Steam Room part four


Steam Room prt 4 by Lethrman
a recounting of a time when bareback was safe.

For those that read part 4, the system circumcized the story.
Here is the full version of the previous appetizer. . . . . .

The next thing I found was the steam room. This is what I came here for. I had been to a couple public steam room/bath houses back in Portland and loved it. When I heard of this one, I had to come here (not knowing at the time how literal that would be) and try it out.
Getting to the door to pay the entry fee, I find out it is a "men's club. "
Well, crap. It was a long ass drive here, to leave now. Besides, I don't have to do anything I don't want to, right?I'm no prude, nor homophobic, I tell myself.

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  Take your steam, just say no, and leave when done. Well, how's that worked out so far?

As I walk toward the steam room, I see my reflection in the big mirror. Not bad. Not a Venice Beach candidate, but still in great shape. Firm, strong frame for a man in his 30's.
Thick thighs and calves from years of hiking mountains. Strong arms and barrel chest from construction work. No six pack, but solid.
I smile to myself as my towel drops a bit and my firm ass peeks out. I wonder how many gents will get hard wanting this.
Damn, here I am, now thinking about whether somebody wants to fuck my ass.
My mind is racing with thoughts I would never have had before.
Or have I?
During these orgies, is it watching a girl get fucked by a cock, or watching a nice cock fuck that gets me hot?
I start to wonder how far I will let somebody go with me?
How far will I go with somebody else?
I have heard of people being 'BI. 'Was that me?
I certainly enjoyed getting my cock sucked in the maze.
The guy taking my cock was intense.

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Or was it just the moment that made it intense?
Does it really matter to me who gives my cock a work out?
>>OBSERVATION: With women it's, 'Whaam bam, thank you, mam,' they get pissed. With men it's, 'whaam bam, thank you, man!'We don't always need to 'make love' and 'cuddle,' just an animal need to cum, as often as possible.
Maybe that's just me, 'cause I'm always horny.

Through the glass door is a shower pole.
To the left is a glass wall with a steam clouded door in the center of it.
The cold water runs over my body chilling the skin as I prepare to enter the steam room.
The glass door closes behind me and the steam is heavy in the room, the tiles are warm. I can make out several people on the lower tiled benches that are 2ft off the floor, run the length of the back wall and to the left where there seems to be an upper tiled loft 2ft above and behind the 18" wide bench.
I find it to be about 4 ft deep, as wide as the room is deep and only 4. 5 ft from the ceiling. The room is 8 ft deep and 12 ft wide. All the surfaces in this room are tiled, slick and wet with steam; droplets merging together and rolling down the walls and dripping from the ceiling tiles.
There is more steam and heat in the loft, so I move up there.

About every 5 minutes the steam fills the room.
Every one is slick with steam and sweat.


It is hard to breath from the hot steam up on the loft.
The steam goes off again filling the room.
I watch as one guy jacks his cock watching two men jack each other while another sucks on a 6 inch dick.
My cock starts to swell.
Another man enters and sits on the bench below the loft.
I slide down from the shelf and to the showers outside the room. A cold shower is a nice shock after the hot steam.
Even with the cold water I can't help wondering if I am being watched while they jack themselves.
With all these men walking about with only towels on (myself included), able to have sex and having sex whenever, where ever, is really a turn on. I feel I'm steadily losing my inhibitions.
A tall, thin man in his 30's perhaps, enters the shower to the back of the poll. His cock is fat at the base and tapers to a wedge shaped head. Heavy veins run the length of the shaft. The ball sac hangs low and I watch in fascination as it sways back and forth while he soaps up.
I turn and bend over showing my wet, slick ass to the room, sliding my hands over my legs from thigh to ankle, making my cheeks spread as wide as the can.

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  I'm such a tease, I say to myself, then back up between my legs till I pull on my ball sack and with my other fingers find my virgin sphincter, pushing in the tip to the first knuckle. My cock stretches.
I look up as the thin man soaps his cock. MMm.

I slide back up into the loft and a guy is there, the man from the bench?His cock half hard, his balls hanging low over his thigh as he reclines on one elbow. I find myself not being able to look away from this nice, fat cock.
Hmmm. I feel my cock twitch.
The scene has changed since I left. One of the two men jacking is now sucking the other, the man that was jacking is now standing, getting head from the guy being sucked and the guy with the 6 inch dick is now deep throating the other guy.
As I said, my inhibitions are fading fast and all this action is making my cock grow thicker by the moment.
I am watching all this cock and I'm feeling jealous and I want some for me.
The tiles are slick and the steam is again filling the room and hot water is dripping from the ceiling tiles, burning like wax on the skin.
Looking over at the man on this shelf with me, he is being partially covered by the steam and I can only really see him from the waist down, and there is that cock. "Ummm.

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  " I hear myself.
It seems to be getting thicker. "Mmmmm. "
I feel a need to know what it feels like in my mouth.
I slide toward him and hope I do not upset him.
As I slide to him, I place my hand on his thigh and move it toward his beautiful cock. He seems startled at first, but does not move away. My hand caresses his leg as it slides to the backside and finds his ass cheeks.
"MMmmmmm. "Again the sound comes from the bottom of my throat.
As I look at his cock, I can see it getting thicker.
"This is it," I tell myself.
I move slowly closer. My tongue sneaks out and licks the head, making it jump and swell. I feel butterflies as for the second time my tongue darts out.

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  My lips touch the hot flesh of his cock head and slowly move down the shaft to his balls. I lick one of his balls, feeling the soft flesh. I lick the other one and suck the skin in. I pull back to look at his cock as it grows thicker and longer, wet from the steam.
I want to feel it grow in my mouth.
My mouth opens and I do it.
I take the head into my mouth and take as much as I can.
I do feel it thicken.
"MMMmmm. "I know he can feel the vibration on his cock as my moan escapes my throat.
Oh, damn!It is so hard, yet soft.
It fills my mouth.
I go deeper. OOoo, yessss.
It is so hot.

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  So taboo.
My cock is hard, I am so turned on by this cock in my mouth.
My mouth starts moving up and down on his cock, sucking the head then seeing how far I can go down on this hard, hot flesh.
Faster, then slow, taking it, feeling it, wanting his cock in my mouth. Maybe even needing it in my mouth.
The steam fills the loft again, making it hard to breath through the heat.
His balls roll gently in my hand as I work his soft nut sac.
I feel the thick, ropey veins of his magnificent 8" cock on my lips and tongue.
My cock is so hard it aches as it slides on the hot tiles.
Briefly, I think about him cumming in my mouth. Yes?No?I have been tasting and swallowing his lightly salty precum as I suck him, dipping my hard tongue into his pee slit.
Not bad. But can I take a full load of his thick cum. . .

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  . ?
My hand slides over his slick body, feeling his tight abs, hard nipples then back to his firm ass and pull him to me so I can lick all of his hard cock. That's nice, but not the same as having cock filling your mouth.
Hot steam drips from above, searing my skin, adding to the moment.
I breath in and take almost all of his cock in.
His hips start to move with my mouth.
He's feeling it. I know I'm doing a good job sucking. I work him intently.
I was really into making that hard cock feel good.
How long I serviced that fuck poll was measured subconsciously by the steam.
The water hit the rocks and sent hot steam into the room once more.
My finger finds his tight hole.
Slipping it in, he jerks forward, pushing his rigid cock to the back of my throat.
I gag from the sudden intrusion at my throat and pull back slightly to keep from choking.

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His balls start to lift.
I roll them gently with my other hand.
The whole time I've been moaning and slobbering on his thick manhood.
I feel so slutty with my first cock, wanting it the way I do.
He is now moaning.
"YYeessss! suck my big cock!"
He pushes in hard then slides out easy.
"YYYaaahh, take it. "
In hard, out easy. . . .
"you're a great cocksucker. "
His ass flexes in my hand as he thrusts forward.
"yyaaa, YYaaaa, OOOOooooooo, suck it!"
Being spurred on, I start sucking faster. Deep.

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  Taking as much as I can fill my mouth with.
The answer is, yes. I want to feel him fill my mouth with cum. I want to taste him.
I start sucking hard, matching his hips thrusting his hard cock into my face.
I pull off and tell him to cum in my mouth, then suck him back in.
I go down deep. I want him as far in as I can.
Can I get all 8 inches?I suck in and go deep. My lips touch his short cut hair and hold it.
I can feel myself wanting to gag and my eyes start to water.
As I begin to pull up, his cock swells even thicker.
I feel the first jet of cum hit the back of my throat.
I feel my cock swell, then it splashes between the hot tiles and my stomach.
OOOhhhh, dddaaammmnnn!
I swallow as the next burst fills my mouth.


I swallow, tighten my mouth around his cock head as another wad shoots into my mouth!There is so much cum filling my virgin mouth it leaks out and runs down his shaft while I try to take it all.
Now it just dribbles out of his softening manhood and I eagerly take it as I lick and suck the cum that spilled down his cock shaft.
Pulling his cock back into my mouth as I feel it start to diminish.

I slide back away from him and wait to see what happens, thinking about what just took place.
It was definitely good. Hot.
My mouth now feels empty. My jaw is somewhat sore.

Yes, I think I want more. I think I am hooked on wanting to taste more cock.

I think back to watching that blonde get his ass banged. How hot it made me.

My right leg is hanging over the edge with my foot on the bench.
Suddenly, hands move up the back of my thighs towards my ass.
Thumbs part my cheeks as the hands move higher over my steam wet ass cheeks.

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Hot water drops onto my back.

A thick, hot cloud of steam rolls into the loft.
A wet tongue slips between my cheeks. . . . . . . .

Let me know if you'd like me to continue this series.
You're feedback is appreciated. .

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