A Taste of Incest


He had never really had incestual thoughts about his sister, but seeing her masturbating got quite a rise in him. Jeff could feel every crevice in his boxers being filled up by his 7 in. dick. as he watched his sister masturbate. He had been watching his sister for a minute or so when Stacy suddenly pulled her hand out of her pants and stood up. "What are you doing there??" Stacy asked in an awkard tone. "How long have you been there?""Long enough," Jeff replied. " You are so busted, just wait untill I tell mom and dad about this. Porn on your computer!!! They will kill you. " " Jeff you can't. . . I'll just die if they found out. " Stacy cast her eyes down with this statement and noticed her brothers shorts. "What the hell is that in your shorts?"Jeff glanced down at his shorts. His cock was straining to escape from shorts.

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   He didn't know what to say or what to do. So, he just stood there with a blank expression on his face. "That is your dick isn't it?" Stacy asked shocked. "You have been standing there long enough then. Well I think that I can think of a few things that I could do to keep you from telling mom or dad about this little problem. " "What do you mean?" Jeff asked. He had a slight idea what she might mean, but it couldn't be that. It was just wrong. "Well I can see that you need a little satisfying brother," Stacy said rather camly. "I could do that for you," with that Stacy strolled across the room to her brother. She then placed her hand gently on his enlarged member. "What are you talking about?" Jeff said as he slowly removed his sisters hand from his cock. "We can't do that. . .


  we're SIBLINGS!" "People do it all the time," Stacy replied camly. Then she pushed her brother towards her bed. "Just relax, I'll do this little favor for you, then we won't have to tell mom or dad anything will we?"Jeff could feel his cock throbbing as his sister pushed him onto her bed. He knew he shouldn't be doing this, but he did have her in a bind. One little time wouldn't hurt anything. "Okay then Stace. You do this and I won't tell anyone about anything that happened or will happen today," Jeff said. "I'm glad you came to your senses Jeff. I knew this all would work out quite well. " She then slowly pulled his shorts down, exposing a straining cock in a taunt pair of boxers. She pulled those down to relieve Jeff's enlarged dick. Stacy crouched, sitting on her knees with her head inches away from her brothers large dick. Jeff lay back and let his sister go to work. Stacy slowly began to massage Jeff's member. Up and down gaining speed as she did so.

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   "Ohhhh God that feels good," Jeff gasped. "Stick it in your mouth and suck it dry," Jeff moaned. Stacy slipped her mouth around Jeff's cock. She had seen plenty of pictures on the internet, so she knew what to do. She felt Jeff place his hand on the back of her head and push her face down. She complied without much hesitation. This was her plan anyway. She pushed her head all the way down Jeff's dick, lapping the sides of his dick with her tounge. She slowly slipped one hand under her brothers shirt and placed it on his chest. The other she slipped into her pants and began to massage herself rapidly. She could feel Jeff's balls slowly getting hard. "Ohhhhh Stace. . . I'm going to cum.

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   It feels so good," Jeff moaned. He began to push his sisters head harder and faster onto his dick. "OHHH Christ!!" With Jeff's increase of force on her head Stacy began to rub her clit with intense speed. She could feel herself close to an awesome orgasm. "Uhhhh," she moaned in anticipation. Jeff knew he was seconds away from cumming. He felt his balls tighten up, then he shot his load right into his sisters mouth. He heard a small moan escape himself and his sister. She must have been pleasuring herself too he thought. His sister crawled up his body and placed her lips on his. He opened his mouth a little and placed his tongue in her mouth. He could taste his cum in her. They shared a deeply passionate kiss. They both stood up slowly. Jeff reached down and pulled up his shorts and boxers.

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   It was now easy to fit his shrinking member in his boxers. "Sis that was great. " "I knew it would be, my plans always work," she replied. "What do you mean?" Jeff asked. "Nevermind, I need to shower. " With that she shoved a stammering Jeff out of her room and locked her door. Jeff stood in the hallway for a moment wondering what his sister meant about "plans". There was one thing he knew for sure though, this wouldn't be the last little bribe between them. .