My Trip to The Beach


Flying down the interstate at 95mph, the sun was shining and not a cloud in sight, no traffic and all around a beautiful day to start his vacation. Driving the black two-seater convertible sports car was David, dark eyes bright with excitement, and riding in the passenger seat equally joyful was Wolf, his husky.
He truly was a magnificent animal. He stood 32 inches at the shoulders, making him a very large dog, and had all the markings and features of his namesake: Long narrow face, black forehead to tail with white jowls and chest, long and agile legs and frame, vivid amber eyes, and a face both frightening and friendly at the same time.
He was not neutered, David never had a reason to as Wolf hadn’t ever been very aggressive or unruly, why take his nuts if he hadn’t used them wrong? He was a great dog, trained to perfection and healthy as a horse, what more could an owner ask for?
David reached over and scratched behind his ear “We’re going to have a blast at the beach, I promise if you help me get a couple girls I will find you a nice poodle to take behind the bush. ” he told the dog cheerfully.
They were headed for Nags Head in the Outer Banks of NC, his aunt had a nice place there right on the beach and she had invited him down for the summer. He had two cousins down there, Kevin, 19, and his sister Jacky, 16, to hang out with. He had just turned 21 himself and he was loving it.
He was always told he was good looking, dark eyes, short black hair six foot tall and in great shape, and perfect teeth. He was one of those guys that could pick up nearly any girl without trying. He had never been one to focus on his looks either, just a farm boy from VA who worked and lived on his uncles horse farm.
He was close now, the Manteo bridge entering the OBX was coming up. When he hit the bridge he picked up the speed to 130mph and loved the rush of wind flying by and the smell of the ocean in the open air.

15 minutes later he pulled into the parking bay under the house, revving the engine high, the pipes on the car giving it a fierce growling sound, to announce his arrival. He cut it off and got out in time to catch Jacky who dove at him and hugged him tightly “David!” she squealed.

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He laughed “Jacky!” he replied happily.
Wolf had jumped out and when Jacky let go of David, Wolf jumped up and placed his paws on her shoulders and gave her a lick across the face “Wolf!” she giggled and hugged him too.
By then the other two had come down, Kevin, and his mom and David‘s aunt, Aunt Tina. Kevin said “Hey man!” and Tina hugged him as tight as Jacky had “I missed you. ” she told him.
He hugged her back “I missed you too. ” he said.
He grabbed his two duffel bags and they climbed the stairs to the deck and through the screen roomand she showed him to his bedroom. He tossed down his stuff and returned to the living room and they all caught up. Throughout the conversation he couldn’t help noticing how much Jacky had grown. He hadn’t seen her in two years and she had really filled out, full hips and tight ass, firm 36c tits, bronze skin, and plump lips, and to top it off she continually gazed at him with her bright blue eyes. He mentally slapped himself, she’s your cousin! He thought.
Wolf was being goofy, happy to be somewhere new and with new people, he would glance at Jacky then look back at him, his head tilted, then sneeze and nose him.
David scratched his ruff and asked “What do you want?”
“He probably wants to go to the beach! You three go on and enjoy yall’s selves, I got some work to do. ” Tina said and flipped up her laptop.

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So they all went and got into their bathing suits and grabbed some beach towels and met in the hall. David felt a tension in his groin when he saw Jacky in her thin black bikini and hoped like hell nobody noticed the bulge in his shorts. He turned and they headed out the door, Wolf close behind, and set off over the dunes for the ocean. They wandered down the beach to find a good spot and laid the towels out. Jacky had thought to grab a tennis ball for Wolf and she went down to the waves to throw it for him. He raced across the wet sand to snatch the ball out of the air and tease her with it. He dropped to his elbows with a mischievous glint in his eyes, leaping to the side when she make a snatch for it. She laughed and made another grab and tripped, falling to her hands and knees. Quick as greased lightning he was behind her with his nose in her crotch. She scrambled to her feet blushing furiously, she hoped nobody saw that. The worst part was she felt herself moisten.
Kevin and David ran down to the surf and dove into a wave, coming up on the other side David shouted for Wolf and waited as the dog leaped into the crashing waves happily.
The ocean was gentle today, no undertow and the waves came in calm swells. Jacky and Wolf joined them a short ways out and they swam lazily around and joked with each other. The dog was loving it, he even dipped his nose under and splashed them a few times.

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Kevin heard his cell ring and swam in to get it while the other three relaxed in the warm water. A gentle way pushed Jacky into David lightly, her ass pushed up against his groin. She glanced up at him and they looked away as though nothing had happened, David prayed she didn’t feel what she had caused him.
Kevin swam back out and brought the ball with him. He threw it to shore and Wolf retrieved it a few times before tiring and relaxing on one of the towels on the beach. Kevin then caught the eye of a girl a little way up the beach and swam to her while Jacky and David went to laze on the beach.
“I could get used to this. ” he said as they lay on their backs in the sun.
“Mom says you welcome to move down here, wouldn’t that be great!” she said cheerfully.
He and Jacky had always been close, he practically raised her. His aunt used to have to work all day and he, being like a son to her, always watched Kevin and Jacky for her and for six years he had lived with her. His parents had died when he was five, they were hit by a tractor trailer at an intersection, and had since lived with his aunt Tina or his uncle John.
“I may, I do love it here. ” he said.
Kevin walked over to them “Hey, I got me a date over there, you don’t mind me taking off for a few do ya?” he asked and we shook our heads “Great, I’ll see you at the house later.

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  ” and him and the girl headed up the beach.
They laid there talking for a while longer before David asked “Is there a Petsmart or a Petco somewhere around here?”
She thought for a moment “There is a Petsmart in Manteo, why?” she replied.
“I need to grab some dog food and stuff for Wolf. ” he told her.
“Sure let’s go. ” she said and they grabbed the stuff and headed up the beach.

Aunt Tina’s had gone out somewhere so they grabbed some clothes, camo tee shirt for David and a white mini skirt and black tank top for Jacky, and left Tina a note. Then they piled into his car,
Jacky and Wolf sharing the passenger seat, and set off.
He nearly scared her to death with his driving, hitting the gass and sliding through the turns, until they got on the bridge and he sped up to 100. Once on the bridge she loved it, crying “Faster!” until he hit 150 and she cheered joyfully.

Later, when they returned to the house, his aunt had left a note ‘Ok, I had to go to Avon to show a property, be back tonight, love ya - Tina’ it read. She was a real-estate agent, and a successful one at that.
“Alright we got the house to ourselves!” Jacky said happily.
He grinned “I’m going to take a shower, you want to give him one in the outside shower?” he asked.

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  ” she agreed and he tossed her dog shampoo and a towel and went into the bathroom.
“C’mon Wolf. ” she called and they left the house.
She turned on the shower and took off her shirt and skirt and got under the showerhead with the dog. She washed the salt and sand out of his fur and soaped him up. He gave her a few face licks and she kept washing, then his tongue snaked down her cleavage and made her freeze.
“Stop that you horny dog” she giggled but her mind was racing.
She turned off the water and turned and bent over to get the towel and Wolf’s nose pushed into her crotch and gave a few quick licks.
“Hey!” she yelped and spun around.
Already a heat was growing between her thighs and she felt wrong. She shook her head and dried him off until she rolled him over to get his underside and saw his swollen dick sticking a few inches out of his sheath. It was as wide as three of her fingers side by side and looked about 9 inches, and his balls were as big as a baseball. She really got wet then, her bikini bottoms soaking through and running down her legs.
She blushed furiously and darted up the stairs, calling Wolf to follow. She ran to her room and pushed the door together, yanked offer her bikini and fell back on the bed, fingering herself wildly.

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   She had though she closed the door, but Wolf nosed it open and shot between her widespread legs and attacked her pussy. She jumped when he first licked but the second lick took her over. She didn’t know how that tongue could lick so good but it did, sliding deep into her and flicking her clit slightly, sending wave after wave of pleasure over her. She couldn’t help moaning quietly as she felt an powerful orgasm growing and growing. Suddenly, he stopped, and she went into a lust driven fury, digging her fingers into her pussy to reach the orgasm.
Then he did what dogs do best.
He leapt onto her, his furry chest on her tits and his paws locked around her hips, and began jabbing his massive dick at her, missing, missing, then he got it and slammed into her until he was buried deep in her hole. He fucked her so fast she came at every hard thrust. Deeper, deeper, harder, harder, he raped her mercilessly, and he began to swell. She felt his cock doubling in size and his baseball size knot locking them together, stretching her to the limits. He blew his scalding load deep into her, again and again, and she finally blacked out in ecstasy.

David cut off the water and wrapped a towel around his waist. He left the bathroom and heard Wolf panting in Jacky’s room and went to tell her he was out.
What he saw had to be the hottest thing he had ever seen, instant hard-on.
Laying on her back was his sexy cousin Jacky, naked, with Wolf holding her tightly and his dick buried deep within her.

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   His cock softened and he pulled out, making what seemed like gallons of his and her cum to pour out on the floor.
He stood and waited for her to wake up, a plan forming in his mind.
He had bred dogs back on his uncles farm and he knew that dogs, unlike humans, made sperm on the spot and their sex drive could make them go all night. So he let wolf rest it off while he waited.
She awoke with a start, then saw him and tried to cover herself.
“Please don’t tell anyone!” she begged.
His mind was screaming with lust “Only if you promise me something. ” he told her.
“Anything, just don’t tell anyone about this!” she pleaded.
“Promise me that whenever and however I want to fuck, you agree. ” he said quietly.
She hesitated “Deal. ” she said after a moment.
He dropped the towel and she stared at his thick 9 inches. He moved over to the bed and lay on his back and she straddled him.

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   He called Wolf and he came over and licked her hard, his cock swelling. David then thrust his dick into her slowly and motioned for Wolf to mount.
“I cant take both of you the same hole, he was almost too big. ” she said worriedly.
“Who said anything about the same hole?” he asked and Wolf rammed his cock in her ass.
She cried out, and David rammed in time to Wolf’s thrusts. He could feel the dog’s dick through her pussy walls, and her sloppy wetbut miraculously tight pussy felt like heaven. She screamed and shook in pleasure to every thrust, gushing from her cunt uncontrollably. He could feel it flooding over his nuts as he went deeper and harder. Then, with the combination of Wolfs dick rubbing his and her constricting hole, he came so furiously his leg started to kick and he drew her into a deep kiss. He lay there, his dick still within her, and waited while her and Wolf locked and he shot his own cum in her ass. After a few minutes he softened and pulled out, causing a cascade of thick cum to ooze out and cover David’s dick and nuts.
Jacky hopped off of him and moved into 69 position and began licking the dog cum from him while he dug into her pussy. Together they cleaned each other off and collapsed side by side on the bed. Wolf leapt onto the bed and licked Jacky’s face, and when she opened her mouth his tongue slithered down her throat while she frenched him.

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He was definitely moving down here.

This concludes My Trip to The Beach, please rate and comment, hope you enjoyed.

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