Health club surprise


Cassandra Peterson was excited, after having just moved to Los Angeles, she had been accepted as a member of the most exclusive health club in the city. It was an all female club, called The Venus Club, which was just what she had been looking for. She was tired of guys staring at her as she worked out. Considering that she was 5' 8" tall, 135 pounds, and measurements of 37-25-38, she got more than her fair share of stares, she could feel the creeps, their horny eyes crawling all over her body, when all she wanted to do was work out.

In the locker room, she quickly changed into her workout clothes, and joined the women in the central workout area. Since she was the newest member, she received a warm welcome, and the owners and founders of the club were there to greet her.
Sandy Ramolar, Elaine Hoxler, Caroline Midson and Janet Pacholuk were the founders and the 4 owners of the club. They screened their applications carefully, and hand picked the new members. All 4 of the owners were absolute knockouts, with shapely, sexy bodies, Sandy had long red hair, Elaine had shoulder length honey blond hair, Caroline had short, black hair cut in a pageboy style, and Janet had long black tresses as black as a raven's wing.

Cassandra worked up a good sweat, and enjoyed the lack of horny stares from creepy guys! She didn't notice the horny stares she was getting from the owners!

After her workout, she headed for the lockers, stripping off her clothes, she hung a towel on the rack next to the shower stalls, and ducked under the shower head. The warm spray of water relaxed her, and she felt wonderful as she turned off the faucet, and wrapped the towel around her body. She re-entered the locker area, and saw all 4 owners standing by her locker, completely naked! She noticed that all 4 had their pubic regions shaved bare and smooth, and a tattoo of the symbol for Venus was tattooed right above their pussy lips. Their eyes were sizing her up hungrily!

She felt a sudden pang of discomfort, and she said, "Hey ladies, what's going on?"

Sandy said, "Well, now that you are our newest member, you have to have the clubinitiation. "

Before Cassandra could even ask about that, she was seized! The towel was pulled off her body and tossed aside. They bore her down to the floor, and her arms and legs were pinned by Caroline and Janet, while Sandy and Elaine set about initiating the newest member!

Cassandra was just about to find out that the club was limited to lesbians, and that once a week, a new straight member was allowed to join, and initiated into a lesbian orgy. She fought back, but the owners were in tip top physical shape, and she was pinned solidly.

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   She could feel warm hands caressing and hot tongues licking her body, her legs were grabbed, pulled back and spread apart, and a hard cold object was shoved up her! She let out a howl of pain as her cunt was violated by a 12 inch dildo, her inner, dry cunt parting painfully as she was impaled! Sandy wielded the dildo, pumping
it in and out of Cassandra's stiffened, resisting body, raping her cunt as she struggled. The ladies grinned as they took her by force. Sometimes, a little force was necessary, and they got her ready for the next level of initiation.

She was lifted up and carried to a special back room, that was nicknamed the games room. The strapped her face down into a specially built restraint. Her head was hanging over the edge, and there was a special seat that was adjusted up, to just below her head level. The bench was a polished wooden beam that ran down the middle of her body, so her breasts were hanging down free of obstruction. The bench came down to just above her hips, their were two adjustable steps next to the beam, that Cassandra's legs were placed on then strapped down. The end of the beam had a slight rise to it, which tilted Cassandra's hips up, positioning her cunt and asshole for unobstructed, fuckable access. She was strapped down across the small of her back, another thick strap ran over the middle of her back, and one more strap ran over her shoulders, tightly securing her body in place.

She watched as Janet strapped on the twelve inch dildo, and grinned at her. She had no illusions about where that was going to go, and she watched as Janet spread some lube over it, at least the entry might be a bit less painful. She saw Elaine and Sandy lie down under the bench, and she felt their hands start to fondle and roughly tweak her tits, followed by hot mouths sucking on her tits! Caroline took the seat that was right under Cassandra's head, and her cunt was right at her mouth!

Janet saw Cassie's hips tilted up and her legs spread, her tight, pink opening was slightly parted, and Janet felt her pulse pound as she saw that tight, inner sanctum, that she was going to invade! She took her position, and Cassandra felt Janet grasp her hips, notching the dildo against her, she powered it in. The entry, while being maybe slightly easier, still tore a howl of pain from Cassandra, as she was again violated! Janet slammed in the entire 12 inches, Cassandra's cunt wrenched painfully as her tight, dry walls were once again split apart, she let out another grunt of pain as her cervix got split open! She felt a 6 inch dildo being shoved up her ass, she grunted with pain as her asshole virginity was busted open! Janet started to ride Cassandra, giving her a doggy style power fuck, as Cassandra endured the thrusts of the hard dildo against all the sore spots, the rubbing of the two dildos filling her cunt and ass, as Janet took great pleasure in raping Cassandra's cunt. It always whipped up her lust to bust open a straight, and gripping Cassandra's hips tightly, she rammed her cunt hard and fast, as she really reamed out Cassie's fuck hole, raping the nice, tight cunt.

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Caroline reached down, and peeled her pussy lips apart, the smell of the hot lust from her fiery cunt entered Cassie's nose, and Caroline grabbed her head, and forced her mouth against her opening!

"Lick me you little bitch, suck my cunt, lick my clit, and make me cum all over your pretty face!" Caroline growled.

Deciding it would be best to do as she was told, Cassandra started to lick at Caroline's steamy cunt!Elaine and Sandy were sucking on Cassandra's nipples, nipping at the stiff protrusions.

"Yes, oh yes you little bitch! Suck my cunt, yes, you're a good cunt lapper, make me cum all over your pretty face!" Caroline growled at her.

While having her nipples sucked on, and having her cunt raped, Cassandra had felt a change taking place. The licking and sucking of her nipples had started to send pulses of pleasure to her cunt, and her cunt started to adjust to the large stretch. She could feel the two dildos rubbing against each other, and it started to feel good! Encouraged, she hungrily licked at Caroline's sweet pussy, doing what she thought she would enjoy, and Caroline grunted as she came, her cunt gushing out a load of hot juices, she squirmed her hips around, mopping Cassandra's face with her juices!

They switched positions, and this time, Elaine strapped on the dildo, and drove it in, fucking Cassandra's cunt! Sandy took the licking chair, and as she parted her lips, Cassandra eagerly dove in, she wanted to lick Sandy's hot pink folds! Elaine gave her a slower, gentler fuck, and the raping of her cunt changed over to hot fucking, as Elaine gave it to her, and with Caroline and Janet sucking and nibbling at her nipples, Cassandra could feel herself respond!

She felt Elaine's fingers reach down, sliding around and around her clit, stroking her twitching clit to a frenzy!

Cassandra lifted her head, cried out, "I'm cumming, oh fuck yes, I'm cumming!"

She let out a howl of pleasure this time, as her cunt exploded in a burst of pleasure! As soon as the orgasm had spent its force, she quickly buried her face back in Sandy's cunt, and Sandy howled with pleasure as Cassie's skillful licking made her cunt gush juices, that Cassie was only too eager to lick up!

Switching positions again, Caroline strapped on the dildo and quickly slid it in, drawing a squeal of pleasure from Cassie, as Janet positioned herself on the chair, urging Cassie on!

"Lick my cunt, yeah, we knew you'd make a good lesbian, just needed to introduce you to what it's like! Now lick my cunt, suck my clit, and make me cum!" Janet urged.

Cassandra eagerly did so, licking and sucking Janet's steamy cunt, licking up all the hot juices that filled her tight opening. As she did this, Caroline gave Cassandra another slow, gentle fucking, bringing Cassandra's orgasm back up to speed, and she lifted her head momentarily to howl with pleasure as her orgasm exploded inside of her, than quickly lowered her head, and brought Janet to a noisy, gushing release!

One last round, as Sandy strapped on the dildo, and Elaine took her place on the chair, peeling apart her tight lips, letting Cassandra smell all the hot excitement that her cunt was churning with! Cassandra wasted no time in taking the plunge!

As Cassie's talented tongue worked over her steaming snatch, Elaine grunted, "Oh fuck yes, you are an excellent cunt lapper, lick my cunt you hot little bitch! Make me flood your face with my cum!"

As Cassandra did so, she felt her soaking cunt split open by the 12 inch pussy splitter. She squealed with pleasure as her cunt was now being enjoyably split open, the walls of her cunt taking the stretch, as it went in right to the hilt! She squealed with pleasure again as the dildo pierced her cervix, splitting open the tight neck! At Cassandra's urging, Sandy started to ram her with the dildo, giving her a hard, fast fucking, and reaching around Cassandra's hips, her right thumb and forefinger pinched Cassandra's clitoral erection and stroked it from base to tip. Cassandra started squealing with orgasmic pleasure, lifting her head momentarily to howl with pleasure as she went over the edge, crashing into another orgasm! As it spun through her, she returned her mouth to Elaine's cunt, and that was all it took!

"Yes, lick me you little sexy bitch, lick me, lick me, lick me, fuck, yes, yes, cumming yes, YES!!"

Elaine's shriek of orgasm filled the room as her cunt exploded, gushing wildly!Cassie was happily licking out all the hot, dewy excitement that Elaine's pulsing cunt could produce!

They released her from the restraints, and she was happy to join them in the
shower. The 4 owners washed her down from head to toe, making her body tingle with contentment. They shaved her pubic region, until Cassie was smooth and bald down there! Cassie found it a great turn on, she was eager for more, now that she had a taste of lesbian love, she wanted more! The owners were pleased, she has indeed had the qualities that would make her a great club member.

Back in the games room, on the large king sized bed, she lay back, and told the owners what to do!

"Lick my cunt, suck my tits, and sit on my face want you to cum all over my face!", she growled.

They were happy to do so, they had intended to continue the orgy, even if the potential member was still reluctant. That would not be the case here!

Caroline and Sandy took her tits, stroking, caressing, her nipples becoming pebbly stiff with excitement, they tugged gently and softly tweaked her throbbing nipples, their hot mouth covering her stiff nipples, bringing a moan of pleasure as Cassie could feel the sensations shooting straight to her cunt!

She spread her legs, brazenly displaying herself to the lustful stares! Her cunt was flared open, coral pink, steamy wet and inviting! Elaine eagerly got her face down there, and start to lick at all the hot, dewy excitement.

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   Cassandra moaned, god she loved to be eaten!

Janet squatted over her face, and Cassandra could see her rosy flesh, completely shaved bare, all swollen and glistening with juice. Seeing her bare pussy ready to be licked and pleasured fire Cassandra up, and the heat from Janet's pussy warmed her face. Now that the initiation was complete, she could make long, take her time love to the owners. She ran a finger along the long pink trail, feeling the juices from Janet's churning box coating her fingers, listening to her moan of pleasure as she pushed 2 fingers up Janet's fiery cunt. She brought her fingers to her lips and licked them clean, savoring the erotic taste, she wanted more! She wrapped her arms over Janet's hips, and pulled her down to her face. Her tongue rode along the long pink trail, and slipped into Janet's steaming pussy. She licked all over the gleaming flesh, her tongue licking up every drop of Janet's burning juices! Janet cradled her head gently in her hands, and gave her instructions on how best to please her. She cooed with pleasure as she felt Cassandra's tongue lapping at her tingling clit! Cassandra may be a novice at pussy lapping, but she was a natural!

"Oh yes, my sweet pussy licker, right there! Lick me there, make me cum, and I'll cum all over your sweet pretty face! Lick me baby, don't stop!"

Cassandra slid two fingers up her cunt, seeking out her g spot. Finding it, she started to finger polish the area, working her up to a g spot orgasm! Janet grunted, she could feel her cunt ready to squirt!

"Fuck yes, gonna cum all over your pretty face yes, yes, YES!"

Janet's cunt convulsed, and she felt the release of orgasm, as her pussy squirted all over Cassie's face, washing her down with a load of tasty juices! Cassandra's own cunt started to pulse, as Elaine worked over Cassie's throbbing cunt! She howled with pleasure as Elaine licked her to a frenzied orgasm, her body thrashing in the drip of her orgasmic release!

All the ladies took turns licking her cunt to a frenzied orgasm, sitting on her face until she licked them to orgasm, and sucking her tits. Cassandra loved having all 4 of them doing her at the same time, as she was being licked, two of the ladies would be sucking her tits, she would be licking one of them, finger fucking them, polishing their g spots, to bring them to squirting orgasms that would gush their juices all over her face.

They collapsed in a heap, momentarily spent.

Sandy asked Cassandra, "So, would you like to join the club as our newest lesbian member?"

"Yes, oh yes I would! That was the best sex I've ever had!"

"Excellent, as a club member, you will need to get the Venus tattoo, we can actually do that right now. We would also ask that you keep your pussy shaved bare and smooth, and don't be afraid to ask any of the members to get together for hot steamy sex. Since was are an all lesbian club, we encourage our members to interact, and enjoy the lesbian lifestyle with like minded females. "

An hour later, Cassandra was on her way home, her new tattoo placed right above her opening, it had stung a bit, but she enjoyed the sting.

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   She also enjoyed being a member of the club, and now that she had embraced a lesbian lifestyle, she intended to jump into it with a vengeance. She had already noticed 3 ladies eying her up appreciatively, and she was just as eager as they were to get to know each other much better!.

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