The Devil His Due: Crossroads III - Prologue


"Understand it all. Then, now. There. " The little girl smiled politely. "She doesn’t understand him, or what he did to her. What he wants, or how he’ll get it. ""Cody? Are you talking about Cody and Jessy?" Paris asked, before folding her arms to warm her from the cold. "Their names to you, yes. Not their true names, though. " She giggled, before turning to walk away. "Come with. " She said to Paris, over her shoulder. Cautiously, Paris followed along, through the darkness. "You remember his love?" The little girl asked, smiling, as they walked through the sheer emptiness of their location. "Who’s love?" Paris responded. The little girl only giggled and ignored the question.

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   "Where are we going?" She asked the child. She gave no response. The further the two walked, the harder it became to see clearly. Suddenly, the little girl turned to her left, in the darkness and disappeared. Paris sped up, before turning to the left. What she saw was a hallway in the darkness, not visible from her previous angle. The little girl was walking down the hallway, apparently oblivious or not caring where Paris was. After a cautious moment, Paris entered the hallway. Images moved along the walls, a mixture of visions and memories. Things that had passed and things to come. Paris saw herself, in her bed. Asleep in the nude, her bare ass exposed to the night air. She watched as the hand of her lover, her boyfriend, slid up the back of her thigh. She didn’t remember this, yet she could feel his hand on the back of her leg. A look of confusion crossed her face, as she looked away, seeing that the little girl had returned to her side.

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  "What is this?" She asked. "You, silly. You don’t recognize yourself?" The little girl giggled. Paris turned back to the vision upon the wall. His hands were kneading at her flesh, caressing her exposed skin as his lips danced lightly up the back of her thighs and across her buttocks. She could feel every touch, every kiss. Chills shivered through her body as she watched and felt what was happening. She watched as he gently spread the legs of his sleeping lover, before pushing his mouth to her sex. The sensation was like electricity to Paris, as she felt herself shudder. She held back a moan, as she felt a drop trail down her leg. "He loves you. " The little girl told her, somewhat entertained at Paris’ responses to the site on the wall. "He wants you to bear his children and become his wife. ""He does?" Paris responded, trying to ignore the things that were happening to her. The little girl only giggled and continued on, down the hall.

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   Paris shuddered again, as she felt her boyfriend’s tongue lapping between her legs, a sensation that didn’t make any sense. With one last look at the vision, she decided not to let herself be sidetracked and followed the little girl. He continued licking at the sleeping Paris’ dampening sex, as she walked off, trying to ignore the sensations she felt. The next sight was no better, though. Strobe-like flashes threatened to blind her, amidst the darkness, as screams, cries and moans threatened to deafen her. The noises only served to enhance Paris’ nervousness in her surroundings. The torturous and horrified bellows sent chills up her spine as she watched, not quite sure what she was looking at or for. "What is this?" Paris asked, her small figure still reeling from the sensations she’d felt a moment ago. Then another sound became apparent, that had been there the whole time… music. She felt her stomach drop, instantly. And in a second, a flash of light swooped around and landed on an object, recognizable as a stage. Paris knew this place. "She sees it now. " The little girl giggled, from beside her. "This is a club, back in California.


   My friends and I used to go there all the time… but what’s happening? Why is everybody screaming?" Paris asked, still not understanding. Then, in an instant, her attention had become focused on a shadow in the darkness, within the vision. A demonic form, nearly rabid in it’s ways. It leapt from the background and tackled one of the screaming female patrons, before attacking her. Paris turned her head, not wanting to see what was happening to the poor girl. "Come, she hasn’t gotten there yet. " The little girl whispered to Paris’ shivering figure, before taking her hand and guiding her away from the scene. Several steps away from where the vision had been playing on the wall, much like a movie, Paris re-opened her eyes to see that she was being guided to the end of the hallway. More visions were playing between where she stood and the end, though, and she couldn’t help but see glimpses of the things that had occurred, and of the things that would come to be. The sight of Jessy’s fall from grace by Cody’s hand played, as she passed it. His monstrous cock pounding away between her small shapely figure, as she lay, sprawled across the the white lace-ridden bed. Jessy’s moans filled the air, punctuated only by the sound of his body slamming into hers. Paris’ loins began to burn once more, as she tried to ignore the sight and remind herself of her disgust towards him. As her attention focused once more on what was happening, she realized that she’d been brought to the end of the hallway, and was now standing in front of a door. The little girl’s hand left hers, and she turned to face her.

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  "Now she will see. " The little girl said, her eyes twinkling in amusement. Paris decided not to even ask her what she meant, as the girl reached up and turned the knob to the door. It opened, only leading to more darkness, and the little girl gestured Paris to walk through. After a moment of hesitation, she proceeded. "I need help. " The thought whispered in the back of her mind, as she stood in the place that the door had led her to. It was a small hill, overlooking the familiar California town she’d grown up in. Below, however, the town looked different. Almost mangled, as buildings burnt into the night sky. Heat crossed her cheek, and she realized that she’d broken into tears. For the first time since the situation began, she’d lost all hope. Had she been too late? No. She couldn’t be. She took off, running down the side of the hill.

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   It all had to stop. Now. Cody had been using the sin of lust against mankind, and now his plans were coming into fruition. He’d taken Holly from her, but it hadn’t been enough. He’d gone on to completely defile an innocent girl into being as bad as he was. It would end, here. Suddenly, Paris lost her balance. Tripping over a rock, she fell forward, unable to keep her balance. But just as her body hit the ground…She woke up to the lips of her boyfriend, and to the massive orgasm he’d succeeded in inflicting upon her. Waves of electricity washed over her body, as her hips thrust wildly, plunging his tongue deeper into her sopping sex. Her breath was non-existant, as the ocean of sensations clashed through her. And then, mixed in with the medley of thoughts and images from her dream… a revelation. There was hope. They would help her… if they believed her. The Catholic Church has always been known for their ability to perform exorcisms, so surely they could help vanquish demons.

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   Hopefully, they could even help against the Devil, himself. All she had to do was find a way to contact them, and provide a convincing argument to give them sufficient reason to get involved. She lit a cigarette and spent the rest of the night devising her plan, fearing what other horrific visions sleep might bring. "I’ve been going about this all wrong. I’ve been reacting to what his agenda has been. Now it’s time he start reacting to mine. " She whispered to herself, as she grabbed the notepad and pen from her dresser and laid back down in bed. [Chapter 1 Coming Soon].