I made mom and sisters my website whores!Part 4


Mom was coming out of the dressing room so we quickly exchanged phone numbers. Mom said me, pretty girl. I replied, we just bumped into each other and started talking. We found out we had some things in common, so we probably will talk again later, she was busy right now. Mom kept on shopping and I went down the escalator. I told her I would meet her down stairs by the software store by the escalator. I wanted to go downstairs and be by the escalator so I could see up my mother’s skirt when she came down. I was not disappointed, mom was busy looking at her phone and did not notice me standing by the escalator on the first floor. I was looking up her skirt seeing all her sheer pink panties and garter belt. I was using my hidden mini-cam to record a video of mom as she was coming down the escalator. Her long legs and sexy underwear made her look hot. I zoomed in to see if I could get a very close shot of her panties on video.

I met mom downstairs and she asked me, did you find anything interesting? I replied, I sure did and we started walking to the parking lot. I pretended to forget something, and said, I will catch up with you and walked back. Mom started walking towards the SUV with her shopping bags. I started walking a few feet behind her.

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   I wanted to keep far enough so she would not immediately notice me. She opened the rear door and there was a lot of stuff that had to be moved so she could place her shopping bags. She leaned far in the SUV to move the stuff and as she was leaning the rear of her short skirt went up quite a bit. I could see her pink garter belt attached to the tops of her stockings. I already had my mini-cam in a zoom setting so I quickly put the mini-cam underneath her skirt so I could video up her skirt. Mom was so busy with her bags, she didn’t even notice me to my delight. This made my video recording a little longer. Finally, I said let me help you and I loaded the bags and we left for home.

When we got home, mom and I unloaded the car. I purposely stayed in the kitchen and Mom had bags in her hands and said she was going upstairs to put her stuff away. I let her walk out first and as she started to take her first step on the stairway, I quietly rushed with my mini-cam and started to video her until she got upstairs and turned into the hallway.

I went to my room and started viewing mom’s videos and can a guy get so lucky, the zoom feature was perfect. I got to see a real close-up of her pussy through her sheer pink panties coming down the escalator. I also got a really good close-up of her ass at the parking lot when mom was leaning in the SUV. Mom had on some super sexy tiny pink panties and her ass cheeks were hanging out because the panty material that is supposed to cover her ass cheeks was in the crack of her ass.

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   When I saw that ass up close, I came to the conclusion that I was going to take my 12-inch cock and drill that ass and nothing was going to stop me. I was going to fuck the hell out of that ass and share it with my friends. Mom was not aware yet, but she was soon going to be fucking a lot.

I started viewing Jordan’s videos and she was having a video conversation with her girlfriend. Her friend Gena told Jordan, I accidently saw my older brother’s dick and he is big. She asked Jordan if she ever saw her brother’s dick. Jordan replied, “yes”, he has a huge dick. I saw him sleeping one day and he must have been having some hot dream because he had a huge hard on and I saw it through leg of his gym shorts. His dick is so long that it was longer than his shorts. Hey Gena, I will tell you a secret, but you cannot tell no one or I will get in lots of trouble. Gena said, I won’t tell anyone, promise. Jordan says, well, I touched it and it was real hard. Gena said, you touched it? Yeah, it felt good, nobody knows, but I kissed it to, my brother tasted good. Gena said, I am going to kiss my brother’s dick when he is asleep and see how feels and tastes.

Gena asked Jordan if she already has had sex.

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   She replied “No”, she said she only saw porn on the internet. Jordan told Gena, she couldn’t believe the size of some black guy’s dicks. Jordan asked, how about you? Gena said, well, promise not tell?Jordan said, I promise. Steve fucked me in the limousine on prom night. It first hurt, but after the fourth time he fucked me in the limo, it felt real good. Steve’s parents were away on following weekend and he had a party in his basement. A lot of Steve’s friends were there from the high school on the north side. Steve took me to his room and we started making out. I don’t even know when Steve took my top off and started kissing my breasts, he got me so hot. He quickly raised my skirt and started sticking his tongue on my pussy. I had never had that done before, but it felt so good and got me so fucking hot. Steve quickly took my panties off and started fucking me. Four of his friends came in while Steve was fucking me and I was so hot as he was fucking me, I was moaning real loud. I really was getting in to being fucked fast and hard, so I said fuck me harder, harder.

I was so hot, I didn’t notice the other guys had taken their clothes off.

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   Steve started giving big thrusts and suddenly he blasted all his sperm in my pussy and it felt so good and hot. Steve was done and got up and I thought it was over. Suddenly two of the guys grabbed my ankles and raised my legs until my ankles were by shoulders. They held me tight and everybody took turns fucking me. I started crying at first, but after the 3rd guy fucked me, I loved it. Different guys came in and out of the room all night. Every guy at the party must have fucked me. Finally, about 3:00 AM the party was over and Steve and another friend came in and fucked me before I left. They told me before I left, I was now their group slut. I thought, hell no, but the truth is I loved getting group fucked, so I let Steve and his friends fuck me now. They fuck me almost every day. Jordan, mom is calling I have to go, later. Jordan, I have to go anyway, I need to go the mall.

I thought, WOW, so Gena is a little whore and it looks like my sister Jordan wants to be fucked, but doesn’t know how, maybe I can help. I started viewing mom’s video recordings after our shopping trip and she had gone to her room.

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