Janey needs some slaves and know how to get them



I have prepared my basement for the task to come. I made two beds with leg and arm restraints on each. There was a water line going to an old sink that was used a long time ago for when the room was used for canning fresh fruits and vegetables. Three of the walls were made of concrete block, and the fourth was framed out of wood with a solid door. A single light bulb was used to light the room that had been used for storage for years now. It was in the county, with nary a neighbor for miles.

Janey had taken all she could. She was so horny and with her homely looks, she was not about to get some good lovin. She finally said, enough is enough.


She had gone to a local flea market and was able to get all the items she thought she would need. Firstly she bought two cheap stun guns. At another booth she bought two pair of handcuffs. In a booth that an old lady was running, that did sewing's and knitting, she bought two blind folds for night sleeping. The horny ass bitch bought these things and already had many more pieces of torture already at home.


After taking inventory of all her goodies, she laid out her plan for her taking her finial step into the perverted lifestyle she had been able to keep herself from for so many horny years. She had decided that she wanted both male and female.

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   On a dark Friday night, she had gone to a local dance hall where there was always a lot of drinking and brawling. She waited in the dark parking lot with her stun guns for the right couple. A few single males and a couple of old people came out, but she let them go.


About midnight, two young people staggered out. A tall, slim guy, and a girl that didn't look to be much over 15, and she was crocked also. It was apparent that this guy was lookin to get laid that night.


Janey walked forward with a hat pulled down over her face and shot the guy in the middle of his chest and he went down. The young girl gave a light yell as her friend hit the ground, but she was going down herself after the other gun got her in the ass.

Janey moved fast to get both bodies into her mini van. She used the hand cuffs after getting them in the van, and also put the blind fold around their heads.

As she drove back to her place, her heart was beating out of her chest. It was not to late. She could drive down an ally and kick the two prisoners out (they couldn't identify her) and drive on safely, for the rest of her life. No she was to far gone. She needed sex.

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   She tried to slow her breathing down and get hold of herself, and try to think more clearly. She thought "fuck it, if she didn't do it now, she would never do it". She shoved down on gas peddle, and headed home.

When she got home she took each prisoner, one at a time down to her basement. She held a dull knife, with pressure, to each of their throats, telling them if they gave her any trouble, she would cut their throat. The threat was enough to keep them in line. She got each of her victims on the bed and shackled their hands and feet to the bed. She sat back and gave a sigh of relief. She had actually done it. She had a male and a female. She could do anything she wanted, and she had many, many perversion in mind.

As she took her scissors and proceeded to cut their clothes off to make them both naked, she wondered what Teri would do now.

What would you do Teri ???? Teri is an old lesbian friend that I so much love to eat while she eats me. The only trouble is she lives so far away. We get together about once a year.

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Well I'm not sure what you would do, but I am going to look at that pussy, and I don't know if I should wish for a hairy one (you know I like hair) or one that is close shaven. If it is shaven, that means that she is very sexually active. I don't know what to hope for.

When I cut his pants off, I am hoping for a large cock. I know I want to suck it until he can't cum anymore. I practice deep-throating cocks with my dildos, and I know I can get 9 inches down (that is the length of my largest dildo), so I am hoping for at least 9 in. I am going to suck his cum from his cock and spit some of it in his mouth, and he had better not give me any hesitation. I have a cane that I know will leave red, bloody marks on what ever I hit, and I know I will be leaving marks before I let these two go.

As I go about cutting the cloths off the two detainees, they start talking to each other. As the clothes come off the girl, she is starting to scream, asking what I am going to do. I can see that I should have bought some ball gags, but I didn't. I think I know where there is some duct tape, I do. Just a short piece for each of them and there is no more talking. I see that she has some very silky hair on her pussy. Very dark and sparse.

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   I like it, hell I love it.


I go to her and gently run my hand ever so slightly over her breast. She is trying to move but the restraints are holding her. She is trying to yell, but with the tape over her mouth, all that comes out are moans. Her nipples are getting hard. She has very small breast, but the nipples are very dark and are beginning to protrude much farther than mine do. As I flick them with my finger, they bounce back and forth, and her sounds are beginning to sound differently. It is all I can do to keep from lowering my mouth and take them between my lips, but I refrain.

As I gently rub her nipples, my other hand goes to her hairy pubes. I just touch the hair, not the skin. It is so fine and soft. I know she can feel the hair being moved. She squirms just a little. I start to pinch just a little on her nipples as I start to put pressure on her sweet pussy. As she is squirming, it allows my finger to go between her pussy lips, and there is a little wetness.


   I didn't think her tits could get any bigger or harder, but I was wrong. I know she is wanting my finger to rub her clit harder or go inside. I don't know which. I finally squeeze real hard on the nipple and she raises her body off the bed. I first rub her clit but there is no change. I next insert 2 fingers as deep as I can and there is a scream that anyone know is a climax.


I take my fingers and put them in my mouth and suck as hard as I can. It taste like nothing I have ever tasted. I try not to make sounds so they would not know I am getting aroused by the taste of pussy juice, but you know me. I loved it. I don't know what to do next. Do I suck on that pussy like I have wanted to since I first saw it, or do I go to the man. ????? I don't know.


I have to taste some pussy. I spread her legs to get a mouth full, but she resists.

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   I take the finger that was dry (that played with her tit) and rammed it up her ass hole and told her to spread her legs. She squirmed and tried to show the pain she was receiving, but she spread her legs.


I went to her juicy lips and slowly slid my tongue up from the dripping hole to her hard clit. She did not resist. I lapped and sucked all the juice and flavor I could. I was putting my fingers in her and getting them wet, and then I slid one finger up her sore ass hole. She moved a little but didn't try to let me know she didn't want it. She was doing some bucking up and down as I was running my tongue now from her ass hole to her clit. Her ass did have a musky smell and taste, but it was new to me so I had to have all of it that I could. She was about to cum, and I was in heaven. Sweet pussy juice, young sweet pussy juice, and all I could suck out of her. As she came, and I had all out of her the I could get. I stuck the finger that I had up her ass in my mouth. OH, I loved it.


She settled down, but I could hear the man trying to talk.

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   I had not come yet and I didn't know how I was going to do it. Man or girl????

I went to him and grabbed his cock. Almost immediately, it was hard. It was nowhere as big as Max, but I guessed about 7 inches. I felt his ball sack and tried a little smell. Not bad, but they had a little sweat on them. I thought this was for latter. I finally ran my tongue over his cock. He was now moaning. I quickly slid the whole thing in my mouth and started sucking. It went in as easy as my dildo did. All the way out, then all the way in. I had practiced breathing when I had 9 inches down my throat, and I could hold him all the way in forever. I started to hum with him down my throat. I had read about this someplace and thought I would try it.

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   Deep in my throat, sucking, and humming, he was trying to move about. I heard the sound that I though meant he was about to cum. I had never tasted man cum, so I couldn't wait. Here it is. It is filling my mouth. I squish it around trying to get all the taste that I can. It is sliding down my throat, and I have my tongue coated. I am slowly still going up and down on his cock, trying to get the cum everywhere. His dick is deflating. I still have a lot of cum in my mouth so I decide this is the time to see which way these games are going to go. I went up to his mouth, pulled the tape loose, and gave him a big kiss while letting the cum oz into his mouth. He started spitting and started cussing. He called me a bitch. That was the wrong thing to do.

Another short piece of tape and he is again not talking.

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   I had my cane, and I came down hard across his thighs, not once or twice, but three times. I could see the welts, and he was thrashing about like he was dieing. “You shouldn’t call me bitch. ”

I went to the girl and pulled the tape from her mouth and gave her a gentle kiss. She hesitated, but took my tongue and all the cum, and acted like she wanted more. I received the most gentle and longing kiss. I was in heaven.


Was this how I was going to cum ???

I quietly lifted my leg up and over her head. I slowly lowered my snatch to her lips. She spit and turned her head sideways. I brought the cane down over her bare clit, not to hard, but enough to get her attention. I said “lick it now”. She did, and I came right then. I was so worked up. I don’t know if she get sprayed or not, but I came good.

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As all three of us had recently came, and we were all naked, I was feeling great. Why had I not done this earlier. I have had these two love slaves strapped to the beds for about a hour, and already we have all had a good cum. What do I do next ?? I have degraded Brad to the point that he may do anything I tell him to, and Ann, after getting the cane lightly across the clit seemed to be coming under my control and commands.

I have missed my dog after having to get rid of him, and I thoroughly enjoyed sex with him, so I was thinking of how these two could replace Max. Max could lick me so deep that it almost felt like a dildo in my box. I wondered how far Ann or Brad could go up my slit.

Nether of them had a gag on now, so I told them that what they did from now on would determine whether they would have anything to eat or drink while they were under my control. I told them that I would be asking questions, and if I thought they were not being truthful, they would feel the cane again. I told them we would be having a lot of great sex.

Ann, tell me what you like about sex, and what you like to do. She said that she had only had sex with a boy 3 times, and she liked it when he was deep inside her. "Do you play with yourself with your fingers or with toys?" She said she likes to rub between her legs, and puts her hair brush inside her. "Ann, you look young, how old are you?" She paused, but finally said she was 14.

"14, how the hell did you get in a bar and allow this guy to pick you up?" She said she snuck in and only had one beer, but she felt very drunk after drinking it.



"Brad, did you put something in her drink?" His answer was "no". The cane again came down across his thigh. He now shouted his answer, and it had changed to "yes". "Mother fuck that hurt. " Swish, down it came again. "Don't say anything I don't like". Ann dear, you will get to repay him for what he has done, real soon. Ann, did you enjoy licking my pussy earlier? She said she did. It was the first pussy she had tasted, besides hers. Have you ever tasted man cum? Again she paused. Yes. I ask her to tell me of the experience. Again she paused. I told her to tell me. She said her dad had made her suck his dick all the time, and she didn't like it.

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   One of the reasons she went to the bar was to see what was normal. She wanted to know if all girls sucked dick. I asked her if her dad fucked her. She said no, all he wanted was for her to put his dick in her mouth and suck on it. He did this almost every day after she got home from school. I asked how old she was when he first started. About 10, right after mom died. Did he make you swallow his cum? No, I could spit it in a towel. If you have been sucking cock that often, for 4 years, you must me getting good at it. She said her dad was happy. Do you think you will like to lick my pussy? I will try.


Brad, do you eat pussy. Yes, all men eat pussy. I asked Ann if her dad licked her pussy to make her cum, and she said "no". Brad, how far up my pussy do you think you can get your tongue???? I am getting excited.

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   If he is any good at eating pussy, and Ann is willing to try, I will be in heaven.


Who wants to go first? Brad said he would. I went to his bed and got on my knees with my pussy just inches from his face. I was straddling his chest as I grabbed him by the hair and pulled him to my cunt. Lick it good and go in deep. He started and he was good. . He was not able to go in as far as Max could, but he could suck. I was not use to having my clit sucked. This was great. I don't know if it was the situation, or him being good, or just me being so fucking horny. It didn't take long for me to have a mind altering orgasm. (I may have pulled some of his hair out)


Ann, Brad did a great job sucking and licking my pussy. Do you think you can do better????? She said she didn't know. I told them that who ever did the best job pleasing me would get food and water tonight.

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   Ann, are you ready?? She said she was. To make it even, I straddled her chest just like I did Brad. As I pulled her head to my cunt, I asked her if she could taste the cum from when Brad made me cum. She nodded her head yes. Ann, you have to put your tongue in deeper, suck harder. It was evident that she didn't have the skill or practice Brad had. I reached behind me and started playing with her slit. As I rubbed her clit, she got a little more enthusiastic with her tongue. This girl had been sucking cock for 4 years, so I knew she would be a quick learner. I looked over at Brad and I could see my cum drying on his face. I knew Ann would have a wet face also. I let out a little whimper as I dropped her head, got up and lay my body on top of hers. My tits were rubbing hers, I pushed my pussy mound to hers and rotated in circles, as my mouth sought out hers. She seemed so welcome to my lips and tongue. Another thing max was not able to do.

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   She sucked my tongue into her mouth, and I could taste all the cum and spit. I sucked to try to get my own cum, mixed with her saliva, to experience a thrill and taste that was new to me. As I keep grinding my mound into hers, I was close to cumming. I jumped up and straddled her again, and as I pulled her head to me, and she began sucking, I had another giant climax.


This was great. Ann was withering on her bed with a dripping pussy, and Brad was on his bed with a hard cock. I had lost count of how many times I have cummed. What to do next ??? Brads cock looked pretty damn good and I have never had man cock. I rested a few minutes to regain my breath, and went to Brad. I whispered in his ear. “Are you ready for another round?” “Yes, yes. ” I told him he would refer to me as mistress, from now on. Yes mistress.


This time I got on him in the 69 position and lowered my cunt to his mouth. I grabbed his cock and told him he had better make it good.


   I moved forward to put my ass hole over his mouth. I wanted to know what an ass hole tongue lashing felt like. I told him to put his tongue up my ass as far as it would go. I grabbed his ball sack, squeezed real tight, and jerked. His cry was muffled by my ass cheeks. His cock shrank to a mere nothing. “Go deep you good for nothing. ” He was in pain, but that tongue went deeper. It was feeling good. I keep moving my body, so he could go from my ass to my puss. I was getting hot. I grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth. I enjoyed it. It came back to full size. As his cock got harder, his sucking on my pussy and ass hole became more enthusiastic.

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   I thought, fuck it. I have never had a man cock, so I raised up, turned around and lower my self on his cock. It felt good. It has been months since I had Max's cock, and this was not the same as a dildo. As I slowly moved up and down on his cock I thought, fuck, I didn't think of this. I could get pregnant. I never had to worry about Max, but I didn't think this out.


I had planned this abduction to coincide with me not being on my period, so I don't think I am fertile now. It should be another week. It felt so different getting a slow fuck from a man. Max always went so fast that it didn't last long. I like slow and easy. I reached around and grabbed his balls again. They had shrunk, and was much more firm. As I squeezed gently, he moaned and shoved upward.

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   I felt his sperm going inside me. It was not near as hot as Max's, and not near the force, but it was enough to make me cum. Not a high rising, mind bending, go for the greatest climax, but a slow gental, long lasting climax. It went on and on, until I collapsed on his chest. I felt his cock shriveling, and his cum starting to seep out. Even tho I liked his performance, I still had to show his who was boss. I slid up to his head, grabbed his hair, and told him to suck all his cum out of me. He hesitated, but started to suck and lick. He coughed once and almost gagged, but he did the dirty.

I was just about cummed out. It was almost 3 am and I was tired. I went and fixed them a sandwich, and got them a soda. I had to feed them, because I wasn't about to unshackle them. They were not in my control yet.

You want more, tell me Janey1113@att.

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