Trying III


It occurred to me that we weren't even using a rubber. I could only think that was OK with Tony and the he felt safe with me, because he had said Nothing about taking precautions.
I pulled back and push forward again.
"Oh, yeah. . . " he said.
Placing my hands on his hips to balance myself, I began to slide in and out with a steady, uninterrupted rhythm. My boner going in deep to fill him time after time. I could just imagine what this would look like if anyone walked in and saw me boning him like this. The door to the bedroom was wide open and it was possible. Yet, I kept going, moving my hips to exercise my boner in his anal sheath. I glanced down, seeing my thickness gliding through his male-opening.
"Oh, yeah. . .

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  oh, yeah. . . " he breathed, moving slightly with my efforts.
I was excited to feel him enjoying what I was doing. Enjoying the sensation of my hard boner going in and out.
"Oh, man. . . " I sighed.
On the one hand I could scarcely believe that I was actually doing this with another guy, and on the other I was enthralled to be fucking Tony, getting my cock into him as one guy to another. I could feel the urgency growing within my stiffness. I kept going, lost to the pleasure and thrill that I was feeling. Then, almost before I knew it was going to happen, it did. I gasped and felt my boner ejaculating inside of him.

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"Oh, yeah!" Tony exclaimed. He gasped, too. "Uh. . . uh. . . uh. . . uh. . . "
While I was having my orgasm and enjoying the freedom of my semen pulsing out inside of him like that, I was not even aware that I had excited him to the point of suddenly ejaculating, too.

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   His naked body tensed and he threw his head back as his creamy liquid squirted from his boner uncontrollably.
In a moment more it was all over.
We were both breathing hard.
"That felt so good!" Tony said, his voice shaky, as he recovered.
I felt myself recovering too, and my penis starting to become softer. I slid my still large, thick length from his hole.
"Yeah. . . " I said.
I felt amazed with myself. Amazed with the situation and all that had happened.
Tony turned and gave me a brief kiss on the lips, as if to thank me for my participation.
I kissed him back, thanking him. Here I was, trying it with another guy.

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  . . again, and discovering just how pleasurable it could be. This time it had been better than ever. Would Rick and I ever fuck? Yes, I thought. Would Tony and I ever fuck again. Oh, yes. Definitely. I had no question about that.
In fact, Tony already had some ideas about what we might spend the day doing, and I was in complete agreement!.