Amanda's Sorority Education


Amanda was your typical college shy college freshman.     She lived a sheltered life growing up and felt out of place at her new school, where everyone else seemed to take naturally to the party atmosphere.   Amanda was, however, a stunning young woman and the class of her dorm.    At 5’5 and 120 lbs. , her cheerleader body and full C breasts made her the target of every guy in eyeshot.   She had a few boyfriends in high school and loved sex, but never experienced the wild fun all her classmates seemed to enjoy on a daily basis.   For the first few months of school, Amanda would lie in bed almost every night hearing the clockwork stampede of drunk freshman come home from the bars followed by the familiar sounds of random hookups that made her wish she was more outgoing.   This is not to say she did not have offers.   Amanda had a laundry list of boys and girls who always begged her to join them at house parties and bar hops.   However, feeling like she lacked those social tools she would just flash her unintentionally sexy smile and decline.   Three months into the torture of watching the world pass her by, Amanda decided to rush a sorority to help her cause.   She had little trouble getting bids from all the elite houses, and she finally settled on the most popular one on campus.
Amanda’s shyness was readily apparent, and she was assigned the most outgoing girl in the house as her big sister.   Amanda immediately liked Kate, or “Big Katie” as she was known throughout campus.    Kate was a junior who was loved by all and exuded the self-confidence Amanda longed for.   Despite being a BBW, Kate was a very cute girl who never seemed to be at loss for dates.

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    She had medium length brown hair that actually framed her dimpled face nicely, and massive 40 E breasts.   Kate was your typically good time girl, whose sense of humor and personality made her the life of the party.   Kate also loved sex.   She unapologetically hooked up with lots of guys and girls, and felt at ease talking about her conquests and sexuality.   Her stories were the stuff of legend in the house and actually commanded the respect of her sisters.    
Despite being the polar opposite of Amanda – outgoing, promiscuous and wild – Kate also felt an immediate connection to Amanda.   She viewed it as her job to bring Amanda out of her shell.   She saw the potential in her gorgeous little sister to be the most sought after girl on campus if the young freshman could just be comfortable in her own skin.   Kate knew sex was the key to unlocking Amanda.   She wanted to show her pledge the incredible power she could yield with her sexuality and devised a plan to do so.
Wednesday nights were earmarked for pledges to meet with their big sisters.   About six weeks into pledging, Kate decided to put her plan into effect and instructed Amanda to meet her at her apartment for a couple beers and a “girls’ night in. ”  Amanda arrived at Kate’s at 6 pm, dressed in sweatpants and sports bra covered by a zippered sweatshirt.    Even dressed down, Kate could see how sexy the freshman was.   After an hour and multiple drinks, Kate turned the conversation to sex.

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“You know all the guys in every house can’t stop asking me about you, right?”
“A couple have hit on me, but nothing I’m not used to”, Amanda self-consciously answered.
“You need to come out of that shell sweetie, you have no idea how much fun you could have. ”
“That’s why I joined up, I just don’t know how to do it. ”
“I know and that is exactly what we’re going to work on tonight.   Do you know why they call me “Big Katie?”
Amanda was a little shocked and didn’t know how to answer.   She loved Kate and didn’t want to hurt her feelings by stating the obvious.   But before she could answer, Kate broke the silence.
“It’s not because of my body.   I love my body and you know I never need to look far for dick. ”
Amanda blushed.   This conversation was a lot different from the dirt sessions in the sorority house where she could hide in silence or get away with short boring stories that belied her shyness.   But she there was no place to run now.   She was alone with Kate and there was no way to avoid this topic of conversation.
“I’ve actually had this nickname since middle school”, Kate continued.   “It has nothing to do with size – guys get off with me like nobody else.

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“Huh?”, was all Amanda could say through her confusion.
“I don’t know what it is, and I used to think it was just something a guy would say to make me feel he wasn’t ashamed of fucking me, but I give any guy I’m with massive orgasms”, Kate explained. “Somewhere around my sophomore year in high school a couple guys I hooked with on the baseball team started the nickname . Guys would take me out just to see if the rumor is true and it just stuck. ”
“Why are you telling me this”, Amanda asked, her voice a mix of shock, embarrassment and curiosity.
“Because I want you get the difference between us.   You’re a hundred times hotter than me but don’t have an ounce of confidence.   If you just loosened up a little, you could be the queen of the entire goddamn school. ”
“It’s not like I can flip a switch and be you, Kate”, Amanda protested.
“What if it were that simple?”, Kate countered.   “What if it all you need is to see the effect sex can have on your confidence. ”
“I don’t know”, Amanda answered, starting to wonder if that was really all she needed.   “You know what you’re doing and I wouldn’t even know where to start. ”
A knock at the door broke up the conversation, and Kate put down her beer and got up.   “That’s why I’ve arranged for a little tutorial.

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    Whatever happens just relax .   You don’t have to do anything but watch and learn. ”
Amanda was surprised when Kate answered to door to a man in his early forties.   He had glasses and was slightly balding.   Amanda first thought the guy was a professor from his slightly geeky attire of khakis and a plaid shirt.   But as Kate invited him in, they exchanged a quick friendly kiss and the two joined Amanda on the couch.  
“This is Larry”, Kate said.   “Larry’s a friend of mine I met on Craig’s List that is going to help me with demonstrate something. ”
Amanda was frozen, partly in fear but mostly in shock.   Although Larry seemed to be in decent shape, he was a middle aged guy who looked like he was going to try to sell them insurance.   Was Kate going to screw this guy? Was she going to ask her to leave? Was this some sort of initiation prank?
Amanda sat in stunned silence as Larry and Kate sipped a beer and made small talk.   After a couple minutes she was convinced his presence was a joke meant to test her sense of humor.   The relief Amanda felt was short lived however, when Larry finished his beer and stood up in front of Kate.
“Shall we get this started?”, he said.
Kate just smiled and nodded as Larry reached down and brazenly fondled one of her breasts.

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    He bent down and skid his tongue in Kate’s mouth, lowering the straps on her top to reveal her massive pierced tits.   She reciprocated the kiss and began unbuckling his pants.
Amanda was a deer in headlights.   She wanted to run but couldn’t move.   She felt like she was watching this all unfold from above the room.   Her big sister, whom she trusted and admired, was hooking up with a strange guy from the internet two feet in front of her.   Amanda wanted to say something but her mouth wouldn’t work.   She remembered Kate saying she only had to watch and the desire that led her to join the sorority kept her from bolting out the door.
Kate broke her kiss with Larry and removed his cock.   It was average size and unremarkable.   Kate made eye contact and gave Amanda a quick wink before swallowing the whole thing on her first pass.   Larry groaned and his whole body instinctively stiffed from the incredible sensation.   Amanda just sat there in amazement as Kate gave the decades older stranger a skillful blowjob.   She alternated long deep strokes to the back of her mouth with teasing kisses along the head of Larry’s dick.   Before long he was moaning and when Kate leaned back and flipped her tongue around the tip, he was oozing pre-cum.

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Kate stood up and led the balding man by the dick to her bed across the room.   Once there he unbuttoned his shirt while she slid out of her shorts.   Larry was obviously turned on by Kate’s large frame and milky skin, as he exhaled hard when she laid back on the bed and spread her legs for him.   Her meaty pussy was already well lubed, and she ran her finger along her slit while waiting for Larry to finish undressing.
“Any questions, sweetie?”, Kate asked across the room to Amanda as she reclined.   It was the first words addressed to her since Larry arrived and it took Amanda a second to process.   As Larry finished removing his clothes and positioned himself on top of Kate, Amanda realized they weren’t going to use protection.
“Shouldn’t he put on a rubber or something”, Amanda sheepishly asked.
 “Ordinarily yeah”, Kate answered as Larry stroked his cock and rubbed it against her wet pussy.   “But Larry here is married and doesn’t get out often.   Married guys are the absolute best – they’re always up for no strings sex and fuck crazy good.   They’re clean because they are kept under lock and key at home and desperate to get off. ”
Amanda didn’t think she could be any more surprised but Kate’s response sent her to another level.   “How the hell do you know that?”, Amanda replied in disbelief.
“He’s here isn’t he sweetie?”, Kate shot back.

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Their brief conversation was cut short as Larry slid himself into Kate.   She cooed as he rested himself on top of her.   He kissed Kate and they shared a giggle acknowledging the feeling that only the two of them enjoyed.
Amanda was silent as she forced herself to watch her big sister get fucked by this cheating older man.   Although her view was confined to Larry’s hairy back and ass pumping in between Kate’s beefy legs, she slowly became aware that the show was in fact turning her on.    The room quickly filled with the must of sex and Kate’s wet pussy.   Larry settled into a steady pace and the only sounds were the wet slapping of his cock into her and occasional kiss between the two.   Amanda unconsciously slid her hand inside her panties and began stroking her pussy.   She closed her eyes and bit her lip when her fingers found her glistening clit.    When she opened her eyes she was embarrassed to find Kate staring at her with a devious grin from underneath Larry.   When her eyes locked onto Amanda’s, Kate’s pussy began to spasm and the freshman could see her big sister’s eyes begin to roll back into her head.   Larry sensed the near orgasm pant of the girl and picked up his pace.
“Oh fuck, that’s it baby, c’mon, you’re going to make me cum hard”, whined Kate as she focused her attention back to the cock inside her.   Amanda was in unchartered territory.   The new nasty feeling of playing with herself while watching her friend get fucked was too much, and her head rolled back as a strong orgasm rushed over through her body.

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    Kate simultaneously let loose her own orgasm and moaned loudly as waves of pleasure shuttered through her.   She buried her hear into Larry’s chest as her continued to fuck her as hard as he could.  
When Amanda came down from her orgasm she let out a little giggle of her own and licked her teeth savoring the feeling.   She was snapped back to reality by the sound of Larry’s panting.   Kate was kissing the older man’s chest and sensed he was close to cumming.   Like a shark smelling blood in the water she dipped her hips to allow Larry deeper into her.   His thrusts were becoming erratic and his balls ached.   Kate rested her hands on his hips and guided them as his head started to bob.
“There you go honey, c’mon… I feel how close you are… mmmmm… ah yeah… time for me to return the favor… c’mon unload in me so you can go home…” Kate coached.
Amanda was fixated on the sight of Larry fucking Kate.   She was overwhelmed by the pure lust of the image and now couldn’t wait for the man to cum.   Kate shared her sentiments and waited anxiously for the feeling of her lover’s orgasm.   She wouldn’t have to wait long.   She writhed underneath the married man begging him to cum.   Kate’s words and the unbelievable sensation of her soaked pussy sent Larry into overdrive.

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    The feeling of his chest against her large belly and enormous tits was too much for the sex starved man.  
Amanda watched in awe as Larry’s back arched and he went still.   She heard him let out a guttural moan as “Big Katie” lived up to her name.   Larry’s balls tightened and he let loose a huge orgasm, flooding Kate’s pussy with months of pent up semen.   The first blast splattered against the back of Kate’s womb, and she instinctively curled her legs around his holding him tight.   Even Kate was surprised by the intensity of Larry’s orgasm and she let out a gasp.   Larry cried out in pleasure, bucking his hips wildly into Kate several more times as he emptied his balls.   When his cock was finally finished erupting, Larry lay still on top of Kate as they both let out a relived laugh and kissed passionately.   He kept himself lodged inside her as the sexy sorority girl licked his lips affectionately.  
After several minutes Amanda watched as Larry began to stir and finally lifted himself off Kate.   When his deflated cock emerged, a thick steady stream of cum flowed from Kate’s pussy.   He gave Kate a kiss on the forehead and whispered his gratitude in her ear.   He hastily collected his clothes and scurried into the bathroom without making eye contact with Amanda.
With Larry in the bathroom, Amanda and Kate sat silently for a moment.  Kate was still on her back and amusing herself by playing with the river of cum that still rushed from her pussy.

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    When she finally looked up, Amanda was simply staring at her with a flushed look.
“Pretty intense, huh?”, Kate asked as Amanda tried to get a handle on what she had just witnessed.
“Uh huh”, Amanda meekly answered.
“It’s just sex, sweetie”, Kate matter of factly stated as she lifted herself onto her elbows.   “I know you liked watching us, and for the couple minutes you let your guard down there, you were the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen…. Hell you made me cum from across the room. ”
Amanda blushed and thought about what Kate had said.   She did enjoy watching Kate fuck that guy, and had to admit it made her cum harder than ever before.   In that moment she had a breakthrough.   She had experienced the feelings of freedom that she saw in everybody else around her.   Kate had gotten her into the private party she thought she would never be allowed in.   Amanda knew she had to have that feeling again, and craved the freedom it brought her.   She looked up at Kate and confidently sat up in her chair…. ”What do we do next then?”.
“That’s my girl”, Kate smiled.


    Her plan was working and she knew what to do.   The night was still young…
…. To be continued.