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i am going to tellyou my real sex experience with my younger sister Nisha she is in class 9 small size boobs round ass and the best part is her figure she looks very hot when she wear school uniform every day I use to drop her to school and pick her up from her school on my bike that time there was no bad intension was there for my sister but one day while coming back she was sitting back she said bhai I want to eat ice cream so I stop at ice cream parlor she was sitting in front of me and having her ice cream and I was busy on my cell phone withmy friend by mistake my cell fell down so i bent down to pick it up that movement I have seen my Nishahalf naked legs because she was in her school uniform so easy I can able to see her undergarment then we left from there to come back home while driving my mind was on Nisha half naked legs so I ask her Nisha come closer Otherwise you will fall down so see came closer to me and that movement I was feeling her small sweet boobs touching my back purposely I was driving slowly because I wanted to feel that boobs for some more time finally we reached home she got down and ran inside the house and I park my bike and went home mom ask me why you are late today so I said Nisha was having ice cream that’s why mom said fine go change your cloth and have your Nisha I said fine

And went to my room for changing cloth while changing suddenly that thing came in my mind while thinking that there was a erection in my paint so I went to loo and started jerking off of thinking my sister after 15 min I came down for my nasta Nisha was sitting there this time she was wearing a frock I thought I have this chance to see her half naked legs for purposely i drop my spoon down and went down to pick it up and trying to she Nisha half naked legs but this time I was failed after nasta I went to my room and started watching movie mom came to my room and said Rohit I am going to market do you want anything I said nothing mom and she said Nisha is alone so don’t go anywhere Isaid yes mom but in my mind i was thinking where i will go when my sweet hot nisha is there after 3min I went to Nisha room she was sleepingi just went in and stand next to her and I was looking her beauty and after some time i went close to her and touching her legs slowly I touch her sweet pussy suddenly she got up and said what happen what are you doing I was scared I said nothing i just came to tell you mom is not there shehas gone for marketing if you want anything I am in my room she said okbhai and i went back to my room now i was just thinking how to seduce her to have sex with me next day it was Sunday Nisha was at home mom and dad was also there so I got an idea I said to my mom I am going to watch circus Nisha said bhai even I want to come first I said no but mom said take her also what she will do her finally making faces I said ok get ready we reached to circus and while watching

I was touching her body and when that half naked girl came on stage she ask me bhai they down feel shy to where such cloth I said stupid its style if you want i will buy for you too first she said no i said don’t worryI will buy you wear it when no one is there at home then she said ok bhai after circle I took her to dress shop and I have selected dress for her she said bhai its two short I said Nisha that’s the style and I am sure you willlook very beautiful she said really bhai i said yes my darling and I bought that dress for her And we came back mom said Rohit your dad and me are going for a wedding do u like to join us I said no I am tied she said ok I will ask Nisha then I said mom don’t take her next day she has school mom said ok then you both stay at home and no fighting I said ok mom and they left for wedding it was 2and 1/2 hour far from my hose now it was a great change for me to seduce my sister I just went to her room she was watching cartoon I said Nisha mom and dad have gone for a wedding they will come home late she said ok bhai I said Nisha hope you are not scared she said no bhai and I came back now I was thinking what to do so I got an idea I went to the meter room and i removed the main switch so it was dark every wear Nisha got scared and started shouting bhai bhai i said Nisha what happen I am here see came running towards me and hug me tightly and said bhai i am getting scared I was not listening to her talk I was feeling her boobs touching my chest she said bhai after some time i hold her and said don’t worry i will check the meter room and will be back in some time she said no you b with me I said pagal only 2min i am coming I went to meter room and fixed the main switch and the light was on and came back to Nisha now I was dam sure she will not let me gobecause she is scared so I said now its fine go watch yr cartoon I am in my room she said no bhai you b with me that’s what I want to hear from Nisha I said but she said no you b with me I said fine

I went to her room she said bhai I will just use the loo and come back she went and I followed her and peeping from the key hole I can make out the sound of pee also I have seen her pussy wet with pee she clean up and run back to bed andshe came there after 5 min I said Nisha have you try that dress which I bought for you she said no bhai so I said you can check it now as it is only i am here and no one she said I am feeling shy I said I have brought that dress naa then why you are feeling shy go and try and show me how you look in that She went and came back in 10min my god she was looking a princess in that dress I was just looking at here she ask me bhai how I am looking I said nisha you lokk dam hot she said what I said nothing I mean you look very beautiful then she said ok now Iwill change it I said y let it be don’t change she said no I will change then I said if you don’t listen to me I will go back to my room she got scared and said ok don’t go I will be like this I ask her come sit we will watch some movie while watching i was feeling her hot legs touching my figure and i was slowly moving my figure and I was looking for some hot movie to come up so I can make her hot and on cable i luck titanic movie was coming I said Nisha have seen this movie she said no bhai so i said just watch it while watching I was feeling her and finally the scene came when hero kiss the heroin she was looking the scene very carefully i can make out she was biting her nails and also there was goose bumpall over her body I ask what happen she said nothing and came closer to me I said this is working for me and then when hero make the picture of heroine naked that time she just hold my hand tightly

I don’t want to waist more time I know now she is hot I must do something now so put my hand on her shoulder and try to touch her boobs she started moaning take deep breath now i got more confidedthat she is hot slowly I put my leg on her leg she did not said anything then slowly i moved her dress little up she did not said anything my next step i kiss her hand she closed her eyes and then slowly I press her boobs she was aaahhh then she said bhai don’t do such thing its Wrong I said nothing wrong then I lye to her that the hero who kiss the heroin they are real brother and sister like we are she said are you serious bhai i said yes my darling then she kept quit and I started pressher boobs she was getting in mood and started touch my chest I hold her hand and put it on my cock it was hard she was press my cock and then I pick her up and put it on bed where she sleep and started kissing her wildly she was like aaahhh ohhhhhh ssssshhhhh then I remove her dress and she was only in her bra and panty I remove her boobs from bra so soft with small dark nipples and started licking her I kiss her hot lips and she was also enjoying it and I put my tongue in her mouth she was suckingit and then I remove her panty had rubbing her pussy in 5 min it was wetI started finger fucking her she was mmmmhh oohhhh sssshhh yes keep doing that bhai and then I went down and started licking her pussy I inserted my tongue in her pussy she started screaming oohhhh bhaiiiii nnoooo pls don’t do that but I was in my world

I did not listen to her and keep doing it and with my left hand I was pressing her boobs I did it for 20 min and then i ask her to come upon me and we was in 69 position I was sucking her pussy and she was sucking my cock it was a great experience and then I came upon herand again started finger fucking her and then i try to insert my cock in her pussy first it was hard to insert because she was silpack she started crying bhai stop I am in pain so I said just wait I got a butter from the fridge and apply it on my cock as well as on her pussy And then I try to insert this time it was little hard but finally I inserted itshe cried in pain oohhhh bhaii stop muje dard hoo raha haiii but I was busy stroking she started bleeding but I did stop finally I was on climax as well even she was she said bhai I think something is coming out from my pussy I said don’t worry it’s your our love coming out and I came inside her with a big load and I was on her she was also resting and then we have taken some rest after some time she was trying to go to loo but because of the pain she can’t move she started crying I got up and ask what happen she said bhai what you have done now its paining me so I applied some ointment on her pussy and ask her where she want to go she said I want to pee I picked her up and took her to loo and she was peeing in front of me I stop her and bend downand ask her now pee inside my mouth she force fully pee in my mouth and I drunk all her pee she said bhai your are very dirty I said darling tell me do you like what we did she said yes bhai

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Batumi, the capital of Georgia's Autonomous Republic of Adjara and located on the Black Sea coast, is famous for its exciting nightlife, breathtaking architecture, and attractive escort females. The city's reputation as the "Las Vegas of the Black Sea" has made it a popular destination for travellers in search of excitement and relaxation. This essay will explore the attractions of Batumi, including the attractiveness of Escort girls Batumi, the variety of activities available, and the charm of the city's nightlife and tourism.

Batumi escort females have a remarkable beauty that comes from a combination of Eastern European and Asian traits. There is more to their beauty than just their glowing complexion, bright eyes, and thick locks of hair. These ladies are the epitome of refinement and grace, making them ideal company for every occasion from formal affairs to business dinners to a romantic stroll around the city.

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Escort females in Batumi are well-known for more than just their stunning good looks; they also possess remarkable brains, charm, and charisma. They are great to talk to because of their extensive education, fluency in several languages, and breadth of knowledge. One of the reasons they are so sought after by refined guys is that they can carry on stimulating talks over a wide range of topics.
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Batumi's nightlife is just as vibrant and varied as the city itself. From traditional Georgian restaurants with live music and dance performances to opulent casinos and hip nightclubs, Tbilisi has something for everyone. At night, when the neon lights are reflected off the Black Sea and music fills the air, the city really comes to life.

Experiences galore await visitors to Batumi. From sleek high-rises to historic brick homes, the city's architecture is a feast for the eyes. If you're a nature lover, you ought to check out the Batumi Botanical Garden, which is one of the largest in the world. If you're looking to unwind, the city's beaches are the place to go, while the vibrant markets and shops are where you can get a taste of the local culture and food.
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