Lost Weekend


Author’s Note: this was originally written as a four part story, but I decided to post it as one part, so it’s quite long. Let me know what you think by posting a review, or if you’d like a reply, please feel free to email me at bjcortland@yahoo. ca . I welcome both positive and critical comments, so let me know what you think!

Chapter 1

The hands of the clock seemed frozen. Cheryl looked around at her classmates. Some were reading, some were staring into space. All were bored and impatiently waiting for the clock to finally hit three o’clock. The room was silent except for the occasional flip of a page or the shuffling of feet. She glanced over her shoulder toward the back of the room where her best friend Beth sat, two desks back and one row over. Beth caught her look and rolled her eyes as if to say ‘somebody please get me out of here!’ Cheryl chuckled quietly and turned back to the clock. The minute hand had moved - slightly. So she at least she knew that time hadn’t actually stopped, but merely slowed to a snails’ pace. It was the last day of school before summer vacation. Her and Beth were both eighteen, their birthdays only a few weeks apart, and today was their last day of high school.

Cheryl was a small girl, about five foot three and weighing just under a hundred pounds. Her long, light brown hair fell straight down her back, almost reaching to her tiny waist.

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   Her green eyes were slightly almond-shaped in her oval face. High cheekbones and a small button nose all came together in a very attractive package, something that didn’t go unnoticed by the boys. She was popular and had dated more than a few guys during her high school years, although she had never advanced beyond necking and heavy petting.

She was a little disappointed with her breasts, however. Not that she was flat-chested, but she felt her diminutive B-cups were a little on the small side. Beth kept telling her that they were the perfect size and anything bigger would look freakish on her small frame. She reclined back in her seat and glanced down at them. They were perfectly round and firm, about the size of grapefruits, or large oranges at least. Maybe Beth was right.

She looked up at Mrs Markham, who was reading through some papers on her desk and occasionally dropping a few into the garbage can that sat on the floor next to it, then back again at Beth, who was now leaning back in her chair, her long, jean-clad legs splayed out from under her desk.

Beth was a leggy blonde, with wavy hair cascading to the small of her back. She had large, baby blue eyes with long lashes - bedroom eyes, she jokingly called them. She had a thin face, also with high cheek bones, and thick, pouty lips that some women paid a lot of money to have. She was taller than Cheryl, bout five-foot-ten, and a little heavier at one-ten. She liked to joke that the extra weight was in her tits, which were a firm set of thirty-four D-cups.

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   Cheryl was a little jealous of Beth’s tits. To her, they were the perfect size.

Beth sighed and laced her long fingers behind her head, causing her tits to strain against the fabric of the dark blue t-shirt she was wearing. Cheryl grinned as she saw several sets of male eyes swing to look at Beth. She winked at her. It was a game she loved to play with the boys in class. She’d make a seemingly innocent gesture, like bending over to pick something up, or like the one she was doing now, then shoot dirty looks at whoever took the bait. Today it was Jeff Langston’s turn. Beth glared at him, then sat up and folded her arms over her chest. Jeff’s face turned bright red and he quickly went back to the book on his desk. Cheryl turned back to face the front, chuckling softly to herself and shaking her head. No matter how many times Beth pulled that stunt, someone always fell for it.

The bell rang, startling her from her thoughts. Everyone scrambled to their feet, grabbing up their backpacks and books in a noisy shuffle. "All right, all right!" Mrs Marham shouted over the ruckus.

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   "Everyone have a great summer!" Her voice was lost in the din as thirty students rushed from the room to join the others gathering at their lockers in the hall. Beth took Cheryl’s arm and they pushed their way through the crowd to their lockers, which were only a few feet apart.

"All right!" Beth cried as she jerked her locker open. "We are outta here!" She looked over at Cheryl, her blue eyes sparkling with excitement. "Did you ask your parents?"

Cheryl nodded as she pulled papers and books from her locker. "They said it’s ok as long as your parents were there. " She stuffed the books and papers into her backpack, tossed her lock in on top of them, and slammed her locker door closed. "Are you sure they won’t be home?"

Beth shook her head as she closed her locker. They began walking down the crowded hall toward the exit. "They’ll be camping in the mountains for at least another week and their cell phone doesn’t work there, so they won’t be able to check up on us! It’s perfect!"

Cheryl nodded and swallowed hard. Beth had learned about a senior party at a nearby lake. Since Beth’s parents, both avid outdoor enthusiasts, were camping in the mountains, Beth had convinced her to tell her parents that she was going out to meet them when school was out and had invited Cheryl along.

Beth noticed her reluctant look and nudged her shoulder. "C’mon, Cheryl! It’ll be fun! There’ll be lots of single guys there, and maybe even some college guys!" She gave her a mischievous grin and leaned in closer, lowering her voice. "Didn’t we agree to lose our virginity before we went away to college?" They’d made the pact at the start of the school year and it hadn’t seemed like such a big deal then.

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   Now that they only had two months, reality was setting in. Not that she wasn’t looking forward to having sex, it was just taking that first step that scared her a little. She nodded hesitantly. Beth grinned. "Well, this will be a great opportunity!"

Beth had been pushing her to go to the party ever since she had found out about it a week earlier. She had finally relented and made the pitch to her parents the night before. It seemed that no matter how much she resisted, she was always giving in to Beth’s wild ideas. But Beth was right. It was time for her to finally have sex. She found herself fantasizing about it more and more lately, often masturbating to boys from school. Girls, too, although she would never admit that to anyone, not even Beth. Actually, Beth was often the girl she fantasized about being with. She realized that she had a crush on her best friend last summer when they were getting changed after swimming. It was hard not to stare at her beautiful naked body while they showered afterward.

"Cheryl?" Beth said, startling her from her reverie.

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   "I asked if you were ready to go?"

She came back to the present. "Huh? Oh, yeah. My stuff’s all packed. We just have to swing by and pick it up. "

"Great!" Beth exclaimed as they reached her car and climbed in. "Then let’s go!" They joined in with the line of cars leaving the student parking lot, horns honking and people hanging from windows and sunroofs. Summer had officially arrived!

An hour later they were just leaving town limits, with the back seat of Beth’s car loaded down with camping gear. They even brought two tents. "Just in case we get lucky!" Beth had said with a wink and a grin. They took the turn-off to the lake and drove along a narrow paved road for another five or six miles.

"There!" Beth said, pointing to two orange construction pylons at the end of a dirt road. The directions said to look for two such pylons.

Beth turned into the narrow, tree-lined road. The branches of the pine and oak trees enveloped the road like a canopy and at times it felt like they were driving through a tunnel, with occasional spots open enough for the sun to filter through the thick foliage. "I hope this is the right road," Beth said, swerving slightly to avoid a long branch.

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   They rounded a curve and came to a fork in the road. There was another orange pylon there, but it had been knocked over and was now lying pretty much in the middle of the fork.

Beth stopped the car, peering over the steering wheel at the upended cone and their two choices. "Well, now what?"

She got out and walked up to the front of the car, looking down each fork. Cheryl joined her. They debated which road looked more well used, but finally conceded that both seemed in the same condition. Then they studied tire tracks. But each road showed recent usage. Beth looked at Cheryl and threw her hands up. "I say again, now what?"

Cheryl studied the tracks closer. "The last car in here went left," she said, pointing to where the tracks drove over the previous set. "But I can’t tell which has more tracks on it. " The roads were so narrow that all the tracks rode in the same ruts.

Beth shrugged and looked at her. "Left, then?"

Cheryl looked again down both roads and nodded.

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   "If it’s the wrong way, we can always turn around, right?"

Beth looked at the thick foliage. "Yeah, right," she said with a sarcastic grin. They got back in the car and turned down the left fork.

About five minutes later, a pickup full of seniors and coolers pulled up to the fork and slid to a stop. "Hey!" the driver said, jumping out. "Someone knocked over the pylon!" He picked it up and set it next to the right fork, then they took off to the right.

Chapter 2

A half hour later, they still hadn’t reached the lake and there had been no place wide enough to turn around. The road had so many twists and turns that Beth wasn’t even entertaining the idea of backing out. "I don’t think we took the right road," Cheryl repeated for what seemed to Beth like the tenth time.

"Well, it’s a good road, relatively speaking," she replied. "And someone’s been using it. It must go somewhere. " Cheryl nodded. They rounded a turn and went up a small incline. When they crested the hill, Cheryl saw a glint of sunshine reflecting off water somewhere ahead of them.

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"There’s the lake!" she cried, pointing at it.

"Can’t be much further now," Beth said, taking her hand and squeezing it. It was only meant as a friendly gesture, but Cheryl shivered at her touch and felt her nipples harden. They crawled slowly down the long hill and finally saw a cottage by the lake with two cars parked in front of it. "Looks like we did go the wrong way," Beth said with a sigh, glancing over at Cheryl. "At least we can turn around. " No sooner had the words left her mouth than the car bottomed out in a huge pothole. The engine stumbled, then died.

Cheryl’s hands instinctively flew out and gripped the dash as they bounced to a stop. "What the hell . . . ?" Beth exclaimed, looking in her mirror. She looked over at Cheryl. "Are you ok?" Cheryl nodded and Beth turned the key.

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   The starter turned over, but the engine didn’t catch. Eventually, the starter began cranking slower as the battery began to weaken.

"You’re just killing the battery," Cheryl said dejectedly. Beth let go of the key and pulled the hood release.

"Might as well take a look," she said. Cheryl let out a laugh, despite their situation. Beth looked at her, a hurt look on her face. "What? I took auto shop last year!"

Cheryl shook her head, still chuckling. "Yeah, to meet guys! What was your final grade?"

Beth lowered her head, but grinned. "Ok, so I didn’t pass, but . . . "

"Thirty-two percent, wasn’t it?" Cheryl interrupted, looking thoughtful. "I believe that was the lowest average ever achieved in auto shop!"

Beth chuckled and leaned back in her seat. "All right.

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   You win. " She nodded toward the cottage about a hundred yards down the road. "So I guess we go see if the natives can help?"

Cheryl opened her door. "I don’t see that we have much of a choice, unless you want to walk all the way back out. " Beth shook her head and got out. They began walking down to the cottage.

As they neared the older, but well-kept cottage, they could hear voices and laughter coming from the back, the side that faced the lake. They rounded the corner of the building and were surprised to see two women lying completely naked on lounge chairs, sipping drinks and chatting. They didn’t see the girls until Cheryl cleared her throat loudly. Both women stopped talking and turned to look at the two pretty teenagers.

"Hi!" the closest one to them said, sitting up. She was a well built redhead with huge tits and a friendly smile. Cheryl guessed that she was in her mid to late twenties and apparently had no problem being nude in front of two complete strangers. "Can I help you girls with something?"

Beth and Cheryl, trying not to stare, both began speaking at once. She held up her hands, causing her massive tits to heave upward.


   "Hold it, girls!" she said. "One at a time, please!"

Cheryl deferred to Beth, who spoke in an uncharacteristic nervous voice. "Uh, . . . we . . . we’re sorry to bother you, . . . b . . . but our car broke down and .

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   . . " Just then, a man dressed only in a bathing suit came out of the cottage. He was tall and handsome, with a well-toned body and sandy blonde hair. He noticed the girls and smiled.

"Well, hello, there!" He looked at the two naked sunbathers. "Maybe you two should put something on. It appears we have guests. " He turned back to Cheryl and Beth as the two women excused themselves and went into the cottage. "Can I help you ladies with something?" His smile was warm and seemed genuine.

Beth returned his smile and began again. "We were looking for a friend’s cottage, but we made a wrong turn. Then the car quit after we hit a pothole . . .

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  " She pointed up the road to where their car sat. ". . . just up there. We were wondering if you had a phone we could use?"

The man frowned and shook his head. "Sorry, no phone. And no cell service. " He looked up the road to their car. "I was going to fix that this weekend. Nearly shook my fillings loose when I hit it last week. " He sighed and fixed them with a heart-melting smile. "I’ll go get my tools and take a look at your car. " He gestured toward the chairs. "In the meantime, make yourselves at home.

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Cheryl and Beth both smiled with relief. "Thank you," Cheryl said. "We’re so sorry to intrude. "

He waved off the apology. "Don’t give it a second thought. " He held out a hand. "My name’s Dave, by the way. " Cheryl and Beth both shook his hand and introduced themselves. They heard the door open, and the redhead came back out, this time wearing a red string bikini. Dave grinned at her as she walked up next to him and put an arm around his waist, looking at Cheryl and Beth.

"Denise," Dave said. "this is Cheryl and Beth. They made a wrong turn and their car quit after hitting that big pothole back there. " He jerked a thumb in the direction of their car.

Denise frowned at him.

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   "I told you someone was gonna wreck their car in that crater!"

Dave nodded. "I know, I know," he said with an exasperated sigh. ". . . and I was planning to fill it in before we left. " Cheryl and Beth stared down at the ground, feeling a little uncomfortable for interrupting their weekend. Denise noticed their unease and reached out to take their hands.

"Come on, girls. You’d probably like to freshen up a little. " She smiled warmly and after a moment’s hesitation, they took her hands.

"We . . . we don’t want to impose .

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   . . ," Cheryl began, but Denise stopped her with a quick laugh.

"Don’t be silly! You’re not imposing! It’s nice to have some visitors!" As they went into the neat little cottage, she called over her shoulder to Dave. "I’ll send Mark out and you two can take a look at their car, ok?"

"Sure thing!" Dave called back cheerily. "I’ll get my tools from the car and meet him there!" Denise waved in acknowledgment as she led the girls inside.

They entered into a living room a kitchen area adjacent to it. There was a couch separating the two rooms facing away from the kitchen out the front window, which offered a nice view of the lake. A TV sat in one corner; two easy chairs and a low coffee table in the center of the room. A hallway led off the living room to where the bedrooms were probably situated.

The woman who had been outside with Denise when they arrived was sitting on the couch reading a magazine. She stood up when they walked in and the girls were surprised to see that she was still naked!

"Better put something on, Julie," Denise said. "We have guests. " Julie was also very beautiful, about five-foot-nine with long straight blonde hair that was tied up in a ponytail, giving her a wholesome ‘girl next door’ look. She was slender, with a well-formed set of tits the size of cantaloupes.

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   A quick glance to her pubic area showed she was completely shaved.

‘Boob job,’ Beth thought to herself as Julie walked over to one of the chairs, picked up a robe, and slipped it on. Denise introduced the girls and she smiled apologetically.

"Sorry, girls. I didn’t realize you were there. You see, we’re nudists and . . . " Denise lifted her hand, cutting her off.

"We’ll talk about that later, Julie," she said, giving her a quick look. She pointed toward the hall. "The bathroom’s down there. Last door on the right. " Cheryl went first. After she left, Beth, Denise and Julie stood chatting quietly when a man came out of one of the bedrooms.

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   He was dark-haired, well muscled, and completely naked. He glanced up from the magazine he was reading and saw the three women watching him, Beth with her jaw dropped open.

"Oops!" he said, covering his pubic area with his magazine when he saw Beth. He blushed slightly and said, "I didn’t know we had company!" Just then Cheryl came out of the bathroom and stopped short when she saw his bare ass. He turned around when he heard her gasp of surprise. "Oh, shit!" he said, grabbing a cushion from the couch to cover his ass while struggling to keep the magazine over his dick. Denise and Julie began to giggle, then laugh out loud as the man tried in vain to cover himself and slip past Cheryl back into the bedroom. Cheryl looked over at the others. By this time, Beth was laughing along with the others and Cheryl soon found herself smiling, then laughing herself. Soon they all had tears running down their cheeks. A moment later, they finally settled down. Denise went over to the bedroom door and tapped lightly on it.

"What?" came the muffled reply.

"Dave needs your help. The girls’ car broke down outside and he went out to see if he can fix it.

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  " The door opened a few seconds later and the man came out, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, but still a little red in the face. Denise grinned at him. "Don’t be embarrassed, Mark. You have nothing to be ashamed of!" His face turned even redder and Denise turned to them. "Cheryl, Beth, this is Mark. He’s Julie’s boyfriend. Mark, meet Cheryl and Beth. "

Mark grinned weakly. "Hi, girls. I hope I didn’t scare you!"

Beth grinned. "What time’s the next show? I may have a few singles here somewhere . . . " She dug into her pockets as Julie and Denise began laughing again. Cheryl grinned and shook her head.

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   Beth could make friends and fit in anywhere. Even Mark joined in this time.

"Very funny," he said, still chuckling. "Where’s your car?"

Denise pointed up the road. "Up there by that big pothole. " Mark nodded with a friendly grin and went outside to find Dave.

Julie shook her head apologetically. "Sorry, girls. I didn’t think to go and tell him you were here. "

"No harm done," Beth said with a wave. Then she looked at Denise and Julie. "So, you guys walk around naked . . . all the time?"

They laughed.

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   "No, no. Not all the time," Denise explained. "Just at home usually. Sometimes we take weekend getaways. " She waved a hand around the cottage. "That’s why we bought this place, because it’s out of the way. "

Cheryl spoke up. "You should put a gate up so no one surprises you, like we did. "

Denise touched her arm, causing goose bumps to appear on her flesh. "Good idea, honey. We just bought the place last month . I think I’ll mention that to Dave. " She smiled warmly and Cheryl felt a tingle of excitement. ‘Is she flirting with me?’ she wondered as she returned the smile. Beth wandered off to the bathroom while the three of them went into the living room and sat down.



"So what’s your story?" Denise asked as they got comfortable. She and Julie sat on the couch while Cheryl chose one of the easy chairs. "How did you end up on our doorstep?" Cheryl explained how they had taken the wrong turn looking for the party at the lake. Beth joined them about halfway through the story and took a seat in the other chair. By the time they had finished telling it, Mark and Dave had returned.

"So what’s the verdict?" Denise asked, turning to them as they came into the kitchen.

Dave shook his head. "Not good," he replied. "When you hit the pothole, the CV joint came apart and tore up the main wiring harness. " He paused as he took in their blank stares. It was obvious they had no idea what he was talking about. He sighed. "Ok, let me try to explain. The CV shaft is what gets the power to the front wheels. The joint on that shaft let go.

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   It was probably getting worn and the pothole was the final straw. Anyway, when it came apart, the shaft kept spinning. It caught the wiring harness to the car’s computer and literally tore it all to hell. That’s why the car stalled. "

Beth and Cheryl exchanged a look, then Beth turned to him. "Can you fix it?"

Dave shook his head. "Even if we could somehow sort out that mess of broken wires and the computer didn’t suffer any damage, there’s still the matter of the broken CV joint. They can’t be fixed. You’ll need a new one. And the car can’t move without it. " He gave them an apologetic look. "Sorry. "

Beth and Cheryl looked dejectedly at each other, then Beth looked back up to Dave. "Could you maybe give us a lift somewhere that we could call a tow truck?"

Dave frowned and shook his head. "Not today.

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   I’ve had a few drinks. " He looked around at the others. "We all have. I can’t take a chance on driving. At least not today. "

They all sat silently for a moment until Denise stood up. "Tell you what. " She looked around the room at them. "You were going camping for the whole weekend, right?" They nodded. "Then why don’t you stay here with us?" She spread her arms around the room. "We have plenty of room, and we could give you a drive out Sunday when we leave. " Cheryl shot Beth a questioning look. Beth shrugged non-committedly.

Dave spoke up. "Uh, Denise .

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   . . baby . . . do they know that we’re . . . "

"Nudists?" she said quickly, interrupting his sentence and fixing him with an intense glare.

Dave’s eyes narrowed into a questioning look, then he replied slowly, "Uh, yeah . . . nudists. "

She turned to the girls. "Yeah, there is that.

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   Would you have a problem with us walking around naked? It’s kinda why we came all the way out here. "

Beth looked over at Cheryl. "What do you think, Cheryl?" Cheryl met her eyes. They were dancing with excitement and she knew that she wanted to stay. She also knew that even if she said no, she would eventually give in. Beth always got her way. And she wasn’t entirely sure that she wanted to say no.

She sighed. "Well, either we stay or we have a long walk home. " She looked at the others. "Are you sure you wouldn’t mind? We don’t want to spoil your weekend. "

Julie spoke up. "Not at all!" She winked at Denise. "But I, for one, am still going naked. " She stood up and dropped her robe, then smiled at the girls and went out onto the deck.

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Dave watched her go, then turned to the girls, a dubious look on his face. "Are you sure you’re ok with this?" He looked them up and down quickly. "You seem a little young. "

"We’re eighteen," Beth said. "And, yes, it’ll be a little weird for a while, but we’ll get used to it. Right , Cheryl?"

Cheryl managed an uneasy smile. "Sure, no problem. "

Denise grinned widely, looking them over. "Then feel free to join us if you want to. " She stood up and removed her bikini, then followed Julie out onto the deck. Mark and Dave also went outside, leaving the two girls alone in the living room.

Cheryl gave Beth a hard look. Beth grinned and raised her hands, palms out. "What?"

Cheryl shook her head and sighed. It was no use arguing.

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   They were here and there was nothing she could do about it. "Come on," she said, standing up. "Let’s go get our things. "

Chapter 3

A while later, Dave and Denise were lying on the dock by the lake, about a hundred feet from the cottage. Both were naked.

"Do you think it was a good idea asking them to stay?" he asked as his hand caressed her firm breast, then began to tease her nipple with his finger. Denise closed her eyes and sighed, enjoying his sensual touch. He chuckled. "Nudists? Where the hell did that come from?" They were actually swingers and their weekend getaway was nothing more than a two day sex party.

She replied without opening her eyes. "Did you get a good look at them!? They’re beautiful! And those hot little bodies!"

Dave smiled, remembering how both Cheryl and Beth’s nipples had been fully erect when he saw them talking to his naked girlfriend when they first arrived. "True, but they’re only eighteen! And to be honest, Cheryl looks younger than that to me. "

Denise opened her eyes and looked at him. "So? They look old enough to me!"

He still seemed skeptical. "What if they don’t want to .

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   . . join in?"

She closed her eyes and turned her face back up to the warm sun. "Maybe not tonight, but I bet by this time tomorrow they’re so horny they’ll be begging us to fuck them!" She smiled, thinking of how sweet their young pussies would taste.

"Oh, really?" Dave asked, his eyes locking on her pretty face, eyebrows raised. "And what makes you so sure?"

She sat up and looked up to the deck where Beth and Cheryl were lying in the lounge chairs sunbathing, well out of earshot. "Because," she replied, leaning over to kiss him. "When they see us doing stuff like this . . . " She licked down his stomach and took his semi-hard cock in her hand, then parted her lips and took it into the warm wetness of her mouth, sucking hard. Dave gasped, then propped himself up on his elbows and watched the gorgeous redhead swallow his cock. She bobbed her head a few times until she felt him grow to full hardness, then slipped it from her mouth and glanced up to the girls. They were chatting excitedly to each other and stealing short glances in their direction. She looked back at Dave and winked, a wicked grin on her face, then lowered her head and once again slipped it into her mouth, taking in at least half of his nine inches.

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   She began sucking on it and bobbing her head up and down, making love to his throbbing cock with her mouth. Knowing they were being watched made giving head such a turn on that she felt the stirrings of an orgasm in her wet snatch. Dave gasped again and closed his eyes.


"Holy shit!" Beth whispered, reaching over to Cheryl. "She’s sucking his dick!" Cheryl opened her eyes and looked down to where she knew Denise and Dave were lying naked. It had only been a couple of hours since they had agreed to stay and so far, the others had kept their strange behavior to a discreet distance. She brought her hand to her mouth, her eyes wide. There was no question of what they were doing and they weren’t even trying to hide it from them!

They had changed into their bikinis, still a little reluctant to take Denise up her offer to join them naked. They watched with rapt amazement as Denise continued to suck on Dave’s cock. Cheryl felt her pussy starting to get wet and wondered if it was having the same effect on Beth.

It was. Beth’s twat was seeping so much that her bathing suit was starting to get wet. She watched as Denise’s head began moving faster and Dave leaned his head back in obvious delight, relishing the feel of his girlfriend’s mouth on his hard member. Suddenly, she pulled her mouth from his stiff shaft and began to stroke it while staring up into his face. A few seconds later, they heard Dave cry out as his cock erupted his hot seed.

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   Some of it hit her in the face, to which she paid no mind, while she pumped the rest onto his bare stomach. Then, to the girl’s amazement, she looked right at them and grinned, before lowering her mouth back to his throbbing meat and sucking the remaining jism from it. She licked it clean, then crawled up and kissed him. They broke off the kiss, then both turned and waved to Cheryl and Beth! Cheryl, the shocked look still on her face, looked over at Beth, who was smiling and waving back!

"Beth!" she hissed through clenched teeth.

Beth turned to her, still smiling. "What?"

"I . . . don’t wave back!" she stammered, aghast at her friend’s actions and unable to come up with anything better to say.

Beth rolled her eyes and lay back on her chair. "Cheryl, they knew we were watching. Why pretend we weren’t?"

Cheryl didn’t reply. She turned back toward them just in time to see Dave wipe some of the cum from Denise’s face and hold out his finger to her. She licked it clean. Cheryl made a face.

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   "She actually swallowed his . . . his . . . "

Beth nodded. "I know. I wonder what it tastes like?"

Cheryl turned back to her, her eyes wide and her mouth twisted into a grotesque grimace. "What?!"

Beth shrugged. "Aren’t you curious?"

Cheryl shook her head emphatically. "Uh-uh!" She looked back toward the lake and watched as Dave and Denise got up and began to walk back up to the cottage. "Oh, shit! Here they come!"

Beth lay her head back on the lounge chair and closed her eyes. "So? They knew we were here. If they didn’t want us to see they would have gone somewhere else.



Cheryl watched them approach. Dave had wrapped a towel around his waist, but Denise was completely naked. Beth was right. They had wanted them to see! They walked up hand in hand and sat on another lounger across from them. Denise grinned at them and wiped a drop of cum from her cheek.

"Did you enjoy that?" She smiled warmly, looking directly into Cheryl’s eyes.

Cheryl looked down and felt her face getting warm. "It was hot," Beth said without sitting up or even opening her eyes. She was lying back with one leg bent at the knee. Her nipples were plainly visible through the tight white bikini top and a small wet spot could be seen between her slightly open thighs. Her long blonde hair fell across her smooth, bare shoulders, and she wore small, dark sunglasses, which completed the look perfectly.

Denise looked over at the pretty blonde and grinned widely. "Glad you liked it!" She kissed Dave quickly. "I’m going to go clean up. I’m a little sticky!" Cheryl glanced up at her and could see little trickles of cum running down her tits.

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   She quickly averted her eyes when she saw Dave was looking at her. Denise excused herself and went into the cottage. Dave looked at both girls. Cheryl was avoiding his eyes and Beth was still lying back on the chair in the same sexy pose, her eyes hidden behind the dark lenses. He stood up, removed his towel, and stretched out on the lounger he had been sitting on.

Cheryl lay back and tried to keep from looking at him, but couldn’t help herself. His long, semi-hard cock curved up from his groin and leaned over in an arc toward his leg. She was surprised at its’ length and width. She stared at it for a moment then found her eyes moving up over his well-formed chest to his handsome face . . . and found him looking back at her! She immediately turned bright red and covered her mouth with her hand, averting her eyes.

"I . . .

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   I’m so sorry!" she blurted out, looking down. "I shouldn’t have . . . I mean, I didn’t mean to . . . " Beth lifted her head and looked at her, then over to Dave, who was grinning at her.

"Like what you see?" he asked, spreading his arms and smiling. Beth lifted her sunglasses up and let her eyes take in his nude form, from his well-toned chest to his slowly stiffening cock, then back up to his eyes. She held his gaze for a moment, then smiled, pulled her sunglasses back down and lay back on the chair. Cheryl had already lain back, her eyes closed. Unlike Beth, who had taken all this in with relative calm, she was embarrassed and would have preferred to sink into her chair and disappear.

Dave looked over the two bikini-clad young girls. Denise was right.

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   They each had beautiful, tight little bodies and just the sight of them in those skimpy bikinis was getting him hard again. He could tell by the small bumps in the tops of their bikinis that they were more than a little turned on as well. And he hadn’t failed to notice the wet spot between Beth’s legs!

A few minutes later, Denise came back out and sat down next to Dave. She looked from him to the girls, then back again. Dave looked up at her, squinting against the bright sun. "Where are Julie and Mark?"

She hooked a thumb toward the cottage. "In their room - fucking. "

Dave closed his eyes. "You didn’t join them?"

Cheryl was still lying there with her eyes closed listening to their hosts casually chatting about their friends having sex, but looked over at them and gasped in surprise at Dave’s last question. Beth only smiled slightly.

Denise went over to the empty chair next to Beth’s and sat down. "And leave you out here alone with two beautiful young women?" She winked at Cheryl, who blushed again. Beth sat up and removed her sunglasses.

"Don’t worry, Denise. " She winked at Dave.

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   "We wouldn’t do anything without getting your permission first. " Cheryl glared at her, her mouth open. Beth had always been the more outspoken and flirtatious of the two, but this was out there, even for her!

Denise laughed. "I’m sure you wouldn’t, honey. " She paused, then asked, "Do you two have much experience . . . sexually?" Beth looked over at Cheryl, who was once again looking down. She turned back to Denise.

"Actually," she began. Cheryl’s head came up and she turned to Beth, ready to interrupt. But before she could say anything, Beth finished her sentence. "We’re still virgins. " Cheryl held her head in her hands. If she was embarrassed before, now she was completely humiliated on top of it.

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   Beth kept talking. "We made a vow to lose our virginity before the summer was over. That’s why we were going to the party. We hoped to meet some cute guys who would . . . "

"Beth!" Cheryl cried, glaring at her. She looked over at Denise and Dave, who were calmly listening to Beth’s story, and seemed surprised at her outburst. Denise got up and came over to her chair and knelt beside her.

"It’s ok, Cheryl. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. " She smiled at her and put a hand on her leg. Once again, she felt goose bumps rise on her flesh at Denise’s gentle touch. "The thing is," she continued, standing back up, "you could be disappointed if you hook up with a young guy who really doesn’t know what he’s doing. "

Beth watched her intently as she went back over and sat next to Dave, who was now sitting up on his chair, taking in the conversation.

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   Denise locked her beautiful green eyes on Beth’s blue ones. "I’m willing to bet you have friends who have had sex and said it was ok, but not that great, right?"

Beth nodded, still holding her eyes. "Uh-huh . . . almost word for word. " Denise began to tease her nipple and Beth’s eyes dropped from hers to watch her. "How . . . uh, how did you know?"

Denise smiled. She knew she had their interest now. "Happens all the time. A man needs experience before he gets good, and as a general rule, school boys don’t have much experience. And what they do have is with equally inexperienced young girls, like yourselves.

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  " She got up and moved over to the edge of Beth’s chair and faced Cheryl. "I’m going to be honest with you. " Cheryl was now facing Denise, turning so that Dave was now behind her. "When I said that we were nudists, that was only half of the truth," she continued. She glanced quickly at Dave, then took Cheryl and Beth’s hands. "We’re also swingers. Do you know what that means?" Both girls shook their heads. Denise took a deep breath. "It means . . . " she looked from Cheryl to Beth. " . . .

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   that we like having sex with . . . more than one person. "

The girls exchanged a glance, then looked back to her. "You mean . . . you swap boyfriends?" Beth asked.

Denise smiled and looked over at Dave, who smiled and leaned back, watching all three of them, but saying nothing. "Yes," she answered, "but sometimes we all get together, too. "

Cheryl’s eyes widened as she remembered Dave’s comment about Denise not joining Julie and Mark. "Y . . .

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   you can do that!?"

Denise laughed and squeezed her hand. "Of course! And sometimes Julie and I get together by ourselves. " She shot Dave a wry grin. "Once the guys are worn out!"

Beth looked over at Dave. "What about you and Mark?"

He held up his hands, palms out. "Uh-uh. I only like girls. I’ll have a threesome or a foursome with Mark, but not with him, if you know what I mean. "

Denise chuckled. "He’s a little homophobic, but he has improved. He wouldn’t even consider having another man there at first. "

Dave grinned. "That’s as far as it goes, though. " He looked at the girls. "Mark and I have an agreement.

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They all sat in silence for a few moments. Cheryl couldn’t believe what Denise had just told them. Beth looked thoughtful, then turned to Denise. "Are you offering to . . . teach us?" Cheryl looked over at Beth, at first stunned by her question, but then looked over at Denise with the same questioning look she had.

She smiled at them both. "If you want us to. But no pressure. Don’t feel like you have to.

" She looked at Dave, who was studying Cheryl’s sexy ass. She motioned toward him with her head. "Something tells me Dave wouldn’t mind!" He looked up to see Cheryl looking back at him over her shoulder. He smiled at her and she found herself smiling back.



Chapter 4

As the four sat thinking about what Denise had said, Julie appeared at the door, completely naked and her chest flushed a bright red. Mark stepped up behind her, a towel wrapped around his waist. They both had sweat-soaked hair and their bodies glistened with perspiration.

"Well, hello!" Denise said, standing up. She went over and kissed her directly on the mouth, then Mark. Julie glanced over at the two girls, then at the naked Dave.

"Uh, should you be . . . "

Denise stopped her with another kiss. "It’s ok. We told them everything. "

Julie leaned around Denise’s naked body and said. "Really? You’re both ok with this?"

They both nodded. Beth stood up.

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   "We haven’t decided about . . . joining you yet, but don’t let us cramp your style. "

Denise whispered into Julie’s ear and her eyes got wide, a grin forming on her face. "Oh! I see!" She smiled seductively at the two girls. "Well, we can certainly fix that!"

Mark looked puzzled. "Fix what?" His thoughts went to their damaged car and wondered what she was talking about.

Julie grabbed his arm. "I’ll explain later. Come on, let’s have that swim. I’m all sweaty!" They started across the deck toward the dock. As Mark passed Denise, she grabbed his towel and yanked it from his body. He grinned at her, then he and Julie took off running toward the lake, laughing and grabbing at each other.

Denise laughed.

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   "They’re like a couple of kids!" She turned back to the girls and smiled warmly. "Just let us know when you’re ready, ok?" They nodded and she took Dave’s hand. "C’mon, lover. I serviced you, now it’s your turn!" She pulled him to his feet and they made for the door.

Dave shrugged as they went inside. "Back to work!" he said with a grin.

Chapter 5

After Denise and Dave went inside, Beth and Cheryl sat there in silence, each lost in their own thoughts. They absently watched Julie and Mark splashing playfully in the lake. Cheryl looked over at Beth, who met her eyes. She began to feel a warm sensation deep in her stomach as she looked at the pretty blonde. Beth gave her a inquiring shrug.

"So, should we take them up on their offer?"

Cheryl took a deep breath and studied Beth’s long, slender legs. "I . . .

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   I dunno. I mean, I want to . . . do it, but . . . " she spread out her arms. ". . . like this?"

Beth leaned back and watched Julie and Mark for a moment before speaking. "I know what you mean. It seems a little . .

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   . kinky. Even perverted. " Cheryl nodded, still watching Beth’s lean, sexy body. "But, Denise has a good point . . . I mean about guys our age. " Again, she nodded.

"I know," she replied, lying back in her chair contemplatively. "When I do finally have sex, I want it to be great, not just ok. Or even worse, awful!"

Beth looked at her and nodded. "So what do we do?" Cheryl shrugged, but didn’t answer. They did come up here to have sex, but it was really Beth who was pushing the issue. She took their vow very seriously where Cheryl wasn’t as concerned about the time frame.

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   Sure, she wanted to have sex. Who didn’t? But on her own terms.

After a moment, Beth sat up. "Well, I don’t know about you, but I came all the way up here to lose my virginity and that’s what I’m going to do!" Cheryl looked over at her, surprised at her sudden comment. She was actually leaning towards the same conclusion, but hadn’t fully convinced herself, as Beth obviously had. Beth reached behind her back and released the clasp of her bikini top, then pulled it free and dropped it to the deck beside her chair. Her large, firm tits sat perfectly on her chest with absolutely no sagging. The nipples were centered in her dark areolae and stood fully erect, pointing slightly upward.

"Wow!" she exclaimed, running her hands over her exposed breasts. "This feels awesome!" She lay back on her chair, her tits flattening only slightly. Cheryl swallowed hard at the sight of her beautiful tits, beaded with the odd drop of perspiration. "C’mon, Cheryl! You gotta try this!" she exclaimed. "I feel so . . .

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   free!" She laced her hands behind her head and closed her eyes, letting the sun warm her pale breasts. For a moment, Cheryl didn’t move. Beth, knowing her friend well, knew it would take her a few moments to work up the nerve. She didn’t try to coax her any further.

Finally, Cheryl sat up and took another sip of her rum and coke. The ice had melted and it tasted flat, but she didn’t notice. She took a deep breath, then pushed the straps from her shoulders. She paused and looked over to see Beth watching her and chewing on her lower lip. She took another deep breath and reached behind her back to unhook the clasp. Then, she slowly pulled it from her firm, round breasts, revealing them to Beth and anyone else who might happen along. Beth watched her intently, then smiled as she dropped her top to the deck. She looked down nervously at her small, but well-shaped tits, then back over to Beth.

"How’s it feel?" Beth asked, her face lit up with excitement.

Cheryl shrugged and looked back down at her perky breasts. "They feel pretty small compared to everyone else’s.

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Beth sighed and waved off her comment. "C’mon, Cheryl. They look great on you. Like I’ve always said, they’re the perfect size for your body. "

She studied her tits for a moment. "Maybe . . . " she said thoughtfully, then stuck her chest out. "You really think?"

Beth nodded, her face serious. "Uh-huh. They’re just the right size. " She grinned and got a wild look in her eyes. "I dare you to take off your bottoms!"

Cheryl’s eyes grew wide. "Beth!"

"What’s the matter? Chicken?"

Cheryl stared at her.

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   She didn’t want to back down from the dare, but she was, well . . . chicken. "You first!" she countered.

Beth looked back at her, the same wild look in her eyes. Her nipples were poking out nearly a half inch now. She stood up and hooked her thumbs in the waist strap of her bikini. "Let’s both do it together!" Cheryl looked up at her beautiful, half naked friend. She took another sip of her warm, flat rum and stood up, facing her. They stood three feet apart.

"Ready?" Beth asked. Cheryl placed her hands on her own bikini. "Ok, on three!" Her blue eyes, those sexy bedroom eyes, were dancing. Cheryl glanced toward the lake, where Julie and Mark were now swimming leisurely at the end of the dock, then looked back to Beth and nodded.

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   "One, two, three!" On three, they both pulled their bikinis down and kicked them aside. They both straightened up. Cheryl let her eyes roam over every inch of Beth’s beautiful body. She noticed that she had shaved most of her tiny, perfectly shaped pussy, leaving just a little triangle of blonde hair on her mons. Her long legs were slender and met the vee of her pubic area perfectly. Her hips curved seductively to her narrow waist and her large tits sat deliciously upon her chest and required no support. She really was beautiful, Cheryl thought.

"Hey!" Beth exclaimed, interrupting her thoughts. "You shave, too!" She pointed to Cheryl’s completely shaved mons. Cheryl just grinned nervously and shrugged.

Beth was also admiring her friend’s body. True, Cheryl’s tits were smaller than hers, but she meant what she said when she told her they were the perfect size for her small body. She loved her petite body. Although they were both the same age, Cheryl could easily pass for a fourteen or fifteen year old. Her small, five-foot-three inch frame, combined with her small breasts, gave her the appearance of a junior cheerleader.

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   Her bare pussy only exaggerated the illusion. But she was absolutely beautiful, her dark skin and slightly almond-shaped eyes giving her the appearance of some exotic beauty.

Just then, they noticed Julie and Mark walking back up to the cottage. Cheryl suddenly felt very self-conscious. Beth, sensing her apprehension, took her hand, then leaned in close. "You have a beautiful body, Cheryl. Don’t be afraid to show it off!"

Cheryl smiled nervously and squeezed her hand. "So do you," she whispered.

Julie and Mark approached, grinning widely at the two naked teens. "Well, hello there!" Julie exclaimed, eyeing their bodies. She looked over at Mark and gave him a shove with her shoulder. "Put your eyes back in their sockets, buddy!" She shot him a stern, but playful look.

Mark grinned sheepishly. "Sorry, babe, but . .


   . " he gestured toward them, ". . . look at them! Can you blame me?!"

Julie licked her lips and took in their bodies from a closer view. "I know," she said, smiling seductively. She pursed her lips in a kissing gesture, then went inside, dragging Mark behind her.

Beth and Cheryl were left standing there, looking at the door they had just gone through, and still holding hands. Cheryl looked into her friend’s sexy eyes. Beth held her gaze and smiled slightly. Almost imperceptively, they moved closer together. When their faces were only inches apart, Cheryl whispered, "Beth, I . . . "

"Shhh .

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   . . " Beth said, cutting her off. A second later, their lips met in a warm, lingering kiss. Cheryl felt Beth’s tongue on her lips, urging them apart. She parted her lips and her tongue darted into her mouth, teasing hers in a sensual dance. She felt Beth’s arms going around her neck and her hands on her head, her long fingers entwined in her luxuriant hair. She wrapped her arms around Beth’s naked body and pulled her firm body tight to hers, their bare flesh hot as it pressed together. They kissed for a long moment, both losing all sense of time as their lips connected lovingly with a passion neither realized existed between them.

When they finally separated, they stared into each other’s eyes, panting for breath. Cheryl smiled and kissed her quickly. "You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that!" she whispered.

Beth looked surprised. "Really?" She looked down, chewing sexily on her lower lip. "So .

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   . . so have I. " She looked back up into Cheryl’s hypnotizing green eyes and smiled. "So, what are we? A couple of dykes?"

Cheryl chuckled and shook her head. "Don’t take this the wrong way, Beth, but I still want a man!"

Beth grinned and nodded. "Me, too. But we can still have some fun, can’t we?" Cheryl thought for a moment, then nodded hesitantly. "Yes, but let’s take it slow, ok? This is all new to me. " Beth nodded and they embraced, their bodies pressed tightly together.

As they hugged, Denise opened the door and stepped out. "So, Julie was right! You are naked!" She grinned gleefully. "And it looks like you’re a little more than ‘just friends’, too!" They both looked at each other and nervously fidgeted. "It’s ok," she said, hugging them both. They could smell the sex on her skin mixed with her and Dave’s sweat.

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   "We certainly don’t judge anyone here!"

They broke their three-way hug and Beth took Cheryl’s hand, smiling at her. "It seems that we both . . . had crushes on each other, but didn’t know how to pursue it. When we got naked . . . " she shrugged, ". . . it just sort of happened!"

Denise chuckled. "Getting naked can have that effect!" She smiled warmly. "Come on inside. We’re going to have a bite to eat.

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  " The two teens walked hand-in-hand toward the cottage while the beautiful, naked redhead held the door open for them. Denise smiled to herself as they filed past her. It was definitely going to be a fun weekend!

Chapter 6

The girls were becoming more comfortable being naked as the afternoon gave way to evening. No question the liquor was helping, along with everyone else being naked. It would actually be more awkward to be dressed in this crowd, Cheryl thought as she looked around the room. She looked over at Beth, who was joking with Dave and Julie on the couch. She was helping Denise with the dishes while Mark was channel surfing - looking for porn, he claimed. She took the last plate from Denise, dried it, and put it away. Then she hung the towel on the hook and turned to see Denise looking hungrily at her, a very lusty look in her beautiful green eyes.

Cheryl let her eyes take in her sexy body; from her long, slender legs to the delicate curve of her hips, to that clean-shaven pussy and her flat stomach that led up to those amazing tits. They were at least a thirty-six DD, and were slightly sloped with the nipples pointing almost straight up.

Denise stepped toward the tiny brunette and held out her hands, her green eyes sparkling. Cheryl moved almost unconsciously toward her, taking her hands, then moving her arms to her neck as their bodies came together. Denise was taller and moved her head down so that their lips were almost touching, then her tongue darted out, licking Cheryl’s lips. She looked deep into Cheryl’s eyes, which were almost the same hue as her own, then kissed her.

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   Cheryl was startled by the unbridled passion of her kiss. She drove her tongue deep into her throat, her mouth covering Cheryl’s. After a moment, Cheryl began to kiss her back, trying to muster the same wild abandon.

Denise broke off the kiss and smiled down at her, still holding her close. "That was nice," she whispered, stroking her long hair and smiling. Cheryl nodded, still too overwhelmed to speak. She had never been kissed like that before! "Would you like to come with me and one of the guys . . . " She licked her lips. ". . . into a bedroom?"

Cheryl looked into her eyes, feeling the warmth of her soft, feminine flesh pressed against hers. She nodded, nibbling on her lip nervously.

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   Denise smiled and kissed her, then looked over at the others. "Does it matter who?" she asked softly.

Cheryl looked over at the two men. Dave was sitting on the couch with Julie and Beth, deep in conversation. Mark was surfing through the channels, apparently unable to find any suitable porn. She turned back to Denise.

"How about Mark?" she whispered. Denise nodded, took her hand, and led her over to where Mark was sitting. Together, they stood between him and the TV. At first he tried to look around them, then realized what he was doing and looked up. Denise smiled and reached for his hand. He glanced at Cheryl, who appeared nervous, but managed a smile. Realizing what they wanted, he looked over and caught Julie’s eye. She looked at the two women, blew him a kiss, then moved closer to Dave.

Getting the appropriate permission, Mark took Denise’s hand and reached up for Cheryl’s.

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   She held it out and together they pulled him to his feet. As they moved past the others toward the hall, Beth glanced up and caught Cheryl’s eye. Cheryl gave her a little smile and they went down the hall and into the first room.

Chapter 7

Cheryl followed Mark into the bedroom. Denise came in last and gently closed the door with an audible click. She looked around the small room. A king-sized bed filled most of it, leaving just enough room for the three of them to stand next to it. She felt soft hands on her shoulders and turned to see Denise smiling at her.

"Are you ok?" she asked, concern in her voice.

She nodded and gestured toward the huge bed. "How did you get this in here?"

Denise and Mark chuckled. "It wasn’t easy," she explained. "This is our . . .

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   play room, so we didn’t need any other furniture in here. " Cheryl looked over at Mark, who was slowly stroking his eight-inch prick as he watched them. Denise watched her as her eyes remained locked on Mark’s long, hard cock.

"Have you ever given head?" she asked her. Cheryl shook her head. "A hand job?" Once again, she shook her head. Denise smiled. "Have you ever even seen a real cock before today?"

Cheryl thought for second. "Do pictures count?"

The others laughed and Denise shook her head. "No, dear, pictures do not count. " She stroked her long hair. "Come on, let’s get started. " Mark put his hands on Cheryl’s waist and pulled her to him. They kissed warmly, with almost the same passion as with Denise. She could feel his hard prick on her stomach.

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   With her tiny, compact body, it almost touched the bottom of her tits. It was wet with precum and left a slick trail across her abdomen. She felt Denise’s hands on her shoulders, pulling her from Mark’s embrace. They broke off the kiss and Denise took her hand. She placed it on Mark’s throbbing member and Cheryl was amazed at it’s hardness.

"Now, grip it loosely . . . that’s it . . . and stroke it slowly. Back and forth. " Cheryl began to move her tiny hand up and down the hard shaft, slick with his precum. "Perfect! How does that feel, Mark?"

He grinned.

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   "Good, but not as good as her lips!" Denise shot him a dirty look, but her eyes were still playful.

"Be patient, stud! You’ll be begging her to stop before long!"

Cheryl heard only half of what they were saying. Her mind was focused on Mark’s huge cock and she wondered how would ever fit inside her tiny pussy. Denise watched her stroke him for a few minutes, then pulled her hand away. She kissed her, then they each kissed Mark. Then Denise dropped to her knees, pulling Cheryl down with her. They were looking directly at the large, purple head. Precum oozed from the hole in the tip. Denise took it in her hand.

"The secret to a good blow-job is to use your tongue. And remember to suck when going down. But let’s start out with something simple. " She parted her lips slightly and rubbed them on the sensitive, velvet-soft glans. Mark groaned in pleasure. She pulled her lips away and nodded to Cheryl.


   "Try it. Just do what I did. "

Cheryl looked at the huge purple head, then back to Denise, her expression doubtful. "Go ahead," she urged. "You’ll like it - I promise!" She nodded at Mark’s cock.

Cheryl looked up into Mark’s face. He smiled then gently pushed his cock toward her. She looked again at the thick phallus, swallowed hard, and moved her mouth closer. She could smell the musky scent of his sex. It was very strong at this proximity and she found it enthralling. She closed her eyes and gently kissed the soft tip, the precum wetting her lips. She pulled away, licking her lips and tasting the salty secretion for the first time.

"That’s it," Denise said encouragingly as Cheryl took a moment to consider the taste. "Now, lets try it again. This time, part your lips a little more and let it slide into your mouth.

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  " Cheryl took a deep breath and once again pressed her lips to the soft head. Mark sighed and she felt a slight pressure as he pushed toward her, urging her mouth onto his aching rod. She slowly opened her mouth and let him push the large, drooling tool across her lips, then past her teeth to her tongue. She tasted the salty precum again, stronger this time, as she moved forward until she had about three inches in her mouth.

Mark sighed and moaned slightly as her warm, wet mouth encircled his organ. He resisted the temptation to move it any deeper, despite his primal urges. Cheryl surprised herself by not being disgusted at the idea of having a cock in her mouth. She was obviously giving Mark pleasure, and that turned her on. The taste wasn’t what she would call delicious, but it wasn’t bad.

"Very good, baby," Denise said, placing a hand on her back. "Now pull it back out and remember to suck. Good. Don’t forget to use your tongue. Just flick it back and forth across the tip. " Cheryl tried to do everything Denise was telling her, but it was hard to concentrate on anything but the fact that she actually had a cock in her mouth! She pulled back so just the tip remained in, then remembered to use her tongue.

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   Mark groaned as she flicked her tongue all over the sensitive head, then began to take it back in, sucking as hard as she could. Again, Mark sighed. After a few moments, she began to get the hang of it. She found that if she tried to take in too much, her gag reflex kicked in. Denise coached her, telling her not to take too much. With practice, she told her, she may eventually be able to take the whole thing in. Cheryl didn’t see how, but she was too busy to think about it right now. She was starting to enjoy the feel of it as it slid across her tongue. Mark’s moans were another turn-on and she was even beginning to like the increasingly strong taste of his precum.

"That’s it!" Denise exclaimed. "I think you’ve got it!"

"Oh, yeah," Mark groaned. "She sure does!" He groaned louder. "I don’t know how much longer I can last!" Cheryl, remembering when Dave had shot his load all over Denise earlier, let his cock slip from her mouth.

"Don’t stop, honey! Make him cum!" Denise said.

"B .

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   . . but I don’t . . . ," Cheryl stammered.

Denise smiled patiently at her, understanding what she was trying to say. "Remember how the precum - that stuff coming from the hole - tastes?" Cheryl nodded uncertainly. "Well, it’s kinda like that. Try to swallow it, but if you can’t just jerk him off onto your tits. " Cheryl looked dubiously at her, then back to Mark’s throbbing cock. He was pushing it toward her, desperate for the release she could give him. Denise took it in her hand and sucked over half of the thick cock into her mouth, then let it slip out with a popping sound. "I love it when a man cums in my mouth!" she whispered. "It almost makes me cum!"

Cheryl looked at her for a long moment, then cautiously gripped the hard shaft and slid it back into her mouth.

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   Mark sighed as she began to reestablish her rhythm. She teased and massaged the sensitive underside with her tongue and sucked hard on it.

Mark sighed and moaned as she worked her talented little mouth over his throbbing .

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