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I had just turned 16 and was mobile for the first time. Like most teenagers I was bored and horny. The newspaper was on the kitchen table so I picket it up to see if there were any sexy movies that could drive down to and see. I noticed that there was a 'Burlesque House' that had strippers and movies. I had just entered teenage heaven.

When I walked up to the ticket booth I wanted to cry. There was a sign that said "must be 18 years old". I stood there a moment in agony when the man said $2 please. I couldn't believe my luck and quickly handed over the money and hurried inside before he got a better look at me. I went to the snack counter and bought a soda and popcorn and hurried into watch the show.

It was dark except for the stage and stood there watching a woman dancing on the stage. Holy crap there she was half naked and and I was watching her bobs bouncing up and down. My eyes were adjusting and I could actually make my feet move so I headed for an empty row. I sat there and watched the end of her show and the lights went out. At this point my raging teenage hard on felt like it was about to start poking out of the top of my jeans.

The porn movie start and I was so mesmerized that I didn't notice this guy sit down next to me.

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  The first time that I noticed him was when his leg moved up against mine. That freaked me a little and just thought that he had gotten to close by accident. That wasn't the case and this time when our legs met his hand gently but firmly rested on my knee.

Before I knew what was happening his hand started rubbing the inside of my thigh. Suddenly it started to feel good and memories of having sex with a male cousin when we were younger started to come back. He had wanted us to stop fooling around at the lake but I didn't. Those memories had started to fade when I started to date girls but had never quite left me and all of a sudden his hand on my jeans started to feel good. I began to lift my hips to meet his strokes and he new that he was home free.

He looked around to see if every thing was safe. Safe it was in fact some other men had sat down around us to watch our show rather then the movie. He leaned back and undid his pants and when he lowered is zipper a nice hard cock popped out. Before I knew what was happening he had my jeans open and had pulled out my ragging teenager hard on and had begun to stroke my cock.

This was great and the other men around us must have liked it as well. When he put my hand on his cock and I started to rub his hard cock. I started to hear quiet noises coming from some of the men around us and started to smell fresh cum as they enjoyed our show.

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  Not long and another man sat down on the other side of me and slid his hand under my tee shirt and began to to rub my stomach then my chest and on to my nipples.

Just amazing . I had come here to watch a sexy movie and now I had two men giving me hand jobs with others around getting off on our show. The second guy pulled my head onto his lap and slid his cock into my hungry mouth and I felt pre cum to started to run down his cock and the taste began to make me crazy with lust. Then my hard cock began to ooze pre cum on the first mans hand and he quickly replaced his hand with his mouth.

That was it. I couldn't take any more and neither could the guy I was sucking on. His hips shot up and he began to fill my mouth with his cum and I swallowed as much as I could. The thought of these to older guys having there way with a hard teenage boy was all that it took. My hips also shot up and I began to pump load after load of my cum unto this strangers mouth.

They stroked my head and kissed me gently as they whispered that they hoped that I would come to the theater again. I did go again and after awhile the guy at the ticket booth began to let me in for free. That's when I got it,I was the young bait that brought these older guys in to buy tickets. At this point I didn't care what was going on it was a win win situation !

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