Red Riding Hood has some fun


It had been a long time since Sarah had walked alone to her grandmas. 7 years exactly, and now the 17 year old was about to try again. After the last incident, she was feeling a little uneasy.

Sarah started into the forest a little frightened, but soon realized she was being foolish. Everything was silent and peaceful on the path. She began to relax and continued down the path.

Sarah had grown up a lot since the last time she was alone in the forest. She had become a beautiful young woman with brown hair, slim, curvy figure, and perfect DD tits that she hardly need a bra for. Today she wore a strapless, white, a-line skirt dress that ended just below her ass, so that if the wind picked it up, you could see her whole butt. Under that she had on her red, skimpy thong. And finally, her short, red riding cloak.

She was a stunner, and loved to tease all the boys. But she was a virgin, waiting for the right time to give it up.

So Sarah walked along the path, taking in the scenery. She pulled out her cell to check the time: 12:15. It took about half and hour to get to her Grandmas, and she wasn't excepted until about 1:30.

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   So she took her time, walking slowly.

Although it was a hot summer day, occasionally a gust of wind would blow past, causing Sarah's nipples to harden. She loved when this happened, and would pinch them and get excited. She loved feeling horny, and thought about stopping to masturbate soon. Walking along, she caressed her huge tits, and ran her hands down her curves.

In the distance, Sarah heard someone humming. She froze and waited. A shirtless man strode out from behind a tree. He was tall, muscly, and had short brown hair. He was very attractive. Sarah realized that it was the lumberjack that had saved her from the wolf 7 years ago. But then, he was only 18. Now 7 years later, he was very much a man.

He stopped and noticed Sarah sanding there. A wide grin crossed his face.

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   "Well well, isn't it little red?" He joked. "It's been a long time," His eyes wondered over her body.

Sarah laughed, "Yeah, too long. " His eyes lingered on Sarah's tits, and she remembered her nipples were still hard. She was getting more excited, and wet.

"Well, it's not safe walking here alone, I should join you. To keep you safe. " He said.

"Sure. " Sarah responded. And started to walk beside him. Then she noticed that the front of his pants had gotten tight, and she smiled to herself. She loved to tease. She walked ahead slightly, and bent over, so he got a full view of her ass. "OH! a flower.

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The man walked right up to her and grabbed her ass. Rather shocked, Sarah spun around. "I don't like teases. " He smiled, "It makes me want more. And I can't take no for an answer. " Then he pushed her roughly against a tree and kissed her passionately. Sarah had never been kissed like that before. It make her knees weak, and she gave in. he continued to kiss her, while he grabbed her ass with both hands.

Sarah was getting very wet, and couldn't wait to move on. She slowly moved down, kissing his shirtless chest, stomach, until she was on her knees, unbuttoning his pants. She pushed them down and out flung his huge 9" cock. She grasped it with both hands and started to lick his head, slowly, teasing him. He moaned slightly. She licked up and down his staff, until she put his head in her mouth, twirling her tongue around it.

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   He couldn't take it anymore and pushed his whole cock into her mouth, deep throat. He moved her head back and forth, and she sucked as much as she could.

Finally she pulled back, his cock still hard. "Gotta save some for later," he said and pulled her up. he picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him, and was pushed against the tree. He pushed down her top, exposing her huge perfect tits. He started licking them, and biting her nipples. She squealed with pleasure. She loved it. "you're just so fucking hot" he mumbled.

He then put Sarah on the ground and moved down to her pussy. he ripped off her thong and threw it into a tree. He plunged his face into her pussy and started to lick and suck her clit. Sarah starts to tremble and shake. He was a master, and knew every way to move his tongue.

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  he then stuck his tongue into her pussy and eat up her juices. Sarah is shaking with an amazing orgasm, unlike any other.

He licked and sucked for what seemed like forever, and Sarah could hardly take anymore. Then she felt his cock rub against her clit. Finally, he slammed his huge dick into Sarah's wet pussy, and she screamed with pleasure. "OH you're so tight you dirty slut!" He yelled. "Oh, so tight. Feels soo good. You like it eh? Whore. Take it. ohh. "

"YES!" Sarah screamed. "OH GOD YES!"

He pounded her over and over, "FASTER! OH GOD HARDER!" She screamed. "FUCK ME HARD!"


"YES! OH GOD!" Sarah was trembling with orgasm after orgasm.

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   But he wouldn't stop.

"Dirty slut, you want more. You love it, I. . Oh oh oh. . YES!" Sarah felt him blow. His hot cum shot inside her, giving her another orgasm. She trembled violently. Hepulled out and his cum shot over her tits. She licked her tits to taste the cum. "mmm"

He bench down and started to eat her out again. Sarah trembled and shook. Again she orgasmed over and over. His tongue flicked her clit, then pressed hard and moved in circles.

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   "OHH" Sarah moaned. He then moved up and licked her tits all over, and bit both nipples hard. "You are so hot, little red. " Then he placed his cock between her tits and titty fucked her, until he blew again, over her tits and face. Sarah licked it all up.

Finally, He got up and pulled up his pants. "I'll be here tomorrow, if you want a good time. " He winked and strode off, leaving Sarah laying on the trail, tits exposed, and pussy wet. It was the best time off her life, and would definitely come back tomorrow.