The Meeting Part 3


I get up to have a shower. . . .

I walk into the shower, it's big enough for 5 people. I turn on the taps get the temp just right. I'm in a world of my own as the water hits me. I start to wash my body, nice and soapy, taking my time. Body still recovering from the night before.

I don't see or hear you come in, but I know it's you as soon as you touch me. You take over the washing of my body, turning me around so you can do my back. Nice firm strong strokes, I put my hands out bracing myself against the wall to make sure I don't slip. You take advantage of this as you move down towards my butt, spreading my legs a bit further with you knee.

In my mind, I think you are going to go straight to my arse and pussy, but no, you continue down washing my thighs and calves. Down my left thigh and calf and up my right leg. When you reach the top you make me bend a bit further down and open my arse cheeks.

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   You soap it up and move towards my pussy. Teasing the sensitive spot between arse and pussy, loving the little sighs coming from me. It's at this point you know that I would do anything you asked, I'm yours all yours.

You keep working towards my cunt, soaping it up. Keeping up the long firm strokes. Knowing I'm wet not just from the shower but from you. You put the soap down and stop the pretence of washing me. 2 fingers are inserted into my pussy, your thumb caressing my clit. Slowly pumping into me, I'm moaning wanting your cock not your fingers. You don't care, you keep working me, and your other hand takes hold of my breast tweaking the nipples, kneading them. . .

You increase the pressure on my clit, fucking me harder with your fingers, ramming them in there. I'm fucking your hand, wanting more. I can't get enough of you and then it hits.

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   I'm moaning so loud, you know I'm going to cum, you pick up the pace, loving the feel of my pussy convulsing on your fingers, juices running over your hand.

As I get my breath back you turn me around and put the soap in my hand. I'm to wash you, all of you. I start with your chest, I soap it up and as I let it rinse off I'm kissing and sucking where I've been. I work my way down your stomach, your abdomen, I'm tempted to go straight for your cock but know that if I did that your legs wouldn't get done. So I continue washing your legs, up and down. The longer I take, the harder your cock is getting in anticipation.

I gently pick up your balls and wash them. Making sure every inch is covered in soap and then I let it all be rinsed off. My hand starts to wash you cock but my mouth and tongue double check your balls. Licking them, sucking on them, and having them in my mouth as I lick them. Hearing you groaning is such a turn on and I start getting wet again. Your cock is cleaned up and rinsed off. My tongue starts to lick along the underside, knwing you love that. My hand holding it to make sure that I don't miss any of it.


   I butterfly flick across the underside, teasing the vein, feeling you flinch as I turn you on more and more.

My tongue goes to the eye of your cock. Licking the head and then the eye, your hands on my head trying to get me to take you in my mouth. Finally I wrap my mouth around it and slowly move down. Your hands getting harder on my head but I won't be rushed. You can't wait any longer you start to fuck my mouth, loving how tight I can make my mouth, loving the sucking sensation. My hands are playing with your balls and starting to tease your arse. I want to slide a finger in and fuck your arse in time with you fucking my mouth. I'm not sure how you will react but think what the hell do it anyway.

I start to push against it, There is a slight break in the mouth fucking, so I push a little further, you start to pick up pace. I start to fuck your arse as you fuck my mouth. Your groaning even more so I know you have no problem with it. Harder and harder you go and so do I. I feel your balls start to tighten and my tongue starts to move under your cock as you slide in, this makes you hit the point of no return.

I brace myself and then it hits.

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  . . shot after shot. I'm swallowing as much as I can but you have too much and some escapes down the side of my mouth. You pull out of my mouth and finish off cumming over my breasts as I start fingering myself again. You cumming has made me horny as fuck. I sit down on the floor of the shower and watch you finish washing yourself as I make myself cum again. You help by rubbing part of my pussy with your foot but my fingers are working my clit over time. In no time at all I'm cumming again.

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