Old friends, new fuck buddies


I first met Bekah in the seventh grade. She had just come over to public school from private school,and we became instant friends. Then halfway through the year, Bekah went back to the private school, and I figured I’d never see her again…….

My senior year rolled around, and my dad had taken a job teaching at the same private school that Bekah attended. Though my siblings decided to go to school there, I stayed at the public school for my senior year. My dad told me one day that a girl in his senior class asked if he was my father. My eyes instantly lit up as I spoke Bekah’s name. My father confirmed it, and I knew I’d get to seemy old friend again.

Bekah and I hung out several times that year, but never really dated. We went to each other’s graduation at the end of the school year. A few weeks later, I went to basic training, so Bekah and I again lost contact……

I learned several years later that Bekah had gotten married and lived a few hours away. I reconnected with her when she came back to town to see a friend graduate. We didn’t talk long that night, but she told me she’d be back in town the next weekend for a wedding. When she came back the next Friday night, we went out and rode around town for several hours. We somehow wound up sitting on the tailgate of her truck by the river. Bekah said she was tired, and lay down with her head in my lap.

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  I looked down into her beautiful eyes and she smiled at me. I then slowly leaned down kissing her lips softly. It was by far the most passionate kiss I’d ever had.

I soon pulled off my shirt in the warm spring air. When Bekah saw me she said, “Fair is fair” and pulled off her own shirt revealing her lacy white bra. We started kissingagain, our tongues intertwined, and I slowly reached behind Bekah and unclasped her bra as she reached down my shorts rubbing my rock hard cock. Bekah rolled her shoulders forwardallowing her bra to side off down her arms, and her 36c’s shone in the moonlight. I reached for them, caressing one in each hand. Bekah moaned lightly, then louder as I ran my thumbs over the nipples making them hard. Then I lowered my head toher right breast and suckled it softly running my tongue overthe hard nipple. I moved to the other doing the same to it; Bekah moaned the whole time.

I moved back up kissing her sweet lips again, and Bekah kept her hand down my boxers still rubbing my cock. I moaned softly as we switchedplaces, so Bekah could do as she wanted. She pulled my boxers down and began to rub my cock with one hand and massaged my balls with the other. Bek smiled at me as she broke the kiss and slid downand began to lick my cock.

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  I ran my fingers through her hair, then she took the whole length of my erect cock in her mouth, and I let out a long low moan. Bekah smiled up at me with her eyes, then began to concentrate on my cock. Before I couldcum, Bek stopped sucking and moved back up kissing me again.

I grinned up at Bekah, then we quickly switched places again, so I was back on top. I slid Bekah’s pants and thong down her legs and tossed them aside. I kissedher again rubbing my hard cock between her legs. Bekah moaned and whispered “Fuck me,” and I, more than happy to fulfill her request, slid my cock into her tight hole. She moaned as I first went in her, and I wiggled my hips moving around inside her. I then pulled out, and before I could plunge back into her, Bekah’s hips raised, so my cock went into her harder, and Bekah let out a long moan as we got into a steady rhythm. Knowing that I wasn’t wearing a condom, and that she wasn’t on birth control, I pulled out of Bekah after many strokes and cummed on her belly. Then we snuggled in the back of the truck until it was time to go home. She dropped me off at my place, and we shared one last kiss, before she left. I knew that this was a night I’d never forget.