the bar fuck part 2


I soon found out my secret was safe, at least from my fiancé.
And that was how I wanted to keep it.
I knew Aimee wasn’t going to say anything.
After all, she was in a steady relationship and it was looking like they would soon be getting married.
And I knew her boyfriend wouldn’t be to pleased to know that she had not only fucked me but let me fuck her in her ass.

The waitress were like a circle, they kept everything to themselves.
Confiding in each other, and secrets were held tight lipped.
But they all had their trusted ones.
And Aimee’s was Amanda.

Amanda was a hot little Hispanic girl. Single, but dating.
Long black hair, brown eyes, full lips, she stood about 5’4 and couldn’t have weighed more than 110 pounds.
She had nice perky little breast, and a sexy tight looking ass.
And the thought of fucking her was insane.
The only problem was she was one of my fiancé’s close friends
So if I wanted any of that pussy I was going to have to come up with a damn good plan.

But it just so happened that Aimee was going to be having a party.

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And as luck would have it, my fiancé was going to be going out of town to visit her mother the weekend of the party.
If it all worked out, Amanda would be next on the list.

So lets skip to the party.
With the help of Aimee and I. Amanda was pretty fucked up.
She was wanting to leave, but was in no condition to drive home.
that’s where I come in.
Aimee walked us out to my car.
Aimee walked over to my side and gave me a hug.
She smiled and quietly asked me “you plan on fucking her now”
I laughed and asked her if she was jealous.
“maybe” she said. If you fuck her like you did me.
She turned and walked back into the house.

I helped Amanda with the door and walked her inside.
From the flirtatious conversation on the way over, I knew my chances were good.

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Her inhibition weakened by the alcohol, with the combination of her being a little horny.
I made my move.

I asked her if she needed help getting ready for bed.
She smiled and said “are you volunteering”
I stepped in close to her and kissed her.
She wrapped her arms around my neck as my hands caressed the small of her back.
We began removing each others cloths, as we made our way down the hall.
We fell into her bed in a passionate embrace.
Wildly kissing, I started kissing her neck and worked my way to her breast, sucking first one then the other.
She was moaning wildly, her hands running through my hair, as I kissed lower, over her stomach, moving down between her legs.
I was thrilled to find her pussy clean shaven.
I licked all around her pussy, sucking on the lips of her pussy, darting my tongue inside her wetness, she tasted sweet.
She cried out when I sucked her clit into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue.
In no time she was withering with orgasm.
I felt her pull me toward her, her mouth wrapped around the head of my cock, her full lips felt wonderful.
As she sucked my cock to the back of her throat With each bobbing of her head.

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I moved around, laying on top of her, our tongues meeting before our lips touched.
The head of my rock hard cock pressed against her wetness.
Her legs wrapped around mine, I sank my entire length inside her.
She moaned out, arching her neck, picking her shoulder off the bed.
I pulled out and slammed back inside her.
She cried out digging her nails into my back.
Again and again I slammed the entire length of my cock into her wet pussy.

She sucked my tongue into her mouth, moaning.
I felt her pussy squeeze around my cock as she cried out, feeling her body shake under me.
I pulled her legs up over my arms and pinned her that way under me.
I started pounding into her pussy hard and fast, my cum filled balls bouncing against her ass.
She cried out every time the head of my cock slammed into her.
I couldn’t hold out any longer, one final brutal thrust deep inside her body my cock erupted, I cried out as my balls emptied their load inside her pussy.
I let her legs fall to the bed as I collapsed on top of her, our breaths short and gasping.

She held me tightly against her, her body still withering under me.

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Her arms wrapped around me, my cock still bedded inside her cum filled pussy.
We drifted into slumber.

I woke near morning, on our side, her back pressed tightly against me, my hard cock resting along the under fold of her ass, I could feel her wetness against the head of my cock.
I eased back inside her.
A soft moan escaped her lips.
I began sliding in and out of her.
I kissed the back of her neck, her moaning stirred me on.
I wet my fingerwith my mouth and gently eased it slowly into her ass, as I continued to slowly pump my cock inside her wet openness.

With a long soft moan I began working my finger in and out of her incredibly tight opening.
I was able to ease a second finger inside her as I continued slowly fucking her pussy.

I eased my cock out of her sweet pussy and pressed the head against her tiny tight opening.
The first attempt a slid off to the side, entering her pussy once again, I slid a few more time in and out of her and tried once more.
This time I felt her resistance give way and the head of my cock entered her incredible tight ass.
She pulled away from me, but I held her hips pulling her to me.
“easy” she moaned.

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   Giving in to my persistence
Slowly I pushed deeper inside her tight treasure until my entire hardness was deep inside her.

Slowly I eased out and back in, savoring her whimpers and the amazing tightness surrounding my cock.
I wanted to fuck her harder and faster, but wanting to continue feeling the sensation of her delicious ass, I continued to gently fuck my cock inside her ass.

The incredible sensation was to much for me to bare, slowly I pushed all the way inside her ass moaning in ecstasy as I spilled my seed deep inside her sweet ass.

My cock softened inside Amanda’s ass, slowly I pulled out of her.
Holding her against me.
She rolled over toward me, the confused look on her face revealed that she just realized who was in bed with her.
I couldn’t help but smile.
She grasped her face with her hands saying,
“oh shit, what have I done”

She sat up on the edge of the bed.
She turned and looked at me once more.
I reached up and pulled her back to me, she pushed herself back away, saying no, this cant be happening.
She stood up walking to the bathroom.
I got up and walked down the hall picking up our scattered cloths.
Grabbed a coke from the fridge and walked back to the bedroom.

“what the fuck happened last night” she looked at me withwondering eyes.

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I sat down beside her.
Do you want to whole story or just the highlights. I sort of laughed.
“ we fucked didn’t we” as she reached for my coke.
Jokingly I said, “well if you don’t remember, it must not have been that good”
She smiled looking at me,
“I didn’t say that”
“what’s going to happen now” she askedas she got up heading to her dresser.

“look hun, nothing is going to happen”
What happened last night stay’s between you and I.
It was bound to happen sooner or later.
And now that we got it out of our system, we have no worries.
She asked, “so what happened you ok with it”
I laughed.
Now that was a dumb question. Of course I was ok with it.
I got what I wanted, I was good with it.
“yeah, I’m ok” I said
She walked over to me leaning down, kissing me long and softly.
She pulled back, looking into my eyes.
“I remember everything” she smiled as she stood up.

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“now get out of here before we get caught” she said laughing.
I got to get a shower.

I sat in my dark corner of the bar.
Watching over the floor.
Aimee and Amanda went about the floor.
Smiling at each other when ever they looked at one another

To be continued….