Santa Gets a Present


   I dreaded going to my wife's company Christmas party, but there was no getting out of it.   Alice had been at her new job less than a year and was soaring to the top of the corporate chain.   Her promotions were coming at the rate of almost every other month.   I was happy for her, as she brought plaques of praise, letters of appreciation, and even cash bonuses.   I was also happy for the extra income she was getting; in fact, she now made a lot more than I did.
   All of this success came with a price; our home life had become almost non-existent.  Yet I was still happy for her and could tell she was enjoying her career.   I was sure things would smooth out at work and we would again have some sort of home life.   When I say home life what I am really talking about is our sex life, it had almost disappeared.  It always seemed that Alice was either too tired or too preoccupied with her job to have sex.   Lately the closest thing to having sex with my wife was sniffing her dirty panties as I jacked off.
   I knew I would be out of place at the party; I had yet to meet anyone from her work.   This was to be a family party with not only wives and husbands but kids also.   As of yet we had no children in fact I'm not sure if my wife wants kids, she says she does but just not now.   I was imagining the evening ahead of me as all the employees sit around talking shop and we spouses sit around talking about families.   I didn't know it was to get worse.

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   I heard the phone ring, and heard my wife-saying hello; I didn't listen but could hear some concern in her voice.   After hanging up she came into the den and she had that look of concern on her face.   She was in a little pair of red transparent panties.   I could see she had completely shaved her bush and wondered how long she had been bald.   Her little tittys looked so cute standing out strait with her nipples at attention.   I felt my lust and my cock rising fast; I pulled her to me and kissed her nipples.   I heard her sigh and she ran her fingers through my hair, I rose to kiss her, and she pushed me away.  
"James we don't have time for this, besides I already have my make up on. "
"I know, it's just you look so damn sexy, I couldn't help myself.   Let me kiss those tittys one more time. "
She offered herself to me and I feasted on her little A cups.   Alice's boobs were small but they were very sensuous, she held my head against her as I kissed and sucked on her.   When I gently started biting and pulling on her nipples with my teeth, I think she came.   I went back to gentle kisses and biting using just my lips.   I don't know who loved this breast play more, my wife or myself.

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    I know we men are supposed to like huge knockers, but I have always been attracted to small-breasted women.   With my wife having such sensuous breasts and me with almost a small breast fetish, we were a match made in heaven.
   Alice held my head against her as I almost nursed her engorged nipples.
"James, I need a favor from you tonight. "
Of course she did, I'm sure she knew I could not deny anything she asked in the aroused shape I was in right now.
"That phone call was from Mr. Bowman, he said George was in the hospital with a bad appendix or something. "
"Gee that's too bad"
I said, keeping my mouth on her breast.
"James you don't understand, he was going to be Santa tonight.   Mr. Bowman wants me to come up with a new Santa. "
All of a sudden, the warning lights went on in my head.
"Don't tell me. . .

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She pulled me back to her breast, holding my face against her and stroking my hair.
"Yes James, I want you to play Santa for us tonight.   If you do a good job, I will give you a special present when we get home tonight. "
  I put up a fuss, complaining about rug rats, smelly costumes, and such but the more I thought about it the better I liked it.  Here was my excuse for not putting up with all the boring spouses and their boring talk.   I could 'Ho,Ho,HO' it through the night and not have to worry what anybody was saying.   Alice sent me out to find a costume, telling me not come back without a good-looking Santa suit.   It took awhile but I found a great suit at an outrageous rental, I felt that not only had I done what my wife asked, I was sticking it to her company at the same time.   When I got back home, my wife was still in panties but she had added a camisole and I noticed she was braless.   God she looked so sexy, I knew I was going to be a Santa with a hard on all night.   Alice told me to get dressed and take the suit with me so I could change there.   By the time I finished dressing she was ready to go.   My wife looked beautiful, with her little black dress showing so much leg and I could see her nipples pushing out like little pencil erasers.
"You look gorgeous, but black is not much of a holiday color. "
"Can't you see my red toenails through these open toed shoes, and look red fingernails too.

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    Did you forget about my red panties?"
She lifted her dress to show me her panties.
"How many other people get to see those tonight?"
"We'll just have to find out won't we?"
  The party was at one of the big hotels downtown, they had the big ballroom with a live orchestra and another smaller room adjacent.   As soon as we got there my wife sent me to a changing room to put on my costume.
"I'll come back to get you when we want you to make your appearance. "
With that, she left me alone to try to put my suit on by myself.   The problem was once I got my big belly on I couldn't get my pants or my boots on.   I guess I was cussing and fussing rather loud, and this woman stuck her head in the door to see what was happening.
"Are you alright Santa, you sound a little stressed?"
I apologized for being so verbal and told her of my problems.   She volunteered to help and together we finally got my costume on.   I turned to her and joked,
"You are a very good little girl for helping Santa, and I will have a special present for you under the tree. "
"Oh thank you Santa, I always wanted a special present. "  She joked back to me.
We were sitting and talking when my wife returned.   I told her how I couldn't get into costume alone and how this lady helped me.
"Hi June, I'm glad you came to his rescue.

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    Are you ready James the children are waiting?  You see how the presents are coded by age and sex.   Now don't screw this up, I am depending on you. "
  I went out with my Ho, Ho, Hos, and my big sack of toys wondering if I could pull it off, I had never been a Santa before.   I looked up, and saw all those screaming kids running at me and knew it was too late now to back out.   It went really well, all of the children received age appropriate presents.   They were all running around, eyes glazed with a sugar rush that I remembered getting as a child.   June came up and sat in my lap with her arms around me, I could tell she had been drinking.   She reached down to my lap and grabbed a hold of my cock adjusting it so she could sit on it.   Then she looked up and kissed me through my beard sticking her tongue into my mouth.  
"Santa I don't want to wait until Christmas for my special present you promised, I want it tonight. "
  It was embarrassing; here was Santa with a hard on sticking out of his suit like a tent pole.   I looked around the room, no one seem to notice us, the only people in this room  were the kids who were too busy playing with new toys and their parents who were too  busy trying to keep them in tow.   I decided it was a good time for Santa to make his exit.   With another Ho, HO, HO, and a Merry Christmas I made my exit holding my bag in front of my erection.   I went back to the changing room and June followed soon after.

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    She said she would help get my suit off but instead she helped get me off.   As soon as she got my pant around my ankles she dropped to her knees and put her mouth on my dick.   Wow was she good; she slurped my cock as if it was a candy cane swallowing it all the way to my balls.   It didn't take me long to get into the program, I grabbed her head and started pumping in and out of her mouth.   Without warning I shot my load down her throat, she was so surprised it started coming out her mouth but she recovered quickly hardly spilling a drop and even licked her lips when she was done.   I noticed she had her hand under her dress obviously rubbing her cunt as if she was in heat.
"Can I help with that, my dick won't be much use now, but my tongue is ready? 
I sat her on the couch and as she was removing her panties, I started to take off my beard.
"No don't do that leave the beard, I want to feel it next to my pussy. "
I thinking this woman definitely has a Santa fetish but I did as she asked.   I put my bearded face right into her bearded pussy and ate her until she had a thundering climax, she screamed and grabbed my head while rubbing my face into her wet slit.
"Oh my god, oh my god, that was wonderful.   Oh Santa that was the nicest present ever, ever. "
I gave her a HO, HO, HO as I stood.   She grabbed my cock and stroked it to an erection.
"Can I sit on your lap Santa?  I've been good.

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I sat on the couch next to her and she mounted me like a pony.   Next she proceeded to ride me as she frenched me through my beard.
"So tell me little girl does Santa's beard taste like pussy?"
"Oh yes Santa it does, and it smells just like my pussy too. "
She started ridding me harder as she came once more and then I did too.  
  Except for her panties and my pants around my ankles we were both still dressed, of course our clothes looked somewhat the worse for wear.   I was the lucky one I had a change of clothes but June was a mess, her dress was wrinkled, her lipstick smeared all over her chin and I think there was some of my come on her blouse.   I started to change my clothes and when I went to pull my Beard off she asked me not to.
"I don't know who you are or what you look like; I want to keep it that way.   This is just between Santa and me. "
 She reached up kissed me again then tucked her panties into my belt.
"Keep these to remember me by. "
Then she left me alone in the little room.   After changing I put the suit into the bag that held the toys and went to look for my wife.
I went to the ballroom after getting some champagne, I found my wife talking to her boss.   She had quite a buzz on; in fact she was pretty tipsy.

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    We went to dance to a nice slow song, at least this way I could hold her up.
"Honey, thank you so much for playing Santa for us tonight, it really helped us out of a jam.   With June's husband in the hospital I had no idea who would be Santa this year. "
All of a sudden it was clear to me what was up with June.   This was something she and her husband did, this made me somebody different from her husband and yet somehow the same.   Well I was glad I could help.
  At the end of the evening we were both too drunk to drive home so we took one of the rooms the company had reserved and spent the night.   My wife already had the room key in her purse and after letting us into the room we fell on the bed.   I helped my wife off with her dress and noticed no red panties then I glanced up at the nightstand and there they were.   I never asked my wife how she left her panties in the hotel room but then I never told her about Santa's special gift to Jane.   The best part of the night came next as Alice gave me my special present as she tried to fuck my balls off.  
  I did keep June's panties hidden in a drawer and I don't even want to tell you how much the rental company charged me to clean Santa's beard, but it was worth it.   Merry Christmas everybody we hope you all enjoy this holiday season.