Through The Peep Hole


This took place during the fall break of my tenth grade year. During most of my breaks from school, I went to my grandmother's house and helped her with house and yard work. She lives on a man-made lake in the middle of the city, so when I wasn't helping her, I would get in her little paddle boat and explore the lake. The houses around the lake are very expensive, and mostly elderly people live in the area. However, there was a girl around my age, maybe a year younger, which lived in the house next door named Harmony. She was quiet and shy, and I was too, so we didn't ever talk or hang out together. So there wasn't really anyone to play with, and I spent most of the time in my grandma's backyard or on the lake.
    One particularly nice day of the fall break, I was helping my grandma pick the last of the tomatoes from her behemoth plant. It took us all morning to pick every last one and by lunch I was already hot, sweaty, and tired. After I finished off lunch, I asked her if there was anything else she needed help with. She thought for a moment and then concluded that there was nothing else she needed to do. She went to take a nap and told me I could take a shower and do whatever I want, as long as I was back by five. I decided to spend some time in my favorite place before I took a shower.
    Since my grandma lives by the lake, she has a fence on both sides of the yard, between her next door neighbors. However, the back of the yard goes all the way to the water, and since she lives on a narrow part of the lake, everyone on the other side can see into the backyard. The lake offers great views, but takes away privacy.

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   There is one spot in her backyard, however, that is hidden from view. There is a narrow space between the house and the neighbor's fence that is blocked from view by a big lemon tree, which is more like a large lemon bush. This space was originally graveled, but my grandmother transformed it to a garden. There is a brick pathway with gardens on either side; along the house and along the fence. She planted many bushes and allowed them to grow full and tall, covering the pathway in shade all day long. At the end of the pathway, she had planted her favorite kind of flower. The flower lived a fair life, but died one very hot and dry summer. She pulled it out and hasn't planted anything there since. A thick moss soon grew over the dirt, and now there is a thick carpet of moss at the end of the path. When I was little, I ventured into the garden often and lay down on the moss, running my hands across it and feeling its coolness. I would sit and read, fall asleep, or just enjoy the solitude and peacefulness of the garden. My grandma soon learned that when I was there, I wanted to be alone, so she would let me be.
    As I got older, around seven or eight, I got the idea to lie on the moss naked, feeling its coolness all over my body. I started lying there naked an hour every day, watching the birds build nests in the bushes, feeling the soft moss on my skin. As I got even older, I realized this was my time to be alone and no one would bother me, so I started going there to jack off.

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   It made it so much better, doing it outside in the shade on the soft, cool, moss.

    On that day, that was exactly where I was going. When I got to the garden, I took off my sweaty clothes and plopped down on the moss, just as I had done many times before. The cool moss against my bare legs and butt felt amazing on this hot day. I gently started to stroke my cock and let my mind wander. I started picturing a few girls from school and undressed them in my mind when I heard a noise. I stopped and looked around. I just happened to see something glimmer through a little whole in the fence. I looked at it and realized there was someone behind the fence, watching me through the hole. I was frozen with shame and embarrassment. I reached for my clothes, and then I heard a voice. "No! Please don't stop!" It was the voice of Harmony, the girl next door. "I won't tell anyone, I swear. I'll put on a show for you if you continue yours. " I was confused and not quite sure what she meant, but she said to continue, so I did.

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   I stroked my cock until I came all over the moss.
    I looked up at the hole and saw her eye, still staring at me. She was breathing very deeply and puffed out the words, "Ok, now you can come and watch me. " I crawled over to the hole and looked through. Several years before, I had thrown a ball over the fence and had to go get it out of their backyard. Her dad and let me go get it, and I had realized that their backyard and my grandma's backyard were exactly the same size and shape. They even had a narrow part of the yard on the side of their house, just like ours, right on the other side of our fence. Their side yard was block from view across the lake by a large waterfall that drained into their pool. As I look through the peep hole, I am looking into their side yard, and what I see takes my breath away.
    Harmony is sitting on cement, completely naked, with one hand fingering her pussy. Her pussy was neatly shaved, revealing her flawless, tanned skin. She is average height and skinny. Her tits are a good size, not big but still noticeable, and her long, brown hair was shining in the sun. Her moans sent chills through my body and my cock was getting hard again. I started to stroke it as I watched.

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   After a few minutes, she an orgasm rocked her body and I came again shortly after. She laid there a minute to recover and then sat up and look at the hole. "Did you like it?" she asked.
    "I loved it. You have an amazing body," I replied.
    She blushed. "Thanks, you have a great body too. Especially you’re. . . um. . . you know. It's really big.

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  " Then it was my turn to blush.
    "Thanks," I whispered.
    We talked for a while and I learned that she had been watching me jack off for a while now and always plays with herself while she watches. She apologizes for intruding on my privacy but says that she really enjoyed watching me. I decide that if she wanted to continue watching, she could. We agreed that we would both be there at one thirty every day of the break to jack off together. After we had talked a little bit more, her mother called her and she had to go inside. We said goodbye, and then I put on my clothes and went in to take a shower.
    Every day after that, Harmony and I watched each other masturbate through the peep hole. After I finished helping my grandma, I would go straight to the garden, undress, and plop down on the moss, slowly stroking my cock. Pretty soon, I would here Harmony undressing on the other side of the fence, and then her eye would look through the hole. I would then speed up until I came, and then I would watch her. Her side had no shade, so the sun would make her sweat, making her whole body glimmer. Also, all the time in the sun were making her tan lines disappear, which turned me on even more. The more I watched her, the more I longed to touch her; to feel her silky smooth skin and play with her beautiful pussy.

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   I could tell by the look in her eyes that she longed for my touch as well. But the fence was the barrier between us, making us both feel miles apart. I knew that I had to do something before the fall break was over.
    My grandmother is very smart and always suspicious. I had thought about just inviting Harmony over, but I knew that my grandma would think that something was going on if I did. So I had to come up with an alternative plan. Over the weekend, when I went back home, I thought about it until the plan developed.
    On Monday, when I went back over to my grandma's house, I told her that one of the bushes in the garden was growing over the path and needed to be trimmed. "Sure, go ahead and trim it," she said. "I have to pay bills and balance the checkbook today so after your done, you can have the rest of the day off. " She smiled as I left the room.
    As clever as my grandma is, I knew that her hearing wasn't at its best and that the power saw would sound the same as the hedge trimmer to her. So I went to the garage, got out the saw, and went to the garden. When I got there, I plugged the saw in and then set it down. I went to survey their yard through the peep hole.

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   As I look through, I again saw that the side yard was used for storage. They had a storage shed at the end, and all along the fence there were tools propped against it. I look down the fence and saw that there was enough room between the storage shed and the fence for a person to squeeze into. I decided that was good enough and went to that spot in the fence and started to cut a square opening, big enough for Harmony to fit through. When I finished, I removed the boards and stuck my head through. I really hoped it was big enough. Deciding that it was, I put the boards back and put the saw away. I went in the house and watched TV until it was time.
    At one thirty, I went out o the garden. I had always arrived there before Harmony, so I took my clothes off and got ready. I went over to the opening I had made and removed the boards. Then I crawled over to the moss and lay down. As always, the coolness of the moss felt amazing on my bare skin. I sat enjoying the feeling when I heard something stirring on the other side of the fence. I looked through the hole and saw Harmony undressing.

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    "Hey Harm," I said.
    "Oh, hey Thomas. You want me to go first today?" she asked.
    "Um, actually, I was think about doing something a little different today. " I replied.
    ". . . like what?" she said, biting her lip.

    "I made a hole in the fence for you to fit through; you have to squeeze between the shed and the fence. "

    She looked at the gap and then back at me. The she walked over to the gap. I stared at her butt, realizing that I was seconds away from being able to grab it. She squeezed through and then found the hole I had cut. She crawled through it and then scooted next to me on the moss and I put my arm around her.

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    "Wow, this moss feels amazing. " She whispered.

    "I know. " I leaned in for a kiss and she did as well. While we kissed, I ran my hands down her body and then back up to her breasts. I grabbed them and gave them a gentle squeeze and I heard her catch her breath. I played with her nipples and then she broke the kiss.

    "Can I suck it?" she asked and then blushed.

    "Of course," I said. I scooted over to give her room and then she bent down over it. She gently licked it at first, and then she took it in her mouth, trying to fit in as much as she could. She gagged a little at first, but she soon got the hang of it. It felt like I was in heaven. Her mouth was so warm and wet. My cock had never felt anything so good, and I knew I wouldn't last long.

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   Pretty soon I came in her mouth, and I was shocked that she swallowed my whole load. She then licked me clean.
    "That was amazing!" I said. I ran my fingers over her pussy and looked her straight in her beautiful ocean blue eyes. "I guess now it's my turn?" She nodded and then spread her legs. I squatted down and then slowly licked around her pussy. She was trying hard not to moan very load, but a loud one escaped her when I stuck my tongue inside. I flicked it around a bit and then I stuck a finger in. She let out a small yelp and I looked to make sure she was okay. The look in her eyes told me she wanted more, so I stuck another finger in. She was so tight that two was as far as I could go. I pushed them in and out until her body started to tense. I took them out and then buried my face in her pussy, wanting to taste every last drop of her sweet juices. When her orgasm had finished, she laid back and I kissed her, allowing her to recover.
    After a few minutes, I broke away and asked "You ready?" She looked at me and then replied, "Yes.


   I've wanted this ever since I first saw you here naked. I've fantasized about this for a long time. "

    "Me too," I whispered. With that, she got on all fours and I got behind her. I rubbed my cock against her wet pussy and I could tell she was holding her breathe. I slowly pushed it in and she screamed. I pushed and pushed until I was all the way in. Then I rocked back and forth, in and out. As I went faster, I saw blood start to come out and I looked at her to make sure she was okay. The screams had turned into moans and I knew that the pleasure had overwhelmed the pain.

    I went on for a while longer, enjoying every second, and I figured, again, I wouldn't last long. When Harmony's body tensed up and an orgasm shook through her, it was too much and I had to pull out. She had already collapsed on the ground, so I came all over her belly. When the last little bit spurted out of me, I finally collapsed beside her. I put my arm around her, and we both laid there, on the moss, looking up at the bushes and listening to the birds sing.

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   Time seemed to stop as she laid there in my arms. After what felt like an eternity, she reluctantly decided it was time for her to go in, so I helped clean her off and then sent her back to her yard with a kiss.

    Needless to say, we did it again, and again, and again; every day of the fall break, until the very last day. We laid there for an hour kissing, and I promised her that I would be back in the spring. We hugged and kissed one last time before we went back into our houses. When I went back to school, every day lasted forever as I waited for spring break to come and I could see Harmony again. However, I knew that when it did come, it would definitely be worth the wait. . .

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