Wife goes off


My wife loves to show off and when we go to motels she does just that. We organised the time for our breakfastlunch and inner to delivered to our room thats when she does her thing. For the breakfast she will be in the bathroom with the door ajar naked with a towel over her head. Ill have the front door open for the person no matter what age or gender to enter. When they knock she starts to dry her hair in full view for the person. Im on the lounge but cant see who it is but I can tell by how long they take to enter if they have stopped to look. This time it was a woman in her thirties and she stopped for a good look and even longer as she left. When mywife came back in she t. old me what happened. She saw the woman stop and enjoy a look as she moved the towel around. When she went into the room with the breakfast my wife got onto the bench and spread her legs apart and started to finger fuck her self so when the woman goes passed again she will get a great show. Thats why the door didn't close for a while.
She showed me how wet she was and so we fucked hard and sweaty. Then we got ready to go out for the morning.
Lunch time and we get back in time for her to get into her revealing bikini. The knock on the door finally comes and I answer it.

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   The young man in early twenties brings in the tray and puts it on the table,as he does she walks in from the bathroom topless and he stands straight up in horror but with
delight. He cant stop staring at her large breasts and she says to him to go ahead and have feel. In an instant his hands and tongue are all over them. She puts her hands over the back of his head and pushes his face into her tits. He feels his way down to her pussy and enters her wet pussy.
She sits on the lounge and he follows, she slowly opens her legs wider then ever inviting him into her. His pants are down and his cock is in her so fast I didn't get to see it.
He came fast and strong and sperm went all over her. He had a lot stored up. He then licked her till she came.
As he left she said something to him which I would find the answer to later at dinner. We then went out for a few hours and then back ready for our dinner delivery. She was in her see through nightie. and I was in my gown but naked underneath. The knock came on the door and the young man came in followed by the woman from this morning.

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   Thats what my wife asked him to do. find her and bring her up. My wife went straight for the man and massaged his already hard cock outside his pants. He started kissing my wife as the woman started playing with my wifes breasts. we all started taking off our clothing and I started to finger the woman as she was now fingering my wife. The young man stood behind my wife and rammed his long thins cock into her pussy once again. I did the same with the woman as she still is playing with my wifes tits again. My wife stops all the action and leads the woman to the lounge then she starts to lick the womans clit. The young man is invited back into my wife and I stand on the lounge with my cock now being sucked by the woman. The sweat and noises were just fantastic and finally the young man cums all over my wifes back and over her head onto my legs. So much sperm. The woman squeal with a climax and I cum all over her tits. The young man licked my wife till she came with a great climax and squirt of juices all over his face. My wife noticed he still had a hard on so she pushed him over to his co worker and he entered her. W sat watching as these two co workers were fucking each other with such passion and lust.

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   They both came and hugged each other hard. They cleaned themselves up got dressed and as they were leaving and my wife showed them the door they both stopped and lifted her nightie and inserted two fingers each into her wet pussy as a thankyou for a great time. They pushed her against the wall and thrusted their fingers in and out till she came and squirted once again. Then they left. We are planning another trip to Melbourne soon. We have exchanged numbers so we will be calling our new friends once again. .