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I was really starting to feel tired in my relationship with my husband, he could never please me the way I could please myself. I began relentlessly trying to satisfy my urges, with or without him. One afternoon, before he came home from work I started to feel really horny. My pussy started pulsating and my nipples puckered.
I started to place it out of my mind when I remembered a cucumber, the perfect size, in the refrigerator. I headed to the refrigerator and grabbed the cucumber and headed for the bedroom. I grabbed some oil from the bathroom on the way and felt my pussy moisten. I had never before used anything other than my fingers and my
husband to satisfy my urges. Once in the bedroom, I locked the door and drew the curtains. I undressed quickly until I got to my underwear. I slightly pulled my bra down, exposing my nipples; my gstring I pulled into a wedgie, confining my pussy. I pulled back the covers, tossed the cucumber in the sheets and climbed atop the
sateen sheets. Once settled in the sheets I starting pulling at my sensitive nipples. I rubbed then tugged my breasts, making them sore and tender. I lightly slapped them and then tugged them in every direction. My pussy was drenching my panties, I grabbed for the cucumber and felt it's cool skin against my warm palms.

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   I rubbed the cold cucumber against my breasts, then across my moist lips, running my tongue across the tip. I closed my eyes and imagined that it was a cock. A cock that was cold and needed to be warmed. I started wetting it with my tongue, running it down the shaft of the cuc. I spit on the length and took it into my mouth. I could take it about 3/4th of the way into my mouth before it hit the back of my throat. It was nice and thick, much more girth than my husband. I had never had a cock that could satisfy my orb like this. I felt my pussy lips swelling and wanted to feel penetration in my cunt. I took the cucumber out of my mouth and began rubbing my pussy lips with it. I would grind it into my clit and then around the outside of my pussy. When I needed to get the tip wet again I would rub it over the slit of my cunt to have my pussy juices coat the head. I would bring it to my mouth and taste my sex. I then spread my legs and prepared to take the first probing. I started to slide the cool cuc into my slit, my pussy lips warmly opening and wrapping themselves around the peel.

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   I felt my pussy enveloping the cucumber, until it stopped. I was able to take about the same amount as trying to deep throat it. I took it out of my pussy and into my mouth with one movements. I tasted my juices and licked them off the cucumber, then spit back on it and got it ready for a pounding. I felt my pussy with my middle finger and it was so swollen and wet I couldn't wait to get the cuc back in my gaping pussy. I imagined a man standing in front of me with a cock wood right in front of me, rubbing the shaft and the head oozing precum, getting ready to procreate.

I spread my legs one more time and took the cucumber and pushed it as far as it would go into my cunt. Once it got as deep as it would i started to pull it in and out, imaging this man over me, pumping his cock into my pussy as deep as I would allow. I started wanting to feel it deeper inside of me, forcing me to open my legs even
further. I felt myself grinding into my hand and the cucumber to feel the pressure against my pussy and G. I felt my pussy allowing mire and more of the cuc deep inside me. my pussy was dripping and my clit was singing. I heard the dog start barking downstairs, alerting me to my husband's arrival. I quickly let the cucumber
slide out of me and put it into my underwear drawer. I pulled my bra back up and quickly got dressed.

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   I combed my fingers through my hair and unlocked the bedroom door. I descended the stairs as my husband was walking in the garage door. He caught my eye and gave me a puzzled look. I could only imagine what he was thinking. He greeted the dog and then came over to give me a light kiss. "How was your day?" he asked, "Oh, it was fine I did some grocery shopping, the produce selection today was great. " "That's good honey, what's for dinner?" As he said that I pictured the cucumber.

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