Stuffing Samantha Pt 1


Samantha had just turned 17 when she came to talk to me about enrolling in Cosmetology School.   I was the admissions director for a school in an economically depressed small American town.   Girls like Samantha came in often, dropped out of High School got a GED, doesn't want to work at McDonalds anymore.   I was 29 years old at the time and let me tell this job was the best and the worst at the same time.   I was single and I personally got to interview hot sexy and financially desparate young girls all day long.   It made for great fantasy in my mind, but one of the conditions of my employement was that I couldn't date the students or prospective students.   That didn't keep my mind from racing and fantasizing about giving a new meening to the entrance exam.   Samantha was brighter than most of the girls that came through my office, she seemed to really be interested in getting a career started.   Physically she was petite maybe 5'2" and I have a thing for short women.   She was sort of an ethnic mutt with traces of hispanic and oriental mixed with caucasion, which gave her an olive skin appearance and long black hair.   She was fit yet carried a bit of baby fat that made her all that much cuter.
Samantha started school and for some reason I couldn't get my mind off of her, many days I'd wander around the classrooms just to see how she was doing, I always tried to follow-up on the girls I'd enrolled but with Samantha I felt that I had alterior motives.   Despite the fact that she was only 17 and that dating her could lose me my job I kept finding more and more ways to bump into her during the day.   She seemed to enjoy the attention and always answered my questions about how she was doing with enthusiasm and a smile.   Then fate dealt me a hand that had to be played.   I was making copies when Samantha came in to ask if she could make a copy.

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    I told her that would be fine but she'd have to wait until I was done.   So while she was waiting she chimed in with, "got any big plans this weekend?"
"We'll I was thinking about driving into the city to catch a band I like" was my response.
"Really that sounds great, I have a friend who goes to college over there, she's always inviting me to these great parties in her dorm, but I don't trust my car to make the drive. "
 "That sucks, If those parties are anything like when I went to college you are missing out"
"Hey, do you think, since you are already driving over that you could give me a lift and bring me back on your way home?"
Of course my dick was now in charge of my brain, "sure I could do that but the school has a strict rule against me hanging out with the students so you'd have to keep it quite. "
"That's pretty stupid, I can't believe they can tell you who to be friends with, but I'll keep it quiet, besides you're just giving me a ride. "
 I spent the next 3 nights beating my cock to the thoughts of drunk girls in a dorm room and especially the thoughts of getting a piece of Samantha.   I of course also toyed with the thought that I might be getting my hopes up here as maybe all i was doing was providing friendly transportation, she did end by saying I was just giving her a ride.   Either way i had a great weekend ahead, dorm party or groupies watching my friends band play, I was going to get laid either way, I just prefered one over the other.
I picked Samantha up early Friday evening, she lived with her stepmom, Carol, so she could be close to school.   Carol answered the door and made some joke about "she's not ready yet, she is female after all. "  Carol and I made small talk, she was somewhere around my age (I wasn't about to ask)  was much taller than Samantha, maybe 5'7" and very thin, not unhealthy looking but she didn't have many defined curves.   She was white without the ethnic mix of her step-daughter.   I got the sense that if I hadn't of been there to pick up Samantha that Carol and I could have easily taken this converstation to other levels as there seemed to be a natural flirtation going on.   Samantha came out wearing a black baby doll dress that fit tightly around what much have been B-cup titties.   The dress ended mid thigh and it dawned on me that this was the first time I'd seen her toned olive tanned legs.

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    I ran my eyes up the length of her legs, which despite being short, had all the right curvature.   I found myself wishing I could see up her dress to see where they ended.   She said her goodbye's, grabbed her backpack and sort of skipped towards my car.   My dick twinged as I watched her dress flutter back and  forth over her legs.
The first 15 minutes or so of the drive consisted of her asking me about how I got my job, do I like it etc.   And me asking about her friend in college, (they went to High School together until Samantha drop out) and had known each other since they were 5.   They had grown up together in an even small town.   Then she started to inquire about the rules the school had me abiding to, "so are you really not allowed to even hang out with any of the students?"
"Yep, I'm not even allowed to go to lunch with a group of them during the school day. "
"So have you ever broken the rules?"
"Not until now. "
"So you have managed to never make a move on any of the girls at school, that has to suck, I know there are several who'd love to make a move on you. "
Well now she had my attention, "Really, what do you know that I don't know?"
"I know that a lot of the girls think you are hot and that the smartest thing the school ever did was to have such a hot and nice guy be the person who talks to people about going to school here. "
"So tell me, who thinks I'm hot?"
 "I'm not going to give that information up, just know that when you are walking around the classrooms trying to look like you aren't checking out all the girls that many of them are checking you out right back. It's why I can't believe that you haven't broken the rules"
"Well trust me if I'd known all of this, I probably would have?"  "I didn't know that girls talk about such things. "
 Samantha shifts in her seat turning sideways to face me and changes her tone from a conversation one to somebody trying to talk dirty, "Oh my girls are filthy, we know the sizes of all the husbands and boyfriends cocks, who is bi, who doesn't like the taste of cum, who takes it in the ass. "
Trying to focus on driving was becoming more difficult and my cock was getting hard very quickly which could obviously be seen by looking at my shorts.

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    I was mesmerized that a 17 year girls was telling me about women talking about sex and when she said "takes it in the ass", I forgot I was driving a car.
Samantha unbuckled here seat belt, sat up on her knees completely facing my profile, she leaned accross and put her lips up to my ear.   She started to whisper, "what about you, what about your cock?  She bit down on my ear lobe and giggled as I let out a heavy sigh. "Is it big?" "Does it get really hard?" Her tongue was now flicking my ear lobe, she started breathing and moaning in between whispers.   My cock was throbbing and I was looking for a way off of this mountain road so I could turn and shove my tongue down her throat.   "What do you like to do with your hard cock?" "Do you like to have it sucked?" then she proceeded to place her full mouth on my neck, forcefully kissing and sucking on my neck.   I gave in an took one hand off the wheel and started to rub my throbing hard cock through my shorts.   She let out a slow "mmmmmmm" upon seeing that I was now rubbing my cock.   Out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse in the rearview mirror of a cop car turning in behind us, I quickly pushed on Samantha that she better get back in her seat and get her seatbelt on.   I hadn't been speeding, if anything traveling too slow with all of the distractions.   Sam fell back into her seat as the cop followed behind us about 8 car lengths behind.  
Samantha slumped in her seat and started to pout, "that darn policeman, I was just about to find out how big your cock is. "  i was going to unzip your shorts and start stroking it while I told you how I like to suck cock. "  The words are that much more arrousing because she is saying them like she is a 5 year old who was just told she couldn't have any ice cream.   "Tim I was going to tell you that I really like it when a cock is pushed way back into my throat until I gag on it, but know because of the policeman I can't" 
Because I am driving with one eye in the mirror I can no longer rub my aching cock, which with every word out of her mouth get's stiffer and stiffer, I can only imagine the amount of precum being soaked up by my boxers.

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    I can't believe what I'm hearing from this young girl, there are porn directors who can't write that kind of stuff and she is just rattling it off like it's second nature.   After about 10 minutes I realize that while the cop has no intention of stopping me he isn't about to pass me either.   It's about another 20 minutes until we reach the turnoff that will take us into the city.   Which means it's about 30 minutes until I have a hotel room and Samantha gagging on my cock.
"uh oh" Samatha playful says.
 "What?"  I inquire.
"My pussy is all wet, see", she proceeded to full her dress up to her waist to reveal that she wasn't wearing any panties.  
My eyes are darting all over the place, from the cop to the road to a completely waxed 17 year mound of soft pink flesh mounted in her olive skin.   As much as I wanted to I couldn't look with the intensity it deserved but it was obviously wet and slimy.   "My god Samantha that is amazing looking, I'd love for you to sit that beautiful little pussy over my mouth and let me suck up all of your juices. "
"MMMMM. . . I'd like that, there sure are a lot of them, I don't think I've ever been this wet before. "  "I guess that means that you like to eat pussy?"
"I love it, I love that feeling of a pussy grinding my face with reckless abandon until it comes.

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"let me see exactly how wet it is" she says as she slides her left hand down and starts sliding it up and down her drenched slit.   It is so wet that the sound of her rubbing alone would let you know what was going on. "  She pulled her hand back up and stuck two fingers in front of my face so that I could see them dripping with her pussy juices, I could smell her and it was heavenly.  
"Let me lick that off of your fingers" I begged.
"Uh uh" she playfully said as she raised her fingers to her own mouth and licked up oneside and down the other licking up the pussy juice the way I'd picture her licking the cum from my cock.   "mmmmm I love the taste of pussy, especially my pussy. " she seductively moaned.
Not being able to take it anymore, I shoved my right hand between her legs, and started rubbing the smoothest slickest pussy I'd ever felt.   Being total waxed her pussy juices ran wild, I found her clit and started to vigorously rub.   She spread her legs to give me better access.   "How's that feel?  "Do you like have your dirty little clit rubbed?"  I had never been so aggressive in rubbing a clit, but the harder I rubbed the more excited she got, my hand was soaked in her pussy juices as she let out a scream that the car could contain, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming oh my god oooohhhh!"  And with that she through her head back and every muscle in her body tightened for what seemed like a minute or two, when they relaxed she sat with the posture of a noodle.   I was still licking my fingers enjoying the flavor of that young pussy when i pulled into the parking lot of the first Hotel i saw.  
We got a room grabbed our bags and made our way upstairs.   The minute the door closed behind us I had her pushed up against the wall, one hand on her ass the other on the side of her neck as we engaged in some seriously sloppy kissing.   Without the contraint of trying to drive a car I was now able to take charge and show this 17 slut what getting fucked is really all about.

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   "So here is your chance to find out how big my cock is, shy don't you do that unzipping thing that got interupted in the car. "
She slid her back down the wall till her knees hit the floor, facing the bulge in my shorts she undid the only button and pulled down the zipper.   She didn't have to search for my cock as it had alredy made it's way out of the opening in my boxers and was staring her straight in the face.   While she might have wanted to see how big it was she was apparently more interested in measuring it with her mouth.   She starting to slid her mouth up and down my 7" erection, almost violently trying to make it hit the back of her throat.   I decided I'd help her out a bit, I stepped out of my shorts and boxers, put my hands behind her head and started to fuck her mouth harder than I've fucked some pussies.   The sound of repeatedly gagging somebody with your cock can at first be a little disturbing, but her wide brown eyes staring up at me told another story, she was enjoying this and the head of my cock making its way through her saliva soaked mouth and banging against the back of her throat was an intense feeling.   I'd pull back to let her catch her breath but she seemed much more interested in getting my cock back in her mouth.   The saliva running down her cheeks and chin were a preview of what she would look like with my load sprayed all over her face.   I'd certainly had my share of women suck my cock and even a few who could get aggressive on occasion but I'd never had anybody just crave the pounding of a hard cock in their mouth the way Samantha would.   I thought about rewarding her with a facial blast but held back, I had through the years really been able to control when I would cum and would never be confused with a minute man, I could stay hard for hours and release one monster load.   The next time she came up for air she told me how amazing that had been, my dick had been pounding her mouth for a solid 10 minutes, "all the boys my age cum after about 30 seconds, I'm impressed, now let's see how long you can hold out in my pussy?"
She stood up and pulled the dress over her head, she had no bra and no panties on and was just adorable naked, adorable and absolutely filthy minded, what an amazing combination.   The is no way in the world a girl this cute and  young could be this sexually agressive.   This was the first time I'd seen her cute little round ass that I'd imagined through her jeans at school on a daily basis.   She made her way over to the bed got up on all fours with her ass facing me, her pink pussy glistening and gorgeous.

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    She reached back and spread her ass cheeks which marked the first time I'd seen her tight little puckered asshole.   In all of her teasing in the car we never got to talking about whether she took it in the ass or not, she did make that comment about the girls at school who do which got my attention.   could anybody this nasty not take it in the ass, hell I've fucked doctors, lawyers and librarians in the ass surely this little slut was going to let me pound her back door.   For now I'd follow her invitation to start banging her slippery slit from behind.   She leaned forward arching her back leaving her pussy wide open and a wonder view for me of my cock sliding in.   She was so fucking wet that I almost couldn't feel anything except when my balls slapped against her clit.   It wasn't that she wasn't tight, just so fucking wet that you could fit a truck in her pussy at that time.   She bounces back to meet every thrust, my hips slapping into her ass, as I increase the intensity that clapping sound, along with the sounds the bed was making had to make being in the next room interesting.   I had gathered that nothing was going to be too hard for her so to add to the intensity I grabbed her long black hair with my left hand forcing her head to jerk back without objection.   With her head pulled back I reached my right hand to her throat and started to apply pressure.   This sense of not being in control with a hint of pain and danger got her dirty talk started again, "that's it use me Tim, use my little pussy to get your cock off, I'll do anything you say. Fuck me with that hard cock"  I pulled out of her pussy and walked around to place my cock up to her mouth instructing her to taste her pussy off my cock. Unlike her early cock sucking this time she did so in seductive manner, licking and savoring the taste of her pussy while putting on a show for me.
After her impressive tongue work she instructed me to lay on my back, facing me she placed her pussy lips over the head of my cock and slid herself down. She took upon the task of riding my cock like she had all the others, with a take no prisoners attitude, that each time she threw herself down on my cock it had to be harder than the last, that she had to get it just a little bit further inside.

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     She would pull herself up till just the head of my cock was inside her and then release all the weight of her tiny frame and impale her self time and time again.   finally in an effort to catch her breath she leaned forward and kept riding by just grinding her hips.   As if in a trance she started repeating in my ear, "I love your hard cock, I love your hard cock. I can't wait to eat all that cum you have been building up. "  Then she raised herself up turned herself around and with her ass facing me placed my cock in her pink wettness and provided me a great view of her pussy as it swallowed my cock.   She leaned forward towards my feet pulling my cock at an angle that made it even harder.   It also provided her a means of grinding her clit over the base of my cock.   In addition to watching the action I also had a perfect view once again of her little pink rosebud.   With my hands free I took the liberty to put my hands on her ass placing my thumbs in a position that would her asshole would bump into them each time she moved down on my cock.   I thought this would give me some insight into her interest in anal sex. As only she could she let me know she new what I was trying to do, "are you trying to touch my asshole?  Tim are you a dirty pervert trying to fuck my little 17 year old ass. ?  "So is that what get's you off Tim?  Fucking girls in the ass?" She started to rub her own asshole as my cock continued to fill her pussy. Then she put her finger in her mouth then reached around and started to work it into her obviously tight butt.   "Is that where you want to put your cock, where my finger is?  Is that what is finally get you to drop that load of cum, fucking my ass?  She pulled her pussy off my cock and crawled her way back up my chest finally stopping with her ass just sort of my chin.   The smell of her pussy intoxicating, her finger took it's place back at her little bud never going in more than a knuckle.

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    "Tim my little asshole is so tight I can barely get my finger in it"  As we were basically in a 69 position now, she grabbed my cock and said, "how the hell do you think this is going to fit in my ass. "  Wanting to gain control of this little game I told her that I would make it fit.   That seemed to trigger another level of lust within her, she scooted her ass right over my mouth, "why don't you make your tongue fit in my dirty ass first. "  My god I almost shot my load right there, what a foul mouth little slut, but of course I was glad to tongue fuck her ass, it's a guilty pleasure, plus I feel if your gonna put your cock there then you might as well be willing to put your tongue there.   With her on top she just smothered my face, her asshole litterly shoved in my mouth.   While I couldn't see I feel her sticking fingers in her pussy pushing against the thin wall between her ass and pussy as I extended my tongue as far as it would go.   I couldn't see anything, I could only smell and taste ass.   She started to seriously grind on my face as she fingered herself to orgasm with my tongue up her ass.
 She got off my face, stood at the side of the bed and walked over to her bag, she pulled out a tube of Astro-glide, "I was hoping I'd get to use this during this trip" she chuckled.   She asked me to stand up she stood in front of my and started to kiss me, there she stood on her toes so that our lips could meet, her eyes looking innocently up at me.   While kissing me her hand was reacing behind her apply lube to her tiny little ass.   "Have you ever fucked a 17 year old in the ass before?"  She new how to push all the right buttons she was wicked in her ability to just the right perverted thing at the the right time,  I grabbed her hair and pulled her lips off of mine, A few steps away was a table, I walked her over to it still pulling on her hair for directions, I had her face the table and bend forward.   She rested her hands on the table parted her legs slightly and prepared to get her ass fucked.   Her asshole was now a bit shiny as she had been working the lube in and out of it.   I placed a bit of lube on the head of my cock and pressed it up against her tight little hole.

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    My cock was so swollen hard, I'd been holding out on cumming for over an hour not to mention the build up in the car.   Those first moments of penetrating an asshole are the most amazing sexual moments, the gentle battle of working a hard cock into a tight hole that intially wants to resist only to sucumb in a moment of release when the ass stops fighting and starts accepting the cock.   Proving I had been down this road before I worked just the head in and stopped for her to adjust, then I told her to push herself back at whatever pace felt right.   In typical Samantha fashion she pushed back gently once then a second time with a bit more force and then the 3rd time till the rim of her asshole was at the very base of my cock.   Looking down I could see less than 1/2 of my dick as the rest of it was busy.   I started pulling back and working it back in nice even slow strokes, leaving only the head inside, her tunnel was tightly surrounding my cock a sensation the defies explaination if you've never been there.   After a dozen or so strokes, my eyes still fixated on the view of my cock plunging into her dirty hole, Samantha starts to ask for it harder, "fuck me harder, you aren't going to break it"  I've had women ask to be fucked harder but not while I was in their asshole.   So I started to pick-up the pace and she kept asking for it harder, I was now fucking her as hard as I'd fucked her pussy, my hands were pushing down on her lower back, pushing her into the table so I could get leverage to plunge everything I had into her, my cock was like a piston in and out of her asshole.   The physical pounding was more than my dick control could handle, I was only a few strokes away from cumming.   I mumbled something to that affect and thinking back to her saliva covered face I told her I wanted to cum on her face.   There wasn't time for additional conversation, I caught myself just before I unloaded in her asshole, pulled out, grabbed the base of my cock, she dropped to the floor and posed for me to unload on, after a few quick strokes cum started gushing from my cock, the first stream hit the bridge of her nose, the next nearly shooting up her nostrill, subsequent shots hit her lips, open mouth and cheeks.   In all I counted 9 streams and few dribbles following, her face was plastered with my cream, my balls ached from releasing so much load.   She took her hands and started wiping the cum to her mouth, playing with it, showing it on her tongue, telling me that it tasted great.   "I can see why you hold out for so long, it is well worth the wait. "
She stood up from the floor, most of the cum gone from her face, she picked her black dress off the floor and threw it over her head and wriggled it down her body, she started to mess with her hair while looking in the mirror and said, "get your clothes back on we have a party to go to.


To be continued. . . .