Four of a Kind - Part 1 of 2: Grinding Gabby


"Better luck next time, honey. " She said, beforekissing me cheek softly. Gabby laid her hand of cards on the table, showing meher royal flush. I was out two-hundred dollars, justlike that. It was poker night, a tradition that Pauland I had been carrying on since high school. We’dstopped the tradition about a month back, but decidedthat tonight was a great night to get it going again,since neither of us had been given the chance to meeteach other’s new girlfriends. "Lucas? You mind if I borrow your car, man? I’malmost out of cigarettes and I need to get to thestore. " Paul said, from across the table. "It’s out of gas, man. " I said, rejecting his request. "Here, Paul. I’ll run you to the store, since I’vegot to buy more beer, anyway. Sweetheart, you’regoing to be okay if we leave you alone with this meangirl who just took all of you money, won’t you?" Faithasked me, doing her best to rub it in. "Go, before I do something to you. " I said, cutting myeyes at her, then back to Gabby, who was still smilingat me from across the table. Paul and Faith grabbed their jackets, and walked outthe door, waving bye to us on the way out.

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   As theyclosed the door, I excused myself and headed off tothe bathroom, to expunge the six beers I’d had since Ilast went. When I returned from the bathroom, Gabby had left thetable and was standing on the back porch, smoking acigarette with the sliding glass door open. I walkedby the door, and she turned to me and winked as shetook a deep drag from her cigarette. I smiled at herpolitely, and went into the kitchen, to grab the lastbeer. Little did I know that she had finished hercigarette and was on her way in there, as well. I reached in the fridge and grabbed the beer, as shestrolled in and leaned against the counter, oppositefrom me. I was still resentful towards her, but Icouldn’t help but notice how good she looked in hertight blue-jean skirt and sleeveless top. I closedthe refridgerator door and turned to face her, as Iopened my beer and leaned against the counter. "I didn’t piss you off during that last game, did I?"She asked, as she smiled at me. I fought the urge to make a smart-ass comment, andtook a long, slow sip of my fresh beer. As I loweredit from my lips, I looked at her for a moment beforeanswering. "Nope. Why would losing two-hundred dollars tosomebody I just met piss me off?" I said, bitterly. She giggled for a moment and stared at me. "You big baby.

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  " She said, smiling. After a moment,she walked across the kitchen until she was justinches from me. "How would you like a chance to makethat money back?" She finally asked. I have to admit,she had my curiosity peaked, but before I could askher how, she took my beer from me and sat it on thecounter. She grinned at me and took my hand, forcing me to wrapmy arm around her. She turned me around and before Iknew it, my body was pinning hers against therefridgerator door. "Kiss me. Paul and Faith are gone, and I want totaste your lips on mine. " She said, with the look ofsheer lust in her eyes. Upset or not, how could Iresist?My eyes closed and our lips met in a soft, sensualkiss that lasted for several minutes. When the kisswas over, she pushed me back just enough to pull hershirt off, exposing her beautiful bra-less orbs to me. I was in awe. She reached up to me and ran herfingers through my hair, before pulling my lips to herbreast. I pulled my shirt off and bent down, pushing her erectnipple into my mouth. Her body was even moreexquisite than I had thought.

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   She let out a soft moanand closed her eyes as she leaned back against thefridge. Her hand reached behind her and I heard thezipper of her skirt as she slowly pulled it down. "Take your pants off, Lucas. I want you. " Shewhispered to me. Without hesitation, I did exactly as she asked,unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, sliding them down mylegs. She let gravity do it’s job and let her looseskirt fall to the floor, taunting me with the site ofher, only in her tight little panties. In a moment, she had those, too, on the floor and waspushing her ass against the kitchen counter, spreadingher legs slightly. "Lift your leg. " I requested, and she instantlyobliged, lifting her right leg and resting her footatop the counter. I now had a clear view of herbeautiful shaven twat, and wasn’t going to waste amoment. I took my throbbing dick in hand, and took astep forward, pressing the head of it against hertight slit. It separated the small lips of her pussy and instantlybegan to enter her. She may not have looked it, but Icould easily tell how wet she was. She put her handon my dick and moved it around, slightly, using thehead of my cock to massage the entrance to her tinyhole.

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   I took this as my que, and slowly eased my hipsforward, pushing my cock into her a little deeper. Her eyes lit up, and her body trembled from thepleasure, before she tightened her grip around my tooland stopped me in my tracks. "Not yet. Put your tongue on my cunt. I want to feelyou lick me like you do Faith. " She pleaded. I smiledsoftly, and dropped to my knees, doing exactly whatshe asked. I extended my tongue and pressed it against the softskin of her pussy, causing her to moan loudly and resther hand on the top of my head. "Yes… make me feel like her. Make me want you likeshe does. " She said, not in the voice of my bestfriend’s girl, but in the voice of a wanton woman whodidn’t care. I carefully inserted my finger into herhole, and began pumping. Between the force of myfinger, and the fluttering use of my tongue, she wasinstantly thrown into orgasm. "Fuck! Yes!" Shesquealed, between breaths. Her body tensed, and in amoment, she pushed me away from her.

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   I looked at her, curiously, but quickly figured outwhat was on her mind, when she dropped to her kneesand instantly shoved my cock deep into her mouth. Iwas in heaven. "God, that feels good, baby. " I told her. Calling herbaby must have turned her on, because she looked deepinto my eyes and began ramming my dick in and out ofher hot mouth, as fast as she could. I couldn’t believe that I was face-fucking my bestfriend’s girl. She was loving every second of it,too. Her hands teased and played with my balls,squeezing them gently as she leaned forward, pushingmy cock deep down her throat. Her eagerness was almost enough to make me cum, rightthere. I couldn’t help but think about what wouldhappen if Paul and Faith had walked in right at thatmoment. Seeing the look on Paul’s face when he saw meface fucking his beautiful girlfriend. The thoughtwas invigorating. I was snapped back to reality when she took my cockfrom her mouth and beckoned me, once more. "Lay down. I want you in me, now.

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  " Gabby said. Thatwas all I needed to hear. I was on the floor,watching Gabrielle as she straddled me, lining myswollen prick up with her dripping sex. "Oh, shit. " I said, lost in pleasure, as she loweredher weight down upon me, forcing the head of my dickdeep into her tunnel. "Oh, God. " I exclaimed. "Yeah, baby? You wanna get fucked by me?" She asked,as she began to gyrate her hips in a circular motion,moving my cock in, to the hilt. "Yes! Shit, yes!" were the only words I could thinkof, to say. Before I knew it, she was bouncing on melike I was a trampoline. The weight of her bodyslamming down on me; the feeling of the tight walls ofher cunt, sliding against my swollen member. It wasall so intoxicating. I couldn’t help but stare at hercute round ass, as it bounced up and down, taking theentire of my dick deep into her, with each stroke. "Oh! Oh, God!" She squealed, as I felt pussy begin toquiver around my cock. "Oh, fuck! I’m cumming! Yes!!" She screamed, as she landed one last time on mytool.

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   I felt myself bottom-out, inside of her, andsuddenly, I was exploding deep into her. I blastedload after load into her shuttering cunt, lost in thereal-life fantasy of filling my best friend’sgirlfriend full of my seed. As she finished, she leaned back, collapsing atop me. Her back laid against my chest, before she turned herhead and kissed me again, softly. We smiled at eachother before sharing a chuckle. --We got up and dressed, and she stuffed the two-hundreddollars into my pants pocket. She told me I’d earnedit. When we went back into the living room and satdown, I started to tell her thanks, when the frontdoor opened and Paul and Faith entered. "Bad news, Gabby. The roads are icing up, it lookslike we’re spending the night. " Paul said, as the twoof them walked in. Gabby and I locked eyes andgrinned, as Paul and Faith walked into the kitchen toput away the beer. "So, sweetheart, what did you two do to keepyourselves entertained? Gab didn’t be mean and beatyou up, did she?" Faith asked me, before giving me aslight kiss. I smiled and ignored her statement asshe was obviously teasing me. All I knew was that itlooked like the four of us would be spending the restof the night together.

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   It was definitely going to get interesting. [Concluded in Part 2, Coming Tomorrow. ]All images provided by Karup's Private CollectionDownload The Entire Collection Now!Karup's Private Collection.

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