Meeting number 2: New Jersey Part 1


Well, after our first meeting in Alaska our relationship was much better. We had actually seen eachother instead of relying on pictures to enable us to see what the other looked like. Now it's been 1 year since then, I am 19, still a 40 D and 5'2 and still in New Jersey. He's now 25 but still has a beautiful 8 inch cock and in Alaska.

With Cordell in Alaska and me in NJ it makes it a bit hard, but we still make do with pictures, and the newest thing, video chat. But since my mother doesn't know about him, I have privacy issues, so we can't do video as much as we'd like.

On tuesday of last week I get a call from him at 3AM my time ( 11AM his time )

"Hey sexy!" Cordell said as I answered the phone ( he always called me sexy when we talked ) 

"Hey sexy to you too!" I said. "What's up?"

"Oh nothing much", he said in a normal voice.

"Oh. Get a. . . . " As I was about to say something he started to talk.

"Just that. .

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  . Im coming to see you in a week!!!" He exclaimed. He couldn't hold in his excitement and had to tell me.

"You are!! Yay!!" I was sooo happy, I had missed him so much.

"Yeah baby =) you still living at home?" He asked.

"Yeah. But don't worry, I can get a hotel no problem. " I had been wanting to move out for awhile, but I don't have the funds.

"Don't worry about it, already booked one. " He sounded quite eager and excited about that.

We started talking for a bit more, when I heard my mom wake up and start coming downstairs ( she lived in the attic ) I told him I had to go quickly and that we could continue our conversation on MSN.

At this point it was almost 5AM and I had to get up the next morning to get to my english 101 class at 10AM. So we ended our chat for the night and said goodbye.  

But I couldn't sleep. I was too happy that he was coming to see me.

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   I finally had fallen asleep at 7AM, and got up 2 hours later to get to class.

This week couldn't go by any faster. We talked every night till 5AM about this and that. I had told my mom that me and a few friends decided to take a spontaneous trip to the shore and so I would be gone for a few days. She said okay and to be safe. Little did she know I was going to have the time of my life, again.

Tuesday of the following week finally came. With my car packed and ready to go, like I was going to the shore, I left my house to meet him at the hotel. It was a Marriot, which around my area, there's only one so it wasn't that hard to find.

When I arived he was there waiting for me again. I walked up to him and gave him a kiss amd just hugged him. It had been a year since we last met in person so I just wanted to hold him tight.

I let go and together, hand in hand, we walked into the hotel and checked in. He had booked a room for two with a balconey looking over the town. As we stepped in, I noticed that there was something on the bed.

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   As I walked over I noticed it was a jewlery box.

He said for me to turn around and when I did he put something around my neck. I looked down and it was a silver heart and chain with our initials. I felt so special and happy and was about to cry.
He had gone from uncertain about a relationship a little over a year ago, to now giving me a heart necklace with our initials.

You see, Cordell, is dying. He has liver problems along with other health issues and is only only expected to live to 40 at best. When we met he had not been interested in relationships or dating. And had closed his heart and let go of all his feelings. He let me in though, so him doing this made me feel really special.

As I turned, he gave me a kiss and held me close. After a few mintued we let up, we didn't want to rush anything. Since we got into our "fun" right away last time we wanted to take it a bit slower, so we went out to dinner.

Being clever, Cordell had already made reservations at a local restuarant called Charlie Browns. It was a little steakhouse that my family has been going to for about 5 years now and he knew this was one of my favorute places to go.

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Our reservation was for 530. We ordered our food, drank a bit ( I had virgin drinks of course, being as that I'm still 19 ). So by the time we got out, it was almost 730. We left and went back to the hotel.

As we got in the room we had laid our things on the chair next to the TV and sat on the bed. We continued out talk from dinner about what we wanted to do with our lives. He said that he's staying in Alaska because of the beauty, and he's grown up there his whole life and loves it. I told him that one day I'd like to start a family and that I didn't care where I lived, as long as I had someone who I loved and cared about.

I knew he couldn't provide children and I didn't care, I thought. I loved him and if he is the one, then I was happy. And at that point being his gf, I was.

After talking for a bit and watching some movies together, it was almost 12AM and the night was closing in on us and we were both exhausted. So, we both decided to go to bed and we'd do things together in the morning. So out the lights went. But during the night I kept feeling something hit me.

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  . . what was it?. . .

Part 2 is coming! Don't worry!
Comments are always welcome. I'm always looking for some feedback. Specially since this is only my 2nd story. I want to make it better for you all!


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