Marc and Miguel III


"Uh. . . " I grunted, suddenly feeling Miguel's maleness in me, filling me in a way that I had never experienced before.
I gave myself a moment to get use to this. Then I slowly brought my self up, stopped, and sank back down, once more feeling Miguel's erect penis sliding up into me as deep as it would go. I repeated the motion, only doing so with more confidence, and liking the sensation of feeling my tight opening being stretched like that, of his thickness sliding back and forth through my sensitive hole, and how his male shape felt all the way inside of me. It was fantastic. I began to go steadily up and down, enthralled to be fucking my best friend's erect penis. At the same time, enduring how tortuously rigid this making my own boner. The head was now a shiny smooth shade of deep purple-crimson.
"Oh. . . jeez. .

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  . " I said breathlessly.
Miguel put his hands on my knees and laid there, letting me do this to him. Liking how it felt to have his sexual length purposefully in me.
"Yeah. . . yeah. . . " he panted.
I kept going. I felt safe with Miguel, fucking his bare dick like this, not concerned about the lack of a rubber. If anything, wanting our love making to be entirely natural.
Again and again his large boner slid in and out of my butt.

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I looked down at him. His eyes were squeezed shut now, and I could see the look of intense pleasure on his face. I loved it. I loved what we were doing. I loved my ability to be fucking him like this as he fucked me. It was just such a complete masculine thing to be doing. I could just imagine what our fathers would say if they knew or ever found out. Yet, our loving making was entirely unashamed, but genuine, and what we wanted to be doing. What we had wanted to do all along in our friendship. Only when you're fifteen, and you haven't even done it with a girl, it's difficult to think that you might like doing it with another boy. Not to be gay, but just as friends. To enjoy that physical male-pleasure with another boy.
It was wild how absolute stiff my boner was, curving hugely up, bounding slightly with my efforts.
"Oh, this feels so good. .

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  . " I said.
Miguel moaned a little, and moaned again.
I could feel him tensing beneath me.
In the next moment he was ejaculating.
"Oh! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" I said as I felt him doing that in me. The thought that he was squirting his sperm-filled semen into me was shockingly exciting. Suddenly I was ejaculating too, my boner squirting uncontrollably, with my creamy liquid shooting wildly out. Some of it went on his chest and across his dark nipples in long streams, the rest onto his smooth stomach. It just seemed to go on and on forever.
Then it was finally over for both of us.
We sighed and sat there recovering.
Finally we smiled at one another.
What we had just done seemed so unbelievable. We had just fucked and loved each other and it was such a great way to express our friendship.

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   Right then we both knew that we had no desire to hold back in our feelings. That we could be sexually intimate in our relationship, and enjoy and rejoice in that. Right then, we both knew why so many straight friends had gay feelings, and could use the male-female reproductive act to be as close as they could be.
In these precious moments, I wanted to be gay with Miguel, and he wanted to be gay with me.
No, there was nothing wrong with that. .

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