The Neighbor


The Neighbour 
   My name is Nikky.   I am 16 years old, tall for my age – 5 foot 10 inches.   My dark brown hair hangs below my shoulder blades.   Despite my height, I am of slim build.   I got my height from my birth-father and slimness from my petite mother.
   It was the school holidays and I was at youth camp.   Youth camp is for all us young Christians.   We go there in the holidays to have fun and learn about God.
   It ended prematurely for my friend and me.   I woke up at about eleven when a camp leader flicked the light on to our room.   There was my friend, Nancy, on her knees with some boy’s penis in her mouth.   As he looked up, he panicked.   I saw Nancy suddenly choke and force his penis out from between her lips.   He was still ejaculating and covered her cheeks, nose and lips with his opaquely white syrup.   What was shot into her mouth, now dribbling out down her chin.  
   So we were all sent home two days before the end of camp.

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    I felt disgraced and embarrassed and I had nothing to do with it.   I knew such things happened.   I had been to a couple of parties and heard the stories, bla bla bla – but to see my best friend doing that was quite a shock.   I even sat next to her in church.   I had too many wild thoughts running through my head as we were driven home to bother writing down.
   I had asked to be dropped off at my Godmother’s house.   That was where I usually spent my weekends.   I knew they would be away, and it would give me a chance to collect my thoughts from the weekend at God camp.
   As we pulled up outside her house at about midnight, all the lights were on, music was blaring out loud.   I couldn’t believe it, they had left their immature 15 year old son at home and he was throwing a party.
   Getting out of the car, I walked up the driveway to the wide-open front door.
   On the seat in the foyer, there was a guy and a chick making out.   I recognised her from school.   She was two years my junior, sucking his face and loving every moment of it.   I turned to walk up the stairs and could see the front of her jeans unzipped and the guy’s hand inside some flimsy pink knickers, finger-fucking her good and proper.

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   Upstairs, I walked through a maze of drunken teenagers.   There was a smell of dope in the air.   I went looking for Simon, my Godmother’s son.
   Out on the balcony, there was some kid pissing off it and another puking.
   I went into my Godmother’s bedroom and flicked on the lights.   Two faces appeared from under her be covers.   “Fuck off. ”
   I exited the bedroom, walked back through the lounge and outside.   I found Simon out on the lawn drinking and smoking a cigarette.   “What do you think you’re doing?”  I snatched the bottle of champagne off him.   The champagne, my Godmother was saving for her 40th birthday.
   I found three unopened bottles in the kitchen and took them next door with me.   Luckily someone was up.   It was Greg.   I asked if Terri was home, and he went and got her out of bed.

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   We were all a little uncertain about what to do, so we called the police to bust up the party.
   When the police turned up, we watched and laughed as kids jumped fences and ran in all directions.
   Watching out the window, we could see the police making Simon clean the broken glass off the roadside.   As the police were finally leaving, he was going crazy.   He smashed the letterbox on his way back up the driveway.
   Greg and Terri set up a bed for me downstairs in their lounge before heading off to bed themselves.
   I took off my pants and jersey and got into bed.   Admittedly, I was a bit worried and couldn’t sleep, so I sat up and began texting my friend, asking her what she wanted her new nickname to be.   I told her she looked like a geisha girl after that guy had plastered her face.
   About half an hour later, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs.   It was Greg.   “Sorry,” he said as he walked into the kitchen.   The area was all open-plan so I could clearly make out he was pouring a glass of water.   “You sure, you don’t want a drink?”
   “Yeah, okay.   Water will be fine.

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   He poured another glass of water and brought both over to the bed and sat on the edge.   “Was it a bit traumatic for you?”
   “A little,” I admitted.
   “I wouldn’t worry about it too much.   They’ll all get over it.   It adds to the adventure.   In a few years time, everyone will be laughing about it. ”
   “Yeah, but you don’t have to go to school with them on Monday. ”
   “True.   So, they weren’t expecting you home, you were saying. ”
   “No, that’s slightly awkward in itself. ”
   “Oh, your fault or someone else’s?”
   “Someone else’s.   I was asleep. ”
   “No need to worry then. I won’t ask any more. ”
   “It was kinda’ funny though.

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   Greg just took a sip of water.
   I felt prompted.   I had to say something.   “The camp leaders, must have heard some noises and burst into our room.   When they turned on the light, my best friend was giving a blowjob to one of the other guys on the camp. ”
   “That is kinda’ funny. ”  He began to laugh.
   I felt even more prompted.   I began to laugh too, as I explained the last detail to him.   “When they turned on the light, he ejaculated all over her face. ”
   “Quite the showman was he?”
   “I guess so.
   We were both laughing.
   “Well,” he skulled the last of his water, “I guess they’ll see your side and that you had nothing to do with it.   And I’m sure your friend will stand up for you. ”
   “I hope so.

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   “Oh well, good night then. ”
   I grabbed his arm and pulled him to me in a warm embrace.   “Thank you, I needed to hear something positive,” I whispered.
   He moved from my embrace, yet remained close.   I could smell the light scent of soap on his skin and feel the warmth emanating from his body.
   “Anytime. ”  He smiled.
   I don’t even know why I did it.   I guess I needed someone.   It could have even been the warm smile.   I grabbed his face in both hands and planted my mouth on his.
   My tongue entered his mouth searching and finding his tongue.   My arms wrapped around his neck and I felt him return my embrace – his hands gently caressing my back, from my shoulders to the base of my spine and back up.   Fingers stroked my hair, and God it felt so fucking wonderful.
   Before I knew it, my t-shirt was on the floor and I was only in my bra and panties and his hot moist mouth was creating trails all over my neck and upper chest.

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    I was so turned on.   My breasts and tried to break free from my tight lacy bra as his tongue ran across my nipples.   A bolt of electricity shot down my spine to my pussy as he sucked on one nipple, then the other.
   I actually thought I’d wet myself.   I could feel my panties were moist.   One of his hands stroked my inner thighs, parted them slightly and reached through and under to stroke my bum cheeks.   I pushed my crotch hard against his hand trying to stimulate myself even more.
   It turned out he was as hungry as me.   His tongue had run down my belly to the top of my panties and was tracing the line of the elastic across my lower abdomen.   It snaked its way down my left outer thigh and into my inner thigh.   He licked each inner thigh up and down then lifted his head slightly to avoid my vagina and began licking my pubic bone, tickling my trimmed pubic hair though my knickers.   I was going fucking crazy, trying to at least grind my clit against his chin.
   Suddenly, out of nowhere, absolute extreme pleasure coursed its way up my spine, as his tongue grazed over my clit.  
   It was at that point I realised I had been holding my breath for a while and I began gasping for fresh oxygen.
   My panties were soaked.

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    His tongue ran up and down my slit before his mouth nestled on my hole licking up my nectar.   I pushed hard up against his mouth and realised my hands were forcing his mouth back onto my pussy.   He wasn’t going anywhere.  
   His fingers peeled the crotch of my panties to the side exposing my soft virgin pussy to his rampant mouth.
   All the muscles in my groin began contracting as slipped a finger between my labia, his tongue still massaging my clit.  
   I thought I was going to scream in ecstasy, then realised his wife was upstairs.   I held my mouth shut, grunting through clenched teeth as my all the muscles clenched tight and an orgasm ripped through my body.
   I wanted to keep him going, but as my body relaxed slightly Greg came up for air.   He planted his wet mouth on mine.   My tongue tried to grip his, licking my own juices from his tongue and lips.   I was as turned on by my own flavour as he had been.
   “I’m going to suck you off, but I don’t want your cum in my mouth,” I told him.   I don’t even recall where that came from.   “You’d better put on a condom. ”
   Looking back, he must have planned this, because Greg dipped his hand in the pocket of his robe and pulled out a small foil package.

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    He opened his robed and squirmed out of his boxer shorts.   Tearing open the foil wrapper, he handed me the slippery latex thing.
   “I think you should have the honours. ”
   I looked at his penis.   It was slightly engorged and still aiming down.   “I guess I’d better make him stand at attention like a good little soldier. ”
   I wrapped my fingers around his dick and it twitched in my hand.   I sat up and he moved closer.   “Now don’t cum. ”  I put his penis to my lips and slid it back and forth; corner to corner.   I got brave (hey I’d never given a blowjob before), and licked the end.   The foreskin didn’t taste spectacular.   It was just a floppy bit of skin against my tongue.
   “Pull the foreskin back,” Greg instructed me.
   I peeled the foreskin back with my thumb and forefinger revealing a big purple head.


    I aimed his penis at my mouth and licked the end.   There was some clear fluid coming out and I used my tongue to smear it round the head of his penis.
   “My god that is fucking sexy,” said Greg.   “Squeeze the shaft and slowly pull towards you. ”
   I did as I was told.   More precum seeped out the eye of his penis.   I licked more of it.   It had a salty, slimy texture and tasted fucking great.   There was now more fresh moisture seeping into the crotch of my panties.   I put the head into my mouth while holding him with my hand.   I could feel his dick growing and twitching.   I licked all about the head while it was in my mouth and began sucking like it was a straw.
   “That is so fucking good.   Keep doing that. ”
   This time I didn’t obey.


    I pulled back and let his penis spring from my mouth.   “We’d best be safe,” I said, placing the condom over the head.   It was slightly awkward and slimy.   My fingers kept sliding off because of the lubricant and partly because of my nervous anticipation.   As I completed the task, I noticed that I had completely unrolled the condom.   His penis had filled it completely.
   “Is that going to fit later,” I asked.
   “I’m sure it will,” he said rather comfortingly.
   I had again wrapped my fingers about it and was stroking the slippery surface.   I  licked the reservoir tip, then placed the head in my mouth.   I was nervous and didn’t want to choke, so I sucked on the head like it were a baby bottle and stroked him with my hand.   I was certain I had seen my friend taking more dick in her mouth, but I was a first timer; she obviously wasn’t.
   The latex and lubricant wasn’t overly pleasant, but my taste buds soon got used to it.   I much preferred the taste of a raw dick, but didn’t like the idea of drowning in semen.
   I kept sucking and as I got more excited, my hand stroked faster.

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    His penis suddenly began throbbing in my hand and mouth.   Holding my tongue at the tip of the condom, I could feel it begin to fill up as Greg moaned.   It was such an erotic sensation, my tongue on the tip feeling it fill up.   He just kept cumming and cumming.   I almost thought it would burst as Greg pushed forward and almost gagged me.  
   I pulled back, letting his dick slide away from my mouth.   The tip of the condom was full and I could see the semen splashing around up to where his shaft joined the head.
   “That was simply amazing.   If only my wife could do that. ”
   Greg kissed me on the mouth, pushing me back down.   I could feel a hand pushing my knickers to the side, then something a lot thicker than a finger insert itself between my labia.   He pulled out and rubbed the head of his penis up and down my pussy, moistening the outside of the condom even more before slipping it back between my labia.   It met the resistance of my hymen, but he pulled out and then pushed back into press lightly against it, all the time massaging my clit.   I was so caught up with my clit sending shocks through my body, I hardly felt my hymen break as Greg pushed his penis all the inside me.   He held it there, pressing against my cervix, my vaginal muscles involuntarily contracting and releasing, squeezing him; accepting him.

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   A long time seemed to pass before Greg slowly withdrew and then gently pushed his dick back into me.   He placed my hand on my pussy, fingers on either side of his penis and I could feel him push in and out.  
   Suddenly, he pulled out and rolled me over onto all fours.   I made an advance to pull my panties down, but he whispered in my ear, “leave them on, it’s so much sexier”.
   Instead I pulled my knickers to the side to allow him access.   Bolts shot up my spine as his penis slid inside me grazing across my g-spot.   I was in pure ecstasy again.   My hand found its way down the front of my knickers and I began to vigorously rub my clit as he pounded me from behind.   I tried using my vaginal muscles to squeeze and pleasure him even more, but my whole body spasmed then went floppy.
   Greg sensed this, withdrew and flipped me onto my back.
   “We’ll make it a little easier on you.   Just keep stroking yourself. ”
   My panties were to the side again and he was back inside me.   I tried to meet his thrusts but the only muscles that seemed to be working were my vaginal muscles, clamping tightly around his penis.   I kept stroking my clit as another orgasm ripped through my body.

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    I think I was screaming, although I really have no recollection of it.  
   He let out a grunt.   I could feel his penis throbbing inside me, filling the condom again.
   Realisation hit me as my removed my hand from my pussy.   My hand was so sticky.   We must have made one hell of a mess.
   Greg lay down beside me and kissed my forehead.
   I gathered my breath.   “I was hoping to save myself for my husband, not someone else’s. ”
   Greg just laughed.
   “I know you’re not supposed to use the same condom twice, so I hope I don’t get pregnant. ”
   “You’ll be okay.   Get some rest. ”  He kissed me on the mouth again, got up and was gone.
   When I woke in the morning, I could feel my crotch was still sticky.

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    I found the toilet and pulled my panties slightly down, noticing sticky white beads of semen in my pubic hair.   I looked into the crotch of my knickers and saw a condom.   I felt my pussy, which was lathered up with sperm.   My fingers slid between my labia.  
   “I’ll get you, you bastard,” I said to myself.
   I tasted our combined juices, licking my fingers, then took the condom from the crotch of my knickers.   I squeezed out the remainder of his semen into my brown pubes.   I smeared the remainder all round my pussy and through the coarse hair.   Looking back, I have no idea why, it was just some turn on for me.   I pushed the condom up into my pussy and pulled my panties up.  
   I left Greg’s house, plotting some form of revenge as I walked down the street.