The House


Jill slowed down as the House came into view; she was walking towards it with her dog. Part of her was afraid, because it was a dark November night and she was alone, except for Ben, her Labrador, and yet she was also excited. Why else would she walk this way, and this hour, it wasn’t as if she had too. Yet she knew the answer, because it excited her, she needed the mix of fear and sexual excitement, her nipples were already hard and erect, and were rubbing against the material of her bra, and there was a warm damp tingling between her legs, that would soon spread throughout her body. Hopefully her husband would be in bed and asleep when she got back home later and then she could do something about it before she went to bed.
As she began to near the overgrown hedge, she slowed down until she was standing still and she listened to the sound of the night. Was he there? This had all began a few weeks ago, well no; it must be six weeks now. She had been passing by this very same spot and she was certain she was being watched. She couldn’t see anybody, and at first she was afraid, but this was soon replaced by curiosity and excitement, and even though she had avoided the House for a few nights, she found herself wanting to comeback. When she had returned, it all seemed normal, and Jill began to wonder if in her sexual frustration, she had imagined the feeling of being watched.
However, after a week, it was there again, the feeling, that somebody was watching her as she walked past the derelict House, the one that all the kids claimed was haunted. Hmmm, she had thought, perhaps it’s the ghost? Well, this went on for several weeks, always the same, as she neared the house, a tingle down her spin and then a growing buzz of excitement, part fear and part sexual, as she passed by the hedge at the corner of the street. She had started have fantasies, dark ones, about strange men, which shocked and excited her, and found herself increasingly forced to masturbate more often, which itself left feeling both ashamed and guilty, and yet gave a sense of release and fulfilment.  
Then one night as she neared the hedge, she could hear breathing, not loud, but just on the edge of perception. She had pause for a second, looking at the hedge and then again as she neared the driveway. The sensible part of her brain was screaming RUN YOU SILLY WOMAN and yet the intense sexual excitement she was feeling mixing with the fear was building up to the point that she almost had an orgasm there and then.

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   For the next week or two, it had remained just the same, the sound of breathing. She had considered taking torch, to see if she could catch the little pervert. It was probably some little bastard having a laugh at her expense, but she didn’t want to scare him off, so she left the touch at home.

Then came that night, when the breathing was louder and different, faster, more urgent, intense. Again Jill had paused, wondering at the new sounds, and then she noticed a new noise, a sort of slap, slap. At first she was puzzled, and then with a frill that buzzed, coursing though her, she realised it was the sound of somebody masturbating. Her fear had taken over that time and had got the better of her, and she ran home. But in bed, lying next to her sleeping husband, she found her hand moving down her body, as she replayed that night’s events through her mind.
The following night, at the same time, she found herself standing there again, listening to the sound of somebody, panting away, until she heard him groan loudly and emit a long drawn out sigh. She knew the person was definitely male, that much was obvious from the tone of the breathing. She was so horny she almost started up the drive of the House in search of her masturbating admirer. What would she have done had she met anybody she couldn’t begin to imagine, well actually she could imagine, and her thoughts both terrified and excited her. Later, back home, the sounds of her own passions were so loud that they actually woke her husband from his sleep, and she had to make up something about having a nightmare or something.
So, after all these weeks, here she was again, crossing the road to the corner were the big old empty House stood, listening for the sound of breathing. However this time, she could not hear anything, nor did she have that feeling of being watched.

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   Disappointed she paused and lingered for a while, allowing the dog some slack, so he could sniff around the leaf covered pavement. After a while, when it was obvious he wasn’t going to be there, she began to move along the path, but as she passed the entrance, she looked up the overgrown driveway and stopped. There was a light, well more of a glow; it seemed to flicker a little. Oh my, she thought, somebody as set fire to the house. She stood there staring, considering what she should do? Perhaps she should call the fire brigade; there was a call box on the way back home. As she stood there she began to rationalise what she was looking at. There didn’t seem to be any smoke, and the glow, while soft, didn’t appear to be spreading, not like a fire at all she told herself. In fact it looked more like candle or lamp light.
Before she realised what she was doing, she had taken several steps, and was now standing on the drive. She paused for a moment. What the hell she was doing, the sensible part of her demanded. Then she took several more steps, while listening carefully for any sounds, especially that familiar breathing. She knew she was being a fool, that she shouldn’t be doing this, but she had become so addicted the heavily mixture of sexual excitement and fear that she could not control herself. Her nipples were so hard they were hurting, and her panties where soaking with her juices.
Three quarters of the way up the drive with the house looming over her, she stopped dead.

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   She could not force herself to go forward any further and stood frozen to the spot, fear and arousal fighting for control of her body. She badly wanted to slide her hand down her body and pull her thick long skirt up so that she could slip her hand inside her soaking knickers. Her hand involuntary began to move downwards, but a sudden yanking movement broke the spell.
Her dog had pulled the lead out of her other hand and he was now racing up the remainder of the drive towards the house. “Damn it! Ben! Come back now, BEN” she called in a loud whisper, but he was now pushing at the front door of the house, and as it opened slightly, he disappeared through it. “Bugger” cursed Jill, and set off after him, whispering urgently after him “Ben, BEN, come back now, BEN!” But he didn’t return, and Jill now stood before the battered and stained front door the House. It was only open slightly, not much, just enough to allow Ben to slip though. She could see the glow, but not its source and she leant forward. “Ben! Ben, come here now, Ben!”She could hear him, but he didn’t appear to be making any attempt to return. The stupid mutt has probably shut himself in a room, she told herself. I’ll have to go in.
Taking a deep breath, she took a step forward and paused. “Ben, Ben, come back to mummy Ben. ”She took another step forward and stretched her hand out and pushed it against the door. It was stiff, but it swung open. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   Jill stood in the open doorway looking in. The hall was strewn with rubbish and debris. To the left was a staircase, to the right a passageway. This appeared to be where the soft glow was coming from. Jill hesitantly stepped over the fresh hold of the House and entered it. She kept her hands out ready, just in case she tripped, and moved forward, her booted feet making crunching sounds that seemed shockingly loud in her ears.     
She passed the stairs and as she went she urgently hissed “Ben! Ben!”Now she could hear him clearly, scratching and whining, arh yes, the little bleeder had managed to shut a door behind him. I should leave him here and come back tomorrow in the daylight, that’ll teach him. As Jill walked down the passage, she could see a door in front of her, and to the right, another, and it was from here the glowing, now stronger, was coming from. As she drew level with it, she turned, and looked through the doorway into a room.
After the darkness, it took a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to the light. There seemed to be about a dozen candles lighting the room, some on the floor, and some on a mantle piece over a fireplace. She found herself stepping into the room, curiosity overriding all else. The room was untidy, but not as bad as you might think, there was a dull glow in the fireplace from a dying fire, and plates and pans around it. To one side was a table, covered in things, and several chairs, and one in particular caught her eye, because it was quite large, and very old, dark wood, with big arms and a high back.

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   She looked at it closely, hmm it might be worth something, she thought.
Behind her, unseen a small door silently opened, and a shadowy figure emerged. Jill hadn’t noticed the door to cupboard under the stairs as she  passed. She froze, as suddenly the sound of deep heavy breathing filled the room and she sensed somebody behind her. She breathed in to scream, but as she did so something covered her mouth and she could smell and taste something chemical as it filled her lungs. Her hands came up to try pull it away, but even as has they did, she could feel herself loosing consciousnesses. As the warm blanket of darkness enveloped her she was vaguely aware of somebody gently easing her to the floor.
What an odd dream she was having, thought Jill, in fact she felt odd, not quite comfortable, and a little bit sick. I must have dosed off in the chair she sleepily thought. What’s that sound she asked herself, cracking, like a fire, hmmm yes, a nice open fire, she liked a nice open fire. Not like her husband, he was such a bore, no fun. Suddenly a clear thought sprang into her mind, WE DON’T HAVE FIRE PLACE! Oh my god, the house is on fire, as her mind struggled to surface from her groggy half-sleep. Her eyes opened, and for a second she was completely at a lose as to where she was. There was a fire in front of her burning brightly, along with some candles. She looked around, and then it all came back, the House, she was in the House.

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   She tried to stand, and it was then she realised that she could hardly move. She began to panic, she tried to call out, and that was when she became aware of something around in her mouth, because all she could manage was a loud muffled noise. Panicking she felt like she couldn’t breath, she pulled and tugged at her arms until they hurt, but to no avail.
After a few minutes, the pain seeped through, and she paused, trying to control her panic. Ok, ok, now calm down, relax she told herself, calm down and then take stock of things, that’s it, breath slowly and deeply. After a few minutes, while still close to panic, and with her heart seemingly ready to burst out of chest, she started looking at her surroundings. Firstly, she asked herself, arms, ok, they’re caught on something above my head. She twisted her head to see. Ok, I am in some sort of high backed wooden chair, the one I saw when I walked in. She could see where she was tied, and tried a few tugs. Ok, that’s not good, emmm what else, legs. She tried to move them, and couldn’t. Damn and blast, what’s going on? She had been tied in such a way that her legs where open wide, fastened to arm supports of the chair, and she was almost sitting on the edge of the chair. She tried moving her hips back, but felt something behind her. Ok, not good, not good at all, Jill told herself over again and again as her panic began to rise up and take over again.

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Suddenly she froze. Breathing, somebody was behind her. She tried to twist her head around in a frantic attempt too see, but the high back of the chair prevented her from doing so. Suddenly there was a touch, something brushed her cheek, she twisted her head around the over way. Nothing there, but now she was aware of somebody directly behind and above her. Again a touch, brushing the side of her cheek, but this time she could see the hand, large and rough, but surprisingly clean. Had she been able too she would have laughed at herself, what a stupid thing to notice. She shivered as the hand continued to stroke her cheek, she closed her eyes firmly. The she felt breath, and then a kiss, gentle and soft. She wanted to open her eyes, to see him, but she couldn’t make them. He kissed her again, more firmly, and then she felt a lick. She shivered as the tongue slide over her cheek, and then down, with little kisses and licks, down onto her neck. A hand gently but firmly pulled her head to one side, and the kisses and licks continued up and down her neck.
The other hand moved down the front of her body, and Jill tensed as the hand cupped and squeezed first one breast and the other. She was quite proud of her boobs, still firm and erect, despite being quite large.

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   After a few minutes of squeezing, the hand moved slightly, and began to fiddle with the buttons on her blouse. A few minutes of fumbling and then hand gave up and simply gave the blouse a sharp tug and the buttons to snap off.
Jill tried to make a muffled protest, and twist head back up, but the other hand held it firmly and the kissing and licking continued. Meanwhile, the hand that had just yanked open her blouse was now invading her bra, pushing the cups down and squeezing one then the other breast. Suddenly the kissing and licks moved downward, over her collar bone and down her front. She could now see him, well see that he was wearing some sort of balaclava, no a ski mask, black.
She felt the kissing lips advance downwards onto her right breast, and she let out a muffled moan as she felt lips touch her nipple. To her shock, it responded straight away and began to swell and harden. “Nooooooooooooo” she cried out, but the actual sound simply emerged as a loud muffled moan. She felt him sucking at her nipple, flicking and teasing it with the tip of his tongue. Meanwhile a hand began to snake its way downward, over Jill’s belly, down to her lap. It moved along her leg until it reached the hem of her skirt, which was already above her knees.   She felt the hand rest on her inner thigh and then it began to advance back up her stocking clad leg, making little back and forward stroking motions has it advanced. It reach her bare flesh and then continued its journey, and Jill felt found herself holding her breath. Then it touch her panties, wet with excitement and arousal, a tingling sensation ran through her body, and mingled with the feeling from her breast and caused Jill involuntarily arch her back.

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   Her assailant continued to suck and lick her nipple, while the hand between thighs began to stroke and rub the crouch her knickers. At first it was gently, barely using any pressure, but with each motion of the hand he increased the pressure against her panty glad pussy.
Jill desperately tried to push back the growing wave of pleasure that her traitorous body was assaulting her brain with, but being unable to more or close her thighs, there was little she could to repel them or him, she was completely at the mercy of her body and him. As the hand between her legs continued to increase its pressure, Jill simply sighed and gave up battle and allowed wave upon wave of tingling, buzzing pleasure to sweep over her. However, just as she gave up the fight, the sensations stopped and subsided.
Jill opened her eyes, and her assailant was standing in front of her. He was quite tall, and appeared to be well built, with dark eyes, that glinted in the fire light. Jill wanted to plead with him to let her go, but again all she could manage was muffled noises. It was so wrong, wrong that she had felt pleasure, that her body had betrayed her.
Suddenly her attacker moved over to the table, and rummaged amongst its contents. When he turned back, Jill took a sharp intact of break. In is hand was a knife, not large, but in Jill’s heightened state of fear and arousal, it appeared to be huge. As he moved to stand in front of her, she shook her head and made pleading sounds through her gag. Then slowly, he lowered himself down between her spread thighs, placing a hand on her thigh. Jill watched him wide eyed as he ran his hand up and down her thigh, pushing her skirt up further, and then moving to the other thigh and repeating the process, pushing her skirt up around her waist.

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   The hands moved down and rubbed her pubic mound, and then drop down over her pussy, squeezing and caressing it. It moved back up and pulled at the panties. The hand with the knife came up and she closed her eyes in anticipation of pain. Seconds latter, they opened and she looked down, as she realised that he wasn’t going to stab her, at least not yet. She felt cool air on her hot wet skin, as he cut away her sodden knickers and pulled them off her.
Now Jill was totally exposed, her bare wet pussy, open to the gaze of the attacker. As she watched, she saw him lick his lips, and then he bent forward and kissed her nylon glad thigh, and then again. Slowly he kissed his way down her thigh, and when he reached the bare flesh about her stocking top, he licked her. A new bubble of excitement began to build up in her belly as the tongue of the invader slipped its way inward to the centre of her open thighs.
Suddenly the bubble burst and an intense burst of pleasure sprang from between her thighs, as he ran his tongue around her pussy, and then it increased two fold, as he slipped the tip of his tongue up and down her pussy. Jill tried to raise hips and push her wet pussy against his tongue, but he pulled back. Damn, he’s teasing me, the bastard, she thought, and she moaned out loud in her frustration. Her tormentor continued to play over her pussy with the tip of his tongue for several minutes, flicking it over and then circling her clit and then back down over her lips. Again she bucked her hips up against her restraints in an attempt to increase the pressure against pussy. God she needed to cum, she thought, oh, how can tease me like this, but all she could do was make muffled moaning and whimpering noises.


Her attacker continued toy with pussy for a few more minutes, then, he began to apply more pressure, flicking her clitoris, and then licking it. He toyed with her swollen rosebud, and then moved down, slipping his tongue between her love petals and pushing inside her pussy.
Yes, thought Jill, yes, please stick in, oh please. She let out a loud muffled sigh, as she lost herself as wave upon wave of pleasure crashed over her. The tongue was licking deep inside her pussy, and his lips and teeth were rubbing against her love lips and clitoris, and she was now letting out a loud continuous muffled wail as her orgasm crashed into her. Her body shock and convulsed. Juices began to flow out from around the mans face, as, lost in her own personal cloud of ecstatic sexual pleasure, ejaculated for the first time in her life.
Her young violator continued to lick inside, despite the flow of juices flooding out of Jill, until her spasms began to subsided and then finally stopped. Jill was vaguely aware that he was had moved away from, but she didn’t pay much attention until a movement made her look up.
Her attacked was standing in front her, her eyes dropped and widened sharply when she saw the size of the visible bulge in the front of his jeans. She watched mesmerised, as he began to pull his top over his head, and then the t-shirt underneath, leaving him bare from the waste up. Despite her situation, Jill couldn’t stop herself admiring his body. His hand drop to his waist and slowly, it pulled at the belt of his jeans. He unbuckled it, and pulled the belt out from its loops and stretched his hand out before dropping it. His hand came back, and with the other one, he unbutton his Jeans and then, very slowly, pulled the zip down and pulled apart.

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She looked into his dark eyes for a second, behind that sky mask, before dropping them back to the front of his Jeans. Again, slowly at first, he began to push his jeans down, and then they dropped. Had it been able to, Jills mouth would have drop open wide, at the size of him, to her inexperienced mind she had never see such a massive cock. She shivered, both in fear and anticipation. Oh god he’s going to rape with that thing, it’ll kill me, oh God.
He kicked his jeans off and Jill noticed that he was bare footed. What a silly thing to notice, I am about to be rape with a monster cock, and I am thinking oh look he’s not wearing shoes. She could feel an odd feeling of panic and excitement building up inside stomach again.
She waited, as he just stood there, his huge erection standing out proudly, and then he stepped forward, between her open thighs, and his hand came up. Light glinted of the knife blade. When did he pick that up? But before she could answer that question, she realised that he was cutting her bounds holding her hands up. Suddenly they free and she fell forward. She found herself face to face with his cock, now pressing against her cheek. Above her she felt him pulling at her gag, and it fell away. With a deep sigh she breathed deeply and lifted back, her hands rubbing her wrist.

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   She was about to speak, to shout, but he stepped back and raised his figure to his mouth and she hesitated. He shook his head and dropped his hand back down to his cock. Jill watched fascinated, as he ran his hand up and down his cock and wanked it slowly only of few feet away. Her eyes followed his hand up and down his shaft, its well at least 8 inches, if not more, it seemed massive compared to the few cocks she had experienced in her life.
Then he stepped forward again, his hands coming up and reaching for her shoulders. Puzzled for a moment, then she began to struggle, as she realised what was going to happen. But he was very strong, and she was feeling weak and fatigued. As he pulled her forward he pushed his hips forward, pressing his cock head up against her lips. She turned her head, first one way and then other as she sought to escape the one eyed monster. Suddenly, Jill cried out, as he squeeze her should harder. He pushed his cock forward, pressing against her lips.
Damn she thought, what choice do I have, and she let her lips part. Straight away, she felt the large cock head pushing into her mouth. She felt revolted, having never had a cock, let alone one so big, in her mouth before. It touched her tongue, and she pulled away, and he pushed more cock into her mouth and then there was no where for it to go.

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   Her lips were firmly wrapped around the thick shaft. For a moment she considered biting down, but in the end she was still partially bound to the chair, and he had a knife.
He started pulling back and then forward again, Jill let out a muffled exclamation as the cock was slowly fucked into her mouth. She tried to pull away as he slide his cock back, but his hands were behind her head, holding her firmly in place. As her lips reached his cock head, he pumped his cock head back and forth in a short motion. She could not see, but he closed his could and his head went back. Then he began to make deeper sharper thrust and push is cock back into her mouth, her tongue pushed against the head of his cock and she could feel and taste something slippery and slightly salty in taste. His hips moved aback and forth, sliding the cock shaft back and forth over tongue. Jill was surprise to find that she was responding again, that her terrible body of hers was betraying buy getting aroused again.
Suddenly, the cock pushed deeper, she desperately tried to pull away as the cock was forced into her throat and she began to choke. She felt it moving back and forth, and then pulling right back, almost to her lips, and he paused for a second. Then he began to pump is cock back and forth again, short shallow thrust at first, and then a few deeper ones, returning to short and shallow. Jill was now pushing her tongue up against his cock head as thrust into her mouth. He grunted and moaned in response, and she felt a certain degree of satisfaction.
She could feel him tensing, and his motion became more urgent and his grip on her head tighter, his grunts and moans louder. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   Although she was expecting it, the first spurt of hot thick spunk caught her by surprise. She tried to pull away, but he gripped tightly and with a loud cry forced his cock deeper, pumping more spunk into Jill. He continued to thrust his hips back and forth, her mouth was so full of spunk it began seeping out of her mouth. She swallowed involuntary and felt the spunk slip down her throat, and still he continued to fuck her mouth, although supply of spunk seem exhausted for the moment.
Finally he pulled out of Jills mouth, and released her, and she slumped forward, gasping and coughing. She fought hard not to gag and vomit her mouth full of strange and unusual taste of spunk. After a while, she folded her arms across her lap and rested head on them, tied and shattered by her ordeal. She hadn’t intended to fall sleep, just rest for a second, but before she knew it she had slipped off into a deep sleep. Meanwhile, the man, her attacker, who had been sitting a chair recovering, stood and looked down on her. Looking around, he bent and down and picked up the knife, and then kneeling down by Jill’s legs, he began to cut her bounds. Once her legs were free, her half lifted off the chair, and gently dragged over to the mattress in the corner of the room, where he lay her down. He stood looking down upon her for a long while. Then he looked around, and went over to were he had dropped her coat, picking it up, he returned and placed it over Jill, and then a blanket. Then he turned, and still naked left the room. At the door, he turned and paused for a few seconds, and then left.

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She came around to the sensation of licking on her face, and when she opened her eyes, there was Ben standing over her, licking her face, tail wagging. She lifted herself up, and looked around the room. She was alone, on the floor, but untied, and somebody, him, had placed her coat over her and a blanket. But of her attacker, there was no sign or sound. After a few minutes she slowly stood up. Ohhh, she thought, my head. She took a few swaying steps, and then turning she bent down and picked up her coat. Turning, she slowly walked towards the door, and then out into the passage way. She didn’t think about what had happened, she was far too dazed and mentally numb, and part of her knew, for the moment, that was the best way to be.
She was almost home when she realised that she wasn’t wearing any knickers, and but then she remembered, he had cut them off with scissors, so they would be no good anyway. The sky was just lightening as she staggered up her garden path, still dazed at what had happened, and shocked at her own responses to it. She missed the keyhole several times and she had to focus entirely before she was successful and got the door open. She shuffled through the door, and onto the kitchen, functioning on auto pilot, she wasn’t even really aware that she was doing it as she flicked the kettle on and reached for a cup.
Later has she drunk her second cup of strong, sweet tea, she pondered what happened last night. Was it rape? Probably, it would definitely be a serious sexual assault.

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   But then what could she say, if she did report it? But then, she had come, and not just once, and when he removed the gag? Did she scream, did she say no, did she bite, as that big cock had slipped into her mouth. She had never let anybody do that, not even her husband. Yet after a while, she had welcomed it, wanted it, and wanted to feel in sliding into her mouth.
Jill stayed away from the House for several weeks, afraid and guilt ridden, but as time passed she thought about what had more and more, until, frustrated and desperate to find release, she found herself standing at the bottom of the drive looking up at the House. There was a glow, but this time she could make out a tall shadowy figure in the door. As she began to walk up the drive, she felt her nipples begin swell and harden.
The End.

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