Just being friends part-three


Dan has me turn around, putting my hands on the bed. He steps up behind me, and the next thing I feel his firm male organ pressing up against my butt hole. The comdom is lubricated, allowing his boner to push in. I feel him enter me and I gasp just a little under my breath. He's quite gentle so it doesn't hurt. I hear him sigh and then I feel his boner begin to slip back and forth through my tight opening, his hands are on my hips, holding me and balancing himself. The sensation is exciting me. I feel my own boner aching. I'm, enthralled by the thought of his boner actually fucking me like this, that I'm actually going all the way with another guy. I have never experienced anything like this. It feels so masculine. So completely all-masculine!
Dan was right about it just taking him a minute.
While he's fucking me, he reaches around and starts to jerk my boner.
Suddenly he's grunting. I can tell that he's coming.
He standing there with his erect manhood shoved into me as far as he can get it to go, grunting, and doing these little inward thrust.

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   In that moment I ejaculate. My semen shoots out. It's so unbelievably intense. I gasp.
In the next moment it's all over for both of his.
Dan withdraws, slipping off the rubber. He's grinning at me, and I'm grinning at him. We just shared this really personal, sexual moment together and it feels so great! We take some tissues to clean up with, admit how good that felt, and then we go back into the kitchen to have a much needed drink of lemonade before we get dressed. Later, after I leave his house, the whole thing with Dan has this sort of surreal feeling about it, and I can hardly believe that I actually did that with another guy. That night I guess that I sort of feel guilty about enjoying that private pleasure with another guy, and all through dinner I'm just glad that my mother and father don't know. I can imagine what they would say about that, and naturally assume that I was gay. It was nothing like that, however. It was just two guys having a good moment together.
A couple of days pass, and I finally make up my mind to go by and see Dan again. Just casually.

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   Dan is happy to see me, and there's this really neat feeling of friendship between the two of us that we both like. I shyly tell him again how I had never done anything like that with another guy, and I also admit that I did enjoy it. Dan tells me that I'm glad, and says that anytime I feel like it, to just feel free.
Well, as we got talking, we decided that maybe right then would be opportune.
So there I am again, naked and having a fabulous boner with Dan and loving every moment of it! Suffice to say, Dan and I spent as lot of happy days together that summer, and I don't regret a single moment!.

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