Turning Teen Runaways Into Harem Slaves Part 12 - Lilah Spends the House Party at School


Turning Teen Runaways Into Harem Slaves Part 12 - Lilah Spends the House Party at School

Thanks guys for the comments and ratings. I know that last one was pretty intense. This chapter is more like the others in this series and continues with the house party.

When I returned to my room after my guest Dirk and I had finished raping Ashley together, I found Isabelle curled up in her dog bed, chained to the wall and sleeping. I decided to let her be and sleep myself for awhile. But even at 3am I could hear that at least some of my other house guests--and my slaves that had been offered up to them--were still awake and very active.

When I awoke at 7, I decided to spend an hour looking through the video filmed in the rooms of my guests. I had made sure they all knew that the whole house was wired for recording--they were fine with that, since most of them had their own houses wired as well.

I leaned over and pulled Isabelle onto my bed, and pushed her face down to my cock. Without a word she began licking and sucking my balls, her lush hair brushing against my inner thighs. Then she moved up and took my large cockhead in her little red mouth, and began sucking and rolling her tongue along its ridges. I leaned back with a contented sigh as I put my hand on the top of her head and forced her down the full length of my shaft. She was still groggy and not prepared for that, and choked a little before she got her gag reflex under control and began working her mouth all the way up and down my cock, taking me deep in her throat each time her lips closed around the base. She had become a very skilled cocksucker, always hoping that if she got me to cum in her mouth, I wouldn't need to rape her fragile, tender ass. I usually did it anyway after shooting my jism down her throat, but it was good to feel her perform so well on my cock just in case.

While she kept working my cock in her mouth, I turned on the video first from my friend Richard's room.

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   I had decided that Lilah was the most suitable of my slaves for Richard to enjoy. His particular fetish was teacher/student--in fact he had built an entire high school classroom into his estate in New York--but he didn't like girls who looked like preteens. He liked high school girls who were innocent, but whose bodies had developed to womanly tits and asses.

The video started a minute or so before Richard entered the suite. I had ordered the furniture removed from the living room and had it replaced with school desks, a teacher's desk and a blackboard. Lilah was sitting in the front row of desks in a demure school blouse and sweater, a short plaid skirt, and black kneehigh socks with black Mary Janes. I had had a good talk with Lilah before the guests arrived, as she hung hogtied while I fucked her ass. She knew that if she didn't do just as Richard asked, and be sure he was satisfied with her performance, that I would fuck her ass again, but with a 12 inch spiked dildo covered in habanero sauce.

When Richard came in, he was wearing slacks and a blazer, the picture of an experienced high school teacher. He walked behind his desk and asked Lilah to come up and speak with him about her failing grade on the midterms. Nervously Lilah stood up and came over to Richard, standing at his side.

He asked her if she was prepared to take it over again, had she studied at all for it, and she said in a small voice that she hadn't. He said he was willing to help her study, provided she could accept his price for doing so. She whispered that she would pay whatever price he asked, because she couldn't tell her parents she had failed a class.

He had her sit on his lap while he pulled off her sweater, and began unbuttoning her blouse.

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   He began reciting the multiplication tables as he removed her blouse and bra, and then told her to repeat them back. She began "1 times 1 is 1, 2 times 2 is 4, 3 times 3 is 9. . . " as he yanked her upward and began squeezing and sucking her firm, luscious DD tits. She kept reciting them shakily as he licked and bit her nipples, his hands reaching around her waist and unzipping her skirt.

Suddenly he stood up and yanked her around, slamming her facedown onto the desk. She gave a little shriek as he did so, and he just laughed and told her to be obedient and hold still. "Keep reciting your lesson, you stupid little cow. "

As she shakily began again, "4 times 4 is 16, 5 times 5 is 25," he held her down by the nape of her neck as he reached into the top drawer of his desk. (Fortunately he was pretty consistent on his rape fantasies, so we knew to have all the toys he needed in the top drawers. ) He pulled out a long section of strong hemp cord.

Pinning her to the desk with his hips rammed tight to her ass, he yanked her left wrist to the small of her back and began binding her tightly, the cord cutting deeply into her creamy supple skin. He worked rapidly and within 2 minutes, he had the top half of her body completely trussed up.

Her wrists and elbows were bound painfully into the small of her back, and her fat tits had each been wrapped 4 times around and yanked so tightly, they were now only an inch or so in diameter at her chest.

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   They were already turning bright red, the nipples bulging outward. Her throat was tied so that it began to cut off her oxygen if she struggled too much. The rest of the cord crisscrossed her torso in a symetrical pattern that made her look even more like a calf trussed up for slaughter at a meatpacker's.

Richard took out a long birch switch from the drawer, as Lilah began whimpering and crying. He told her to keep repeating the multiplication tables. As she moaned, "6 times 6 is 36, 7 times 7 is 49," he began whipping her tortured fat titties, made grotesquely purple and distended by the bondage cord. She screamed in agony, which he did not seem to mind, as long as she kept up with her reciting. "8 times 8 is--is--64, 9--times--9 is--81," she screamed, with little shrieks each time the switch hit her tender tits and nipples. Blood ran down onto her bound chest in little rivulets as he beat her.

When she finally got to 12 times 12, he stopped suddenly and smiled at her. "Very very good, Lilah," he said. "Now I will tell you the next topic for the final, while you attend to my needs. "

He pulled her off the desk and forced her to her knees, pulling down his pants and kicking them off onto the floor. He grabbed her by the back of the head and began ramming his cock down her throat, as he rattled off the countries of Europe and their capitals.

When he finished, he pulled her back to her feet and bent her facedown again over the desk.

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   He tore off her skirt and panties, and pulled several thick markers out of the desk. "Recite back what I just told you, you little cow," he commanded, as he began working three of the markers into her dry twitching cunt. She wailed frantically as he forced them in, but began again, "London, England---Paris, France--Dublin, Ireland. . . "

Once he had the markers jammed up tight in her snatch, he grabbed a tube of red paint from the drawer, and squirted a large dollop directly into her ass. She squealed at the sensation as she kept trying to recite capitals, while he began working his thick cock into her ass.

I had a sly smile on my face watching--he knew that she would be able to get some of them right, but not all of them. When she couldn't remember the capital of Poland, he roared, "Wrong you little cunt!! Try again!!" as he held her down and slammed directly into her asshole, the paint smearing all over his cock and her ass. I was sure some of the red was Lilah's blood as he tore her ass apart.

When she got another one wrong, he yanked her body up off the desk by the hair, and held her against his chest, his cock still pumping into her ass mercilessly, the markers rubbing and tearing into her tight pussy walls. He grabbed two binder clips off the desk and clamped them onto her now purple, pulsing nipples. She screamed and begged him to let her go, and he laughed and grabbed a whole handful of binder clips.

As he jabbed all 12 of them onto her purple bound breasts, he pulled the cord tighter from the back, cutting into her throat. As she slowly choked, her lips turning blue as her eyes rolled back, with large binder clips sticking out all over her tits, he shouted and slammed harder and harder into her bloodied paint smeared ass.

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   At last he came with a roar, releasing her throat cord as he held her hips and flooded her tortured ass with his cum. She gasped and took in huge shuddering breaths as he let her fall back onto the desk.

He fell back into his chair for a few moments, catching his breath, then he reached over and yanked the markers out of her pussy, now covered with his cum as it oozed out of her battered, twitching asshole. She yelped painfully but did not otherwise move, still faint from the breath play as he had savaged her ass, and tortured her cunt and tits.

Finally he stood up and rolled her onto her back again, and took the lid off the large red marker. He grabbed her left tit as she whimpered in agony again, and scrawled "A+" across it. Then he picked up his pants and left the room without another word.

I leaned back again grinning, and realized that I had cum along with Richard. Isabelle was just finishing swallowing the last of my seed, licking it off of my shaft. I patted her head and motioned for her to return to her own little corner. I would have to leave that classroom set up for my own little study sessions soon.

To be continued


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