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Mary woke up frustrated after yet another romantic eveningfell short of her expectations. Her husband was once a stud until recent years. Greg was average sized, but knew how to make Mary squeal. Unfortunately soundssuch as those haven’t come from their bedroom in several months.

It was late morning. Greg had already left for work leavingMary to sleep in for a change. She wokeup to the sound of the television Greg had forgot to turn off before heading towork. She glanced up at the screen playing an infomercial for a professionalhome gym. Not that she saw past the handsome shirtless bodybuilder standing bythe equipment. His broad muscular shoulders, smooth heaving chest and chiseledabs glistened with sweat as he posed like a work of art. Mary no longerwondered what fed the erotic dream she was torn from. It wasn’t much surpriseto discover the growing wet spot on sheet between her thighs.

She continued to watchand began to fantasize laying in bed by herself. She stared into hisheaving chest as he worked out on the screen. She fell into a trance as shestared into his chest watchinghisrippling pecks and biceps as heflexedfor the camera.

A finger slid easily into her dripping pussy.

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   Mary bit herbottom lip as she gently rubbed her swollen clit. Just as the excitement beganto build between her legs Mary ‘s dream lover was replaced on screen by theplain looking operator giving a sales pitch. She pulled her finger from herpussy falling back into the disappointment that carried over from last night. She threw the covers off of her in frustration knocking the remote off the bed. As it bouncd across the floor switching the tv to the HD channel. She was awestruck. Having never seen such a body in person, the sight of this glisteningmuscle bound man was astonishing.

The camera panned across his body as he laid down across theincline bench. His abs clenched in unison pulling his torso upright touchinghis chest to his knees. Her jaw dropped in awe as she admired every ridge andcurve of his physique. A bead of sweat slid down his neck to his chest beforerolling past his perk nipple dripping down onto his abs. Without a secondthought Mary's finger made its way back into her pussy rubbing her clitvigorously. Her mind raced with wildsexual thoughts as she masturbated to his workout.

Mary was closer than ever to making her soaked pussy cum. Her eyes treasured every secondas shecontinued to watch her fantasy hunk flex and pose on the screen.

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   By now he hadworked up a healthy sweat. Small shimmering beads build up down his chest andneck drawing emphasis to his chiseled body. Mary dreamt of being beneath him ashe pounded away ate her neglected pussy. He whipped his large heavy hand acrosshis chest triggering a stream of sweat to cascade down his washboard stomach,past his naval,following the"V" shaped ridge of his perfectly shaped public muscle down into hisshorts.

Her fingers worked in and out of her aching pussy bringingher to the edge of a well deserved orgasm. Her hips rose off the bed as hertension in her loins became unbearable.

"Oh my god! I'm going to cum!" she moaned to hersecret lover. Her pussy spasmed on par with a moderate sized earthquake. Teetering on the brink of the most intense orgasm she's had in months she isonce again torn back from her fantasy world by an ear piercing siren.

In utter frustration she storms out of her bedroom and downthe stairs still naked and leaking between her thighs. She walks into thekitchen to discover smoke pouring from the toaster. Greg had put in toast andleft for work.

After taking care of Greg’s left behind toast Mary went tothe fridge to make some breakfast for herself. Finding an almost empty milk jug and one cracked egg left in the cartondidn’t faze her at this point. “Off to the store!” she thought to herselfheading back upstairs to get dressed.

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   She slid on a short black skirt thathugged her shapely bubble butt and healthy thighs, put on a bra and grabbed thefirst shirt she saw on top of the laundry basket and headed downstairs. Shepulled the white shirt on over her head and looked down into a sea of her owncleavage. As preoccupied her mind has been all morning she still realized her“going out” push up bra paired with a snug low cut top wasn’t the look shewanted for a trip to Wal-Mart.

“Screw it. It’s 10:45 in the morning, the place will beempty. ” She figured, grabbed her purse and walked out the door.

Mary collected the eggs, bacon, milk and orange juice forher breakfast. Just as she thought, there weren’t many other customers shoppingthat morning. She did however find herself in the same aisle as another shoppera few too many times to be coincidence. Mary caught the young black man lookher up and down 3 or 4 times and once even licking his lips! She was flatteredbut didn’t pay him any mind as he appeared too young for her.

Mary found her way into an open checkout lane and began toplace her items on the conveyer belt. As the cashier rang up her groceries heryoung black admirer lined up behind her. Thinking it would be fun to tease theboy, Mary leaned forward over her shopping cart poking her ass out behind her. Her hips swayed back and forth as she slowly walked through the checkout lane. She peaked over her shoulder to see if he had taken notice.

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   Sure enough hiseyes were glued to her. She took it a step further by reaching for the groceryseparator, slowly running her fingers the length of the bar before placing itbehind her items.

“Thanks” He said in a deep smooth voice.

“Don’t mention it Hun. ” She replied, smiling coyly. Takingthe chance to give him a second look she noticed a bulge in his pants thatwasn’t there before.

“Maybe he isn’t as young as I thought he was. ” She said toherself.

“That will be $23. 54. ” said the cashier interrupting Maryfrom her stare. She handed the cashier her credit card and turned back to lookover the magazine covers when something on the conveyer belt drew herattention. Her eyes focused on a 12 pack box of Trojan Magnum XL condoms. Herjaw dropped letting out a faint gasp.


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  ” The man cleared his throat to get her attention andasked “What did you say your name was?”

She looked up at him and said “Are those meant for any onespecial?” while biting her bottom lip.

“Nah, I’m just stocking up. ” He replied.

“Here is your receipt ma’am. ” The cashier said while handingMary the receipt.

“One sec. ” she said to the man reaching into her purse tograb a pen to quickly scribble a note on the slip of paper. “Reserve one forme?” she asked, handing him the note.

Before he could reply she grabbed her bags and hurried backto her car.

Mary pulls out her phone to see read the new message as shepulled up her driveway.

"When can I hit that ass?" it read, making herpussy drip.

"I'll be home alone until 4pm. don’t make mewait!" she replied exited as could be.

Mary carried her groceries inside and began to put them awaywhen she heard a loud knock on the door. She closed the fridge and hurried down thehallway to see who was at the door.

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   The doorbell rang just before she peakedthrough the tall narrow window that ran the length of the door. She tapped onthe glass to get his attention and motioned for him to come to around to theside door. Even though Greg wasn’t home, Mary didn’t want the neighbors to seea strange black man entering her home. She saw the huge bulge in his pants as he turned before walking aroundto the side of the house.

Mary raced back down the hallway, through the kitchen andlaundry room to let him in. She pulled the door open just as he reached the topof the steps.

“I didn’t expect to see you again so soon. ” Mary said as shereached down and cupped the bulge in his crotch.

“I don’t usually get slipped notes from strange womenbegging for my dick, so I couldn’t pass that up” He replied as her hand rubbedthe length of his cock through his pants.

Mary pulled the door shut with herfree hand before dropping down to her knees in front of her aroused guest. Sheunzipped his fly, reached into his jeans and wrapped her hand around his shaft. He struggled with the button on his pants for a minute before finally tearingit off and dropping his jeans fall to the floor. Mary slid her fingers in tohis waistband and pulled his boxers down. His thick heavy dick sprang out andlanded on her forehead with a thud. Being struck in the face by such a massiverod drove her wild.

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“Holy shit dude! You’re fucking huge!” she exclaimed beforetaking his enormous dick in her and guiding it towards her mouth. Mary openedher mouth wide as the head of his cock brushed past her lips and poked the backof her throat. She held his long hard cock with both hands, wrapped her lipsaround his shaft and worked his cock in and out of her mouth. The young manleaned back against the door as Mary knelt between his legs working his cockdeeper down her throat.

“Damn girl, Suck that dick!” he moaned as his dick slid inand out of Mary’s mouth. She looked upat him while her hands stroked the length of his cock, her mouth slurping onthe head of his cock. He moaned again giving Mary the encouragement she had beenseeking. She began tobob her head upand downon his dick twisting her headin a spiral pattern as his dick slid in and out of her mouth. Her hands twistedaround his shaft as she stroked his dick in motion with her head sliding up anddown his rod.

“Oh fuck girl!” he moaned as she sucked and stroked himfaster and faster. She held her breath before taking his dick deep down herthroat until his shaft was too thick to continue. The young man’s dick started to throb in hermouth leaking a steady stream of pre cum.

‘Mmmm” She moaned before pulling her head away from hiscock. A drop of pre cum spilled from hermouth landing between her milky white tits. Without hesitating she reached downand pulled her shirt over her head revealing her hard rosy nipples.

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   The manlooked down to see his pre cum dripping down on to her tits. Mary used herforearm to lift up her tits and squeeze then together around the shaft of theyoung man’scock. He began to pump hiships sliding his dick between her tits. She lowered her head down to her chest,opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out licking the tip of his cock as hepushed his dick between her tits.

“Fuck yes!” he screamed grabbing Mary’s head with both handsdriving his dick deep into her throat. Mary grabbed his thighsto brace herself as her guest continued tofuck her throat harder and deeper. She felt his cock swell as if it were aballoon while he rammed the head of his cock as deep into her throat as hecould. Mary relaxed her esophagus allowing his entire dick to slide down herthroat. She felt his cock throbbing deep in her throat while she gulped andswallowed tightening her esophagus around his cock.

“Oh fuck I’m gonnacum!” he cried clenching her head tight and ramming his dick down her throat. His balls tightenedbefore she couldreact spraying a thick stream of cum down the back of her throat.

“Mmmm” she moaned as her guest pumped his load into hermouth forcing her to swallow a mouthful of jizz. His cock pulsed again pumpinganother shot of cum into her mouth before retiring. Mary slowly pulled his massive sticky cockfrom her mouth leaving a string of cumclinging to her lips. She swallowed another mouthful of his hot creamygoo before sucking the last few drops from the tip of his cock.

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“ God damn I love sucking that big black dick!” she lickedher lips looking up at him. As he looked down at her face he saw that a wad hiscum had dripped down her chest and landed on her inner thigh. Before she knewit his dick grew harder than before bobbing in front of her face.

"So you gonna let me fuck?" the man asked.

"Sorry dude, I'm married. " Mary replied bring moreconfusion to his face. "Look, I'll suck that amazing cock of yoursanytime, but I can't let another man fuck me. " She explained as she wrappedher hand around the shaft of his cock.


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