the orgasm seemed to have no end as I spurted more and more come into her.
Moments later Rachel's body shuddered, she leant forward, put her hands on my knees and rammed my cock in and out her, She made unintelligble sounds as her orgasm overtook her. She continued rocking, trying to milk every last orgasmic pleasure. As the orgasm subsided she leant back against me, I reached around and started ruubbing her clit again.
"So what's it like fucking a dirty old pervert?" I asked
"Yeah it was alright. " she smiled
"Come on, that was probaly best the fuck you've ever had. "
"Its the only fuck I've ever had," she said "but given time you might get better. "
"I can only try with your tutelage. " I smiled and gave her a kiss
Kim was still sitting between our legs watching us "There is still one poor innocent little girl who needs fucking, is the dirty old pervert up to it?'
Rachel slid my cock out and stood up, "Maybe you can start by cleaning my pussy, do you want to eat your Daddy's come?" she pushed Kim's head back and put it between her legs, she shook her hips and I could see my come dribbling out of her, Kim opened her mouth and greedily lapped up the juices, she brought her face closer to Rachel's cunt and started licking it.
"Lie down. " said Rachel
Kim shuffled herself back and lay down on the floor, I could see my come and Rachel's juices around her mouth, she stuck her tongue out and licked up the juices. Rachel turned around and sat on Kim's face and leaned down with her hand between Kim's legs. Although Kim had pubes on her mons she was still bald between her legs
"Have you ever seen your daughter being finger fucked?"
"What kind of pervert do you think I am?"
"We know what sort of pervert you are, I just want to know how perverted you are. "
Rachel started fingering Kim's cunt, sliding her fingers between her lips and dipping a finger into Kim's hole.

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   Kim responded almost immediately rocking her cunt in response to Rachel's probing fingers and took Rachel's arse in her hands and started eating cunt.
I thought I was spent but when Rachel bent down and started licking Kim's cunt and the smell of sex juices, come and the sounds of two girls face fucking drove my desires rocketing. I watched the the girls fucking each other for a few minutes before I got down between Kim's legs.
"My turn. " I said to Rachel kissing her hard, tasting my daughter's juices on her lips, she pushed her tongue into my mouth fulling it with the taste of teen cunt juices. I put my hand down on to Kim's cunt and started fingering her dripping wet cunt, I slipped a finger into her cunt and my thumb on her clit, her hips jerked as my middle finger penetrated her and my thumb rubbed her clit.
She lifted Rachel's arse up and said "Daddy are you going to fuck me or just finger me. "
"That would be really naughty, fucking my daughter. " I replied
"You've already been naughty, now be really naughty and put your cock in me. " she paused "just don't tell me when your going to put it in Daddy, just do it. "
"Why not princess. "
"I'm worried that if you tell me I'll get nervous and tense up and it'll be even sorer. "
Her dirty talk, the feel of her dripping pussy and the lingering taste of her cunt in my mouth aroused me so much, I lifted her hips up almost folding her in half, I bent down and had the first taste of my daughter's cunt, I couldn't believe it, I was performing cunnilingus on my 14 year old daughter and very shortly I was going to take her virginity. Part of me felt disgusted by the thought, a bigger part of me felt honored that my daughter wanted to share her most precious gift with me. I lingered on her pussy, reveling in the taste of her virgin cunt, I toyed with her clit and slid my tongue down her cunt, parted her lips and put my tongue into her opening flicking in and out, Kim moaned and rocked her hips as her pleasure increased, her movements became more erratic and uncontrolled as my tongue lapped at her clit and virgin hole, her voice seemed to have got stuck on one letter "Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm" she seemed out of control when she suddenly jerked up and she let out a loud "Fuck" and her cunt spat out glob of come juice.

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I sat up and placed my cock on her cunt lips, her come was dribbling down her arse crack and her lips were soaked in her juices. Rachel took my cock in her hand and started rubbing the head on Kim's wet cunt, from her opening to her clit, Kim started moanining as she rode new heights of her pleasure. Rachel moved my cock towards her opening and without warning she pushed my cock into Kim, Kim squealed as my cock split apart her virgin lips and tore her hymen, a little blood erupted from her. I pushed harder forcing her spasming cunt to take more ofmy cock.
"Stop," said Kim "just give me a minute. " I lowered her down on to my lap pushing a little more of cock in to her. She had tears in eyes.
"Are you alright," I said worried "did I hurt you to much?"
"Yes, no, I mean it hurt when it went in but it's alright now. "
"But your crying. "
"A little bit, because it hurt, but more because I'm so happy. I've wanted you for so long Daddy, I've dreamed about it, fantasied it about for so long and now its happened it feels better than I ever imagined. I feel alright now and I think I'm ready for you to fuck me. "
I pulled out of her "Jump up onto the couch. " I said. I saw blood around the opening of her pussy and looked down and saw that I now had the blood of two virgins on my cock.

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   Kim laid down on the couch and I manouverd her so her legs were hanging over the end of the couch and I knelt between her legs and started rubbing the head of cock on her pussy. Rachel came over, Kim put her arms around her pulled her down and gave her a lingering kiss
"Thank you. " she said
"What for?" Rachel asked
"For being here, for being my best friend, my lover and for making me a woman. "
"Thank you and your Dad for making me a woman, I don't think there is any better way I could lose my virginity then with two people I love so much. "
Rachel started kissing Kim again tenderly, she moved her hungry mouth down to Kims tit and took it in her mouth and made love to it. Kim reciprocated by putting her handbetween Rachel's legs and started fingering her. From the looks on their faces it was obvious the pleasure they giving each other
"What does my naughty, horny little daughter want?"
"I want your big cock. " she begged
"Do you want me to fuck you, do want me to come inside you?"
"Yes Daddy, please, please fuck your horny naughty daughter. " she pleaded.
I spread her cunt lips and pushed my cock into her, her cunt was still tight and clamped around my cock as it slid deeper into her. My one regret in life was that I had never fucked a virgin and here I was, deflowering two in one night. I fucked her slowly swimming in the pleasure of my daughter's tender young body. Kim also seemed to be swimming in these same pleasures, her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly open, her hips rocked slowly, lifting up to take my cock into her.
"Oh Daddy I love your cock in me. " she said in a voice heavy lust and pleasure.

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I was doubtful if I could come again so soon, but as I fucked her I could feel those familar feelings rising in me again. Kim started thrusting up harder to take my cock deper in to her, her breathing became deeper and the thrusting became faster, I matched her rhythm stabbing harder and faster into her.
"Ah, ah, ah, fuck me harder, please, please make me come!" she pleaded, her thrusting hips lifted up and she grabbed my hips and violently slammed me in and out of her cunt, grunting each time my cock rammed into her, her eyes popped open and head went back and she expelled a gasp of air, her body shuddered and twitched, her cunt clamped around my cock and spasmed, and it seemed each time she took my cock into her body she spasmed with another orgasm I slammed my cock into her harder without concern for her tender young cunt, lost in my need of orgasmic release, when the orgasm came it was so powerful it felt like I had blown the head off my dick, and the release of my come seemed so intense I thought she would spit it out her mouth, I rammed in to her a few more times spewing the last of come into her. We rocked together, slowly coming down the from mountains of sexual release.
Kim sat up and put her arm around me, gave me a kiss and said "I didn't expect to come my first time, but if you can make me come like that again you can fuck me whenever you like. "
"I take it you enjoyed that. "
"Dad, it was perfect, you made me come so many times, I will never forget my first time with you and I will always cherish the memory. "
"When you two started playing with my cock, the thought of having sex with my daughter and her underage friend was absolutely repugnant, I guess lust and a few other things took over and I did something I never thought I would, but seeing the pleasure I gave you two has made me think again, now I think there was no better way for you to lose your virginity, I hope you'll never regret this darling because I wont, nor will I ever forget it. Thank you for giving me your most precious gift. " I took her in my arms kissed her tenderly and with all the love I felt for her
"Dad there is no other man in this world more deserving of my gift. I love you so much and you can have my gift whenever you want, if you don't mind making love to your daughter again. " she whispered in my ear
"Darling I'll never object to making love to you again. "
"When you love birds have finished," Rachel interupted " There is a pussy that needs cleaning, we can't have you dribbling come all over the place Kim. "
Kim slid my limp cock out of her and stood up "Your turn to to drink my Dad's come. " she pushed Rachel's head back and dribbled my come and her juices into her mouth which Rachel greedily swallowed.

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"Lie down Rachel I want to eat your pussy to" said Kim with the lust evident in her voice.
The two girls laid down on the floor rolled on their sides with their heads between each other legs, they greedily ate, licked and sucked each other's pussy. I watched the two girls surrender to their pleasures and listened to the sounds of their lovemaking, their lovemaking became more frantic as they neared the orgasmic release they so desired, Rachel hips spasmed and jerked as she came.
"Finger me," said Kim "Try two or even three, I think I can take that many now. "
Kim rolled on her back and Rachel inserted the requested fingers, Kim moved her hips up to meet the thrusting fingers.
"Oh fuck, thats almost as good as Daddy's cock, now finger me hard," Rachel did as she was told and rammed her fingers deep into my daughters cunt, Kim squealed and moaned as the fingers penetratrated her. Kim's hips bucked and jerked as she orgasmed. Rachel laid down beside Kim and cuddled and kissed her.
"What a perfect way to end a night of sex. " said Kim
"Mmm," said Rachel "Do you think your Dad's ready for another fuck?"
"Not just yet girls," I said "I a dirty old pervert not a horny teenager like you two, if you want we can go to bed, you can give me a blowjob and we can fuck in the morning. "
The two girls got up and sat beside me cuddling me "That sounds good. " said Kim. We cuddled for a while, the girls played with my cock and I fingered them before going to bed. The girls were true to their word. and shared my cock for one last blowjob sucking out the last of my juice and sharing the spoils of their success.

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