It was the 17th of December 2001 I had been working away from home for the last 5 weeks and there was at least another 5 weeks work left I did not want to be away from home that long missing the Christmas celebrations with my two darling daughters but as this was the only work I could get and money was short the bills were piling up I had to take it. We had made plans that when I returned in January I would make up for lost time and then have a belated Christmas celebration. It was hard being away that long and I was lonely and wasmissingmy family, although we always spoke on the phone it was not the same I was longing to get back to the warm tender loving of my wife June and to make up for the lost time I had spent away.
The next day It had started snowing hard and the temperature had dropped to minus 3 they forecasted this was going to be a long cold spell and as I could not lay any more bricks on the extension I was building I called it a day and decided to go home to my wife and daughters for the Christmas, I did not tell them I was coming home I thought I will just turn up and surprise them. I had boarded a coach and was heading south when my mobile rang it was sexy legs this was the nickname I made up for Sarah my wife sisters daughter she often called to let me know everything was alright at home she was 17 years old and had the most beautiful body any man could wish to be with she often caught me spying on her when she was walking down the road (as she lived a few roads away from me) she always said she could see the curtains move and was wondering what I was thinking of (if only she knew).
I wondered what she wanted as I answered the phone I was getting excited and could visualise her body entwined in mine that’s when I felt myself getting aroused and had to put my hand between my legs as the pain of the erection was over powering. I answered “hi ya sexy legs what’s up” she replied “ I just thought I would see how you aredoing and to let you know June has been crying as she misses you very much and wishes you could come home and be with her for Christmas. ” I replied I know it is very hard for her but I need to earn money“ but as I never kept a secret from her I continuedplease keep a secret I am on my way home now as there was heavy frost and snow up Scotlandso I had to stop work and that I called it a day I am on a coach now and will be in Paddington London in about 6 hours time that would make it approx 02. 45am and that I would have to stay in a hotel and catch 6. 30amtrain back to Chessington. ”
Sarah enquired“ do you want me to get you a room?” as it will be late and would save you searchingaround at that time of night” I replied “thanks Sarah if you could find me cheap place with no breakfast as I did not want to waste any money as I could have something to eat when I get home” she answered “ok she would pay for it and I couldpay her back and that she would text me the details “ I replied “thanks Sarah that’s one I owe you” I’m glad she couldnot see what I was thinking when I said that.
The text message came through about 1 hour later it was Olympic on the Green, I thought bloody hell that is a posh place I cannot afford that, and she said “booking was under her name because of credit card details”. I text back thanks angel I will see you around when I get home.
At 02. 55 the coach pulled into Paddington I grabbed my holdalland set off for the hotel I was not really dressed for the place in my builders clothes cement all over them, but I knew I could have a shower and change then get my head down. At the reception I was eyed up and down by the receptionist did she fancy me no I bet she was thinking I would be better placed in the refuge centre down the road instead of this four star establishment she booked me in and I was given key to room 75 on the top floor I walked across the foyer to the lifts I could feel my feet sinking in the 2 inch deep shag pile carpet that got me thinking I would love to fuck my wife June on this deep pile as the bestI could offer her at home was thelino floor and that was alwaystoo cold for her.

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   The lift whirled up to the top floor I walked to the end of passageway to room 75 placed the key in door and when I opened it the warmth of the room hit me I could see the warm inviting bed and thought great quick shower get my head down then in morning catch train to surprise my wife June.
As soon as I shut the door I had quickly undressed and headed straight to the bathroom I opened the door turned on the light and then I had the shock of my life in the bath sitting quiet as a mouse was the beautiful naked body of Sarah sexy legs I was gobsmacked, the large 32 dd breasts pointing towards me like missiles waiting to be discharged the cheeky smile on her face told it all. but in the meantime my penis had grown to treble its normal size and was really hurting throbbing wanting to find its home deep inside Sarah’s womb, her eyes were transfixed on my penis when she let out a gasp “oh my god guess you are pleased to see me as I am at seeing you ” I said Sarah what the fuck are you doing I cant do thisit will be wrong you are family and anyway you are 17 and I am 28 I did not know why I said that because I could not give a damn about age as long as it was legal. I turned away and was walking to the door when I thought fuck it what am I doing, I have waited 3 years for this I have just got to have this girl and I know I should not of had those feelings and it was wrong because she was part of my family and uncles should not think such thoughts and also I had the sight of my crying wife and daughters in my mind and they were at home lonely and why should I be having fun and anyway how couldI cheat on her ?. Then a sweet voice called saying “now show me what you are thinking of when you spy on me behind those curtains you dirty fuckingpervert “ god that sounded bloody good coming from her mouth and I am sorry to say all the thoughts of my wife and daughters disappeared as did the knowledge that she was family I turned round and headed towards the bath Sarah had stood up now and she was exposing her full body lovely long blond hair, size 6frame 32dd breasts and must have been apetite82 lbs (just like June except 32aabreasts and 98lbs) and the most beautifully pink shaved pussy I had seen in ages( last one had seen was my wife’s which she only shaved a little because I begged her) she said ”it makes me look like a little teenage girl” that’s why I want you to do it I thought
We did not say a word as my tongue sunk deep into her mouth my hand went straight to her fanny my penis was pressed hard against her belly she put her hand down to holdme but I shook my head I knew that would make me cum ,all Iwanted to dowaskeep kissing and fingering this girl that I wished I could bed over the last year I lifted her out of the bath and laid her on thebedmy tongue was still halfway down her throat my finger was deep inside herthis went on for what seemed ages then I started kissing her body all over not missing an inch, sucking her toes ears arse anything love biting her groin breasts neck anything I fanciedher skin had the sweetest odour so soft then my tongue met her womanhood it sunk deep inside her I was kissing ,licking, sucking fingering my god what I wanted to do to this fanny you could not imagine my tongue was aching as I tried to reach deep inside she was groaning moaning lifting her body up trying to get every last millimetre inside her she was panting sweating swearing “for fuck sake fuck me now” I resisted and carried on licking sucking plunging my finger into her she was moaning groaning thrusting shouting trying to push me off“for fuck sake I am Cumming fuck me now”
I still carried on she screamed “I cant hold it any more “and she came my god did she cum all over my face and hands it was beautiful and sweet I swallowed as much as I could, (June always says she has cum although half the time I think she makes out to try to make out she was enjoying it but I know she didn’t). I kept sucking at her skin and fanny getting all the last drops of her cum as I did not want to waste any she said “you bastard why did you not fuck me?” ” I replied “your time will come” she was really sweating when I reached for her mouth with my tongue again kissing her she tried protesting saying I had just been down on her and that her body fluids was all over my facebut I believe in sharing that’s when I placed cummy fingers in her mouth she might of protested before but she soon licked them clean then back to my tongue, this was the best kissing I have had in all my life then I stood her up andlowered her head so it was level with my manhood and without a second thought just shoved it deep into her mouth she gagged but nowit was mytime to be sucked licked mouth fuckedshe could do what ever she wanted to me I was like jelly as it had been weeks since I felt loved, her tongue licked my head and sent a tingling sensation through me her lips was up and down my rod I could feel the pre come wanting to spurt inside her mouth before the main load but I did not want it this way she carried on sucking I was screaming for her to stop and all of a sudden she grabbed my balls at the top of the bag and also squeezed the back end of my penis so hard this stopped me Cumming where did she learn to do that I thought and my dick and ballsbloody hurt she said as if she was reading my mind “I learned that from internet I knew it would come in useful one day as I did not want you wasting it in my mouth I want it inside me, deep inside me I want your bloody cum to fill me up” I laid her back on the bed placed her legs over my shoulders and entered her she screamed ” it hurts so bad please be gentle” this stopped me in my tracks I withdrew my god how could I hurt this beautiful girl? I thought she would have had the loads of boys fucking her. then I thought oh my god what have I just done she is part of my family she wants my cum inside hergod I don’t want this I have a wife and daughters this could ruin me, oh bollocks what the heck I entered her thrust again this time she was moaning groaning sobbing thrusting she was all confused I carried on pounding and pounding deeper and deeper she was moaning“harder harder fucking harder” I was going for what seemed ages she came again and again then I could not wait any more as I was hurting bad I came over five weeks of cum into her virgin fanny deep inside her squirting squirting squirting god it felt good releasing all my pent up love into my 17 year old virgin niece she was giggling wriggling laughing kissing me thanking me why should she thank me? I have just cuminside her it is me who should be thanking her what a session that was, it has been my dream for years to have this little girl and now she is laying there naked withmy semen inside her deep inside her swimming to its destination. .
I got up realising that I had not showered before this session and headed straight to the shower I called out “saying care to join me in the shower” she replied “not on your life I want the semen to find its goal “ I continued to the wet room and spent ages washing thinking my god that was great even better than June satisfied me although it was my niece I don’t care I have fucked the girl that I watched growing up the girl who walked past my house for many of years the girl who’s always called me uncle the girl who last Christmas spent the holiday at our house the girl who I was showing how to hold a que to play snooker bent over her with my cock pressed hard against her arse throbbing like hell wanting to lift up her skirt and fuck her young fanny senselessI was really pleased with myself then the reality hit me my poor wife at home thinking I was hundreds of miles away lonely on my own but instead I was less than 12 miles from home I have fucked her sisters daughter I have come inside her no way was I lonely. As I was washing my penis thinking of where it had just been I started hardening up again this never happened this quick before June never had this reaction on me I called for Sarah asking her to join meshe came in with semen running down her legs she was giggling calling me a dirty perverted bastard who fucks their niece she saw my penis and grabbed it she placed her lips over it and said it tasted lovely and started licking it like a lolly this sent spasms all over me I pulled myself away thinking not in her mouth Iwant to fuck your pink fanny againso I carried her to the bed water dripping off both of uskissing and fingering her as I walked and this time there was no need for much foreplay as she was really excited and still dripping cum from her fannywhen I placed my cock into her fanny she said “my friend said her boyfriend arse raped her the other day and it felt really good do you want to do that to me? “I replied “sorry Sarah I have too much respect for you, that is so perverted and wrong I have never done it and never will” she replied “I understand I just wonderered what it would be like “ uncle john can we just try? And if you don’t want to carry on you can stop” I protested but then I sawthe disappointment on her face so I said “I will try but am not really happy” (as it is not bloody normal) I told her to get on all fours this she found amusing I rubbed a little vasaline in her crack and on my penis then I carefully placed this at the entry told her to rear back on me it entered about threeinches then she started crying, she mutteredplease don’t it really bloody hurts (exact words June said when I tried it on her)I withdrew and turned her on her back and started the kissing and foreplay again although not much of that needed doing as she was still dripping cum and that had lubricated her wellshe was still weeping a little but that turned to sighs of excitement when I entered her our wet bodies was sticking to each other as I was ramming her this time it was only a few minutes before I came it felt bloody goodshe said “it was better in there than up my arse, it hurts so bad how can people do it. We fell asleep still with my dick up inside her, until I felt her lift my arms off of her and get out of bed and I heard her say “bollocks I am dripping spunk all down my legs and all over the floor” “fucking hell she said my arse feel like I had been eating a hot curry it is stinging and raw I heard the shower start and I was drifting off to sleep again,
When she showered and dried herself she came over to the bed I was 50/50 asleep when she climbed into bed she was stark naked then she took my penis and suckedit clean” she took hold of my hand and placed it in between her legs it felt good the warm hairless fanny and not a drop of cum to be felt this woke me straight away I cold not resist playing with her toying with her fanny lips with my tongue. She said “please no arse anymore I am so sore and it really hurts andas you said It is not normal so just keep to my fanny) I agreed This got her going again and she was on top of me like a flash although a flash of guilt was running through me again I could not resist the beautiful body that lay on top of me she said she would never tell anyone what happened between the two of us and would never pressure me into it again if I don’t want to, but I thought what the heck once more wont hurt anyway in a few hoursI will be home with June back to the same sex, missionary or spooning or sleep evasion nothing adventurous but I will be with her.
After about half hour of kissing licking sucking fingering I finally was firm enough to enter Sarah I told her it would be doggy style( as June would not do it that way)she said fanny not arse I agreed she found this rather amusing and was laughing as she went on all fours as Istarted pounding her from behind she whispered “uncle john I am so sore in both my holes but thank you” this made me really horny then her 32dd breast started swinging back and forth her whole body moving violently ramming herself onto my dick which was deep inside her on and on like a jack hammer I was getting dizzy must have been from blood loss to my penis and then she screamed “uncle johnplease come when I come “well I tensed my body and came again straight into her womb her wet juices flooded from her it was great more of my semen was flushing into her if she was not pregnant before I bet she was now. When it was over she said it was her time to kiss me so she manovered herself over my face and sat squarely onto my mouth the cum was dripping out of her onto my face she said “your turn to sample it now as I believe in sharingtoo “ I had a few sucks and it was a kind of salty sweet taste a mixture of my cum and hers she climbed off and wejust laid together kissing and cuddling she carried on licking the cum from my face I looked at the clock it was 4 55am and Irealised I only had a few hours before my train was due she turned her back on me and I entered her from behind. (I done this many time with June when she said no to sexjust to see if she wakes sherarely did so I would come into her that way she never protested I loved to violate her in her sleep the sexless bitch)
Before she drifted off she told me “that ever since she was 13 she knew that I was the one for her she never had a boyfriend because one day she hoped this would happen that’s why she saved her virginity for me she also said do you remember the day on her 16th birthday she was in bed a bit tipsy from the glasses of wine she had when I went into her room she knew I was drunk too but she never dared to open her eyes or say anything she even kept them shut when I put my hands under the bedding and was rubbing her privates through her knickers she dared not move when I pulled back the bedding to see her partly naked body she never even dared move when I kissed her very firm breasts but the hardest thing was whenI pulled her knickers to one side to look at her fanny then you started sucking hard at my groan it really hurt.

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   then you startedkissing and licking my fanny I wanted you to put your tongue in me but you didn’t” damn you”that’s when I had to have a peek at you and I noticed you were naked and I saw this enormous penis poking from between your legs I wanted to touch it but dared not move I squinted a little when I heard you whispering my name that’s when I felt you removing my knickers I wanted to raise my self up to help but dared not you said “bloody boy boxers are a pain the the arse)I peeked again when I heard you rubbing yourself I thought it was funny one hand holding my knickers to your faceand the other jerking yourself to within an inch ofmy mouth whispering “god Sarah I want this in you, you fucking whore you fucking blond bitch suck this fucking dick you fucking cunt”this upset me how could someone call me that?But the funniest thing was when you said “bollocks as you started to cumyou came into my knickers some shot onto my pillow missing me by inchesand you had to wipe it off” but the hardest time was when you sucked and spat on your fingers put them to my fanny to make me wet then you put your finger in a bit it felt good and made me tingle but the bit I regret when I could not keep still is when you turned me on my side and put your tip of your penis in me it really hurt and and felt funnyI jerked up making it go in about another couple of inches this startled you, and youquickly stopped and ran out of the room dropping my knickers by the door. I wanted to call you back but the door was shut before the words would come out so I got up to pick the knickers up just in case someone came in and saw them then i put them under my pillow i remember drifting offwhen the door opened again I heard you whisper “fuck where’s those knickers then you came over to the bed touched my face to see if I was awake I was but I kept my eyes shut you touched my lips I wanted to kiss your fingers but did not then you rubbed your dicks wet head on my lips and was whispering” suck it whore suck the fucking life out of it for fucks sake I want to cum in your mouth you slut”
I did really want to but just thought no I am frightened what you would have done I did not want to frighten you offI loved you I wanted you too,then you pulled down the bedding turned me over, you then placed your helmet to my fanny I could hear your heart pounding your breathing was fast as you slowly entered me I was defiantly not going to move this time little by little it was going in I was feeling great little by little then you pushed a little harder you had taken my virginity you let it stay in for a little while not moving then I felt your dick pulsing and you quickly withdrew dropping cum over the carpet you said “fuck me that was close”
The next day you looked at me talking as if nothing happened when I told you that I had a big red mark on the top of my leg like a big bite mark (I knew it was a love bite) and I wondered how it got there and also why my knickers were on the floor by the door yet I can remember putting them on before I went to bed
You replied “maybe you thought you put some on don’t forget you had that wine”. And uncle John you must have been so drunk you did not remember or were to embarrassed at what you had done. but I do and the thing is I was wearing those spunky knickers because I wanted that spunk next to my fanny hoping I would have your baby how nieve was I ? . I also rememberlast month when you stole my dirty underwear out of my basket and went into the shed at the end of garden I sneaked up and looked in the crack on the side to see your trousers and pants around your ankles you had my knickers in your mouth sucking them and then placed them over your enormous penis and you were rubbing yourselfmoaning my name then I see you cum into my knickers and you groaned oh Sarah I wish I was coming in you instead of your knickers”“why was you wasting your cum in my knickers and not in me ? You only had to ask”.
I have still also got those cummy knickers I picked them out of the bin and smelt them touching the sticky goo then placed them in my knickers thinking yes one day I will have the real thing inside Me. ? Yes uncle john I will have yours inside me and tonight you made my dream come true I have plenty inside me.
Uncle john I would like to finish that I am glad what happened tonight I thought it would have happened last Christmas when we were very tipsy you was bending me over the snooker table your heart was thumping on my back and your cock was throbbing as you wereprodding my arse you were showing me how to hold a cueand after I had taken the shot you would sit down and I would sit on your lap feeling the throbbing dicks heart pounding at my fanny I wanted to tell you I was not wearing any underwear that night. I was really hoping you would see through my nightie but you must have been too drunk I wanted you tolift my nightie up and fuck me that would have been the bestChristmas present I could of had. This has been my dream since I was 13 I have saved myself for you and tonight you have made me feel like a real woman I will never tell any one what happened this is our secret that I will take to grave. I hope this was not just a one night stand and hope you feel the same about me and finally I will always be there for you I know you have your own family but maybe we can have our own secret family I really love you uncle john and she turned and gave me a kiss my penis fell out then she turned back over and put her hand in between my legs

I woke with the sound of thealarm going on my mobile it was 10. 30am I had to get upmy limp wet dick stuck to my leg Sarah was not in bed but I heard the shower running and there was a soft singing coming from inside the wet roomI could visualise
Sarah in the shower stark naked sudding her sexy body I was getting aroused again and thought I would join her in the shower so as I slipped off my top and walked across the room to the shower my penis was standing to attention and was throbbing like mad I opened the door to the dimly lit bathroom said “get ready sexy legs I am coming to fuck you hard and fast” I clambered into the misted up shower grabbed the hairless fanny from behind and pressed my dick hard into her back shouted out want some more cum in you sexy legs ? A voice answered back get your hand off my fanny and your dick out my back and my name aint Sexy legs she turned round and standing there naked hairless fanny 32aa breasts with a vile look on her face was June my wife

To be continued …………………….
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