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My Wife's Adventure At A Local Bar Oral, Female Do. . .
My Wife's Adventure at a Local Bar:
Written By: Voodoo

My wife Jennifer is a very beautiful young lady. She is 5'2' and 129 lbs with a nice 36c chest. She has been dancing for a while and we have been in this lifestyle for the last 5 yrs. Jennifer has always been able to do what ever she wanted in our relationship, all she had to do was tell me. She knows it turns me on watching her with other guys and other ladies. Well this is a story about one of those times. Jennifer and her friends all decided to go to a local bar one night that they took off from work. She dressed up so sexy I was hard just looking at her. She had on a very short skirt and a very low cut blouse. She wore no bra and no panties. If she bent over just right you could see her nice shaved clean pussy and ass hole. She put on some nice heels that showed off her sexy legs and the form of her ass. When her friends showed up she gave me a kiss on her way out the door and I told her to have fun and do all the things I would do.

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   When they left I was thinking to my self that the bar is lucky when they decide to hang out up there. Jennifer and her friends came home about 3am and my wife said she had some amazing stories to tell me about their night at the bar. This is the stories she told me.

Jennifer said that after they got in to the bar. Her friends and her ordered some drinks and hit the dance floor. There on the floor the grinded together and played with each others asses and tits and kissed while dancing and making sure every one saw what was going on. Jennifer said after about 5 songs they went to the table and one of the girls in her group started to kiss her neck and twitch her nipples threw the blouse. This got her aroused so she started to rub on her clit. According to Jennifer the girl noticed and got down underneath the table and started to eat her out. Jennifer said that shock waves raced right through her with the thought that anyone could see them, getting caught, and being in public having her pussy being eaten out at the bar table. After Jennifer had her orgasm the girl stopped and sat back up at the table.

They all ordered a few more rounds and danced some more. Jennifer said while they were dance a guy came up and tried to join them. They sort have blown him off but at one point he grinded against Jennifer and she felt the bulge in his pants. She said from what she felt he had a good size package in there.

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   When they went back to the table the guy followed them. He started to flirt with Jennifer and she said she figured what the hell might as well have some fun. So she started to flirt with him back and rubbing his thigh near his penis. She saw him getting aroused under his pants and licked her lips and asked the guy if he would like to have a blow job and fuck her. I guess he answered hell yeah when she lifted up her skirt a little bit to show him she was wearing no panties. Jennifer took him to the men's room and pushed him in to one of the bathroom stalls. Jennifer said she pulled down his pants to expose a nice 10 inches of manhood. She squatted down and started to lick the bottom of his shaft, towards the head. She said she kept licking the shaft till she saw some precum come out and then she took the head and put in to her mouth. She said she was able to get most of him in but not all of him as she started to suck on this mans cock. She said when he started to moan she was getting so wet that she started to finger herself in front of him. She said she gave him a blowjob till he shot his load down her throat. After she sucked him dry and was able to keep him up she sat him down on the toilet and straddled him. She exposed her breast and eased down on his big cock till it fitted in to her nice tight wet pussy. She said he felt so good.

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   That she kept riding his big cock as he sucked and man handled her tits. She says it seemed like they were fucking for hours when he finally came in side her pussy. She got up and kissed him on the lips and said thanks for the great fuck. She washed off and went back to join her friends.

They had some more drinks and did some more dancing and then they came home. She told me about her adventure and we ended up having some great sex that night. I can't wait to hear about next's week adventure since they go up there every week. I'll keep you posted.


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