The Backroom Celebrity Casting Couch: Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Sophie Turner or Maisie Williams or have anything to do with them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/ff, Exhib, Anal

The Backroom Celebrity Casting Couch Starring Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams
By Muhabba
Inspired by RandyPan

The camera clicks on to a familiar office with a familiar desk and a familiar black couch. From off camera a man’s voice, the Director, says, “Casting for ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 1 DVD. Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, final auditions. "

There's a double knock on the door followed by giggles before the door opens and two young girls enter. The girls close the door behind them and wave at the camera before giggling shyly. One if the girls is taller than the other with red hair while the shorter one has dark hair, both of them wearing conservative blouses. The red haired girl is wearing tight brown slacks and pumps while the dark haired girl is wearing faded jeans and sneakers.

"Hello, ladies," the Director says still off camera, "Why don't you have a seat and introduce yourselves. "

The girls sit on the couch and the red haired girl says, "Hello.

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  I'm Sophie, I'm fifteen, I'm an actress and I'm here to audition for 'Game of Thrones'. "

"Sexy British accent," the Director says. "And who's your friend?"

The second girl giggles before answering. "Maisie Williams. Fourteen. Ditto," she says with a similar accent and both girls start giggling again.

The camera shuffles around and then settles showing both girls sitting completely relaxed on the couch as the Director begins to talk. "So you've both been through the audition process and did really well," he says, "So this part of your audition is to see if you two get along well. You'll be playing sisters so we need to see if you have chemistry together and if you do, the parts are yours. Got it?"

Both girls smile coyly as they nod their heads enthusiastically.

"Great," the Director says, "So show me how well you two get along. "

Both girls look at each other shyly and giggle again before Sophie leans over and gives Maisie a lingering kiss on her lips. She breaks the kiss and leans back up, her porcelain cheeks blushing slightly before breaking out into giggles again.

"You seem a bit nervous, Sophie," the Director chuckles and Sophie quickly nods her head as she tries to hide her face behind her long, red hair.

"Well, I'm not," Maisie says boldly with a wicked smile before leaning over and cupping Sophie's beautiful face.

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  The younger girl kisses the older actress deeply, her pink tongue thoroughly explore the more shy girl's wet mouth.

Maisie's kiss is longer and deeper than Sophie's and she soon has the red haired, young actress moaning. The small brunette's hands slid up and down Sophie's arms and the older girl responds by leaning more forcefully into the smaller girl's mouth as their kiss turns more passionate. Soon the two girl's are pressing their bodies together and slowly rubbing themselves against one another.

The two actresses break the kiss and stare into the camera, smirking at it as Maisie slides her hands to Sophie's blouse and begins to unbuttoning it. Inch by inch of pale skin is slowly exposed, revealing that the ginger actress isn't wearing a bra and just before her young tits become visible the two girls begin kissing again.

Sophie begins unbuttoning Maisie's blouse as Maisie pulls Sophie's blouse down her shoulders and arms. Both actresses keep their slender chests pressed together as the red haired girl pulls her top out of her slacks and Maisie finishes opening her own blouse, also not wearing a bra. There's a slight hint on the younger girl's brown nipples as she hurriedly pulls her top out of her jeans and quickly presses her chest back against Sophie's.

The two topless teenage girls quickly go back to exploring each other's mouths as their hands flow over their ripe, young bodies. Their wet tongues slide in and out of their mouths and Maisie looks back at the camera and winks. She pushes Sophie back flat against the couch revealing the slightly older girl's small, apple sized tits.

"You're kinda the bold one, huh?" the Director says with a chuckle and Maisie nods her head with a wicked smile.

"You bet I am," Maisie agrees before bending down and sucking on one of Sophie's plump, pink nipples. She begins squeezing the other tit and the ginger girl begins moaning in pleasure as the younger girl sucks and massages her firm tits.

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  The smaller teen girl switches back and forth from breast to breast until the older teen is panting in lust at the younger girl's skill before Maisie suddenly stops and sits up, her own much smaller breasts fully visible.

Sophie looks over with a scowl and says, "Hey!Why'd you stop for?"

"'Cause it's my turn," Maisie says with a smug grin.

Sophie rolls her eyes before leaning up and sucking one of the small girl's brown nipples into her wet mouth and fondling her other small breast. Maisie keeps her hand on the top of Sophie's head and to guide her from small, firm tit to small, firm tit, back and forth until her slight chest is gleaming with the red haired girl's saliva.

"You're a real take charge kind of girl," the Director chuckles.

"You betcha," Maisie moans as she continues to direct Sophie for another few minutes. She pushes Sophie off of her chest and slides off the couch onto the floor and reaches up to start unfastening Sophie's tight slacks until she can pull them down the red haired teenager's long legs. She leaves Sophie's pumps on as she takes her pants off before reaching up and pulling down her panties, revealing the ginger's wet pussy topped with just a bit of red fuzz at the top.

Sophie opens her long legs as Maisie throws her slacks over her shoulder. The camera zooms in over Maisie's head just as the small teenager uses two fingers to open Sophie's wet, red haired pussy. The dark haired actress quickly licks Sophie's dripping juices causing the slightly older girl to moan and her spread legs to twitch. Taking a longer lick of Sophie's pink, wet pussy, Maisie circles the red haired actress's clit until it hardens and slides out of it's sheath causing the older girl to buck up against the brunette's mouth. Maisie rolls her tongue up and dips it inside of the ginger girl's pussy, fucking her with it until Sophie is groaning in pleasure and humping the brunette's winsome face.

The camera switches to show the entire couch, Maisie between Sophie's trembling legs, Sophie gripping Maisie's hair, and the blurred head of the Director sucking and licking at Sophie's firm, pale tits. Maisie begins to lick up Sophie's panting, blushing body, meeting the Director at the red haired girl's chest.

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  The smaller girl and the Director kiss each other deeply before each one takes a ripe nipple into their mouths as their hands meet between Sophie's trembling thighs.

"I'm gonna cum. . . " Sophie pants with a wicked grin above Maisie and the Director's busy heads.

"Not yet," Maisie says as she breaks away from Sophie's chest and pulls her hand out from between her long legs.

"Hey!I was about to cum,"Sophie whines as she pouts at Maisie.

Maisie licks Sophie's juices from her fingers before poking her tongue out at her. "My turn," she says with a childish smile.

"You really are kinda bossy, you know that?" the Director chuckles as Sophie nods in agreement.

The camera clicks and now everybody is completely naked. Maisie is sitting on the couch with her coltish legs spread wide and her sneakers still on. She points to her bald little pussy and snaps, "Lick. "Sophie rolls her eyes at Maisie's bossy tone of voice before smiling and crawling between her legs, her pale ass pointed straight at the camera. The Director sits beside Maisie and begins licking at her chest, with Maisie's using her hands to guide him around.

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Maisie begins giving the Director and Sophie orders, telling them where to go, how hard to be and how fast they should lick. In just a few minutes Maisie's slender chest is heaving as she pants with pleasure, already on the verge of cumming. She grips Sophie's long red hair and yanks her head up. "Get up here now," she pants.

The Director moves away from Maisie's chest, back around the camera, leaving the two naked, horny actresses alone on the couch. They lay down opposite each other, their legs entwined until their hot, wet groins are pressed together, scissoring each other. They begin rubbing their over-heated pussies against one another, moaning and gasping in pleasure as they hump each other to an orgasm. The camera quickly moves in between their legs, their wet cunts shiny with their juices as they buck up against each other.

Once again Maisie takes charge as she grabs Sophie's long legs and humps forcefully between the older girl's thighs with a wild grin on her face. Sophie begins panting and moaning harder as Maisie rides her and suddenly both girls cum, their slick juices spilling out of their cunts as they shudder in pleasure.

The camera flickers and now the Director is sitting between the two naked girls, his hard cock pointing straight at the ceiling as the girls struggle to regain their breath. "Well, you two get along pretty good," he says as he rubs their slender thighs and they look around him and giggle at each other again. He points down at his throbbing cock and says, "Now let's see how well you two share. "

Maisie goes down first without hesitation, grasping the Director's cock and swallowing the first few inches. She jacks off the base of his prick with one hand as she fondles his balls with the other and bobs her head up and down on his shaft energetically.

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  Drool slips from the corners of her mouth and covers his shaft and balls until they gleam in the florescent light of the office.

As Maisie sucks his cock, the Director thrusts up into her mouth while he leans over and kisses Sophie. She kisses him back before placing her hand on the back of his head, pushing him down to her chest. He begins licking and sucking on her pink nipples as he reaches over Maisie's bobbing head and squeezes Sophie's firm tits,Sophie pushes her chest out more to the Director's mouth as he licks all around her small chest and pale tits. She taps Maisie on the back of her head and says, "Don't hog it all, I want some. "

The girls quickly switch places and Sophie sucks the Director's cock as he licks and sucks at Maisie's smaller chest. "Fondle his balls," Maisie tells Sophie as she holds the Director's head and guides him around her chest, "And don't forget to work the shaft. "As Sophie begins stroking his shaft and massaging his balls, Maisie grips his hair to hold him still as she thrusts her small tits into the Director's face.

The girls switch places again with Maisie enthusiastically sucking the Director's cock and Sophie presenting her pale chest to him. "Pinch her nipples," Maisie orders as she quickly pops the Director's prick out of her mouth, "And finger her slit. She likes that. ".

As Maisie sucks on the Director's cock and balls she keeps giving orders up to the couple before she switches pulling his spit slick cock out of her mouth. She quickly sits up on her dimples knees and straddles his lap lap giving Sophie a clear shot at her wet little slit and she licks the younger girl's pussy between sucks of the Director's hard prick.

The camera switches to a side view of the girls on the floor between the Director's knees.

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  Maisie sucks his cock as far down her throat as she can while Sophie tongues his heavy balls. The horny girls switch back and forth between the Director's cock and balls until he suddenly stops them and they crawl up on the couch on either side of him. "Wow. You two nearly cut the interview short there. "

Both girls smiled proudly at each other before high giving high-fiving over the Director's lap. The camera cuts to Sophie straddling him, his hands cupping her pale ass cheeks as Maisie holds the base of his cock. His blurred head pokes out around the red-haired girl as he addresses the camera. "Maisie was kind enough to let Sophie go first," he says with a chuckle.

"Your welcome," Maisie says with a grin as she pokes around Sophie's hip to make sure she's lined the Director's cock up correctly.

"You're so bossy," Sophie says as she replaces Maisie's hand with her own and begins lowering herself down onto the Director's cock.

"You betcha," Maisie agrees as she starts fondling the Director's balls.

Sophie groans in pleasure as her tight, pink pussy swallows the Director's thick cock until it finally bottoms out inside of her. She starts to slowly bob up and down while rolling her hips as the camera zooms in on a rear view of her tightly stretched cunt.

"Turn to your side so they can see you tits," Maisie says from off camera.

Not stopping from her downward thrusts, Sophie turns slight to the side so the camera can see she small, firm tit jiggling up and down as she fucks herself on the Director's cock.

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  The Director's hand slides up her side to squeeze the firm, pale breast and pinch her nipple as he sucks on the other tit.

Slapping Sophie's ass playfully, Maisie says, "Now turn around so the camera can see everything," and begins directing her with her hands until Sophie is facing the camera in a reverse cowgirl, the Director's prick never leaving her tightly stretched cunt.

Sophie goes back to riding the Director's cock, his hands cupping her tits as Maisie sneaks a hand between the red headed teenager's wildly spread legs. Sophie begins moaning louder and louder as Maisie plays with her clit until she cums, her slick juices dripping down the Director's balls and down onto the couch.

The camera changes to Maisie straddling the Director's lap, his hard prick already buried inside of her tiny, little pussy as she rides him like a pony. She wraps her arms around his neck to hold him to her small chest as she says, "Lick 'em, suck 'em. Bite my nipples. "As the Director eagerly complies she rides him harder and faster, her pert ass-cheeks jiggling with every downward thrust. "Slap my ass. Somebody slap my ass," she orders and Sophie appears from off camera and gets on her knees next to the fucking couple.

Sophie slaps the dark haired teen's ass causing her to growl. "Fuck me. Fuck me and make me cum," she orders before yanking the Director's head away from her chest by his blurred hair and kissing him. She breaks the kiss and looks down at Sophie. "You know what I like, Sophie.

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  Do it," she says as Sophie smiles. Sophie gives Maisie's ass one last slap before raising her hand up and licking her middle finger. She replaces her hand at Maisie's ass, timing her thrusts, and just as the dark hair teen thrusts herself down, Sophie shoves her finger up Maisie's butt.

"I'm cumming!" Maisie shrieks as she holds herself down on the Director's cock, her young, sweaty body trembling with the strength of her orgasm.

The camera switches to the Director and Sophie sitting next to each other on the couch, the camera unsteady as it moves around wildly. The camera swings around to an extreme close-up at Maisie's smiling face. "This is Maisie Williams, Oscar winning casting director," she says with a smart-ass grin before she swings the camera back to Sophie and the Director, "And I'll be directing these two through Sophie's audition,"

The Director chuckles and holds his hand out for the camera. "That's pretty funny but you might wanna put that down. "

"Don't look at the camera," Maisie says from behind the camera, "It ruins the illusion. Now, Sophie, open those long legs of yours. "

Sophie looks at the blurred head of the Director with a smirk on her beautiful face. "Better just go along with her, she's a bear if she doesn't get her way," she says as she leans back on the couch and opens her legs wide.

"Good job," Maisie says as the camera zooms in on Sophie's dewy cunt. "Now get in there and eat that teenage pussy," she orders and the Director complies. "Now lick that peach, lick it good.

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  She likes a long tongue so use it. Yeah, good, do it, make her moan. "Sophie's body begins to undulate on the couch as she humps up against the Director's face while playing with her firm tits. "Work that cunt, work it like a rented mule. Own it. Make it your bitch. Slide your finger in there until she screams," Maisie orders.

Sophie's panting moans turn to gasps as she releases one of her pale tits and grabs the back of the Director's head. "Oh God yes. . . " she screams as she cums, herjuices gushing out of her hot pussy.

The Director sits up from between Sophie's legs and looks at the camera. "I'll say this for you, you're pretty food at directing the action," he says to Maisie behind the camera.

From behind the camera, Maisie says, "You ain't seen nothing yet.



The camera switches to a shot of all three people on the couch. Maisie is face down with her ass high in the air, Sophie behind her with her face between the young girl's cheeks and her own ass high in the air with the Director behind her fucking her wet cunt. "Lick my ass. Lick my ass for the good people at home," Maisie says as she smiles at the camera from over her shoulder. Sophie wraps her arms around Maisie's thighs as she pushes her face in farther between the brunette girl's pale, little ass.

"God I'm gonna cum," Maisie groans, her eyes rolling back in her head. "Do it!Fuck my ass now!" she orders and Sophie and the Director quickly begin shuffling around. The Director puts his cock lubed with Sophie's cum at the entrance to Maisie's puckered pink asshole. The camera switches to a close-up of his cock slowly pushing into the brunette girl's tight rear-end, her moans growing louder from off camera. Sophie's hand appears below them, her long fingers massaging the base of the Director's cock while her other hand slides between Maisie's legs and circles her clit.

"Fuck that feels soooo good," Maisie gasps out as the Director bottoms out inside of her up-turned ass. The camera zooms out to show all three people, the Director's face still blurred out, Maisie rocking her small body back and forth against the Director's hips, and Sophie on her knees on the floor with her hands between Maisie's slender legs. The Director fucks his cock in and out of Maisie's ass as Sophie continues circling her clit with one hand and massaging the Director's dangling balls with the other.

Maisie screams out as her orgasm over takes her, "I'm fuckin' cumming!"The camera switches to both girls on their backs on the couch, Maisie panting in pleasure as the Director's cock appears above them. With a few strokes the Director cums, his thick load covering the girl's faces and small breasts as they giggle with excitement.

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  The two girls begin licking the cum from their faces before looking up at the camera and smiling wildly as they wave.

The End. .

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