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A few weeks ago an old friend of mine came from Victoria to visit some of her friends that live in the Vancouver / maple ridge area. She phoned me a little while after six o’clock and asked if I wanted to meet her at the big gazebo in the center of maple ridge. Obviously I said yes and got ready to go hang out with one of my best friends. I hoped on the bus and went down to the bus loop then walked over to where she was standing with one of her friends that worked around there. As I got closer to her she began to wave and skip over to me to give me a nice warm hug. We stood there for a few minutes and talked before her friend said she had to leave. She turned to me and said I’m hungry lets go to gyros and get some donairs. I nodded and we started off towards the restaurant.
As I opened the door to the restaurant you got an immediate blast of wonderful smells of food cooking. We walked up to the counter ordered are food as we stranded there and waited lizz started to dance to the music they had playing , it was so cute. The cook handed us are stuff and we sat down to enjoy a filling meal. We sat there for a few minutes and finished what we order and got up to leave. Lizz stopped to fill out a free contest form to win a brand new car and made one for her mom to. She was so thoughtful I thought to myself. She finished filling out both forms then slip them into the contest box and walked out the door.
We walked up the street for a little bit to the Conner storeand bought some junk food and decided we would take the bus up to my house to go watch a movie.

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   We sat and waited for the bus and talked for a bit. The bus pulled up after about ten minutes and we hopped on we got of and stop just after laity street and walked down the hill to my house. As I started to unlock my door to my house my dog coco started to bark to warn whoever was coming in but then stopped as she realized it was me and lizz.
We went up the stairs to my room and plopped down on the couch. I popped in a movie and we laid back on my couch and got comfortable. About 20 minutes into the movie i carefully slid my hand over to lizz’s hoping she would accept my offer to hold hands. She realized what I was doing and she moved her hand the rest of the way to mine. My heart skipped a beat in excitement. I noticed her hands were as smooth as silk. I loved the way her hand felt resting in mine. She had very beautiful skin and hand a nice body.
I sat there planning my next move. I finally gathered enough courage to do what I wanted. I slowly leaned over and gave her a quick peck on her cheek and quickly went back to make sure she didn’t freak out and hit me or something. To my surprise she turned to me and glared there was a little sparkle in her eye and then a sly grin.

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   Suddenly like a wild cat she pounced on me knocking me over and laying me down on my back. We started kissing franticly swapping saliva and other contents from are resent meal. I got little Dearing and tried to slip my tongue in her mouth for a few seconds.

She returned with doing the same to me and we twiddled are tongues together like someone twiddling their thumbs. At this point a had a steel hard on and I know she could feel it because she was laying right on top of it so it was sandwiched between us. I was a bit embarrassed but was loving ever second of it at the same time lizz finally took a break from sucking my face and gathered some air. She used he elbows to prop herself up a bit and say to me “Where did this sausage come from “ She started to rock and somewhat dry hump my cock with her stomach. She said “dose that feel good” I was in shock from what is happening to me. All I could do was nod as she kept teasing me like this. She started to slowly pull off her shirt did a bit of a strip tease on top of me.

She reached behind her back and unclipped her bra. Putting her left arm across her chest and using her right handto slide the straps of her shoulders. The suspense was killing me I was about to see one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen in my life topless it was a dream come true. She moved her hands allowing the bra to drop. (AWHHH) a golden glow surrounded her breast and it seemed the voice of angles started to sing.

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   It was the most amazing thing I have every laid my eyes apon. I removed my shirt she gave me a little help ripping it off she leaned down close enough for me to takeon of her rock hard nipples into my mouth.
She was loving ither breathing started to get a little faster and she started to make quiet moaning sounds. She took it away from me and slid down a bit and started to run he hands over my chest and kiss it. She kept move down ever so slowly kissing every inch of my body she finally got to about my belt line and unzipped my blue jeans releasing the pint sized beast inside my pants. She kind of giggled as she first saw it but started to run her fingers up and down the shaft of my penis.
She Spat in her hand to lube my pork sword up a bit. The felling of her warm sticky saliva on my cock was amazing. She rapped both hands around my cock and used both of her thumbs to rubthe front of my cock which is the most sensitive part of the head of my cock. She stuck her tongue out and started to go to town on the same area she was massaging moments before. She opened up wide and took my whole cock into her mouth sucking hard on it causing the blood to flow to it and make it grow a bit harder and bigger.
I got vary close to Cumming but stopped her before she forced me into a climax. I undid the front button on her pants and undid the zipper. She stood up and slowly started to remove her pants sticking her ass out a bit towards me. My cock had never been this hard before in my life.

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   As she removed her small black panties I caught first glimpse of the best place on earth she had a small landing patch bush but the rest of her pussy was shaven clean. The sight of this brought a tear to my eye as I was about to experience my first time making love to a girl. I decided to grab lizz and throw her down on my bed. She bounced a little bit and laughed. I darted towards her jumping in-between her legs spreading them apart revealing her pretty little pussy. I put my head down in-between her legs and began to eat her out like I a zombie with the munchies.

“OMG DON’T STOP” she screamed as I started flicking her clit with my tongue and sticking two fingers in her pussy pushing up ageist her G spot. Hot a Her moans began to get louderand louder. “Fuck your good at this she said” , panting. I stuck my tongue insider hard and her pussy tightened up around it locking it in place. She was Cumming “AWHHH” she scream as pussy juice started to squirt out of her. Getting some in my mouth and on my face. I started up licking again and she began to shake with pleasure . I stood up and asked her if she was ready she said she needed a minute and began to blow me again for a few minutes. I pulled it out or her mouth and slid the head of my cock into her waiting pussy prodding her for a little bit teasing her.

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I finally trusted hard and shoved the hole length of my pulsating cock inside her. She squealed a bit as I did this I could tell she was having an amazing time I started pumping in and out vary slow she wanted me go go faster but I wanted to tease her some more and every time she ask me to go faster I slowed down just I tiny bit more she started to get annoyed at this and I could tell I told her she had to beg me for it.
Without haste she began to plead. “Please Jacob please fuck me harder and faster “ I had teased her enough and began to pump in and out of her a lot faster now. Each time going the full length of my shaft. Lizz was in heaven. The sweat glistened on her chest she looked so hot laying there taking my cock. I could tell she was getting close to Cumming again. So was I but I didn’t want to cum inside her. I waited till the last second and pulled my cock from her beautiful cunt and replaced it with my hand press up hard ageist her G spot again almost instantly causing her to orgasm. I began to shoot load after load of hot sticky cum all over her breast and face. It was the most amount of cum I have ever shot off I had been saving my load for a week or two so that’s probably why there was so much. She got me so existed. I went back to her pussy and be gain to suck the justice’s from her pulverized pussy and she did the same with the cum on her body
After I got all the I could from her I went back up to make out with her with are bodily fluids in are mouth we began to French kiss and swap the warm goo in are mouthsthe taste of cum and pussy juice was and amazing cocktail to share with one of my favorite people. We split the load in half and both swallowed equal half’s.

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   We laid there tired from what he had just done week from the intensity of our climax. I just lay there holding her in my arms staring into her eyes as she whispers back I love you Jacob. I say back I love you to lizz and we fell asleep holding each other and stayed that way till the next morning.

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