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My wife, Melissa is a very pretty 22 year old blond. . . great long legs and tight round butt. . . and very shy.
We were in St. Louis, out on the town. . . had a few drinks. . . danced a little.

I've had a fantasy for months about watching her fuck another guy, and talked to her about it when we are fucking, and I can tell the idea turns her on, but, she says she would never do it

I had been told about a massage place in St.

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  Louis where they guarantee that your wife will get fucked while you can watch from an observation room without her knowing.

I told Melissa that we need to go have a good massage and go back to out hotel and fuck. I told her I knew about a good massage parlor, and she agreed.

When we got there, Melissa was led into a room and she thought I was going in to another room for my massage.

I went into the room with a one of those mirrors that you can see thru from one side, but, not the other.

The lady attendant told her to get undressed and get on the table. . . and left the room. I watched Melissa take off her skirt and top and get on the table, wearing nothing but very small panties. She lay down on her back, and covered her breasts with a small towel.

A surprised look when two young guys walked in. She was directed to relax and just enjoy the massage, and they started. One of the guys poured oil on her from her stomach to her thighs and down to her feet and began the rub. The other guy was at the top of the table and began rubbing her shoulders.

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Soon, hands were between her thighs and on her breasts and she was squirming and her nipples were very hard and the guy put his hand between her legs. Then her breasts were being rubbed and she began making'ohhh ohhh' sounds. Both the guys took off their shorts and bothhad very large and very hard dicks.

The guy near her face asked her if she wanted the big dick in her pussy or mouth. She whispered, "my pussy", and the guy moved between her legs and pushed his huge dick into her tight little pussy. The other guy, was by her face and put the head of his dick on her lips, and she began licking and sucking it and he fucked her mouth,, and when he began cumming, she began deep throating his dick and her stomach began jerking and I knew she was cumming. The guy fucking her began cumming and she moaned louder than I have ever heard.

After they were done, she met me in the lobby. She asked if the girl massaging me had touched me sexually, and I said ":No". . . how 'bout you.

Melissa said, that the girl that massaged her didn't either, but, thought she might have wanted too.

She walked a few feet in front of me, and the back of her skirt was wet with cum.

Back at the hotel, we had the best fuck that we had ever had.

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