The Foundation Chapter 3


The Foundation
The Consequence House

Mandy no longer struggled when the guards came to take her to The Consequence House, because after four months in the ‘isolation wing’ at Harmon County Prison she had learnt that any show of resistance was brutally punished, and the guards took particular pleasure in taming these “West Coast whores. ”
Today three stocks stood in the middle of the room, but the head and arm restraints stood no more than three feet from the ground. They were to be bent low, their holes exposed for easy viewing and access. Pandora was placed in the centre stock, her ankles held fast by metal chains. She had become the star of their show, mainly because the Director of the prison, Carmel De Bois, gained a special delight in torturing and abusing Pandora. Mandy did not know why Pandora had been chosen, but she was grateful that she did not have to endure the special agonies Carmel reserved for her ‘favourite fucktoy. ’ A hand lingered over Mandy’s exposed rump before drawing apart her buttocks to insert a broad knuckled dildo. The girls cried out as each plug penetrated their ravaged hole, and then there was silent torment for more than an hour before Mandy heard the door open.
“We’ll be having guests today, so best behaviour, or bed without supper. ” Mandy shuddered to hear Clayton’s voice. The guards were all brutes, but the worst of all, worse than Director De Bois, was Clayton. Her special baton with the rhinestone coating in her hand was the most terrifying instrument on earth. Mandy had been in agony for days after just a brief pounding from ‘Bertha. ’ The door opened again and the sound of footsteps echoed off the walls. The sharp click of heel on stone and the scent of Chanel told Mandy that the Director had entered the room. She could see her bright blue Dolce & Gabbana shoes as she strolled back and forth before her special prisoners.

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“Now bitches, pay attention. We have another delegation and I do not need to remind you of the rules. Any deviation in the presence of a visitor will cost you … dearly. ” Clayton stepped forward, patting her rhinestone baton onto her palm. “Are they ready?”
“These bitches are hot and wet Ma’am. ”
De Bois left only to return a few minutes later leading a noisy group into the room.
“Move closer ladies and gentlemen. They don’t bite. ”
A small chorus of laughter as the audience drew nearer to the three naked women. A woman’s voice.
“Do you mind if I touch her?”
“Mrs Tulloh, we insist that you touch the convicts, and much more. ”
Mandy felt a warm sweaty palm press against her exposed buttocks before giving her a couple of slaps.
“Very firm body. ”
“Our girls like to keep in shape. They want to look their best for their fans.

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Another chuckle from the visitors.
“Now let’s put these convicts through their paces. As you can see each criminal has a plug inserted into their anus as punishment for serious offences within the prison. These three convicts are particularly disruptive, and they virtually live here in what we call The Consequence House. The …”
“Why is it called The Consequence House, Director De Bios?”
“Mrs Dervan, here these convicts experience the consequences of their misdeeds and perverted lifestyle. ” A murmur of approval rippled over the group of local townfolk.
“The plug we have inserted into these naughty young ladies has knuckles so any movement of the plug provokes a … reaction. ” De Bois tugged on Pandora’s plug, prompting a pitiful gasp from the prisoner and an excitable current from her audience. De Bois leant over to whisper into Pandora’s ear.
“Do you want to show our distinguished guests your arsehole?”
“No please Mistress Director, show them Lulu’s hole. She’s a complete slut. ”
“No Mistress Director please. I’ve been a good girl. Pandora’s a whore. She’s been selling her pussy and sucking dicks for years.

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   She’s the one who should be punished. ”
The prisoners, like all good porn stars, knew their roles. The visitors to the prison liked to hear the three West Coast prostitutes shamelessly beg to avoid punishment, especially as their demeaning pleas highlighted their crimes and sins. De Bois encouraged the idea that all three convicts were suffering a just retribution for a life of sin and depravity, and this degrading spectacle allowed the visitors to feel no compassion for the rape and vicious sexual abuse of these captive women.
The prisoners had to humiliate themselves to demonstrate to decent citizens that they deserve their severe treatment, and their performance began as soon as De Bois invited the female visitor to choose the first plug to be removed. The captives now called out to the woman to choose one of the other girls, promising sexual favours if they were spared the ordeal of the plug. Pandora offered cunnilingus and franticly poked out her tongue to demonstrate her artistry. No one who witnessed the prisoners writhing in their stocks and pleading not to be abused could doubt that they were in the presence of three depraved and degenerate whores. A few suggestions rang out from the other visitors before Dolores Dervan, mother of three with a grandchild on the way, chose Lulu as her victim. The guard wrenched out the glistening black plug as Lulu groaned in agony and the guard showed her visitors the breadth of the plug.
“How on earth did you get that in there?” asked one of the male visitors.
“Mr Clarke, it is surprising what you can achieve with dedication and … an enthusiastic partner. ” De Bios slapped Lulu’s rump to yet another chorus of laughter.
The anal plugs were removed from the other girls after the same pathetic and demeaning performance and then the guests, encouraged by the guards, began to explore the depths of the prisoner’s depravity with their hands and the variety of phallic items on offer for their amusement. Two of the girls were removed from the stocks to fellate their guests, and Mandy managed to wriggle free from the visitors holding her arms.

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   Once free she acted as she had been taught, to squat in a corner and vigorously masturbate, a frenzied chafing of her vagina and anus with each hand, until the guards stung her with an electric baton and cuffed her hands to a neck brace.
Mrs Dervan, who only moments before had been sodomising Lulu Sordid with a ten inch knuckled vibrator, was appalled by “such disgraceful behaviour. ”
“You have a terrible struggle ahead to bring these wanton whores back to the path of right, Director De Bois. ”
“The secret, Mrs Dervan, is never to abandon hope, even if, as here, they seem to be beyond rescue. ”
Carmel De Bois was delighted by the utter degradation of her prisoners. They were veteran porn actresses, but when they arrived they had been reluctant to perform many of Carmel’s favourite acts. Now, after just four months of dedication and resolve, she had trained them, physically and mentally, to execute an array of demeaning and degrading tasks. She had particularly enjoyed breaking Pandora, who was clearly the dominant figure among the three women. Carmel retired to a corner of the room to survey the orgy unfolding before her, and admired her work.
An hour later the last guest had enjoyed his final ejaculation into Pandora’s anus, and only the woman pumping the thick pink dildo into Lulu’s vagina was still eager for more entertainment. The session ended as it began, with the anal bungs. Once more the prisoners offered shameful pleas, but now it was the guests who vied for the right to invade the convicts’ anal passage with the rubber stubs. The visitors, after a modest beginning, had enjoyed themselves with the convicts. Twelve more converts to the cause of penal reform, another dozen supporters of resolute action against immorality and perversion. After the last of the plugs had been driven to the hilt into Mandy’s devastated hole the guests retired to an adjacent room for the chance to wash before joining the Director for a three course lunch in her palatial office.

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De Bois stood before her sweating and breathless artists.
“They stink. You have two hours to clean them before Judge Maxwell and Sheriff Ortiz arrive this evening. Give them some juice to keep them lively for tonight. ”
The guard unfastened the stocks and tied each prisoner’s hands to their collar.
“Please Mistress,” Lulu begged. “Please take the plug out. The guests have gone. There’s no need. ”
“No need? I’ve just washed my hands. I’m not getting them dirty fiddling with your shithole. ”
“But please Mistress I just …”
A firm slap across the face silenced Lulu and led the other girls to sink to their knees and place their heads on the floor, as demanded whenever another prisoner was undergoing punishment.
“Sister, remember you’re just a piece of fuckmeat here in The Consequence House. ”

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