Topic: OUT OF SPITE Out of spite.
 Spite for my husband's sexy antics and jealousy towards the woman who let felt jealous of my husband as I watched him grip a friends ass.  I knew I couldn't see what his other hand was at,but when she backed towards the hand gripping that sexy round ass cheek,it was obvious he was touching at her pussy. Now with venom in my soul,I set my mind to revenge. If my husband thought he could grope any pussy he fancied. Just watch this space buddy.
 Grope be fucked! I would fuck,not just stop at a grope. So it was to be. My target for starters of course,would be the friends husband. It was a sure fire fuck he was lined up for. - Well,can you blame me,how was I to know whether my hubby had got into her knicker's before or after I'd watched him touching her up?
 Simmering with rage,I found myself going over just how the hell I could seduce the said target. Understand he wasn't undesirable and I'd even eyed him up on occasions with lecherous thoughts in my mind. In fact,I was sure I'd spotted a mutual desire as our eyes met but he quickly broke the eye contact on these occasions. I put this down to fear of the consequences if his wife noticed,yet she was quite blatant with her flirting in his face.
 He and I,I was sure were just more reserved or perhaps shy,even a bit of both. Hence my dilemma,as too how to go about getting him to fuck me.

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   A while had now passed and on a boiling hot day,an opportunity presented itself. I was busy doing houshold activities and had the ironing board out. Because of the heat I had a very flimsy white loose fitting blouse on and an equally sheer skirt. No bra' or panty's as what little air drifted about my body made me sexually counscious of the light touching of these clothes.
 One sensation was my top was just flittingly touching and making my nipples stiff as I swung my tits in rythm with the swing of the iron. The loose top allowing me to watch my tits swinging was having the effect of me deciding,shortly the ironing would have to wait till I masterbated somewhat. Looking at the pile of washing; two shirts time,that's when I'd stop and have a finger at myself, - Remember to switch the iron off mind! This having gone through my brain,I was startled by my back door opening, "Anyone at home?"
 OMG. Its him,our friends husband and me almost naked. In here,I'm ironing! The thought of seduction left me in an instant,just when I had the chance. - You chicken,all this time thinking how to,then you're too scared too. - Stupidly I was trembling at the thought of him seeing me with my hard nipples clearly visible. Worse,I now realised that looking at the wall mirror,my darkened oreoles were easy to see through the sheer material.
 I could do nothing as he popped his head round the door. "Hi,shall I make us a coffee,you look as if you need one,I'm melting its so sweltering out" 'Yeah,you know where everything is,be my guest,two sugars for me. Hot? you've said it,especially with all this ironing to do,I was just thinking of taking a break' He,through the door now.

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   "I've come looking for a bolt hole to be honest. She's on one over there,I only joked that she was a toucher and liked being touched and she just went APE with me"
 "How stupid was that? we're not blind are we,your old man and my missus are toucher's SO? its no big deal in my book" At that instant,I had a mind switch. No it wasn't really,if we got it together,him and me,equally that was no big deal either. Not voicing this of course,I now felt a lot better about the fact he was about to sit and drink coffee with me,while seeing and watching my tits swinging and tormenting his balls.
 He appeared with our coffee's,sitting in front of the ironing board, determined to alter my plan slightly and do some more ironing while the coffee cooled slightly. More to the point,I was enjoying the feeling between my legs as my pussy was making my thighs stick to each other and each time I moved my stance,this stickiness was pulling at my inner labias lips trying to pull me open. Would he get hard watching me ironing? His eyes certainly was taking in the scenery.
 Try as I was,I wasn't sure whether I had had an effect on his cock. He'd all this time been sipping at his coffee,Its cooler now,if you want it, - My fertile mind wondered whether he had intended the connotation I myself had spun onto this statement. I certainly did want it,the coffee also,as my throat dried at the thought of sex with him. I switched off the iron and wondered about where to sit bearing in mind I had no panty's on. I needn't have worried for,as I moved to get my coffee he stood up and "Can I pop up to your loo,that coffee is having an effect"
 'Sure you can" He stood,as my eyes lowered before his waist as I sat down alongside where he had just vacated. Turning towards the door,that bulge at eye level was no mirage,I'd given him a hardon. With hand and arm weakly trying to disguise this he headed for the door. All to quick he returned,no way had he been away long enough to pee,but his cock,although still hard was in an up the belly position.

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   'Gets you like that doesn't it' "Coffee? yeah" I looked at him knowingly. He responded embarrassedly, "You noticed,sorry,it shouldn't have,it was, - he looked at my tits, well you know what did it" I smiled, 'Ever considered,I might be flattered?'
 Relaxing slightly he sat back down,now beside me. His hand touched my thigh, "Its so damn thin,this material, - he moved my dress up and down slightly. You know sheer,women call it don't they?" 'Yeah,you blokes think of it as,see through! I never dreamed you'd catch me in it though' "Lucky me! - he blushed, sorry,it just came out,I know I shouldn't have said that" All this while his hand had been sliding the material on my thigh to and fro. Then as though burned, he ripped his hand from my thigh. "Sorry! Sorry! I better go,I'm so damned sorry,I'm acting as bad as my wife and your old man. I'm not really a toucher,really I'm not"
 I had been conscious of his rubbing my thigh and I was enjoying it. 'Drink your coffee Ron,you don't need to be embarrassed or have a need to leave,surely you realised if I'd have objected,I'd have moved your hand off me' "I feel so damn guilty,I couldn't help it. When you were ironing,apart from seeing them, - I shivered as he touched one of my nipples, You can also see the dark circles and even worse. No I mean better. No! you know what I mean. This thin stuff, - he touched my thigh again, its so sheer,well frankly I could see the darkness of your pubes. There,I've said it now. That's what made me,well you know,what you saw. I'd better go hadn't I?" The last came out as a plea for me to say, NO YOU CAN STAY.

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 'Ron,you acted normally,you made me tingle,I'm not stupid,I knew you were looking at my breasts and loved the dirty feeling it was giving me.  I admit it didn't occur to me that you could see under the ironing board,least of all that my pubes would show there' "And I could see right up to your,well right up. That sun on the wall made it show through between your legs,especially when you moved and the top part parted" I went all hot,he wasn't saying it in so much as words but he'd virtually seen my quim. 'No knickers?' Innocently he repeated, "No knickers. I thought as much when I could see the dark bit"
 I didn't spell that out. He's spent a while looking at my pubes and cunt,no wonder the poor sod was stiff. What happens now I wondered. 'Let me finish the must do items then well talk properly,okay?' "Yeah,as you wish,sure you're okay with me staying still?" 'Of course,after all,it wasn't of your making,neither of us really. It just occured' He settled down to enjoy a further view. In a while he lifted slightly and adjusted his trouser's. Clearly I was making him hard again.
 I watched as he stood and picking up our cups he made to take them to the kitchen. "Another?" 'No not just now' I answered while thinking,How long did it take him to think that excuse up? I was right,back through the door he came but instead of resuming his seat he came behind me. "Pam,its driving me crazy,we mustn't I know,but could we? you know" His hand held my breast,then both. My nipples tingled to his touch.

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   Trying to turn my head,his tongue touched my neck and headed up to my lips. We enjoyed a tender lingering kiss.
 I held the hot iron conscious that I stood a good chance of scorching something if I let it rest on it. I marvelled at the sensations the forbidden fruit was sending through my body. I felt him shiver as he pressed his hand down my body towards my thigh. It started to lift the hem and I tingled even more as I felt this hem touch my protruding curly pubes. I was doing it,my free hand was reaching behind me and searching for his protusion. Finding it,I clung to it with my hand and I could feel it getting larger.
 Now his other hand left my breast and I felt the back of my dress being pulled up,then his now sweaty palm gripped my bum cheek. His hand squeezing my bum helped as his other hand pressed between my legs. Heaven descended on my nether region,my legs started shaking and wobbling,he was taking over and was hell bent on fucking me.
 'Stop,I can't do it like this,I can't get it out one handed,let me put the iron down safely. - This was oh so un-romantic. My mind flicked again,ROMANTIC? course this isn't. This is pure animal LUST.

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   Gone was any thought of reprisal toward his wife or my husband. I now wanted only a lust filled fucking,not only for now,but just when I fancied it,with whoever I chose.
 Both his hands were now at my pussy as he dry fucked at my bum. 'Stop,let me get in a better place for it' He stopped and I stood and literally tore my skirt off my body. 'Trouser's,loose them' He did. Naked below the belly,we re-joined in our endevours for sex. Facing each other I felt his hardon against my belly and caught hold of it as he now frigged my clitoris. As my back came against the wall.  An orgasm was seconds away as I pressed his cock in between my bending legs. He felt my slit against his cocks head and just as my orgasm overtook me he rammed the fucker into my very soul.
 I grabbing at his muscular tense ass cheeks while thrusting for all I was worth as sweat poured from our faces. Equally I felt he would split my asshole apart as he gripped my cheeks and thrust so hard our pubic bones clashed at each other.  Then we arrived,his orgasm sent burst after burst of warm sperm deep up inside me as I felt my orgasm spirt equally warm liquid to outpour over his penis and scrotum. His head on my shoulder whispered, "Fucking hell,that was such a thrill you gave me,I just had to shoot it up you. The pill okay?" 'No, never us one' "Fuck don't you? What if?" 'Yeah, - I responded,now back to reality, What if,that would sort 'em!'
 Looking at me seriously now, "He really pissed you off didn't he? Mine as well,I wonder if they have fucked?" 'Who cares,we've either drew with them,you know tit-for-tat,or we've beaten them to the draw.

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   Some draw,TEX' you certainly draw deep,I thought your spunk would never stop cumming up there' Familiarly now, "Well what a work up you gave me,flashing pussy and tit all over,what would you expect from a hungery Cock?" Smiling, 'More whenever I want it!' "You got it,say in two hours then,she's off out then" 'Funny that,so's my husband. Don't forget to put your trousers back on,wouldn't want our neighbours thinking anything untoward was happening'
 Cheeky sod,he took a towel and wiped our residue from his knob. I smiled. 'Use one I haven't ironed next time' and gave him a smack on his ass cheeks that slapped so loud the next door neighbours could have heard. 'See you in awhile dribble dick' He looked down,sure enough,still more sperm had dribbled from the end. "See,he's ready to carry on now if you are" 'Go away you horny man,before I weaken to your invitation' He went before I could cum again. Bye then.


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