Fun With Eric


   I was doing my PTA mom duty and working in the snack bar at a wrestling tournament. I really didn’t mind because I got to see all the cute young boys and the cheerleaders in their short skirts. It was the morning session and we weren’t too busy so I had time to visit with some of the other people working there too. There were a couple of other mothers that I’ve seen around and a few students. Most weren’t too impressive but one boy caught my eye. He had a great body not really muscular but not thin either. He was about my height with wavy brown hair and his smile lit up the room. We started talking and I discovered his name was Eric and he was 15. He had been conned into doing the snack bar by a teacher and he wasn’t excited about being there.
   As we talked I noticed his eyes were wandering over my body and I felt my pussy twitching. I glanced at his crotch and was shocked when I saw a sizeable bulge. “I bet you have the girls lining up to go out with you. ” I said as I thought of how I wanted to drop to my knees and swallow his cock.
   “No, not really, in fact I don’t have a girlfriend right now. ”
   “Well I don’t know what’s wrong with these girls. If I was twenty years younger I’d love to go out with you.

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   “You’re just being nice. ”
   “No I’m not. ” I said as I rubbed his shoulder. “You are a really handsome young man. ”
   About that time we got busy so we didn’t have a chance to talk much more. When I had finished my shift I looked around and Eric was gone. “Oh well, it’s probably best. ” I muttered to myself as I walked into the parking lot. I got in my Explorer and started down the street. I had gone about a block when I saw Eric walking. I pulled up beside him and said. “Hop in I’ll give you a lift. It’s too cold to be walking. ”
   He climbed in and told me where he lived; it was only a few blocks from my house. I noticed his eyes were glued to my breasts.

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   I looked down and saw that the cold had made my nipples stiff and they were poking against my shirt. “Oops, I guess it’s colder than I thought. ” I said with a big smile.
   “I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have been staring like that. But you are so beautiful and you’ve been so nice to me. ”
   “That’s ok sweetie. I don’t mind and thank you for lying and saying I’m beautiful. You really know how to make an old woman happy. ”
   “But I’m not lying, you are beautiful. I’d love to have you as my girlfriend. ”
   “Well thank you, but you should be chasing some sweet young thing instead of thinking about an old married woman like me. ” Now to be honest I’m not old and I’m not too bad looking, I mean I’m no model but I still get plenty of whistles. I’m 34, 5’9” and 36B-28-38 and I have light brown hair.
    “But I think you’re much sexier than the girls I go to school with. ” He smiled as he put his hand on my thigh.

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    I didn’t know what to do or think. I had been having sex with my son and his friend for a few months, but did I want to risk having this cute young thing fuck me silly? What if he bragged to his friends? I could be in major trouble. But damn he was just so cute and that bulge in his crotch looked so inviting. I looked at him and said. “You know I’m a married woman and I’m old enough to be your mother. ”
   “I know but that just makes you sexier. ” As he talked his hand moved farther up my thigh. My pussy was responding I could feel it twitching and I knew my panties were getting wet.
   “What makes you think I’m interested in you?”
   “The way you looked at my crotch and the way you checked out the other kids there. You like young cock, don’t you?”
   I felt his hand rub my pussy through my jeans and I just melted. I had to have his young cock and I didn’t care what happened. I spread my legs making it easier for him then said. “Oh yes Eric, I love young cock and I really want yours. ”
   I put my hand on his crotch and could feel his young cock throbbing through his jeans. He opened his jeans and pulled out a beautiful seven inch cock.

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   He put it in my hand and I started stroking him as I drove. If you think talking on your cell phone is distractive while you drive, you should try stroking a fifteen year old seven inch cock. After almost running over several people I turned onto my street. “Put your head down, I don’t want my neighbors to see me coming home with a young stud in the car. ”
   Luckily my husband and son were off on a father and son hunting trip. I pulled into the garage and closed the door. Then I pulled Eric up and kissed him hard, driving my tongue into his mouth. His hands went to my breasts and mine went back to his cock. I raised my arms so he could lift my t shirt over my head. Then he unhooked my bra and pulled it away from my body. I felt his lips trailing down my neck then he had my left nipple in his mouth and his tongue was licking it as he sucked. He was trying to unbutton my jeans but I pushed him back into his seat and pulled his shirt over his head. I licked down his neck then took his nipple in my mouth as I reached across him and laid his seat back. He lifted his ass so I could pull his jeans and boxers down. My mouth watered as I looked at his beautiful cock.

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   It stood proud like a piece of white marble rising out of his dark pubic hair. Then I saw his balls, they looked huge and I knew they held what I wanted, hot young boy cum, and lots of it.
   I licked down his smooth hairless stomach then kissed the head of his cock. He groaned and I noticed a drop of precum and I licked it off savoring his fresh clean taste. I slid his cock into my mouth sliding about half way down then back up. My tongue was busy licking his shaft as I took more into my mouth with each stroke. I felt it hit the back of my throat and I relaxed as the head slipped into my throat. He was moaning as I took him deeper in my throat till my nose was buried in his soft pubic hair. His scent filled my nostrils as I licked his balls with his cock buried in my throat.
He had his hands on my head and was moaning as I swallowed his cock.
   “Holy shit, I’ve never felt anything like this. Don’t stop baby, suck my cock. ” He said as he lifted his hips shoving his cock further down my throat. “Oh yea baby, suck my young cock make me cum in your mouth. You want to taste my hot young cum, don’t you?”
   I pulled my mouth off his cock with a pop and looked up at his handsome face.

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   I knew my eyes were glazed with lust. “Oh yes sweetie, I want you to cum in my mouth. Let me taste your sweet young cum. ”
   As I finished speaking I ran my tongue around under the head of his cock, causing him to gasp and shake. I took him back in my mouth and began bobbing faster and faster as my hand rubbed hiss large balls coaxing the cum from them. I felt his balls pull up against his body and his cock throbbed and jerked then my mouth was flooded with cum.
   I swallowed the first shot just in time for the second. As I swallowed his cock would jerk and another shot would fill my mouth, it was amazing and delicious. I swear he came more than anyone I have ever been with, it was like being in a porno with Peter North. As I swallowed the last of his teenaged cum I licked his cock clean then sat up in my seat catching my breath. He leaned over and kissed me hard driving his tongue deep into my mouth as his fingers closed around my breast. He started undoing my jeans but I grabbed his hand and said. “Come on sweetie lets take it into the house. ”
   He stepped out of his jeans and boxers and followed me to my room. It was a beautiful sight him walking and his seven inch cock still standing proud wobbling from side to side with each step.

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   He dropped to his knees in front of me and unfastened my jeans and pulled them down leaving me standing there in just my powder blue bikini panties. I know he could see the huge wet spot in the crotch as he kissed my thighs. Then his hands slid my panties down revealing my brown haired pussy. He kissed just above my slit then looked at me.
    “My god, you are so beautiful. I’ve dreamed of a woman like you being my first. ”
   I couldn’t believe my ears. This handsome young stud was a virgin. What was wrong with the girls around here? How could they let a prime piece of meat like this just sit on the shelf?  I was snapped back to reality when I felt his tongue slide over my clit and I spread my legs to give him better access. His hands gripped the cheeks of my ass and pulled my pussy to his waiting lips. I felt his tongue slip into my vagina and I could hear him sucking and swallowing my flowing juices.
   “Oh Eric that feels so good. Yes that’s it stick your tongue deep in my pussy. ”
   As I spoke I could feel my knees weakening and I put my hands on his shoulders to steady my self. His tongue was doing magical things to me and I thought.

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   ‘Thank god for the internet and porn for teaching this boy how to eat pussy. ’ I could feel my orgasm approaching and I held him tight as I ground my pussy into his face.
   “OH YES! OH YES! EAT MY PUSSY! OH MY SWEET BABY MAKE ME CUM!  YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!” I screamed as I came my fluid covering his sweet face. My legs gave out and he lowered me to the floor. I lay there panting and he was still licking my pussy, what a good boy. I had to reach down and pull him away from my sensitive clit before I went insane.
   I could feel his hard cock sliding up my leg as he kissed up my body. I spread my legs as wide as I could then I felt it rubbing my pussy as our tongues wrestled back and forth. I reached down and positioned him at my entrance then looked into his eyes and said. “Fuck me Eric. ”
   We both moaned as he slid his cock all the way into me. I felt his balls on my ass and I held him in place. His cock felt wonderful just soaking in me. Then he slid out till just the head was inside me and I waited for him to drive it back in, but he didn’t. The little shit was teasing me.

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   I lifted my ass trying to get him back inside but he just held still, keeping just the head in my wet and wanton pussy.
   “What’s the matter babe? Do you want my cock in your wet pussy?”
   “Yes I want to feel you in me. Please oh please FUCK ME. ”
   With that he laughed and drove his cock back into me and started fucking me with hard long strokes. I was going out of my mind as his cock slid in and out of me. I locked my legs around his back and lifted my ass to meet his every stroke, trying to get him deeper in me. His lips were wrapped around first one nipple then the other and he was gently nibbling each one. My legs were shaking and I felt another huge orgasm building. My stomach felt like it was knotted and I could feel my asshole twitching as I screamed and had my second orgasm in just a few minutes.
   I must have blacked out because when I came to he was staring at me with a worried look on his face. His cock was still buried in me and I could feel it twitching. I smiled at him and I saw him breathe a huge sigh of relief.
   “I thought I had killed you. ” He said.
   “I’m sorry sweetie; I didn’t mean to scare you.

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   It was just so good. You made me cum so hard I passed out. Get on the bed and let me catch my breath then I want some more. ”
   He crawled onto the bed and I lay beside him slowly stroking him. After a few minutes I climbed on top of him and lined him up with my pussy. Then I lowered myself moaning as he filled my emptiness. I leaned over and kissed him as I moved my hips working my pussy on his cock. I could feel him lifting up and trying to move me faster and I knew he was about to cum.
   “Oh baby are you gonna cum for me? Are you gonna fill my pussy with your cum? Do it baby, let me feel you cum. ”
   I felt his cock jerk then his hot cum hitting the walls of my pussy. It was great; he kept cumming just like before. We lay there kissing and holding each other as or orgasms subsided. Then suddenly the phone rang. I let the machine get it then grabbed the receiver when I heard who it was.
   “Hi Teri, hold on don’t hang up.


  ” I reached over and turned the machine off. “So what’s up?” If you’ve read my stories about my son Ricky you know Teri is a very close friend and we have no secrets.
   “Not much I just thought I’d see what you are doing. ”
   “You wouldn’t believe what I’m doing right now. I’m sitting on a fifteen year old with his seven inch cock in my pussy and he just filled it with cum. ” I could see the shock on Eric’s face as I told Teri what was happening. I felt his dick starting to shrink and I started moving my hips sliding it in and out and soon it was rock hard again.
   “You’re kidding, right?”
   “No I’ve got a hard young cock buried in me as we speak. Why don’t you come on over?”
   “I’ll be right there. ”
   “Just let yourself in. ” I hung up the phone and looked at Eric. “Do you think you can handle another one?”
   He grabbed my ass, smiled and said. “The more the merrier babe. ”
   I lifted my pussy off his cock, moved up his chest and straddled his face. As I pressed my pussy to his mouth I said.

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   “Eat me Eric. Suck your cum from my pussy. ”
   He moaned and I felt his tongue slip into me then he started sucking his cum from me. He licked and sucked till he had swallowed all his cum. My pussy was throbbing and a bit tender so I rolled off his face. I lay beside him and I swear his cock was harder than before. He was definitely ready for more action but I wanted to wait for Teri. I had some very special things planned for Eric and I wanted Teri to enjoy them too.
   To be continued? It’s up to you. Let me know what you think at lisa_7486@yahoo. com. .

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