Spending the night with Trevor


I walked up the small concrete path up to the front door and rang the doorbell. My thirteen year old best friend opened the door. "Hey Aaron! What's up? You ready for the last day of summer?" It was the final day of summer before we started 9th grade. Every year, my best friend, Trevor, invites me over to his house to go swimming and spend the night before the first day. A few years ago, Trevor's mom and dad had gone through a rough divorce. This year, his mom had started dating an ex-baseball player and they got engaged. Since he is very wealthy, Trevor and his mom got to move in with him at his huge, beautiful house. I had never been to his house before, so I was in for a surprise. We walk upstairs to Trevor's room so I can put my stuff down. To get to his room, we passed his game room, and my jaw dropped. He had a huge plasma screen T. V. , every game system, and just about every game that was worth playing. "Wow, we're going to have fun tonight," I thought to myself. Little did I know what "fun" we would actually be having.

We both changed into our swimming trunks and headed out to the pool.

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   The pool was huge and had a diving board and a basket ball hoop next to it. We played basket ball in the pool for a while and then we took turns diving. After that we played fetch with his dog. It started to get dark so we finally went inside and played some games on his huge T. V. His mom brought us a pizza and we had soon eaten the entire thing. We stayed up playing video games until 1 am and Trevor's mom came in and told us to turn it off and go to sleep. So we shut down the Xbox and I stripped down to my boxers and Trevor put on a night shirt and some gym shorts.

We turned on the T. V. and he laid on the couch and I on the floor. He changed the channels until he stopped on woman's wrestling. Wrestling is his favorite thing to watch on T. V. , especially if its women.

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   He always watches it and talks about it. So we watched it for awhile and we both tell that we were starting to get horny. I wanted to jack off so bad and I could tell that Trevor wanted to also. Finally, Trevor turned off the T. V. and said good night. I was so horny but I still managed to go to sleep.

As I slept, I had a few sexual dreams about my ex-girlfriend, and when I woke up, I was extremely hard and hornier than ever. I couldn't take it any longer, so I stuck my hand in my boxers and started to jack off. It felt so good to finally relieve myself. I started to yank harder and harder, then I look over ant Trevor and I see him asleep with his hand down his shorts. Ha! He must have been doing the same thing.

I got back to yanking but all I could think about was Trevor. Now, prior to this, I had always thought of Trevor as hot. He had long brown hair, blue eyes, and a slender but muscular body.

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   But now, seeing him masturbate himself to sleep, and being as horny as I was, I couldn't resist. I went over to where he was sleeping, took a deep breath, and stuck my hand down his pants. "Hehehe," I thought to myself, "no underwear. " I massaged his cock and balls until he was good and hard, then I gently removed his shorts to reveal his amazing 8 inch cock. I stopped to take in the beautiful sight for awhile until I couldn't wait any longer, I removed my boxers, revealing my pretty impressive 7 inch cock. Then, I carefully climbed on top of him to where my bare ass was in his face, and I started sucking his cock.

I gagged a little at first, but I soon got my rhythm and took the whole thing in my mouth. I had been sucking for about ten minutes, and enjoying every second when, to my surprise I felt his warm, wet tongue licking my butthole. I jump and looking around. Laughing, he said, "You know, Aaron, you have a nice ass. " His tongue went to my butthole again and all I could say was "thank you. "

I returned to sucking and a few minutes later he said "Ok, I'm gonna cum. " I ignored him and kept sucking, until he shot his huge load into my mouth, and I swallowed the whole thing. "Wow, Aaron, you swallowed it all! Now it's my turn!" he said. We swapped positions and I started to lick his magnificent ass.

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   I slowly ran my tongue up and down his crack, and he slowly started sucking. Oh! It finally felt sooo good to have someone sucking my cock. His mouth was so warm and felt so good on my throbbing cock.

I licked faster and stuck my tongue into his hole. He moaned a little, and then kept sucking. A while later, I told him I was going to cum, but, just like me, he ignored it and kept suck. I blew my load and, just as I had, he swallowed the entire thing. He laid down next to me and a grabbed him and started to make out. His tongue started to explore my mouth so I explored his. We kissed for five minutes when he pulled out and whispered, "Fuck me now. " "As you wish," I said. We rolled over and I slowly pushed my dick into his beautiful asshole. He screamed with pain but then started to moan with pleasure. His ass was so tight around my dick that I didn't think I would last very long. He yelled faster so I sped up the pace until you could hear my balls slapping against his smooth, perfect ass cheeks.

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   We kept this up until I couldn't restrain myself and I yelled "I'm gonna cum!" "Stay in me. " He said. I stayed in him and filled his ass with hot cum. "My turn" I said. So we shifted and he stuck his dick in my butt. I screamed in pain, but the pleasure soon overwhelmed the pain and I started moaning. He sped up the pace and soon he came inside me. The feeling was magnificent. He pulled out and I looked up and saw Trevor's little brother grinning at us.

Trevor's little brother, Tom, was ten years old but knew everything about sex already. The horror wasn't that he saw us fucking, but that he knew exactly what we were doing. We both stared at him, and he grinned at us until finally he said, "I know exactly what you to be doing, and I'll tell everyone unless you let me join in. " We were both speechless. Trevor's ten year old brother was actually telling us to fuck him. My good judgment said no but his beautiful young body and tiny, smokin' ass said yes.

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   I could tell Trevor want to also, so I thought "what the heck" and got up, walked over to him and started to kiss him. As we kissed I removed his gym shorts and underwear. I pulled him over to the couch and removed his shirt. Trevor started sucking his tiny dick and I licked his tiny ass. Tom started breathing heavily and moaning, and I could tell he was probably having his first little erection.

We continued until he reached his climax, but, being only ten, nothing came out. "That was awesome!" he screamed. "Want more?" I asked. "Yep!" he replied. I looked at Trevor and he gave me a "you said it you do it" look. I took a deep breath and grabbed his smooth ass. I couldn't believe it, I was about to fuck a ten year old! I stuck my dick in his hole and he screamed with pain. I pulled out a little but he said to stay in, so I stayed still until the screams turned to moans. I gently pushed in and out, and I could tell he was enjoying it. As I went faster and faster, I felt Trevor's cock enter my asshole.

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   We pushed faster and faster until all three of us climaxed at the same time. Cum came out both mine and Tom's ass. We laid there on the cum-soaked couch and fell asleep in each other's arms. When we woke up, we found Trevor's dog licking the cum out of our asses, but that's the beginning of a whole different story. . .

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