The Boys


Steve and I moved again and since he works a lot away from home the lawn was getting out of hand. I work too subbing at local schools and so I have very little time to deal with it either.
I was just getting in the shower one Saturday reently and there was a knock at the door. I threw on a robe and went to answer and there were two very handsome boys about 13 years old there with lawn mower and edger and suh behind them. I felt a tingle all over and knew that they were already looking at my tits which had already gotten exited and the nipples were hard almost as soon as I saw the boys. "Hey lady, I am Jay and this is Donald. Can we do you yard?" "Sure" I told Jay, "How much?" "Well, $20. 00?" he said. "It is a bog yard" I said, how about $30. 00?" MY robe was slipping open and now my 44EEE cleavage was more visible and I know they could see that I had no panties on. They were both turning red faced and looked like they were nervous. My robe came open more and I pretened to try to close it saying, "This robe never stays closed, I suppose I may as well be naked. " They looked at me again and neither said anything.
"Okay guys, the yard is all yours, and oh, it is hot out so if you need a drink or something the door will be unlocked. Just ome one in and sit in the cool air and take a break. " "Sure," Jay said.

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   "And by the way, my name is Tess" "Okay Tess" they both said. I went to the bed room and looked at my toys, now that I was wet from the boys I may take care of the problem developing between my legs but then I decided to get into the shower. The lawn mower started and so I guessed they had began. While showering I heard it stop a couple times and then start again. I was massaging my breasts and enjoying the shower and thinking of Jay and Donald. They were both in good shape, slim and from the looks of them, maybe even horney as I was. I tried to get the thoughts out of my head but they kept coming back so I decided to give in.
I was drying off when the lawn mower stopped again. I heard them walking around the house and quickly laid on the bed taking my 9 incher and slipping it into my hungry pussy. The bedroom door was open and my legs on the edge of the bed are visible from the kitchen down the short hall. Sure enough the door opened and I could hear them talking in low voices about what I may be doing. If I was naked and how big my tits were. I was working the dildo in and out of myself and thought what the hell. "Oh my god, of yes" I began moaning loud enough for them to hear me. I heard them come down the hal and I knew they were at the door now looking in.

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   MY chest was swaying and I pulled my nipples as I fucked myself with the dildo. Knowing they were watching made me hotter and soon and orgasm shook my body and my pussy sprayed a stream of juices all over my hand and the dildo. I heard them "Oh damn, she is hot" one said. "Shut up, she will hear us. " the other told him.
I sat up pulling the dildo out, "I already do hear you. " I said. "Oh shit" Jay said and they began to go. "No, please come in boys, please. " I made no eforts to cover up but spread my legs and turned towards them. "Did you enjoy the show?" I asked them. "You knew we were there?" Donald said. "Yes dear, of course I did. I was hoping you would watch me. " "You did?" Jay said stammering a lot.

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   He was staring at my tits and the nipples got hard again. "Would you like to touch them Jay?" I asked. He reached out a hand and touched the nipple of my right breast. I took it and squeezed it around my tit and moaned as he began to do it himself. "Donald, there is lots for both of you. " I said and he began massaging the other one. "Can I suck it Tess?" Donald asked me. "Oh yes, please do, both of you. " Now I laid back on the bed and they got each one beside me and began sucking my tits. The Nipples went crazy and were connected to my pussy whih began building to another orgasm.
"Boys, why not take off your clothes and join me. " I said. They stood and were soon naked in the bed and sucking my tits again. They both had nice cocks, hard and ready to cum. "Boys, lay down and let me play a little.

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  " I moaned. They did and now I went down to their hard cocks and took one in each hand. They laid there and looked at each other. "Just enjoy okay?" I said and both said okay. I began licking them and soon the pre-cum was there and they were both throbbing. They were so close to cumming but I knew they had more then one each so I went ahead and took them into my mouth and gave them a good sucking alternating between them. Their hips were moving with my play and soon Jay tensed up and filled my mouth. He had a nice load and I swallowed it all then turned to Donald's cock which was a little thicker. I kept massaging Jay's while sucking Donald and was soon rewarded with another load. "Wow, shit, that was great" Jay was saying over and over. "Well, we have just gotten started boys, ready for something else?" I asked them after standing in front of them playing with my nipples. "Good" I said and laid between them again massaging their coks back to life which did not take long. "Jay, you stay up here and kiss me and suck my tits, Donald, get between my legs and let me guide that cock into my pussy. " I said and they did as I told them. Jay was kissing me as I taught him how and grabbing my tits really rough but it felt good.

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   Donald was plunging into my pussy wildly the way I like it most times and afte a while he filled it with his cum and collapsed on top of me. "Okay Jay, in you go. " I said. "Donald, you come up here and let me suck you some more. " They did as I said again and so I was getting another young cock in my pussy even though neither were very big they felt good and the cock in my mouth soon filled my throat again with cum.
We had been laying there a while, my dripping cum and them kissing me all over. "Well boys, I think the lawn needs to get done. " I said. "Okay Tess" they said and got up and dressed. I stayed naked and walked to the door with them kissing them deep. "Do you hae any friends that might like to visit with you gys?" I asked. "Hell yeh," Donald said "I bet Jerry would love to. " "Well, manybe more than just one. " I said. "Yeh Tess, we can bring some guys over if you like.

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  " Jay told me. "Okay boys, tomorrow okay? About noon?" "Hell yeh' they both said and went out and finished the yard. After they finished I gave them the $30. 00 and they left. " Remember, noon. " I said and they left talking to each other about the day I am sure.
I slept good that night and got up early and showered and shaved my pussy getting ready for my boys to come back. At 11:45 they came up, 6 of them and one was tall and obviously older than the others. They knocked on the door and I went to it with a very sheer robe one that was see through. I kissed Jay and Donald and the others looked at me all wide eyed. "damn, you were serious," Jerry said, "She is hot. " I motioned them to the living room and they all sat on couches and a couple chairs. I decided to strip for them and maybe a little teasing dance and had my giant dildo near by. I put on music and off came my robe. "Just to let you guys see a little dance and get excited.

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  " I said and began moving in the middle of the room, my hips swaying and my tits rising and falling as I danced. I squated down and stood up the 12 inch dildo and sat on it slowly sinking it into me all the way,moaning as I did. I worked it in and out and soon my hips convulsed in and orgasm. I laid back and looked around. half were naked and had hard cocks. The others were still partically dressed and massaging cocks through their pants.
"everyone strip" I said and they did. Jerry was huge, at least 8 inches and I reached for his hand. "You first' I moaned and he got between my legs. I guided his cock into my pussy and he plunged in, hard and deep. My legs went in the air and I almost yelled, "Oh fuck, yes, that is it baby, fuck me good. " He began plunging hard into me and as he did he laughed and was saying to the others, "Yeh, she is hot, fucks like a whore. " I grabed his hair and looked at him and he stopped, "Make no mistake" I said, "I am a slut and a whore and all the things you like, so shut the fuck up and do me. " He did and soon filled my pussy. I pushed him off and said, "Give me another, fuck me, keep it going.

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  " Another boy filed me and soon I was at Jay again, the last one. He fucked me and moved off. "Well, boys, that is not all, I want more. " I saw one with had a nice cock and went to him and began sucking him slowly. His moaning made the others hard too. Soon he filled my mouth and I swallowed it down.
"That was good, who is next, I am going to suck all of you off, then you can all fuck me again. " I moaned as I grabbed another cock. Finally Jerry was there and he grabbed my hair. "Since you are a whore we can treat you like one right?" he said. "That is the point" I said and he grabed my hair harder and shoved his cock into my mouth then into my throat. He held it there as I felt my need to breathe get worse. I tried to push away but he held me and others made sure I stayed om it. I was still trying to breathe and he let me off it. "Get some air whore" he laughed and I did and then he shoved it into my throat again and held me there.

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   Again I breathed and then he bagan fucking my mouth hard like it was my pussy. My pussy convuled and sprayed the rug under me and the boys were shouting something I could not understand. I tasted blood in my mouth and knew my lips were hirt but he still pounded hard into my throat and finally lunged in and held it until his load finished. He pushed me back on the floor and said, "Okay, now all of you guys treat her the same. " Suddenly I was being raped by them, all finding a part of my body to grab, pinch and pull. My nipples were especially the object of pain as they were pulled hard and twisted. Cum was spraying all over me and then they were standing over me, all laughing. I looked up and moaned "So slut, that make you happy?" Jerry said. I looked at them and thought I could not let them think they had done something I did not want them to do. "Just one question. " I said. "What is that?" Jerry said. "Can you guys be back tomorrow and really fuck me good?" They looked at each other. "What time?" Jerry said. "Noon is good.

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  " I said. "Noon it is" they said and began dressing. I got up and stood at the door, naked and kissed each one as hey left. Since then I have a steady suppy of nice hard young cock anytime I want it. They all are nicer now and will be rough if I look like I want it but Jerry is really a good fucker now. Jay and Donald come over almost eery day and I am teaching them all the wonders of sex.
See you all later.