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So there we were, me and my wife, at our monthly business meeting. She sat proudly at the head of the table. She looked great as always in a white blouse, jacket and thigh length black skirt. It had been a particularly hot summer and, as usual, she was bra-less at this time of year. As she spoke to the fourteen businessmen in the conference room, I could see as her jacket parted at her breasts, that her nipples were extremely hard and prominent. My cock hardened in my pants as I noticed that most of the guys in the room had also spotted her aroused pert breasts. She had noticed too and stood up and removed her jacket revealing her breasts through her thin cotton blouse. The room shuffled in unison to reach for their pants. This was hot! The room was filled with testosterone.

As she continued to talk she looked in my direction with pleading eyes. I smiled and nodded. This was really going to happen.

She unbuttoned the top button of her blouse and slipped her hand inside and slowly squeezed her breasts, as her nipples grew harder still. I released my own hard cock from my pants and all the guys in the room followed. Fifteen men were simultaneously jerking off to my wife.

As she toyed with her breasts with one hand, the other hand reached for her skirt, slowly lifting it to reveal her stocking tops.

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   Her hand moved to her panties and she gently rubbed her pussy through the lace. The room groaned with pleasure.

She moved to the floor and beckoned four of the guys over. They obediently obliged. As she sat on the floor, still fully clothed but revealing her left breast and panties to the room, she slowly grabbed each of the four hard cocks that were standing proudly before her.

In turn she took them fully in her mouth while sensuously jerking the others in turn. I nearly came right there and then watching her enjoying the cock fest.

After a few minutes of furious sucking and jerking she stood up and ordered one of them to lie on the floor facing her.

As he lay there with a huge grin on his face she straddled his hard cock, guided his huge cock into her waiting pussy and rocked gently back and forth on him. She eagerly grabbed another and sucked his cock taking it deep into her mouth, flicking his balls with her tongue.

Soon the other two cocks were in on the action. She was sucking three cocks and fucking one at the same time. I almost came again. This was so fucking hot!

She was in heaven too and soon started to cum herself, her body shuddering to an intense orgasm; but no way was she done yet.

Still rocking hard on the hard cock of the guy on the floor, she begged the other three to cum all over her face.

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One by one they duly obliged as soon her face was dripping in three heavy cum loads. She finished each one in her mouth and showed me their cum before she hungrily swallowed the salty loads. As the guy on the floor started to groan she stood up and then kneeled down beside him taking his pussy soaked cock into her mouth. With four or five hearty thrusts he filled her mouth with his hot cum load. This time she savoured it, rolling his cum around her tongue, before gleefully letting it slide down her hungry throat.

She walked over to me, kissed me passionately and grabbed my own hard cock with her cum oiled hands. The taste of cum was still on her tongue as she searched my mouth eagerly.

Then she climbed up onto the conference table, removed her blouse, unzipped her skirt and removed her panties, before playing with her dripping pussy.

She looked at me and asked what I wanted to see next. ‘I want to see your ass fucked’ I replied. ‘I want to see you filled up with cum’

She came again. The thought of that had brought her to another lingering orgasm.

‘You heard my husband’ she said, ‘Who’s going to fuck my tight ass?’

One of them kindly offered his hard cock to her. ‘First you got to kiss my ass’ she said.

So there was this guy rimming my wife on our conference table with nine others keenly looking on stroking their cocks in anticipation.

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   His tongue entering her ass as far as he could push.

When she was wet enough she rose to all fours on the table with her ass in the air offering herself to his shaven cock.

He wasted no time and slowly entered her making her groan and catch her breath. Soon he picked up rhythm and was plunging his rampant shaft deep into her tight ass.

She invited another onto the table and as he stood in front of her she licked and sucked his cock. She worked the two cocks expertly, pulling her ass cheeks wide as she took the other cock deep into her throat.

Sensing that the cock in her mouth was about to explode, she stopped and beckoned him to fuck her pussy. ‘Cum in here’ she pleaded.

With a swift movement he moved under her and entered her soaked pussy while the other cock continued to ram her ass hard.

At the same time both of their bodies tensed before unloading two hot cum loads into her holes. She screamed with pleasure before pushing them both away allowing the cum to drip slowly from her gaping holes.

Without a moments hesitation they had been replaced by two more cocks eagerly fucking her cum laden holes.

Soon she was filled with cum again. This time she stood up on the table and played with the cum as it dripped from her ass and pussy, sucking her cum covered fingers.

She beckoned me over to the table with her glistening fingers and pulled my hard cock towards her.

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   ‘Now it’s your turn’ she said smiling.

She lay with her back on the table and opened her legs revealing her cum splattered pussy. I slid into her. It felt so good to be fucking her with some other guys cum inside.

As I fucked her harder she gestured for the other guys to come over. ‘Cum on my tits’ she pleaded.

One by one the remaining six of them unloaded their cum over her tits and her face while I took turns fucking her pussy and ass.

Soon her face and breasts were covered with cum. ‘Do you want to lick it up?’ she asked me, knowing what I wanted.

I smiled and happily licked and sucked her face and tits until all the cum was in my mouth. ‘Are you going to share?’ she grinned.

I spat some into her mouth and I swallowed the rest with a hunger I had never known. As she swallowed her mouthful, I took out my cock from her hot pussy and came long and hard into her throat. She happily swallowed my load too before we kissed and then collapsed in a sweat and cum stained embrace.

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