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Hi my name's Aaron this is the true story of when I had gay sex for the first time. Im 19, im muscular but not super defined i have red hair and green eyes, really pale skin pretty much your everyday irish guy. His name is Sean he was 19 at the time and i was 17 and i was (and still am) madly in love with him but he didnt know it. He is skinny but really defined, white with blue eyes brown hair and the cutest face ever, he also has a few tattoo's and a perfect smile.

I was pretty sure he was bisexual and so was I. So anyways in the summer he invited me to his freinds party and we both got pretty drunk. At the party we had an in depth conversation about how he doesnt wear underwear and i wear trunks, which got me pretty hot and bothered especially because i could see the shape of his dick down his pant leg. After the party we walked to his house where we were going to spend the night and i was very happy to find out that his family was out of town.

When we got to his house he showed me into his brother room where i could spend the night but it smelt like paint fumes because they were in the middle of painting it so i said id be fine on his bedroom floor. We tried to find something soft for me to sleep on but ended up just sharing his bed. We were both shirtless wearing black sweats and my heart was pounding out of my chest because I had dreamed of this moment hundreds of times.

I couldnt sleep because of my nervousness so after about an hour I rolled over and put my arm around his waist and spooned him. 5 minutes or so later he got up without saying a word and left. I waited for a few minutes and i got up and went to the kitchen where he was on the other side of the counter having a glass of water.

I explain how i couldnt sleep but i didnt mention the spooning -hoping that it would be forgotten. we stood there staring at each other for a while and he finally said "were you planning on finishing what you started?"
i asked "what do you mean" still pretending that nothing happened.

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   Then he said "you gave me a huge boner when you hugged me so i had to leave because i was embarassed" I turned red and tried to think of something to say but he stepped out from behind the counter and i could see the distinct shape of his massive dick cradled in his tight colorful undies streching out from his sagging baggy sweats. "see?"

I stood in shock for a minute and just stared at his sexy body and huge package. Instead of answering his question i just walked up to him and kissed him quickly on the lips. He kissed me back but much longer and we were soon making out and feeling each other up. I put my hands down the back of his sweats and gripped his cute butt and pulled him up against me. I felt his package through his sweats and I began tugging on the waist of his underwear, he helped me pull his sweats and undies down around his ankles while our lips remained locked and i could feel his huge cock pressing against me.

I kissed his sexy body slowly as i made my way down untill i saw his dick for the first time and it was pointed straight at my face. It was as big as i had anticipated (i measured later and found out it was 9. 3") and i looked up his lean body and saw him with a huge grin on his face. I gripped it with my right hand and licked the tip, i could taste his precum and it was salty and gooey. I finally started sucking it and he moaned and put his hand on the back of my head. I sucked and licked for about 10 minutes before he tugged on my arms to bring me back up and he kissed me again. He pulled up his pants and took me to his "play room" where his xbox and stuff was.

I sat on the couch and he pulled down my pants and giggled and said he liked my bright red pubes. He kneeled on the floor and started sucking my dick right away.

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   He was really good at it and I was loving it. He used his tounge alot and tickled my head with his teeth a little and after a while he looked up at me and said "I want to fuck you so bad" i said "ive never gotten fucked before" and he said "thats ok ill be careful" so he got some lube and condoms.

He bent me over the pool table and started licking my asshole and it felt sooo good he stopped and grabbed the lube and condom and a few seconds later i felt the cold lube being rubbed on my asshole by his fingers and next i felt the head of his dick poking gently on my hole. rubbing up and down and eventually his long shaft sliding up and down my crack. It felt amazing and soon I said "alright now i really want your cock"he laughed and said ok and soon his head was pressing harder and harder against my tight butthole.

His fat dick popped into my ass and it hurt ALOTi said "oh shit stop stop stop!" he did and the pain went away and he began poking and rubbing his dick on my butt again. I told him to try it again and this time it went in easier and it didnt hurt. He slide the whole thing deep inside me slowly and then slowly out. It was so hard and slippery and warm and throbbing. He did this a few time before i said "oh yeah fuck me sean" and he started to speed up. Soon he was pounding my ass so hard and deep it made a slapping sound and we were both moaning loudly and he said things like "your ass is so tight" he suddenly stopped and moaning "oh fuck im cumming" and i felt gobs and gobs of cum squirting out of his dick all over my ass and lower back.

After he wiped me off he said "will you fuck me with no condom?" and i said "isnt that super dangerous?" and he said "no i just did it to you" At first i was super pissed off but then i was ok with it since he assured me he didnt have any STD's so i agreed and i lifted him up on the pool table and pushed him on his back. I started licking his ass and i could taste the sweat he had after giving me such an excellent pounding. I grabbed the lube and did as he did to me until i was ready and slowly guided my 8 inch cock into his ass.

It was so tight and he threw his head back and let out a loud moan i fucked him slowly pulling completely out a few times and poking back in and then he said "yeah plow me aaron" and i gripped his hips nad started ramming my cock in hard and fast.


   his ass was so tight and wet. He was yelling and moaning "oh yeah" "oh fuck yes" and it wasnt long untill i stuffed my dick as deep as i could and let go of a huge load of cum right in his ass.

I pulled out and he sat up and we kissed deeply and put our underwear on and went to his bed where we slept and spooned naked all night. In the morning he woke me up with his rock hard cock poking at my bum and we had another good hard fuck in his bed. This time i was flat on my stomach and he was behind me and we followed with him sideways and me straddling one of his legs. We showered together and i got ready to leave and he said "ive got lots more to teach you" so for the rest of the summer we had sex 3 or 4 times a week. .

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