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EtniaEuropea (bianca)
Altezza164 cm (5'5" ft)
Peso55 kg (121.25 lb)
Tipo di tetteSeni naturali
Peli pubiciCompletamente depilata
FumatoreTalvolta fumo
Lingua: Inglese  English English English English
Ricevo presso il mio domicilio    Mi reco al domicilio del cliente: Visite in Hotel e a Domicilio
Preferenze Sessuali: Etero 
Incontro con: Disponibile per uomini  Disponibile per uomini   
Disponibile per coppie  Disponibile per coppie   
Pratico feticismo/BDSM

Su di me

Fresh faced and every so pretty, Adriana is utterly alluring. Young, flawless and with the looks of a catwalk model when dressed, she turns heads wherever she goes. Tall, with long legs, and silky smooth skin, the less she wears the more tantalising she becomes. Her breasts are natural and unbelievably inviting. You may find yourself unable to resist touching them, stroking them and taking her perfect nipples in your mouth, feeling them harden against your lips. She definitely has that effect on men.

Adriana knows how to get a man hot. To be honest she doesn’t have to do a lot as she’s so sexy. Nevertheless, she’s very flirtatious and playful. Of course, she’s so beautiful that you’ll want to take her out and show her off and she certainly is great company, but you’ll find it hard not to be distracted by her warm smile and deep brown bedroom eyes. She’s the perfect mixture between an angel and a devil. On one hand, you’ll just enjoy basking in her youthful glow and on the other hand you won’t be able to stop yourself from thinking of all the things you want to do with her and to her when you get her alone.

The most exciting thing about Adriana is that when you get her alone, her devilish side comes out to play. She’s incredibly naughty and enjoys quite a number of erotic activities. She may even teach you a thing or two if you are open minded and willing to share some sensual adventures with her. How ever you choose to indulge your passions, you won’t be able to control yourself once you catch a glimpse of her delicately pink, moist, dripping wetness. So, make the most of it. Play with it, lick it, taste it, slide your fingers into it, feel how hot and tight it is, and then, when you’re ready, she’ll take you as deep as you want to go and it will feel so, so good.
Probably time for you to stop reading about Adriana and just make a date. You know you want to.

Info Contatto
Paese base:Regno Unito 
Città di base:Londra 
Telefono:+447312403613 (Nessun numero nascosto, SMS & Chiamate) 
Istruzioni Telefono:SMS & Chiamate 

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