the bar fucks part 3


Two down,
man have I sunk to a whole new level.
I was preying on the waitress’s at work.
Not only that, but these were friends of my soon to be wife.
Damn , what the hell was I thinking.
One wrong move and it was over.
I was treading on thin ice that was for sure.
But wow, Aimee and Amanda were both such wonderful fucks.
Maybe I should stop this insane plan.

Just as soon as I thought that, heather walked by.
The timing, I watched as she walked between the tables, talking and carrying orders to the tables.
Heather was older that the rest, she was 35. but none the less hotter.
Brown shoulder length hair, big brown bedroom eyes.
she stood about 5’7 . Nice size breast, I would say about medium C-cup. She was slender, but had weight in all the right places, she had slender hips, but a nice shapely round ass.

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She was always wearing skirts that showed off her legs.
Not to mention curved to her ass very nicely.
Buy now, I’m sure you’ve figured out that I’m an ass man.

Heather would be a hot fuck.
Only one problem she was married.
Getting the chance to actually get her alone would be tough.
She did like to drink, and after we closed the bar she would almost always hang out and drink with us.
Maybe if like Amanda, she got drunk enough she would lower her guard and I could seize the opportunity.
And with an ass like her, she has to take it in the ass.
And damn what an ass she had for fucking.

Two weeks later. .
It was a rainy Monday night, very quiet night. The boss and I were running bar. Heather was the only waitress working.

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We decided to close up early. After cleaning up, the boss man left for home asking me to lock up when we were done.
Heather fixed us a drink.
We finished up and sat and talked.
One drink after another I could tell she was getting drunk.
She told me her husband and the kids were out of town at his parents.

By the time we were ready to lock up she was three sheets to the wind.
I asked her if she was ok to drive, she thought about it for a minute and said she’d be fine.
We locked up and I walked her to her car, she was parked right next to me.
She dropped her keys trying to unlock the door.
I watched as she started her car up letting it warm up.
I walked over to her and told her I would follow her to make sure she got home safe.
I was happy to hear her say she would appreciate that.
Following her home I’m surprised we didn’t get pulled over.
Thankfully I didn’t see a single cop on the road.

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When we got to her place, she invited me in for a final drink.
To be honest I was a bit surprised, but took her up on her offer.
Besides she was playing right into my hands.
We sat on the sofa with a bottle of jack on the coffee table, drinking shots.
She was drunk.
She leaned back into the couch and sat there staring at the fireplace.
If I was going to seize the moment it was now.
I slid off the sofa and knelt between her open legs.
She looked down at me and smiled.
“ what are you doing” she asked
I looked up at her.
For an older woman she had a wonderful looking body.
Her hair was still damp from the rain.
I knelt up and kissed her.
Expecting her to resist, after all she married with two kids. I was pleased when I felt her tongue meet mine.

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While kissing I unbuttoned her blouse and slid it over her shoulder.
I kissed her neck and heard her moan.
She pulled me against her and her tongue drove into my mouth.
She pulled my shirt off.
Our hands explored each others body.
In no time we were completely naked and on the floor.
I sucked her breast squeezing them in my hands.
She was really starting to moan out.
I straddled her bringing my rock hard cock to her mouth, she looked up at me and took the head into her mouth.
Her full lips felt wonderful wrapped around my cock.
She pressed her soft breast around my cock and I began to slid my cock between her breast and into her sucking mouth.
The feeling of her breast pressed against my cock and her sucking mouth. I didn’t know how much longer I was going to be able to control myself.
I tried to pull away, but she pulled me deeper into her mouth.
I reached down and placed my hand behind her head.

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She let go of her breast and placed her hands on my hips.
I started fucking her mouth pushing my cock deep into her throat.
Damn could she suck a cock.
She took my balls into her soft hand and began caressing them.
That sent me over the edge, I drove into her mouth, pumping my cum into her mouth.
She swallowed the first blast, but held on as I thrust my cock deep into her mouth emptying my seed.
She swallowed all of my cum.

Now it was her turn, I ran my tongue down her slit and drove into her wet pussy.
She was stroking my cock and moaned out as I tongue fucked her pussy.
She pulled me back over her and swallowed my cock back into her mouth
I sucked her clit and flicked my tongue back and forth, bringing her to a loud moaning orgasm.

My cock was now again rock hard.
I pulled her legs up over my shoulder and sank my cock balls deep inside her married pussy as she cried out.
Her pussy wasn’t as tight as Aimee’s or Amanda’s or my fiancé’s but felt good either way, they hadn’t been married for 15 years and had two kids. And that only added to the excitement.
I was fucking her married pussy while her husband was probably laying in bed, stroking his cock thinking about doing exactly what I was doing.

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   Fucking his wife.

She was crying out as I fucked my cock into her hard, slamming into her on every thrust.
“ fuck your pussy feels so fucking good” as I drove my cock into her again and again, she cried out even louder.
“fuck me baby, fuck the hard cock into my pussy”
Her breast were bouncing with every thrust I drove into her.
I pulled out and turned her over.
I drove my cock back inside her pussy and started pounding her hard and fast.

“oh fuck girl you have a hot ass”
I watched her flesh bounce as I slammed into her hard and fast.
“ you like my ass” she cried out.
“ oh yeah baby, so fucking hot”
I pulled her to me as I drove the entire length inside her open soaked pussy
I grabbed the soft flesh of her ass and squeezed it.
“ I want to fuck your ass” I moaned out.
As I continued to fuck her with hard fast strokes.

“ you wanna fuck my ass baby with your big hard cock” she cried out.
“ oh fuck yes” I moaned.

I pulled out and pushed the head of my cock against her opening.
With a forceful thrust the head of my cock pushed inside her tight opening as she cried out.

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I slid the entire length inside her hot married ass, as she pushed back against me.
“ oh fuck baby, take my cock” I cried out.
I started fucking her with brutal hard thrust, slamming my cock into her ass.
Damn could take an ass fucking like no one I had ever seen.
She loved it. Screaming out with each brutal thrust I gave her.
She was even pushing back against me.

I was about to cum, I was going to shoot my seed inside her hot hard fucked ass.
With a grunt I drove as hard as I could, burying my cock deep inside her pumping my seed into her married ass.
We collapsed onto the floor, my throbbing cock lodged deep inside her ass.
I grinded into her, savoring the feeling around my cock.

After catching my breath.
I pulled the blanket from of the sofa and laid down beside her kissing her softly, holding her tightly against me.

I woke to the sound of rolling thunder.
The storm had picked up, it was breaking dawn.

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And I was laying next to her with a raging hard on.
She was laying on her stomach, her legs partly open.
I straddled her legs and slid the head of my cock up and down her slit.
When she was wet enough I pushed the head inside of her pussy and slowly slid all the way inside her.
I laid down on top of her and began to slowly slid in and out, she was waking up, waking upto my cock fucking into her married pussy first thing in the morning.

She began to moan, as the sensation of her pussy being filled with my hard cock.
Pumping into her, I asked her if she liked having my cock inside her.
She moaned out “ mmm oh yes”
As I began to pump harder and faster.
The flesh of her round ass spread against me as I pumped my cock into her.
In no time I was ready to cum.
“ baby I’m gonna cum”
Mmm she moaned out.
Pumping harder and faster I could feel it rising.
Mmm I moaned .
Just before I came.
I whispered into her ear.

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Mmm baby, I’m gonna cum deep inside your wet married pussy.

I felt her tighten up under me, her pussy gripped down on my cock.
I slammed deep inside her.
She cried out. As I moaned.
The first blast of my seed flowing deep inside her married pussy. .