Seduction pt1


A tale about me,my stepfather and seduction,not a usual seduction though.

Me? I'm in my teens,am tiny,about six stone (86lb) A good body and I know how to use it. My best friend tells me I have a filthy mind. She puts on a dumb smile when I agree. She knows I take boys to the wire,but they only get what I want them too. I'm still a virgin, - Well not strickly true - at the time of the seduction I was,but today my virginity is no-more. This is what happened. . .

For ever, I'd lay at night getting worked up hearing my stepfather bringing my mother off, - Okay,its not nice to listen,especially to your own mother - but she made such a noise when he brought her to orgasm,I reckoned the whole street heard her cumming. I'd masterbate in time with her sounds and have a great orgasm myself. But the fact was,I was jealous of what he was giving her before and after she came because he'd then get it in her and she'd cum all over again,and again,sometimes he'd bring her off three maybe four times before I'd hear him cum and talk her through what it was like,the feeling in his cock and balls as she drained him. It always finished the same,with her giggling and purring like a contented cat.

I reasoned,I wanted to purr like that and I had every intention of getting what I wanted. Not for me these stupid boys,I wanted real cock,my step-dads cock and a real man's cock I was going to have even if it cost us our lives. - I was quite convinced mum would kill us both if she caught us doing it! I didn't care because in moments of passion when I heard them,I hated mum for what she was getting and I wasn't.

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I was pretty dumb when it came to schooling,so having told my friend my secret longing,she made the usual response,but added, - "What, Are you planning to seduce him?" - I equally had no idea what that word meant,I had no intention of asking her either. I done that when, after a sex lesson I'd asked her what sexual intercourse meant. She laughed at me,answering, "To fuck,you know have sex with a kid" - "Why didn't they say that then,I wasn't to know all fancy school words,they're stupid fuckers in there"

So after that I went to great lengths,well great lengths for me. If I heard a word and I thought it related to sex, I'd got hold of a particularly fine dictionary - I'd purloined - and looked the word up in my own time. So seduction was just what was needed,an experienced man was going to seduce me,or was it, I was going to seduce an experienced man. Either way I knew such a man,my step-dad. All I had to do was figure a way of doing it.

Hence my dirty cunning scheme. This is it. . . I spent some time making sure quite innocently you understand that he got a bloody good look at my tits and nipples as I flitted hither and dither around not having a clue what I was showing - LIKE HELL I DIDN'T - I knew he tried his hardest not to let me or mum know he'd clocked anything,but in a sense,I was an old hand at it,I'd been doing this stuff to boys ever since my tits started to swell.

I admit it was difficult to tell what affect it was having,but it wasn't so difficult to see after I'd walked in on him as my mother had headed off before him, early one morning and having heard him get from the bed,I pranced in with just my frilly shorty just in time to get a look at his almost eight incher. To late to grab the bedsheet for modesty,I gasped, - "OMG, Sorry, I thought you were gone with mum,I just popped in to use the long mirror" Was his face red as he knew I'd seen it was more than half hard. I swirled round to scurry out making sure he had a good look at my naked bottom half.

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   - His words followed me, - "Christ Cathy,keep that to yourself,she'd do her nut if she knew you'd seen what you just did" - "Giggling,I virtually screeched - "Likewise about what I've just flashed you" - "No,I mean unintentionally showed!"

Nothing more was said,but I noticed from there on,he seemed to have a whole new interest in anything I happened to be doing and in turn,he didn't go unrewarded as I used all my wardrobe to give him look-down or look-up chances. - The trap was set,now I had to come up with a plan to get a whole lot closer and this is where I move to. . . part two.