My first glory hole fuck


I had visited a public toilet with a nice glory hole a few times; having my cock sucked by a complete stranger turned me on enormously. This particular glory hole was rather large, and allowed me to have my cock serviced without the unpleasant tightness of a too small hole through the wall. I had had my cock sucked there a number of times, but never had the pleasure of fucking a tight ass through the wall until this day.

This afternoon I was waiting patiently until I heard the unmistakable sound of someone entering the stall next to mine. I waited until I was sure he wasn’t there to urinate, and then slowly put my cock through the hole. I could feel a warm hand touching my cock, and then the familiar feeling of lips and tongue on my cock. Heaven…

Suddenly, the warm mouth was removed, and I was instantly disappointed by the prospect of being left unfinished. However, he kept his hand on my cock, and I could hear rustling and movement from the stall. I then felt my cock being pushed against something soft, and wondered what he was doing. Suddenly it dawned on me – he was trying to guide my cock into his ass! I kept up the pressure, and felt my cock push slowly past his anal ring. With a pop it went inside, and I could hear a gasp from him. He stood still, obviously getting used to my size in his tight ass.

After a short pause he pushed backwards and a patiently let my cock slide into his ass. He squirmed and pushed, and finally I had my cock buried all the way into his ass. I was then able to start fucking him in earnest and he held his ass firmly pressed against the wall while I pounded away. The feeling of a total stranger’s tight ass on my cock was incredible, and before long I filled his ass with my cum.

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   As I did, I could hear his cum splattering on the ground, obviously he was enjoying the fuck as much as I was.

This was my first glory hole fuck, but not the last…

I am a 44-year old man living near Oslo, Norway. Comments and suggestions are welcome at peripheral66@gmail. com.