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This story happened to me 3 days ago,so I have to tell someone(and not my wife!). I had just come home from work,tired,hot,and horny as always. My wife of 23yrs was at work,and my kids were in school. This is usually the time I watch pornos,surf the net,anything to get my 7"cock off,which I love to do. My sex life sucks,and though I've never cheated,(till. . . . ),well,anyway,I love sex,love giving anal,luv having my cock sucked.

I had been surfing the net,getting hard,and stroking my nice cock,as I love to tease myself,not to come right away,then shoot a load all over,feels good that way. Right as I was rock hard,the doorbell rang. Seeing a young,black girl,about 23-28 standing there,holding a bucket,and some sponges,I didn't know what to think. But in her tight,Levi shorts,it made my cock tingle,just thinking about that nice,black ass. I opened the door,and she said her story:" Hi, my name is Terri,and I'm living in a homeless shelter,and I'm just trying to help myself out by doing any odd jobs,or anything else you might think of,that I can do. . .

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  . . do you have any work for me??" My cock was about half hard,but her eyes saw the bulge in my pants,then looked back up at me.

I said:"Well. . . . . I guess you can clean some of my windows,and pick up a little,but how do I know your not going to rip me off, or try and hurt me?"She laughed and said:'Your a big guy. . . . . I can tell already,and I just want to earn some money. "I said:"Okay.

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  . . . . show me how hard you work,and I'll pay you. " As she entered my house,that cute face of hers,and great ass,made my cock start to get hard again.

First,I had her do the dishes,then vacuum the house,then start cleaning windows. All the while,she was talking,and telling me about her rough life, being alone,getting in some minor trouble,drugs. etc. . . but overall,she wasn't a bad person. I told her my story. . .

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  marriage,kids,blah,blah,blah,just normal. At that moment,as she was cleaning a window,that she had to stand on a foot stool to reach,she asked:" What about your sex life?" I said:"why you ask that?" Not knowing what she was thinking. Her answer:" Well, you left the porno on the computer,and I can see it. . . . . and when you opened the door,I could tell your cock was a little hard. . . . . so I bet you don't get much pussy,huh?" I said:"Well. . .

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  . you caught me. . and your right. . my sex life sucks,and seeing you there and looking at that fine ass of yours,makes me even hornier!"She said:"Have you ever cheated,or been with a black girl?" I said no to cheating,but yes I have been with black women,and I loved it!

She turned to me and said:" For a little extra cash,I'll suck your cock,and let you fuck my ass. . . you want that??" Hardly able to answer,I said:"Yes. . . that would be great,and if you make it good,I'll take care of you. "She stepped towards me,kissed me,pulled off her top,showing me some perky,little tits,pulled off her shorts,no panties,and said:"Do you like it?' My cock was rock hard,as I said:"Can't you tell?" I pulled off my pants,she dropped to her knees,and those soft,black lips inhaled my cock! This was great! She was working my cock like I've never had done before. After about 10 minutes of this incredible blowjob,I pulled her off,and said:'Now. .

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  . . . I want that ass baby. . . . I want to fuck that tight,black ass. "She turned over,showing me those hard,tight,butt cheeks,and said:"Give me some lube,and fuck my butt hard baby. . . . . !" I grabbed some vaseline,lubed that tight,pink hole,and started.

Slowly I entered those black cheeks,as she started screaming:"That feels good.

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  . . . . . I love a white cock in my ass. . . do you like it?" Breathing hard I said:" This is the best butt I've ever fucked. . . its so tight. . . I luv those cheeks,and seeing my cock go in that pink hole.

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  . " I knew I couldn't last. I said:"Terri. . . . make me come baby. . . I want to come. . . " She pounded my cock faster and faster, then. . .

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  . . . . BAM!!!! Deep in that ass I exploded!! It was fantastic!!She pulled off me,and licked my cock dry and clean. I was in heaven!

Catching my breath I said:" Now that was some good cleaning baby. . . . I think I'll need you a least once a week. . . can you do that??" As she looked at me,she grabbed my cock and said: "As much as you want. . .

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  I like what you got,especially when you fuck my black ass. . . . thats my favorite!"We dressed,and I gave her a $100,and said:" Please come back same time next week,and she said:"No problem. . . . . I can't wait!!"I now have a weekly fuck fest,and its great,and nobody knows!!