The Lucky White Boy


My name is Billy Davis. I am 16 years old and was recently released from a juvenile detention facility and sent back to stay with my grandmother where in Georgia. As part of my release, I have to obtain my GED from the local adult education center. I also had to obtain employment. I now work at a local hotel helping with catering and dishwashing.   At the GED center I met Kelly. He is 15 and has had his run in with the law as well.   Although Kelly is white and I am black, we clicked right away as Kelly shares my love for rap music and the occasional use of marijuana.  The story below details a recent encounter.


“So are you ready for tonight,” I asked Kelly as we walked from the GED center.

“You think I am going to be able to see something,” he asked.

“I told you, almost every time I work at one of these events I end of seeing something,” I responded.

“Yea, remember when you told me about that drunk blond and her husband that you helped to their room,” Kelly reminded me.

“I remember. By the time we made it back to their room her tits had basically came out of her bridesmaid dress as her husband practically carried her,” I recalled.

“Nice tits,” Kelly asked.

“I acted like I wasn’t looking, but her left tit was all the way out and it was nice as my hand was cupping her tit as I helped him get her in the room,” I responded.

“Her husband didn’t realize it,” Kelly asked.

“He had no idea. He was drunk as hell.


   Plus, I had added some of my specialty to their cups,” I added.

“You have a great job,” Kelly reminded me.

“Only the catered events. The dishwashing job sucks, but the catered events make up for it. It is always going to be someone who shows down their blouse or up their skirt when you help them back to their rooms. The key is making sure that the husband and wife both are drunk and my specialty sometimes helps,” I added.

“Well, I will have my camera ready tonight to take some pictures if a bra and panties are showing. Did you get your specialty from Jake when he gave you the weed,” Kelly finished.

“I certainly did so. Be at the hotel around 11:00 pm or so,” I added as we shook hands and parted our ways.

Seven Hours passed……. .

 “Did he bring your wine and drink,” I asked the approaching black man in the crowded and loud room as he and his wife headed back to the dance area of the ballroom.

“Yep, sure did. ” the 30 something black man with braids stated in a deep slow voice as he walked past me quickly to get back to the area where everyone was partying at the college alumni reunion.

“It sure took a damn long time,” his wife added as she followed behind him.

 As part of my job I picked up additional dollars helping to serve and clean-up at various events held at the hotel. This included weddings, conferences, conventions and reunions to name a few. I had learned that the people were often rude, especially when they became more intoxicated with the free alcohol and wine that were staples at the majority of these events.

I have a thick skin and did not let it bother me because I knew these folks were not sober, but after a few times I found the signs of drunkenness could be used to my advantage.

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   Tonight would be no different.

“So is everything okay? Do you need anymore water,” I asked as I returned to the table where the black man and his wife were now back seated after dancing to a popular R&B song.

“We are good,” he informed me after a pause.

“Can I get some more wine,” the man wife’s interrupted as the man spoke.

“Ma’am, I will let one of the servers know. We are almost finished with the wine and alcohol service I believe. As I told you before I cannot serve alcohol,” I informed the lady before being interrupted.

“Well, why don’t you just go find out? We done paid all this money and ya’ll done stopped serving the wine. That don’t make no goddamn sense,” she responded quickly.  

“Honey…Honey…calm down. Young man can you go and find out if we can have some more wine brought to our table,” her husband responded peering at me smiling.

“Yes sir. I will do so. So you both went to school at State,” I asked referring to the school that was listed on the reunion screen.

“Yep, we met each other my junior year and her freshman year,” he responded.

“You come back to these every year,” I asked.

“They only have them every other year, but we try to make it every time,” he responded.

“How is the hotel? Is your room okay? You look like a top floor concierge level type of guy,” I asked.

“Oh no, not me. The room is fine,” he responded.

“Did you get one of the renovated ones,” I asked.

“I am not sure,” he responded.

“What floor are you on,” I asked.

“Five,” he responded.

“I think there are some rooms on five that are renovated. Do you have the glass shower and granite counter top,” I asked.

“No,” he responded although I already knew the answer.

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“I think some of the rooms on the 5th floor are renovated. You must be in room 512-522 or something. What is your room number,” I asked like.

“I can’t remember, Honey, what is our room number,” he asked.

“I think it is 537. You got the key in your pocket,” she recalled as he reached into his pocket.

“Yes, it is 537. You were right,” he informed his wife.

“I know. I am always right,” she responded in a smart way.

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“I don’t know about 537. So is State a good school. I am thinking about it for business. Did you and your wife either attend the business school,” I asked seeking more information.

“Sorry no business degrees here. My degree is in computer science and my wife’s is in education,” he responded.

“So you are a programmer and she is a teacher,” I responded.

“Almost. I am a computer science engineer and my wife is an assistant principal,” he responded.

“James they playing our song,” the lady stated pulling her husband up to once again head to the dance floor.

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As they left to go dancing again, I quickly grabbed a bottle of wine from a neighboring table and poured more wine into their glasses adding some of my specialty I had obtained earlier.

I called Kelly and let him know that we would be approaching room 537 in about 20 minutes or so. I waited another 10 minutes as they returned and drank more.

I then waited and watched as the couple returned and admired the way they poured the recently filled wine down their throats quickly.   They sat for a few more minutes before they began to grab their belongings from the table. Upon seeing this, I quickly returned back to their table.

“Looks like we were able to get you some more wine,” I informed the couple as I approached the small table of four they were now standing up at.

“Thanks,” the man replied as he drank the last sip out of his glass.

“You all need a refill,” I asked.

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“No, I think we are done,” he responded.

 “I know I am done. All that wine done snuck up on me. Plus, my damn feet are killing me in these heels. I have had enough and I am going back up to the room,” she responded.

“I am getting a bit woozy myself, the man stated grabbing the chair.

“Sit back down for a second. Let me pour you both some water,” I stated as they agreed.

They sipped the water for a couple of minutes before I knew they were almost out of it.

“Let’s get you both back up to your room,” I added.

“Sure. Thanks,” the black man stated as I helped him to his feet.

“Let’s go Lisa,” he stated pulling his wife to her feet.

I quickly helped out grabbing onto the other side of the guys wife as we walked out of the now semi-crowded ballroom. I quickly guided them to the elevator and pressed the fifth floor. Once the doors opened for the fifth floor I immediately headed to room 537 as I could tell they both were getting closer and closer to collapsing as I could feel the weight of the guy’s wife becoming heavier and the guy was now slurring his speech.

“Here is another employee who is going to help us,” I added motioning for Kelly to come toward me.

“Let me help you all here,” Kelly stated walking up to us.

“Please help with the lady and I will help the gentleman. I believe your room key is in your pocket,” I asked already knowing the answer as I reached into his pocket to retrieve it.

The black man was almost out of it at that point so he did not even realize it as I pulled it from his pocket while supporting his weight.

“Hurry up. She isn’t light,” Kelly added referring to the man’s wife who Kelly was supporting.

The man’s wife was a brown skin black lady with shoulder length black hair with red coloring and a cute round face. She appeared to be in her early to mid 30’s as well. She was wearing a light blue dress that looped around her neck and stopped just above the knee. She wore gold colored long earrings and similar colored bracelets on both wrists along with open toed heeled black strap on shoes.

“I am doing my best,” I explained as I finally got the door open.

We walked in and laid them both on the bed. The husband was now sleep as we entered and closed the door behind us.

“Leave the light off. Get your camera out and use the flash on your camera just in case she is not completely out of it,” I informed as Kelly grabbed the camera to take a few pictures.

“Okay,” Kelly responded.

“You should be able to get some good one with that short dress she has on,” I informed recalling all of the previous views I had seen from women in similar length and style of dresses in a similar enhanced drunken state at the hotel.

“I don’t think she has a bra on,” Kelly informed me by letting me know he thought he had felt straight through her dress while holding her.

“You should get a great picture then with the flash,” I added as Kelly started to take photos.

“Nice legs,” Kelly informed as he took the pictures.

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“She got a nice body on her,” I added admiring her nice brown skin color and well manicured hands and feet.

“She definitely has no bra on. You think if I pull the top of her dress to the side she will wake up,” Kelly asked.

“I don’t know and that is very risky,” I responded.

“She seems to be out of it. Just let me try,” Kelly responded.

“I don’t know,” I responded as Kelly inched closer.  

At this point, Kelly touched the top portion of the black lady’s dress. She moved slightly.

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   He then began to pull back the light blue cotton fabric that was covering her right breast. The lady did not move.

“Here Billy, take the picture,” Kelly said handing me the phone as he now had the woman’s right breast exposed.

I quickly shot the photo of the woman exposed tits. They looked soft and her dark areola was a perfect complement to her nice sized brown breast. Kelly then began to run his fingers across her exposed black breast.

“Kelly stop,” I whispered as he paid no attention to me.

Kelly kept going and pulled the other side of the lady’s dress down now exposing both of her niced sized round tits. She was moving just slightly. I was worried, but it was exciting to watch the young skinny white boy rub and touch the well endowed and attractive married black lady.

I kept watching. Kelly then took his right hand and pulled up the ladies dress as she lay on her back.

“Nice white lace thong,” Kelly smiled as I glanced.

Kelly then took his hands and moved it across her pubic area. He then lifted the thong exposing the first glance of her trimmed black pubic hair. He then pulled her white panties just to the side and pulled her nearest leg wider so that he and I could get a better look.

“Smell like pussy,” Kelly responded.

It was a site to see as this attractive black lady laid there with her dress at her navel and her legs open and panties pulled aside as I took the pictures. Kelly then began to rub through her black pubic hair touching the outside of her clitoris area. She was still not moving.

“I think she is out of it. You might have given them too much of the drug he gave you,” Kelly whispered.

“I don’t know. They could wake up at anytime,” I responded looking over at her husband who was snoring.

Kelly continued touching her now alternating between rubbing her breast and her pussy. He then started to rub his fingers across her lips. She quickly responded by slightly opening her mouth as he did so. Kelly quickly began to move his finger in and out of the lady’s mouth. She was definitely sucking his fingers as he now touched her tits and her head began to move from side to side as her mouth opened.

“Holy shit,” I whispered as I stood there almost unable to move.

Kelly then did the unthinkable.

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   As I continued to watch, Kelly then moved his right hand down to unzip his pants. From there, he pulled out his semi hard cock and began to stroke it as he touched her more. He then used his hand to sort of pull her down off the pillow.

Within seconds he was slightly moving his dick just to touch her nose and lips. As he rubbed the dick across her mouth she quickly opened her mouth. I watched as she placed her nice sized lips around Kelly’s dick and began to suck. I had to take the pictures and that is what I did.

This continued for a couple of minutes as she did a good job taking his white cock into her niced sized mouth. Kelly then moved back down between her legs and began to rub her clit. He then pulled her left hand down to that area and placed her fingers on her clit. He moved her hand around until she began to rub her own clitoris moaning softly.

 “James I need some dick now,” she replied as she spread her legs wider.

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Kelly quickly accepted her offer and stuck his dick right in.

After a few second Kelly picked up a good rhythm and was fucking her good as she moaned as her husband lay asleep beside them. It did not last long as Kelly quickly ejaculated trying to pull out.

“Oh shit,” he replied as we both thought of our next move.

We now had to cover our tracks. The “roofies” I had placed in their drinks worked better than I had ever imagined, but now we had to cover this up.

First things first, we had to get James undressed. That was not an easy task, but we accomplished it. Next, placed him in the bed right beside his wife, who was now asleep. After accomplishing this, Kelly who had wiped his cock off immediately after pulling out placed some of the cum and cream on Mr.

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   Tate’s dick.   Now it looked legit.

We quickly gathered our belongings and got out of the room leaving only Kelly’s DNA evidence behind.